tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy's Little Girl Ch. 02

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 02


I'm sorry it's taken me 6 years to write a sequel. Life became kind of crazy and I didn't have time. Now, I'm in a more relaxed state and I'm ready to get back on the horse. Enjoy!


It had been two weeks since Mel had seen Daddy and she was nervous. Normally she would get a text message, an email or an IM. But there was nothing. Part of Mel felt really stupid for feeling so lonely because she hadn't been contacted by a man who had essentially raped her. She couldn't help it. Mel had been with a couple of other boys, but there was nothing there. Not like with Daddy. He had helped her explore parts of her sexuality that she didn't even know existed. The excitement of being with an older white man was evident. But when he pinned her down and fucked her like a rag doll, as much as it scared the hell out of her, it took her to orgasmic heights that she couldn't believe. In fact, she had masturbated to the whole scene almost every night since their encounter had taken place. What about Daddy?

As depressing of a thought as it was, maybe Daddy had had his fill and now he was done with her. As it stood, he was 35-years-old and had told her that he had been with at least 40 women, a couple of them black. Maybe Mel was nothing special. Maybe she was just a hole that Daddy had gotten to fill for the night and now he'd moved on. Mel tried desperately to shake that thought out of her head but as the days slipped by without any contact, she couldn't help feeling that she was right. She'd even called the number that he'd left her almost twice a day with no response or even a sign that he'd gotten her message. As sad as she felt, she'd made peace with the fact that Daddy with just a one-time thing to never be repeated.

Mel rested her head against the wall as she sat on her bed in her room. Even though she was in college, she had opted to stay at home versus staying in a dorm because her school was only a half hour away. Mel was successfully able to block out all thought of Daddy and finally get some studying. She was taking a full load, 21 hours which consisted of seven classes, only five of which she needed to take a midterm for. She had already finished the toughest ones, math, science, and English, and now looked to relaxing at home, something she hadn't done much of during the semester. She usually went out every night and came home so drunk she just knew that that would be the last night her liver functioned properly. Her parents weren't happy about it, but they wanted her to make her own mistakes. It was Tuesday night and Mel had a test on the next two days. They weren't hard classes, but it did require that she put some type of effort towards taking the test.

It was 1 a.m. and she was about to turn in for the night. She had been studying for the past three hours and her eyes couldn't take it anymore. Mel logged on to her email account for the last time that night to make sure that she hadn't received any messages from her professors during her studying time. As she scanned through the infinite chain letters her friends always felt the need to send, she got an IM. It was Daddy.

"Good evening Mel. What is MY little girl doing up so late? At this time of the night, you must be up to no good. And if you are, I won't be happy."

Mel's heart skipped a beat. This is what she had been waiting for for days. She didn't want to respond and sound like an idiot. But she felt like she was owed an explanation. Without even answering his greeting or answering his questions she wrote back:

"Where have you been? I've been writing and calling you and you haven't answered. I thought you said you liked what we did but you're not acting like it. Did you find someone else?"

As soon as her finger pressed the "Enter" button, she wished she hadn't. Reading her recent message, she felt like a desperate fool and that she was going to run him off. But what she didn't realize is that Daddy ignored her for a reason. He wanted her to be consumed by thoughts of him and no other. If she wasn't, he would have abruptly ended their "relationship". However, she had played her part well and he was pleased. He was now thinking of a way to reward her.

"I've been out of the country. I didn't have my cell with me because it doesn't work overseas. I got your emails but I've been so consumed with work, I haven't been able to write back until now. I'm still out of the country and I won't be back for another month. Are you angry at me my pet? Or did you just miss me a lot?"

Mel breathed both a sigh of relief and apprehension. She really didn't know how to answer the question. Yes, she had missed him something terrible. If she told him that, he would always have the upper hand. On the other hand, that's why she called him Daddy. He was supposed to be in charge with her lapping at his feet begging for his attention. It was the order they had established almost a year ago when they first started talking. And it hadn't changed at all those far.

"Yes, Daddy I missed you a lot. I'm up so late because I've been studying for a test. I have a test each day the next couple of days and then all next week I'm on Spring Break. My parents are going out of town to my aunt's house so I'll be bored by myself all week."

