tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy's Little Test Subject Ch. 01

Daddy's Little Test Subject Ch. 01


A/N: Please remember this is fantasy (and my particular type of kink that gets me hot). In my fantasies, everybody is always hard and wet; there are no STDs, pregnancies, farts, pimples or burps and everybody tastes good. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

'You are so pretty,' he said after fucking his very submissive 20-year-old sex slave.

She was still panting from the amazing orgasm he gave her. 'Th- thank you, Daddy.'

Her wrists were bound to the wrought iron headboard. He massaged her tits and petted her sexy flat stomach. 'I got a letter from your Chemistry Professor today.'

She looked confused. 'A letter, Daddy?'

'Yes,' he said as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close so his cock could nestle in her butt cheeks. 'You and I are to meet him and the Dean of Students tomorrow. Something about your demeanor in class. I may have to introduce my little sex slave to them,' he said in a warning tone.

'But Daddy --,' she said fearfully. He pinched her nipple until she squirmed. 'I thought my slave status was a secret.' As he pinched her nipple and twisted it she moaned in the pleasure and the pain of it.

'It is, my sweet nymphet,' he started to explain. 'It is a secret that I determine who will know about it.' He seemed irritated with her slight defiance. He gripped her chin and twisted her head to look had him. 'Are you questioning me?'

She blinked and swallowed. He was satisfied when he saw the fear in her eyes and then the obedience as her downcast eyes and demeanor submitted to his power.

'No Daddy,' she said in servitude. Her arms were bound and he pulled her close and kissed her swollen lips and thrust his tongue in her whimpering mouth. He fingers wondered to her well-fucked cunt and flicked her clit until she sighed into his thrusting tongue and her hips started to move against his well-placed fingers.

'That's what I thought,' he chuckled, playing his little sex slave like a fine tuned instrument. 'You -- my sweet little slut -- are sex perfected.' He snuggled her closer. 'You are a wet submissive slave and ready whenever I ask. And sometimes that is too much for one man... But we can use your sluttiness to our advantage.'

Thinking that she displeased him, she pleaded, 'I'm sorry, Daddy. I don't ever want to be too much.'

'Then,' he manipulated, 'I am going to show you off tomorrow.'

She swallowed and bit her lip. 'Anything for you, Daddy,' she said with fear.

He chuckled, pleased at her innocence & ignorance, liking the way she wiggled when she was disturbed and horny at the same time. They fell asleep where she was still bound curled up against Daddy. She was about to be fucked again. As always, her body was ready and she submitted to the force of his cock sliding in and out of her sex-addicted body.

The next day, Daddy made his slave get dressed in a girl's school uniform with patent black leather stilettos. Even though she was in college, the little uniform looked hot on the slut. Daddy kept her leather cuffs on and added one more item -- a leather collar with a leash.

Daddy made her model her prim outfit in front of him. She, of course wore no panties under her very very short pleated plaid skirt that barely covered her perky ass. She wore no bra under her sheer white button down tailored blouse that outlined her succulent large tits to perfection. She fingered the tight leather collar encasing her neck.

Daddy ordered her to drink a cocktail with a little something dissolved into it. She liked the nice warm, relaxed feeling the alcohol made her feel.

Unbeknownst to his little sex slave, she had also taken a dose of an experimental aphrodisiac the Chemistry Professor gave him to test on her.

'Come, my pretty little slave,' Daddy opened the door. 'It's time for our appointment at university.'

Daddy escorted her to the black town car he had waiting. They drove to the college campus and parked in the faculty parking close to the Dean's private entrance to his office building.

Daddy got out and held his hand out to help his dirty little girl out of the car. Her hands were folded in her lap. She looked up at him and bit her lip. 'Daddy,' she whispered, 'I'm nervous. I'm afraid to go meet the Dean.' The drug made her a little paranoid. Daddy liked that slight resistance. It would play great to the men inside.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out. 'You must submit to my wishes, little slut.'

'Y-yes Daddy,' she resisted. 'I-I'm just not used to...' The experimental drug was taking affect. She started to wrap her calf and ankle around his leg and started rubbing her crotch against him. Her eyes were dilated and her skin had a slight sheen. Her cunt juice was freely flowing (it always was, but even more so with the experimental drug). Her lips kissed his neck and then whispered in his ear, 'Can't we just fuck in the car?'

She unconsciously humped her Daddy's leg.

