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Daddy's Little Mpeg Fuckstar


Modern life is tough. It's hard enough to keep busting my ass six days a week to keep my modest little company afloat in order to pay the bills. But now, modern technology has infiltrated my daily routine. Instead of making things easier, it demands even more of my time. Checking my mails is no big stress. It takes 15 minutes. But then there is the 1-2 hours I need every morning to endlessly scour the internet, visiting free link websites that send me to other websites that offer me 6 free mpegs to download.

And let me tell you - I download them. All manner of grainy, ten-second mpeg porn videos of women getting fucked by men. They fill my hard disk. Thousands of them. But it is never enough. I need more.

Sure, I've narrowed it down to five or six of the best sites that I check each day. And I've narrowed down what kind of porn mpegs that turn me on, but it takes time to download them all. And even when the day's catch is safely stored on my computer, it takes time to view them all.

So there I sit every morning, in my little office on the second floor of a house I can hardly afford, curtains drawn, clicking on one little mpeg after the other. Watching the ten second clip on loop a couple of times before moving on to the next one. Hoping desperately to gradually get turned on at the naked flesh on my screen: nameless, faceless girls sucking hard cocks and licking up the cum splattered on their lips, or bending over willingly to let some man slide his dick up her tight, wet cunt or puckered asshole, or two girls sucking each other's clits to orgasm while fucking each other with a dildo in their tight asses, or massive black cocks ravaging an eager white teenager.... you get the point. The flavour of the day shifts regularly, but the goal is the same.

To cum.

I sit there at my desk in my bathrobe every day, one hand working the mouse, the other stroking my cock between my legs, under the desk. Desperate to cum. A dirty old man at the age of 42, jacking my all-too-average cock pathetically while watching thousands of other well-endowed men constantly fucking hard-bodied girls.

Leaning into the screen to catch as many details as I can from the grainy images; the way that one big cock splays that one girl's cunt lips each time his cock slides out, studying each willing cunt to see if her outer lips are swollen 'cause if they are, she's genuinely aroused and that sends jolts of pleasure to my cock, or watching and hoping to see if blondie there actually swallows the cum from that black cock, or concentrating on that brunette's firm, jiggling tits as she rides that guy.... whatever it takes to get off.

When I get closer to orgasm, after 30 or 40 small clips, my hand starts to jack my hard cock faster and I gradually lean back in my office chair, other hand still on the mouse. I quickly find the best clip of the day and let it play on loop while I jack it harder and faster until I finally cum. I watch my seed spurt out of my dick and land on my stomach - rounder and chubbier than ever - until the orgasm subsides. Then I clean it up with some paper towel from the desk, toss it in the waste basket and then try to concentrate on getting some work done.

Welcome to a day in the life of me. A porn mpeg junkie.

I won't bore you with the details of the rest of my day. In short it involves not following up on contracts as often as I should for my failing one-man landscape gardening company. It does involve procrastination and invariably masturbating a couple of more times before dinner.

It never used to be like this. I used to have a wife who treated me like shit and who inhaled every cock at her office into her loose, sopping cunt. I used to have two lovely daughters who bought into their mother's anti-dad propaganda and who left not long after my wife did. Sure, Natasha visits me once in awhile when she's home from university. Usually for a long weekend. She's 19 and it used to be great to see her and we would just hang out and eat pizza and drink beer. But now I can't look at her around the house, wearing skimpy clothes that barely reveal her lucious body, without seeing one of the mpeg girls fucking and sucking. It makes things uncomfortable. All I want to do is go up and jack off in the shower. I don't know if she notices.

Her older sister, Natalie, is a whole other ball game. Like her sister, she inherited her mother's good looks and bitchy attitude. Haven't heard from her in over a year. Last I heard she was rising fast up the executive ladder at some international advertising agency but we never got along in the years before she left home. Her mother indoctrinated her well.

No matter. However pathetic my life may seem, however unfit my body has become - I still have my darling mpeg sluts.

Until last week.

The day was the same as any other. Sitting at my desk, having downloaded the day's collection and well underway with jacking my cock.