"Well, get a good night's sleep. Maybe if you do well on your tests, I'll give you a nice reward."

Mel smiled softly. Maybe he would get her the cell phone she hinted to him a couple of months previously that she wanted for her birthday. More than anything, she wanted to see him. She wanted to feel him again. She wanted to be his.

"I'll try Daddy. Good night."

"Good night, my pet."

Mel shut down all the programs on her laptop and closed the top. She shimmied out of her clothes and slid into bed, making sure that she grabbed the jack rabbit out of the box that she hid under her bed. She spreads open her muscular brown things and pressed the small device against her pink clit. Her small bud immediately begins to swell under the vibrating touch of the rabbit. Juices begin to accumulate and pour out of her tight gash and she humps her finger, looking for relief. She thought about Daddy's hard thick cock sliding in and out of her chocolate cunt, calling her every filthy name he can think of, making her his bitch. The thought she loved the most was of him pumping in and out of her until his white seed shot out of her cock and into her love hole, coating every single inch. She stifled a groan as she came on his invisible cock. The orgasm was so powerful that it lasted almost two minutes. She hadn't realized it until she came down, but the moment the surge hit her, her hips jumped off the bed to push harder against the vibrating toy. Mel slowly came back down to reality and her bed as she sighed softly as sleep suddenly overtook her.

Mel laid on the bright pink float as it glided over the pool's surface. It was Tuesday of Spring Break and she was absolutely bored to tears. Her parents had left on Sunday night for Virginia, telling her that they wouldn't return until the following Sunday. They trusted Mel not to have any wild parties or bring boys over. She had never done it before and hadn't given them a reason not to trust her now. All of her friends were in PCB where Mel wanted to be. But she promised her parents that she would take it easy for once and that she wouldn't go. Now she really regretted making that promise. They had left her $200 for food (her dad giving her an extra $200 for shopping) gave her hugs and kisses and went on their way.

She slipped into the pool and swam around for a few minutes, finally climbing out to dry off. It was a warm day, about 75 degrees, which made it just comfortable enough to lie out without feeling like your skin was on fire. She spread a towel over a lounge chair and laid down, the white bikini shining even brighter over her brown skin. She had slowly begun falling asleep when her text message tone rang. She grabbed the phone and pressed the button to read it. It was from Daddy. It read:

"Be ready. I'll be over at 10."

Her heart jumped in her throat and her pussy became moist. Daddy was coming over tonight. Her legs began to quiver and her nipples became hard. He wasn't even here and was already having this affect on her body. She could only imagine what it would be like tonight. She hoped up, hurrying to go to a spa. A wax, manicure and pedicure were in order.

It was 9:55 and Mel was giving herself a final look over. She had spent the last two hour getting ready. She took a bubble bath first, making sure that her skin was completely clean. She then took a shower and washed her hair using a shampoo Daddy had told her he loved the smell over. She conditioned and dried her hair, covering it in soft curls, also something Daddy liked. Her freshly waxed skin was made even softer and silkier by a white rose fragranced lotion. All that was left was her outfit. It was simple but so sexy. It consisted of a white camisole with matching lace boy shorts that rode up high on her tight, perky ass. She considered something more fanciful but knew that Daddy would appreciate his little girl keeping as few barriers between her and his cock as possible. She was ready. All she needed now was Daddy.


Around 2 a.m., Mel drifted to sleep. It was in part to anger, frustration and sadness. Daddy hadn't shown up. He didn't even so much as call her to let her know that he was going to be late or wasn't coming at all. She called, texted, and emailed him without an answer of any kind. Mel was so upset that she wanted to cry. But she wouldn't give Daddy that satisfaction. Even though she was completely hung up on him, she wouldn't give him the benefit of crying over him if he didn't think her important enough to come over. Why he wouldn't, she didn't understand. He sent her the message, not the other way around. Why would he stand her up?

