Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 02


"Oh my fucking God! Oh shit, that's so good! Oooo..yeah, fuck me! Oh Jesus hell! Both of your cocks in me feels so goddamned good! Oh fuck, yes, yes, fuck me! Fuck my ass Daddy, oooooo....God; drive that big fucking cock into it, harder, deeper! C'mon fuck me!"

My eyes went to Don's and I smiled broadly.

"And you Sir fuck my pussy! Just as hard as Daddy's fucking my ass! feels so fucking good! Your cock feels so good in my cunt! Now, fuck it! Use the cock for what it's good for!"

I positioned myself up on my hands, and began to rock my body in time with their movements, back and forth, hard and fast, loving every minute of this, loving the way that these two men had turned me into more of a slut than I was already. I screamed at them.

"Oh yes, feed my ass and my pussy those fucking cocks! C'mon I'm so fucking hungry for it!"

Daddy laughed, and gave my ass a slight slap.

"What do we have here Don? What's my daughter become?"

Don laughed and looked at me, and I stared back, as I bared my teeth and spoke.

"A cock-hungry whore, Daddy."

"What was that? I didn't hear you."

He slapped my ass a little harder, causing a loud moan, and I screamed the words again.

"I am a cock-hungry whore Daddy! Now, fuck me goddamn it!"

With that said, both men began to fuck me harder than before. I'd lost control of my body; my lust had taken me over. I was in heaven as my body went on autopilot.

"Goddamn, fuck me with those big fuckin' cocks. I want to make 'em cum. I'm such a nasty fuckin' slut!"

I'd never felt so hot in my life! I was losing it.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass with that big slab of meat!"

He yanked my hair, snapping my head back.

"I'm ridin' this bitch hard, Don. Is she fuckin' you good?"

Don grabbed my face in one of his hands and gave me a hard, wet kiss.

"God, yes. This fuckin' tramp is a real cock-whore, man," he laughed. "We're gonna have to do this more often!"

I felt Daddy grab the cheeks of my ass and sink his fingers into them for better leverage. Then, he spoke.

"Okay, Jessi, my girl. I'm about to pop a load off in your tight ass. Are you ready to feel that, baby girl?"

"Oh, God, yes, Daddy! Cum in my ass! Fuckin' cum in it hard, Daddy."

I answered, a grimace of pain/pleasure contorting my features as these two big cocks pounded my body senseless.

"You hear that, Don? It makes a father proud to hear it."

My Daddy beamed at his friend, Don nodded his head and gave an agreeing sound, and then looked at me.

"I'm going to cum in that tight little pussy of yours girl!"

I looked at him, and smiled.

"Mmmm...yes, fill this slut's pussy with your cum Mr. Sawyer! Oh God, I want to be filled! I want you both to fill me up! C'mon, give me your cum, fill my ass and my pussy! Give me just what this fuckin whore needs!"

With that, Don exploded into my pussy, and with a few final thrust Daddy emptied his load into my ass. I screamed out in pleasure, which died away into a satisfied laugh.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, that's fucking good. Oh God I can feel both of you filling me up!"

My own orgasm hit me hard as theirs began to die. My pussy and ass tightened around their cocks, milking the last of their seed out of them, and my moans and screams filled the room.

Daddy pulled out first, and then Don rolled me off of him. I lay there, panting, my eyes half closed from the lust that was leaving my body, and tiredness of having both of these men. They watched me, for a minute, and I gave a sleepy smile as I felt their cum beginning to leak from both holes.

"Thank you both."

It was all I could manage to say in my sleepiness, they both nodded, and began to dress again. I thought about moving from the floor, and figured my body at the moment wouldn't allow it. I closed my eyes, and my mind drifted back to what had happened, and what Daddy had made me become. I was happy about it, and even through my tiredness excited about things to come, with my new sense of being.

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