Daddy laughed and disengaged himself from her slutty actions. He got behind her and grabbed her wrists and bound them behind her back. He caressed her cheek and then gripped the leash on her leather collar. 'You will do as I say and submit to all I desire,' he said as he jerked the leash.

'Yes, Daddy,' she breathed with white-hot yearning.

Pulled by Daddy, the bound and drugged beauty walked into the Dean's lavish office through the personal entrance. Daddy and his little slut were expected. They walked into a large dark wood paneled office with dark leather furniture with brass buttons. The ceiling was high and the tall windows were covered with dark green velvet drapes and gold trim.

'Mr. M!' the Dean seated behind is large mahogany desk, greeted Daddy and invited him to sit. 'What do we have here?' He leered at the pretty, horny slut on the leash; arms bound behind her, in the sexy little school uniform.

She was made to stand at Daddy's side as the Dean; the Professor & Daddy sat and stared at her. She licked her luscious lips.

'Dean Willcox,' Daddy grinned, 'this is the student in question today. And she happens to be my submissive.'

'Excellent,' the Dean whispered looking the sultry schoolgirl up and down. 'I understand she has been a very bad student in Professor Peter's class. Isn't that right, Pete?'

'Yes, Dean,' said the Chemistry Professor who was sitting in a leather chair next to Daddy & opposite the Dean's desk, leering at the bound girl as well. 'She tends to daydream quite often in class, and doesn't pay attention.'

Daddy gripped her leash and said in a menacing tone, 'Why is that, you little cunt?'

She swallowed and whispered, 'I'm th-thinking about s-sex, Daddy.' Her eyes were downcast, yet her cunt was moist and her tit nubs were hard little pebbles; ever visible through her thin tight shirt.

The Dean grinned and made an affirmative tone. 'Sex, you say. What kind of sex, dear slut?'

'All kinds, sir,' she stated humbly.

'Be specific, cum slut,' Daddy jerked her leash.

'Ahn, I usually think about sucking cock,' she shifted her weight to one leg, and whispered quietly, 'And getting sprayed with cum.'

'That is very serious, young lady,' the Dean admonished. 'Do you ever think about sucking Professor Peter's cock?'

Ashamed, she breathed, 'Yes, sir.'

The Dean sighed and looked at the men facing him. 'She's a very naughty girl.'

'Naughty, indeed,' the Professor concurred.

Daddy agreed as he played with the leash, 'Yes, she is a naughty girl. It has taken some time to train my little slut to obey.'

'Mr. M,' the Dean said as he sat back in his chair. 'I believe this naughty little girl needs some extra assignments so she doesn't fail the Professor chemistry class.'

Daddy knew just what kind of assignments his 20 year-old co-ed slave needed. She did too. He gripped her leash and commanded, 'Why doesn't my little whore kiss the Dean and show him how grateful you are to be here and take on these extra duties.'

'Yes, Daddy,' she whispered and went over to the Dean's chair and leaned over to the seated man and kissed his mouth. Dean Willcox grabbed the top of the leash and pulled her in to him until she was sitting on his lap sucking on his invading tongue. She started humping the Dean's leg in her fevered state.

The Chemistry Professor was sitting in a leather chair facing the Dean and the little slut. 'Daddy?' he questioned Mr. M with a grin. 'You have taught her well, Mr. M.' He watched the petite, big-titted beauty being mauled by the Dean. 'You gave her the experimental drug?'

'Yes Professor,' Daddy grinned.

'She gave you no resistance?' the Professor queried.

'Not when I gave her the drug in a cocktail. She's my obedient little sex slave, Professor Peter. She does as I order.' He smiled as he watched the bound, horny girl submit to the Dean's kisses and pets. 'She was a little paranoid and resisted getting out of the car.' Daddy got up and pulled on the leash, releasing her from the Dean's grip. 'But she knows what's good for her.' He ripped her button down shirt from her large tits.

The naughty little test subject cried out.

Daddy unbound her wrists, removed the remnants of her ripped blouse from her naked chest and commanded her to lean on the desk and arch her back so her ass thrust up high.

'Damn,' the Professor said as he got up to pet her ass, discovering she had nothing on under the tiny little skirt. 'Spread your legs, sweet cunt.'

She did as she was directed. With her back arched, she gripped the desk and thrust her ass up higher.

