Daddy's Love Slave


"Oh Daddy! I couldn't get enough. I kept watching. But it wasn't enough. I need more!" I felt myself redden, but I was so excited to tell him about my play time, I kept talking, "I was on fire, I wanted to feel the biggest cock I could deep inside my hole. I fucked my pussy so hard with my dildo while I watched. I needed you! I screamed for you to fuck me. I wanted you to ram that rod deep in my young hot wet pussy! I came all over your chair. I made it all wet!"

"You horny little bitch you!" he inched his hands up my thighs, I trimmered with delight.

"Oh Daddy, that isn't the half of it! When I saw him spanking her, spanking her pussy, not her ass, her pussy!, I was so turned on. I screamed your name and got off so hard watching him slap her pussy so hard, listing her moaning and enjoying it, that was when I let loose all the way, squirted all over and passed out in your chair."

He seemed pleased with my words. I adjusted myself and let his fingers find my hotness. He was very pleased with that as well. He dipped a finger into my juices, bringing them to his mouth and sucking them hard. I wanted to suck his cock so badly, like he was sucking my juices off his fingers. He was taunting me with his actions. He voice was devilish when he finally spoke, heated desire in his eyes.

"Kristy, my hot sexy pet, if you are going to be my sub, you will have to be properly taught to obey." I shook my head yes. "It's a lifestyle not suited for many. You need to make sure that you are ready for this baby. Are you ready to commit to the pain and torture that you will be subjected to? I don't want to ever hurt you, but you have to remember, there is a certain amount of pain involved with the pleasure. It might not be something you're suited for baby."

"Daddy. I love you with all my heart and soul. You would never do anything to harm me. I want to be part of it, part of what you enjoy. Part of your sex life. Im ready, so ready!" I threw my head up to express how ready I was.

"Just think. I want you to be sure. It can be rough and when I want you at 3am, I'm going to fuck you or spank your hot pussy. You will be at my bidding."

"Yes daddy. YES! I have wanted this for years. Even before mom left us. Please daddy, take me, do you bidding with me. I want it and you so bad, my pussy hurts!"

"Oh baby, Kristy, you don't know how much that means to hear you say it like that to me." he ran his fingers back up my dress and diddled my clit, sopping the juices from my swollen sex. "I don't know if I can keep my hands off of you any longer. All this talk and what you have on. The way you look and smell," he licked his fingers and put them to my face. I smelt sticky sweet, it turned me on more.

"I wore it just for you." I flashed a horny sexy smile.

"Well, it's working for me. You're such a bad, bad girl!" he ran his tongue up my neck and to my ear. I quivered. I saw something in his eyes, and I knew I was going to get what I wanted.

"I think if you are going to be my slave, now would be a good time to test your loyalty and want of your master."

I looked at him with anticipation, what was he planning for me to do?

"Unzip my pants baby, then down on your knees and pull out my cock, I want to feel you're hot juicy mouth suck it, suck it hard bitch!"

"Umm yes Master."

He grabbed my head, "Don't make me come bitch! IF you make me come, you won't get anything when you get home!"

"What if someone walks in on us."

"You don't worry about anyone else but your master. You suck my cock, make it feel good, that's what you need to be worried about my pet! Give your daddy the pleasure he seeks and demands!"

I was down on my knees in an instant, pulling his hardened member from its confines. I stroked him liberally, preparing my mouth for his erection. He moaned at my movements. It was the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on at 9.5 inches and I couldn't begin to guess its thickness. I felt my body quiver for want of it. I pursed my lips around his engorged purple head and slowly drank him into the depths of my mouth. He shuddered and whimpered.

"Good girl. Yes suck my cock, fuck me with your mouth. FUCK I don't know if I can hold off my load from your pretty face." He was beginning to buck at me. I was taking as much as I could in my mouth, wanting it more, wanting it in my pussy! I looked up at him, he knew what I was thinking.

"Suck my cock, because later, I'm going to shove it deep in your ass and pussy!"

