Daddy's Little Succubus Vol. 02


She breaks the wrestling lock she has on my clit and smiles at me. Her chin is wet and her teeth pointed. I notice that her eyes contain no iris, just two white spheres that see everything. "You," she says, and a sensuously long tongue extends from a pair of slate-colored lips. The tongue is bubble gum pink, and she wields it well.

She rubs it against the inside of my labia, tracing tiny circles whose apex stops just below my clit. My back arcs in an earnest attempt to suffocate her. She teases me like this for many minutes until I'm given the freedom I crave. Her bubble gum tongue shoves me off that cliff and my body cries out in pure radiant joy, buffeted by warm air as I float gracefully down to touch the earth.

(This brief period of weightlessness gives me time to connect the dots: this girl is a mirror image of myself, and getting fucked by a decidedly oddly colored mirror image of yourself is hardly the weirdest thing that's happened to me within the past day. Given that she probably won't be willing to answer any of my questions while I'm trying to shove my cunt halfway down her throat, I elect to ignore her unexpected entrance into the narrative entirely, and assist her in the task she seems determined to fulfill, i.e. fucking my brains out.)

Barely a moment after hitting earth "my" mouth is at my clit again, sucking diligently. I watch her cheeks as they collapse and expand with each sweet repetitious suck. Those pure white eyes bore into mine. I can feel her in my thoughts crowding me, trying to fill me up with a part of her, or acquainting me with a new part of me.

It is all too damn confusing and beside the point, I do my best to encourage her to push me over the edge again with my screams.


Says a voice that starts between my ears and seems to end everywhere, a big bang on a small scale. A spark in my mind that balloons to fill everything with one simple idea:


Strong hands grasp my wrists; the contrast of her midnight skin against mine makes me want to lick her fingers. She guides my hands, tracing a contour of my body I've never felt before. A hard cylindrical shape that starts right below my belly button and ends near where my clit is located. It feels like I've got a hot dog stuffed inside me.

A hot dog?


I begin to squirm, simultaneously scared and excited at this not-quite-unexpected turn of events.

"Don't you dare, don't you pull that thing out of me! I didn't ask for this!"

Her cheeks suck inwards and stay there. Another orgasm overwhelms me and my pussy ejaculates a stream of cum that coats her chin and torso. I can see it dripping off her tits.


This time I feel the word in my bones. She's not saying the word to me: she's talking to my body. Making friends with my nervous system and commanding it to do her nefariously sexy bidding.

My hands begin to involuntary massage my new penis through my tummy and I start to mewl at the unfamiliar feelings sweeping through me. I can feel it shifting within. I'm manipulating the loose skin around the hardness of the shaft, sliding it around through the layer of skin that is my cute tummy and it feels SO fucking good.

Slowly. Imperceptibly. Like a glacier, it begins to move.

Her cheeks suck themselves further in, and it occurs to me that this mirror image of myself may not have to breathe. My hands have moved to her pretty little head, and she makes no attempt to dislodge them.

My stomach muscles are drawn taught as I curve my body upwards so I can watch and maintain a grip on my lover's albino locks. My gaze is divided between the implacable pale liquid pools of her eyes and the path that my member is tracing towards the exit.


Says she to my tight little eighteen-year-old bod and it can't help but respond, she's me. The member is hot and squirming underneath my skin. My devilish double's constant suction has brought the head to a point where it's resting just behind my clit. I grip her tighter, tired of all this torture and scream:

"Suck it! Suck my big dick right out of me or you'll be sorry!"

Her eyes widen as I lace my hands around the back of her neck and sling my legs over her shoulders, determined to get this over with! Sweat is pouring off me and I'm pushing as hard as I can, its almost there!

"Do it," I whisper, "you fucking do it right now! RIGHT NOW!"

One of her hands is back to manipulating my pussy, toying with my g-spot, and making 'come hither' motions with her fingers. The other slides up my body, her palm becoming damp with my sweat, until she stops at one of my boobs and pinches my nipple.

That's it, I realize, I'm broken.

Every muscle in my body tenses as I am suffused with unearthly pleasure. I feel the head of my penis hit the open air for the first time, emerging from its sheath to fill out and exist as my new functioning clitoris. My doppelganger stops to take a breath and a draft of frigidly cool air hits the mushroom head, making me cry out in shock. She quickly reattaches herself to my body, pretty mouth stretching around what I already know to be a massive phallus.

Her pale eyes widen as I manage to push another few inches out with a grunt, pressing my lips together and concentrating, finally recognizing the new muscles that control this thing. She makes a noise that sounds like "Mm?" and gags, as I'm able to expel more of it than she obviously thought I could.

With a noise that sounds like "schloop", my new cock is born, penetrating the sweet mouth of my doublemint twin and coming to rest deep within her throat. She's gagging on the sudden invasion of my genitalia, and I lace my fingers around the back of her head so she can't pull away.

An evil grin perches itself on my lips, and she cries out as I flex my new muscle within the confines of her throat. Tears stand out against her cheeks, the effort of taking my full girth apparently taxing her supernatural skills.

I hear a growl from the doorway and see Cory stroking a resurrected erection. I twitch an eyebrow at him and he disappears for a moment. I wink at my newly found friend and she squirms in my grip, unable to escape.

He reappears a moment later and squirts a generous amount of lube onto her black ass. She's really screaming now, and the vibrations are making the hyper sensitive skin of my new cock feel incredible. He's knelt behind her and I get to watch my best friend penetrate a perfect replica of my own ass.

I laugh evilly as she writhes in both of our grips. More tears escape her eyes as I tighten mine, and begin to fuck my face.

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by Anonymous04/18/18

cant wait for the third one

This is a great story! Sexy in all the right ways. I can't wait to read the next one, whenever you finish it.

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