'You shouldn't daydream in my class,' the Professor quietly said as his palm slapped her exposed ass cheek. Daddy ripped her skirt off as she was spanked, leaved only her stilettos, collar & cuffs adorning her hot and horny body.

'I shall pay more attention, sir,' she moaned as the Professor slapped her ass again.

'Pay more attention to what, slut?'

She bit her lip as he slapped her again. 'Pay more attention to you, sir.'

The Professor's fingers roughly felt her very wet pussy and she shivered and moaned when he flicked her clit.

'Tell the Professor what you want, slut,' Daddy commanded his drugged, horny slave.

She licked her full lips, and her head resting on the desk, did as he commanded. 'Daddy, I'm scared.' But she moaned as the Dean mauled her titties and the Professor palmed her ass cheek. 'I'm scared to do as my Daddy orders.'

The Professor took note as he finger fucked her wet cunt. 'The drug does make her paranoid and exceedingly horny... excellent.'

She looked up at her Daddy as her cunt was dripping. She whispered to him, pleading in a drug-induced tone, 'Daddy...'

Daddy spanked her ass and chuckled. 'You need cock don't you slut?'

She moaned when he spanked her, feeling her cunt get drenched. 'Please, Daddy.'

The Professor was on one side of her and Daddy was on the other. The Dean was near the Professor and kept mauling her tits, which hung free at the edge of the desk. The Professor spanked one of her ass cheeks, then Daddy spanked the other.

'Do you want them to fuck you?'

She swallowed and felt the two horny scholars & Daddy playing with her naked body. There was a lot of powerful cock in that prestigious office. She couldn't escape. And the drug took on an effect that made her cunt burn with craving. She licked her cherry red lips and looked up at him. 'Yes, Daddy.'

'Say it,' he ordered.

'Daddy, I want th-them t-to fuck me, please,' she stuttered as they stood her up.

The Professor instructed the Dean; 'I suggest we tied her up for this phase of experimentation.'

'Of course,' he concurred. 'We'll move her to the love seat where she can be properly bound.'

The love seat was against the dark wood paneling perpendicular to a sofa. There was a portrait of an old white man above it. It looked pretty normal, but if keenly observed, the small strong metal hook peeked out below the portrait's frame. And the arms & legs of the love seat were adorned with leather strips.

Daddy guided his bound sex slave over to the love seat. The Dean grabbed her wrists and guided them to the hook below the portrait and hooked her wrists together high above her head as she sat back on the love seat.

The Professor & Daddy guided her ankles up to where the arms of the seat met the legs and wrapped her ankles with the leather strips. They placed a pillow under her that arched her torso forward, thrusting her tits out temptingly.

'What a beautiful little test subject,' the Dean commented. Her legs were spread open wide, each knee slightly bent as she was half lying and sitting on the love seat. Immobile, and the combination of her own very healthy sex drive and the experimental drug made her mewl for cock.

The Professor kneeled before the bound sex slave and thrust his face into her cunt. He licked and nibbled on her clit until she twisted against her restraints and cried out. The Professor loved the feeling of girl juice on his face. And this wet slut was producing lots of girl cum for the Professor to experience. His mouth and tongue played havoc with her sensitive girl parts making her pant and squirmed under his particular flair for cunnilingus. She came on his face.

The Professor got up and proclaimed to the Dean, 'please avail your tongue to her sweet juices before we pour our offerings into that slutty little crevice.'

The Dean took his place at her cunt and lapped up her cum juice. His whiskered stung her delicate thighs but she whimpered in the pain and pleasure of it all. The Dean deftly poked his finger in her asshole that made her jump and stick more of her open cunt into his mouth. Her juices were running down to the crack of her ass, making that forbidden opening slick.

The Dean's ministrations made her cum a second time. The Dean got up, satisfied with her reaction to his tongue.

'Daddy, please,' she panted.

'Please what, my little whore?'

'Daddy, please fuck me,' she begged as the men chuckled, admiring her tightly bound naked and spread out form and heated state of arousal.

As she begged, there was a brisk knock on the door, then the sound of a key turning the knob. They turned to look as the Dean greeted the new arrival.

'Chancellor Johnson!' the Dean grinned. 'So good of you to join us.'

The sex-crazed slut only saw another man and whimpered and squirmed against her restraints. She was bound tightly. There was no escape for these four powerful men and their desires for her. It made her very afraid.

And very wet.