I pulled away to answer him and he pushed me back onto him, moaning louder than before. "Suck me my slutty little slave."

I licked him all over, taking his balls in my mouth and suckling at them, tantalizing his huge swollen head, quickening my pace as I lapped at his rod. He bucked up to me, grabbing my head and forcing me onto his rock hard head, moaning and grunting as my lips and mouth worked the top of his shaft, allowing my hands to work the bottom.

"Good GOD BABY, you give a wonderful blow job! Fuck me with your hot little mouth harder!"

I quickened my pace a bit more, feeling his heat building. I wanted to taste more than just his pre cum, I wanted to drink all of his milky cream from his sweet tasting cock that I was riding with my mouth. Every time I looked up to say something to him, he would shove my face back down onto him, holding me there as I nursed his member.

"Don't make me come. If you do anything wrong Ill take you home and whip your ass like never before."

He groaned as I bottomed out in the back of my throat with his cock, and what wasn't in my mouth was in my hand, working furiously.

"How in the hell do you know how to give such good head! Your mother never fucked me this good with her mouth! Who taught you, I want to know so I can thank him."

I just looked up and smiled, slowly sucking as I pulled back exposing his saliva soaked shaft. He moaned and rammed deep into my mouth.

"FUCK! FUCK! I'm going to get off soon if you keep sliding that hot mouth so tight around me. Your making me crazy bitch!" He fucked my mouth harder, "Yes baby, yes, fuck me with those sexy lips and hot tongue, Take my load, don't miss a drop, milke me dry!"

I was a bit shocked at his change of mind, but was willing to take it all. I started working harder for my prize then. Pursing my lips harder, grinding my teeth into him just a little bit to make him react differently.

"Oh FUCK BABY. You Bitch, fuck me. Fucking motherfucker! UAAAH!" He reached down and grabbed my tit, pinching me hard. I flinched and whined, put pushed into his hand to do it again. I liked the way it felt. He pulled my head away from his manhood. It glistened with my silivia and stood straight out like a sword.


I looked at him disappointed.

"We'll finish this at home my pet. I want you to come for me. I want to play with those tits and fuck them. Now, put my cock back in my pants, get your ass off the floor, fix your dress and wipe that shit off your face!"

"Yes Master." I quickly did as I was told and waited his directions. He got up and took my tits from my dress, fondling and pinching them at his will. I moaned. He looked at me, slapping and pinching my nipples.

"Don't come bitch, don't' come. I see how slutty you look when your nipples are pinched, I know what runs though your body." he hiked my dress up to expose my panties and felt of me, "You already came and didn't tell Master. You naughty bitch you. Now you will have to suffer for your disobedience."

I went to adjust my skirt and he slapped my hands. "NO. You will walk out of here just like you are."

"But everyone will see my panties, ass and pussy."

"Do what your master says!" he smiled, thinking about how everyone would see my ass and g-string. I was scared now, and totally embarrassed. "walk in front of me, I want to see that sweet succulent ass swinging in the air."

I did as I was told and he followed behind me. He pushed me ahead of him, pacing me enough so that I wouldn't miss a step, my ass jiggling as I walked. I heard him comment about something but didn't understand.

He stopped me as we walked around my side of the truck. Before he helped me in he bent to my ear, grabbing my tit in one hand, ass in the other and pushing up into my almost exposed front of pussy lips with his still hard member.

"When we get home, I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

I was scared and excited all in the same breath. He helped me into the truck and went to get in himself. He pulled me to him and kissed me, his demeanor changing.

I looked at him, concern in my eyes.

"What is it baby girl?"

"Daddy. I need to tell you something. Something very important."

"Tell me, you know you can tell me anything."

I hesitated, "It's kinda hard to talk about. it's a little embarrassing."

"Just say it; once you say it, it's not so bad."

I cleared my throat and looked dead at him, "I've never been with a man. You would be my first."

"What? You've got to be kidding me. A hot little bitch like you still a virgin?"