There was a series of six short clips that I fetched from some nameless, faceless horribly-designed porn website. The 20 odd clips prior had failed to get me hard – like all junkies, it takes more and more to get off - and I was hoping for some good action to help me cum. I was lucky that these particular clips were 30 seconds long and had sound. That usually helps get the juices flowing. More continuous fucking and sucking and moaning and groaning.

The first clip, mollysucks_01, toned up on my screen. So far so good, I thought, as I saw a girl and a guy on a beach. Too many clips are filmed in appallingly decorated houses. A beach is a treat.

The girl was blonde - good start. The guy was lying on a lounger as she crawled seductively up between his legs, smiling seductively. She pulled his shorts down over his cock, which sprung up, erect, in front of her face. Nice touch. Too many free mpegs start with instant sucking and no foreplay. This was good. The sensation in my cock told me so.

Blonde Molly gingerly took the guy's cock in her slender fingers. Her small hand was dwarfed by his girth. He was rock hard and huge. She seemed to like that. In one fluent, almost graceful movement, her lips slipped over his bulbous head and she kept on going until his cock was halfway down her throat. I concentrated on the sight of her lips inhaling him. This mpeg slut was good and she knew how to suck a cock.

The next clip, mollysucks_02, was a variation on the theme. Filmed from behind, between her legs, she stood up and straddled the lounger with her long, tanned legs. Bending far over to suck his cock, which strutted arrogantly up in the air. She bobbed up and down and her ass wiggled sensuously. Her tight little cunt was shaved clean, just the way I like it, and I could see her lips were engorged with blood. The little slut was turned on. Delicious.

Until now there had only been groaning and slurping, but they started talking it up. Often this ruins the mood for me. Cheesy amateur acting is rarely sexy. But I was pleasantly surprised. Her sultry voice purred out of my speakers.

"Do you like the way I suck your big, fat cock?" Her ass swayed sexily as she awaited the man's reply.

I hadn't really noticed him much until then. But I saw that he was older, grey around the temples and very fit.

"Yeah, babydoll. You're such a good little slut. I love watching your lips on my cock, baby..." His voice, too, was throaty and sexy.

"Your babygirl loves sucking your cock and she wants so-o-o bad to taste your hot cum but she needs something else first, daddy..."

Electric shocks zapped to my cock. "Daddy...?" Is that what she said? I felt my cock grow hard in my hand. One of my preferred themes. Sure, it was fiction, but this was going to be a good day. The cum bubbled expectantly in my hairy balls as blonde Molly began to squat down, holding daddy's cock in one hand and aiming it at her descending cunthole. Her round, firm tits jiggled just right.

But just then the mpeg ended and started over.

I fumbled frantically for the mouse and tried to aim at double-clicking the mollysucks_03 file. It couldn't go quick enough. This blonde was going to make me cum hard, but not until I had seen all six clips, teasing myself.

The third clip toned up and, to my relief, it was a direct cut from the second one. Molly squatted down until daddy's cock was twitching at the entrance to her hot little hole.

"Your baby wants it so bad, daddy..."

"Then stop wasting daddy's time...", replied the man on the lounger, and he placed his hands on her narrow hips and forced her steadily down onto his throbbing cock. Molly squealed as she was impaled on the cock - it slid right up inside her without stopping and she sat there on it, gasping, feeling it fill her up to the hilt.

The palms swayed in the background and only the waves on the film could be heard for a few moments.

"Fuck daddy, babydoll." It wasn't a question and Mpeg Molly did as she was instructed. Leaning over to rest her arms on his shoulders, she started to rise and fall on his dick, now glistening with her cuntjuice, veins bulging, balls eager to shoot their load.

I had to stop jerking my own very average dick. I was close to cumming. This Molly and her fictitious daddy were sending me over the edge.

I watched the cock slide in and out of her hole and saw her puckered asshole as she leaned forward, moaning and groaning incessantly. She was loving it.

I was irritated that there were only three more clips... I wanted the whole movie. In number four, they continued their fucking. Daddy fondled her tits roughly, pulling hard at her nipples as he watched her fuck him. Whatever he did just seemed to turn her on more. The camera moved towards them until it was right behind her ass. The man's coarse finger snaked around her ass and toyed with her puckered shithole and Molly egged him on:

“Yeah... do it, daddy... stick it in...”

