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Daddy's Little Helper


Maybe if I'd minded my own business and stayed off my dad's computer, my life would have been a whole lot different. As it is I wouldn't change it for the world.

My name is George Mason Jr. I was twenty years old when I moved back in with my father (George Snr, obviously) after my mum left him and took up with some arse-wipe she met at her gym. He had been devastated by the betrayal and I had moved back in to keep him company and make sure he didn't do something stupid. I was quite a good cook and a bit of a neat freak, so it worked out okay for both of us. I got out of my shitty one bedroom flat and Dad got someone to talk to and enjoy the odd pint with at our local.

Anyway on the day in question I got home from work and after a shower, was puttering around the house looking for something to do when I found myself in Dad's bedroom. His computer case was on the bed, he must have forgotten it when he left that morning. I still don't know what came over me but I unzipped it and pulled out Dad's laptop and opened it. Once the machine had gone through it's start up I started looking through his document files to see if there was anything interesting there.

I searched around and found a folder called "SVids" and opened it up. A group of WMV files was inside and I double clicked on the first to start it, the laptop balanced on my knees.

The video opened on the bed I was sitting on, the view looking down on the whole of the bed. I gasped as my Dad, naked as the day he was born moved into view, sat with his back to the headboard and took his cock in hand and started to masturbate himself.

I watched spell-bound as my dad's cock grew and grew to an impressive size and thickness. It must have been 8.5" long and really thick. I couldn't take my eyes off it, and I jumped a little when my dad called out to some-one off camera.

"Sammi, get your sweet little arse in here, now!"

Sammi, Sammi? Who the fuck was Sammi?

My question was answered as a slim blonde girl moved in front of the camera and moved to the end of the bed. Her long blonde hair was pulled in pigtails at each side of her head, with pink ribbons tied at the ends. She was wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt. Her stockings were pink with a seam that stretched from her ankle to disappear under the tight skirt. She stood at the end of the bed watching my father wank his big cock.

"Come on, come on, Sammi, we haven't got all day, George'll be home in about two hours, get a move on!"

The little blonde strumpet giggled at my father and reached down and undid the side of her skirt, letting it drop to pool at her feet. She was wearing a suspender belt to match her stockings and a thong, which also matched. She delicately stepped out of her skirt and dropped down to pick it up, draping it over the end of the bed.

"Well Sammi, it's not gonna suck itself, is it?" my dad asked the vision in front of him

"No, Mr Mason. Would you like me to suck your big hard throbbing cock for you?" the girl's voice sounded a bit familiar but I couldn't place it.

"Hah, stupid question, Sammi, get up here now and put that talented mouth to work!" my dad chuckled and beckoned the little tramp towards his dick.

Sammi undid her blouse, pulled it off and laid it on top of her skirt then climbed onto the bed and moved up my father's legs wiggling her hips as she got closer to her target. That's when it hit me, I knew who this sexy little trollop was. I saw she had a mole about halfway up her back, I had seen that mole before. It was on my best friend in all the world, Samuel Thompson. Now here he was, dressed like the horniest wet dream and about to engulf my dad's cock with his hot, wet mouth.

I should have stopped there, turned the computer off and put it out of my mind (yeah, right), but I just had to keep watching. My hand slipped down almost without conscious thought and stroked my willy through my trousers as I watched Sammi's head move over my dad's dick, blocking my view of his manhood. It was pretty obvious what was going on though when my dad let out a deep groan, and moved his hands to my best friend's shoulders.

Her head, (I couldn't think of Sam as a him while he was doing that to my father) bobbed up and down in dad's lap with a rhythm that spoke of lots of practice. How long had this been going on? Why didn't Sam tell me? We were the same age. We had grown up together. We told each other everything. Although I could see how it would be difficult to bring it up

"Hey George, how are you, by the way I dress as a girl and suck your dad's dick. Want to go and play on my 360?" yeah might be a problem. I kept watching as my best friend continued to suck on my father.

"God, Sammi, you suck cock so well, you little slut!" my dad groaned.

The girl sucking my father gave a happy little moan and continued to bob up and down on the prick that had given me life. I've watched quite a bit of porn on my computer and it seemed like this blonde knew what she was doing, varying her technique and reaching her hand up to cup my dad's balls as she swallowed him to the hilt.

"Ugggghhhhh, Sammi, I'm gonna cum, you cock hungry little tart. Take my load on your face like the spunk sucking whore you are!!" Dad nearly screamed as the girl moved her head away from his groin.

Sammi's head jerked backwards slightly as my dad yelled and went still. My God, he had actually done it, MY father had just massively enjoyed shooting a load of hot spunk onto the face of my best friend and from the way her face dropped back into his lap, to get the last of it from his cock, the recipient had enjoyed it as well!

"Whew, Sammi, that was awesome, thanks a lot, doll" my dad gasped

Sammi took her face away from the object of her affections long enough to reply that she thought it was awesome as well, and he was welcome to do it anytime. The little tart! Who did she think she was? If anyone's face was gonna get painted with Daddy's cum it should be mine! What, wait, hang on, where did that come from? I wasn't gay, I'd never even thought about another boy or man like that, although Sammi's pert bottom, framed by the suspender belt and stockings and bisected by the pretty pink thong, did look rather inviting! That's when I realised that I had undone my trousers and had reached inside to grasp my rock hard willy.

End of Chapter One

Should I continue?

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