Mel's eyes had just closed when she began dreaming. It wasn't anything complex or even really memorable, but all of a sudden she got an eerie feeling. She felt like in her dream she was being watched by an invisible man. Every time she would turn around, that man was gone. It was like he was following her, but not meaning to harm her. It was so disturbing that even in her dreams, Mel told her dream self to wake up and get out of there. Although it took a few minutes, she did. Mel sat up in her bed, panting softly. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and turned to look at the time. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning a feeling can over her. She wasn't alone. There was someone else in the room. Mel did the horror movie slow turn, knowing that if a killer was in her room, slowing turning to face him would delay the inevitable. She turned towards the figure sitting in the chair next to her bedroom window. Even half asleep in the dark, Mel could tell it was a man. That was all she could see. Still staring at the figure, she slowly reached backwards towards her nightstand in order to turn on the lamp. Even though she was scared out of her wits, she still needed to know what she was up against. She pulled the cord, softly illuminating the darkness of her room.

Daddy sat in the corner, his steel blue eyes fixed on Mel. He sat back coolly, his muscled arms crossed in front of his chest. He wore the remnants of a business suit, his top two buttons undone. He black hair sat in a neat haircut, making his handsome stand out even more. A small smile sat on his lips. As much as he scared the crap out of Mel, he looked amazing. He had let himself in around 2:30, shortly after Mel had fallen asleep. He remembered her telling him stories of locking herself out of the house and how her parents had a hide-a-key hidden under a rock near the front door. Fortunately, Mel hadn't turned on the alarm or she would have been aware of his presence a lot earlier. He had gotten tied up in a teleconference with clients halfway around the world, where it was already daytime. He wanted to call Mel and let her know what was going on but instead decided to surprise her. He had slipped into her room undetected to find his little girl slipping. He wanted to wake her but instead opted to let her wake on her own. After his eyes had adjusted to the dark and he was able to find a seat, he sat and watched his angel, marveling in her beauty. It was a little after 3:15 and his patience had paid off. His beauty was now awake.

Her heart was beating out of control. She was breathing hard and rubbing her eyes at the same time, partly trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes but also in an attempt to make sure that Daddy was really there and he wasn't just a figment of her yearning imagination. Mel tried to speak up but no words would come out of her dry mouth. After a couple of failed attempts, Daddy took the reins and decided to speak first.

"Hello baby. How'd you sleep?"

Mel finally took a couple of deep breaths, getting back to normal. All the emotions she felt before had melted away and were now replaced by feelings of need. She jumped out of bed and into his lap, catching Daddy off-guard. She placed each one of her legs around his and pulled his head down to hers. She pulled his lips hard against hers, making any control of the situation that Daddy had begin to slip away. She passionately slipped her tongue between his lips, trying to coax his out of hiding. Daddy responded quickly, wrapping his tongue around hers, pulling her body closer to his.

She moaned softly into his mouth, making his hardening cock even harder. Mel didn't realize it but even at her young age, Mel turned Daddy on more than any other woman he had been with. At first he thought it was because the power she relinquished to him. But as the days past from their first encounter he realized it was because of her natural sex appeal. She wanted so badly to please him but in reality, she was a turn-on without even doing much. Just by kissing him she had managed to get his cock harder than it had ever been in a long time. It was incredible.

He pulled her up farther on her lap, rubbing her panty-clad pussy against his cock through his pants. He felt her begin grind harder against him, as he hands slowly slid down to her ass. He squeezed her tight buns softly, causing her pussy to start dripping even more. Without warning, Daddy grabbed a fist full of Mel's hair, pulling it back and breaking the sensual lip lock. Mel grimaced in pain slightly.

"You're hot for me. Aren't you, you little bitch?"

Mel felt both offended and wildly turned on at his harsh words. She bit down softly on her bottom lip to suppress a moan. Daddy's cold eyes suddenly turned to ice.

"Answer me you little bitch!"

Mel gasped softly at his sudden aggression. She again lost her voice. So Daddy found it for her. He pulled on, more than roughly, off his lap by her hair. Mel stumbled towards the bed with Daddy's hand still entangled in her hair. The back of her knees finally touched the bed and fell on her bottom. Daddy stood in front of her, his crotch at her eye level. His enlarged cock was now clearly defined in his pants. He looked at Mel knowingly, her eyes slowly traveling up his body to meet his.

"Go on, touch it. I know you want to."