Sure enough, his middle finger found it's mark and, without ceremony, slid two-knuckles up her ass. To her delight. That little slut. She was perfect.

In the next clip, the camera moved around to the front and, like the fuckstar she was, Molly leaned backwards, supporting herself on the man's thighs and bringing her long legs up onto the lounger, hardly missing a stroke. I watched her perfect, firm tits bounce and shudder with every thrust. I could hear daddy getting worked up and he held her hips and started fucking up into her, hard and fast.

"I like fucking my daddy... I like making my daddy cum hard..."

My eyes shot up to Molly as she spoke. She was looking right into the camera and smiling sexily and feigning innocence as she bit her lip.

That's when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. My breath caught in my throat and my jaw dropped open. I don't know how I didn't notice it before. It was Natalie. My oldest daughter. Fucking her 'daddy' on my computer screen. The shock knew no end. But what was strange was that my hand didn't stop jacking my hard cock under my desk. I was disgusted, shocked and in disbelief, but my cock knew of none of this. It blurred unknowingly up and down my shaft and my eyes were glued to the screen at the sight of my own daughter, my own flesh and blood, fucking like a fuckstar and before I could do anything about it, my hot, sticky cum was shooting out of my cock and onto the floor and all over my legs. It went on forever, my orgasm. The film looped and Natalie, a.k.a Molly, repeated her lines into the camera, into my eyes, "I like fucking my daddy... I like making my daddy cum hard..."

Finally my body went limp and I sat there panting. I think my cock had a direct line to my hand, overriding all reason in my brain, because with my hand on the mouse, I found myself clicking on the last mpeg: susiesucks_06.

With a roar, her daddy announced his imminent orgasm. Natalie obediently flew off his cock and knelt between his legs. Her eyes stayed on the camera as daddy jacked his cock the last leg until he tensed, as I had done moments before. He grabbed her long, blonde hair and held her head steady as he pointed his cockhead towards her waiting mouth, tongue outstretched. He fired endless ropes of boiling cum into her mouth and she loved it. No doubt about that.

When his orgasm faded, she showed the camera a mouthful of hot, white cum and then, with a sexy smile, she swallowed it all. The drops that escaped her before were licked up dutifully from daddy's stomach and swallowed deep into her flat, trim belly.

Just before the last mpeg ended, Molly/Natalie smiled into the camera and said, "My daddy fucks his baby so good..." before kissing the man passionately.

I just sat there dumbly, panting from my own orgasm and, too my surprise, my own cock defied all logic and was still rock hard.

I wandered around the house for an hour. My brain was swimming in conflicting thoughts and emotions. I was drained of all strength. I felt angry, disgusted at myself for cumming while watching my own daughter fucking like a whore but no matter how much I willed it to, my cock would not deflate.

Finally, after tackling all this torment, I found myself back at the computer. Before knowing what I was doing I had clicked onto the website that had provided me with the free mpegs and had paid for a membership. There were many other cocksluts in their archives, but I had soon found Molly's own archive. In numbing silence, I downloaded every mpeg and jpeg featuring my daughter onto my hard disk.

I could see that this wasn't a one-time event. She had been active. Natalie fucking on a beach, on a yacht, on a balcony overlooking the coast. Natalie fucking her daddy, two huge black guys, skinny white guys with huge cocks. Natalie taking it happily in the cunt, mouth and ass. Natalie with another blonde girl with the unoriginal stage name, Aurora, licking each other's tight cunts.

Over four hours of fucking and sucking.

With a constant and bizarre sense of nausea and arousal, I spent the next three days watching nothing but Natalie, until I had memorized every thrust, every moan, every droplet of swallowed cum.

I hated myself every single time my cum sprayed out of my dick to splatter rudely on the floor, on my hard disk, on my legs, on my stomach.

I took time to get a handle on my emotions. My relationship with Natalie hadn't been good since she was ten. She grew into a beautiful young woman before my eyes, but her mother had taught her how to hate me. Calling me useless, pathetic, worthless, you name it.

I had hoped that when she became old enough, she would realise she could make up her own mind, but my bitchwife's influence was too powerful. I found myself beginning to despise the both of them. My wife for a million reasons and Natalie because she never gave me a chance. My youngest daugther, Natasha, didn't take it all too seriously and kept contact with me, bless her. But I knew it was more out of sympathy than anything else. But Natalie just fucked off and never looked back.