She licked her lips as the Chancellor drew forward. She couldn't close her legs, so her eyes were downcast in embarrassment and fear.

'What do we have here?' he leered at the bound naked co-ed.

'She has taken on an extra assignment, Chancellor, in Professor Peter's class,' Daddy confided. 'This naughty slut is our little test subject on an experimental drug the Professor has devised. I encourage you, Chancellor, to partake of the little slut's charms.'

The Dean chuckled, patted the Chancellor on the back and said knowingly, 'The little cum slut is primed for your favorite activity.'

The Chancellor smiled. He fastidiously took off his business jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

His hand touched her bound ankle as she tried to escape his touch, yet craved it at the same time. Slowly, his hand ran down her bent leg to her open inner thigh. Then, ever so delicately, two of his long tapered fingers opened her labia, making her jump and whimper.

'Talk to me, slut,' the Chancellor commanded as his fingers got wet and rubbed her clit.

Her face revealed how afraid she was of this very powerful man, but the sex slave readily complied with his command. 'Fuck me, please. I beg you dear Chancellor, please fill up my wet cunt hole.' She said these words in a breathy girlie voice that turned on every one of those men looking at her naked bound body.

'I'm so horny!' she breathed in that girlie voice. 'I need your cock and cum to fill me up!' The Chancellor placed 2 fingers in her cunt as his thumb wiggled her clit until he got a reaction from her. 'I -- Ah! -- Need -- Ah! -- your -- fingers -- ah! -- More!!'

The Chancellor's devious face got close to her fearful one and he gritted out in a low deep voice, 'You like getting finger fucked, don't you, girl?'

'Y-yes, sir,' she whispered hesitantly. She liked what he was doing but was even more afraid then before.

The Professor & Daddy noticed her paranoia and commented on it as both of their dicks got hard watching the Chancellor's ministrations.

His two fingers became three and started churning in and out of her wet tunnel.

'Ah! Ah! Ah! Uhn! Oh!' she panted, biting her bottom lip. Tied up, she squirmed as the Chancellor's fingers satisfied her itch and made her crave even more. 'Oh, sir!' she groaned, 'Yes, more! More! Ah! Oh!'

Soon the three fingers slowed and he fit the fourth in her craven cunt hole.

'So much!' she cried and struggled to come off his hand... soon to be his fist. 'Too much! It's too much!' she whimpered and cried, 'No! No! Ah!!'

The Chancellor sighed. His kink was being satisfied. He folded his thumb over and bend his fingers in her juicy girl hole. He fit his entire fist into the sex slave's cunt.

She panted and twisted her head from side to side, the pain was too much and she kept crying out no.

Daddy would have none of her complaining. He came up to her face and twisted her nipple painfully until she looked up at him. He had trained her well because as the Chancellor was fist fucking her cunt, she looked lovingly at her Daddy and quietly whimpered, 'Yes, Daddy?'

'Do NOT deny the Chancellor his fist fucking, you little cum slut,' Daddy said sternly. The dominant man gripped the back of her neck forcefully so she stopped squirming and looked at Daddy submissively. In a low dominant voice he said, 'What do you say, kitten?'

'Please,' she complied, 'please fuck me as you want.' The Chancellor made a move and she twisted and moaned.

Daddy let go of her neck as she closed her eyes. Incredibly, the little slut started to feel pleasure in the fist fucking. The Professor took note.

Daddy was still tweaking her nipple as she sighed, 'Oh Daddy! I think I'm coming!' She breathed heavy as she moaned loudly, 'I'm coming! Ah! I'm coming all over your fist! Ah! Ah! Ah!' The bound girl passed out from her fist fuck cum.

The Chancellor laughed evilly as she showered her love juice all over his hand and wrist as he pulled out.

The Dean offered him a towel to wipe his cum soaked hand and wrist, but the Chancellor refused. 'I will leave this babydoll slut juice to dry on my hand. She smells so sweet. I'm meeting with some football recruits and her scent on my hand may be the edge we need to sign them to the team.'

Imagining the Chancellor shaking the young football players' hands made all of them smile as the naked co-ed was still unconscious from her orgasm.

The men laughed and Daddy offered his sex slave for other 'assignments' as the Chancellor may need. The Chancellor smiled a devious smiled and made a fist unconsciously with his cum covered hand. 'How promising,' he said as he left the office.

The very horny men turned their attention back to Daddy's little test subject.

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