His was low now, almost guttural. Mel reached a shaking hand up to rub his cock slowly, still covered by their confinements. He moaned so softly it was almost inaudible. Mel knew better though. She knew this was the one place where she controlled him. She looked up at him again, her gaze dripping confidence. She reached her other hand up hook onto Daddy's belt loop as she slid down his zipper. The opening in his boxer matched perfectly with that of his pants and his hardened cock jumped out, right in front of Mel's lips. She licked her own lips softly before rubbing her tongue around his hole. He groaned again, this time making it audible. She smiled to herself again and began rolling her tongue all around the head. Daddy tried to stay in control but once again he was losing it. This bitch knew just the right buttons to push.

She slowly sucked his cockhead into her mouth, still rolling her tongue around the head. All the while her hands worked to undo his belt and button, pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles which caused her to have to remove her mouth on momentarily. She again took his cockhead into her mouth, this time taking at least two more inches. Mel began bobbing her head up and down slowly, her tongue again working his magic. Daddy's eyes became even better and his hand moved up to rest behind Mel's head. He could shove his cock in her throat, making her gag and choke for breath. But there was nothing like a girl, nay a woman, willingly taking your cock into the back of your throat in anticipation of swallowing your seed. Daddy wanted that more than anything right now. And Mel wanted to give it to him.

He felt a felt tiny fingers begin to encase his balls as the sucking sensation increased tenfold. Mel's blowjob went from something soft and sweet to porno grade. Daddy was proud. Not only did Mel suck his dick like a mad woman, but she did so all the while taking his cock all the way down. And by that, she was deep-throating. He could tell that she had been practicing because in their first meeting, she could suck it down pretty far but nothing like this. Daddy began moving his hips in order to meet her sucking lips, the feeling more then he could handle. Mel's tongue, lips, and fingers worked in such uniform that Daddy balls began to boil. Mel could feel under her fingers that he was close, very close. So, she used the finisher. She took her mouth off of his cock and went down to suck his balls into it instead. She used her hand to stroke his cock in the meantime. Daddy began thrusting even harder, this time into wreck less abandon. Mel's fingers tightened around his cock as his eyes rolled back into his head. He groaned loudly as his white seed began spurting out fiercely. Mel quickly replaced her hand with her mouth and sucked down as much of his spunk as she could. He hadn't cum since their last meeting so he had a lot more liquid than Mel expected. She swallowed as fast as she could but soon remnants of his excitement seeped out of the sides of her mouth. Mel continued licking and sucking until Daddy's legs gave out and he pushed Mel's head away.

He gasped both in pleasure and surprise. A girl this young shouldn't be this good at something like this but Mel was incredible. Not only did she suck his cock like a champ but she also swallowed his seed. He had had other girls' do something like that to him but not nearly as well as Mel had. She was amazing. He planned to show his appreciation sometime soon. Mel smiled as Daddy backed away in order to gain fading composure. She excused herself to the bathroom so she could wash her face clean of the rest of Daddy's cum. Before she left he grabbed her and pulled her back, kissing her hard on the mouth. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth to taste his nectar as well as her sweet spit. It was a heady and sweet combination. They kissed for a couple of minutes before they amicably separated and Mel blushed as she walked into the bathroom.

As she washed her face off, she wondered where there relationship was headed. She hoped that Daddy would bring it up this time. Every time they talked about having a pseudo-relationship, she was always the one to bring it up and Daddy always ended it. "Maybe someday," he'd say when she asked about the possibility of one and she always let it go after that so as not to be rejected any farther. It hurt her deeply but she hoped that maybe through their meeting it would go to be less of a booty-call and more of something more. She finished cleaning off her face and dried it off. She checked herself over once more and exited the bathroom.

Daddy was sitting underneath her covers, propped up against her pillows, his hands behind his head. He had a cocky grin on his face as she walked back into the room. They stared at each other for a few seconds. She thought he looked absolutely perfect in her bed. That's where she wanted him forever. He marveled at how beautiful and pure she looked. And at how much he was going to defile her. He held out his hand to her, and she walked over and took it. He pulled her into the bed with him, pulling her on top of him. She found out that he was completely naked under the blankets. It made her a little wet.

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