I'm a mild-mannered man. A bit pathetic and useless, sure, but I would never harm a fly. So these thoughts in my head were strange and new to me. I was tasting the sweetness of revenge for the first time. It somehow empowered me. A catalyst for much-needed change. I found myself getting dressed every morning and, for the first time in ages, I was conscious of my appearance. There was a lot of work to do after so many months, even years, of neglect, but I got myself cleaned up. Bought some new clothes and even started running to get in shape.

And all the while, a plan was forming in my head.

The first part was easy. I set up a free email account with the handle: daddy_misses_you. It wasn't even hard to find her email address at the high-flying advertising company she worked for. And then one day, I started enacting the plan.

I sent a simple email to Natalie from daddy_misses_you, asking her how my baby was doing and whether she missed me. I was sure to select the 'automatic reply to sender when read' function.

The first few mails didn't come back as read. 'Hi baby, do you miss me?' 'Hi babydoll, I still think about the beach...' and messages like that to tease her. To fuck with her head. Maybe she had the automatic reply function turned off.

I moved into the next phase. I attached one of her nastier mpeg files in an email - a double penetration with a white cock and a black cock on a yacht - a and sent it off to her.

It took less that ten minutes before I received an automated reply informing me that the email had been read. And shortly after that, an email.

'I don't know who you are or why you're spamming me. You obviously have the wrong person so just fuck off.'

Yep. That was Natalie. A bitch. This was getting good. I didn't reply, instead, over the next few days, I kept sending her selected mpegs from her shady career. She didn't reply for ages, until one day a week later.

'what do you want?'

Nothing more than that. Now she was getting the picture. I replied.

'just wondering how revealing your porn career to your company and clients would go down...'

'don't even think about it. What do you want, daddy_misses_you? Who are you?'

'all in good time, babydoll. I have several gigs of fucking and sucking ready to be emailed out. What are willing to do to stop me?'

There was a day's pause in our correspondence. I thought she might have my email traced, so I had been using some proxies and bouncing it off servers all over the world. On the other, I thought, having someone trace me would probably reveal the contents of the emails, so maybe she was merely thinking about it. Her reply finally arrived.

'I suppose what you want is some babydoll action. Do you jerk off watching those old films, is that it? Some horny old man who can't get it up? But if making you stop threatening to ruin my career means putting on my pornstar hat again, so be it...'

Dot dot dot. Ball in my court. But was she serious? Only one way to find out.

'King George Hotel. Wednesday. Room 1212. You'll be arriving at seven. I'll be leaving at midnight. If you have any plans for my demise, I can tell you that I have all your mpegs ready to send to your clients and company on an auto-task function on my computer at home. If I'm not back home by one in the morning, they will automatically send themselves out.

P.S. Don't wear panties, fuckstar...'

Waiting for her reply was excruciating. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into but at least there was some excitement in my life. I stared at myself in the mirror. There was a glimpse of the old me in my eyes. That sparkle was back. I looked better than I had in ages. And best of all, I had a drive and energy like a twenty year old, not to mention the libido of a teenager.

'i'll be there...'

Simple and to the point. The plan was evolving. Even though I actually doubted that she would show, this turn of events was the catalyst in my life that I hadn’t even realised I needed. I began my preparations for our meeting on Wednesday. And I began preparations for a new life for myself, too.

I sold the house. It didn’t take more than a couple of days before the estate agent had found a little family who was eager to move in. In order to speed up the process, I promised the agent an outrageous amount in commission as inspiration. Within three days I had sold most of the contents of the house and was getting into my car with the bare essentials: some clothes, my computer and my toothbrush. That’s it. That’s all I needed. I was surpised how much money I suddenly possessed from selling the house and furniture.

I rented a small flat downtown and furnished it simply and stylishly. Where this sudden sense of trend and style had come from, I had no idea, but the prominent feature was a new desk for my computer and a new wide-screen monitor.

As I padded about my new flat, having embarked on my new life, Natalie’s mpeg porn career played constantly on the wide-screen in the background. My own little fuckstar cinema starring my own little babygirl, constantly and dutifully fucking and sucking and swallowing cum.

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