I shook my head, he didn't believe me.

"Never had another dick in your pussy."

"No, just toys, your pool stick, and some other 'odd things'" I blushed.

"No wonder I kept smelling pussy when I was playing pool. FUCK! damn that's hot knowing you fucked yourself with my pool cue."

"Well I needed something and it was there and..."

"Don't worry, fuck, Maybe I should us it on you."

"It's not thick enough. I don't like it much."


"I like long thick things. Like my dildo. And your cock! GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK!" I licked my lips.

"Down baby, down! you'll have my cock in you soon enough." he shoved his fingers in my panties and diddled me, "Yes bitch, you'll feel my cock soon enough that sweet little virgin cunt of yours.!" he was thinking about something, I could see it in his face. "Not only do I get a new slave, but a virgin slave. This is a dream come true. I never thought I would have a virgin pussy at my age. I can't wait to shove my rock hard dick in you now."

"You're not that old daddy. And you are sexy and hot to me, and your cock, god that sweet hot cock! I wish it was in my pussy now."

He pulled the truck off the road to a deserted spot in the woods. He grabbed my tit and started playing with them, turning me on so much. I was moaning and guiding him, he pushed my hand away and then move over to me. Thank god for bench seats! He started kissing my neck and over to my lips, making me moan louder. He pushed me back, bringing my leg up onto the seat, exposing my sodden pussy. Daddy put his hand down on me and ripped off my g-string, shoving two fingers inside of me.

"FUCK YOUR WET!" He whispered as he licked my ear.

"OH daddy, FUCK me fuck me now, I can't wait anymore!"

"No, not yet, not yet my pet." he pumped me with his fingers and his mouth found my nipple, I screamed out. I think he liked it when I screamed. He pushed harder into my tit with his mouth, nipping, I was so turned on.

"Fuck me daddy fuck me!"

He maneuvered me around in the truck seat so that I was on my knees facing the passenger door. Daddy pushed my dress up my hips exposing my pussy fully to him. I looked back and saw his cock released from his pants. He was rubbing it hard and he shoved a fist up inside my pussy. At first it hurt, but after a bit, it felt so good. I moaned and felt the orgasms build.

"Daddy, I'm going to come, fuck yes I'm going to come."

"NO, hold it, don't you come. I won't put my cock in you if you come before I want you too."

"I don't know if I can hold it daddy. Your fucking me so good like that."

He slowed down his paces and slowly withdrew his fist. I was throbbing so hard I felt like I was going to piss all over.

"Get out of the truck!"


"Get out of the truck."

I struggled off my knees and out the truck door. When he came behind me, he pushed me against the bed of the truck, spreading my legs. My dress was still hiked up over my ass, and my tits were exposed completely now.

"Yes, that's what I wanted to see." he cackled, "Now my baby is getting the idea of her roll. Beg bitch, beg for me to fuck you now."

"Oh god daddy, fuck me, fuck my love hole, I want to feel you deep. Spank my pussy. Fuck me like that with your fist, fuck me good. Fuck your baby girl good!"

This sent him over the top, he wacked my ass so hard, I can't tell you the pleasure it sent though my body. "Please daddy, I need to come, I need to spray all of my come all over you!"

He swatted my ass again and ran his hand up between my pussy lips. Suddenly, it felt as if lighting struck my body. I screamed out as daddy shoved his cock to the hilt, forcing deep inside of my. I was still hanging on to the side of the truck.

"Don't let go my little horny bitch, don't let go of the truck or I'll have to discipline you for your disobedience."

I clung to it tightly as he franticly pumped into me. He reached around and grabbed both of my tits to give him leverage. I felt myself pumping back against him as he slammed harder into me.

"Fuck yea! oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he groaned as he buried deeper into me. I screamed as he tightened his grip on my tits and let loose, sending a stream of my come all over him. He withdrew, slapping my breast again and them my ass.

"Now, let your master have his pleasure bitch. Down on you knees!"

"What, here?"


I got on my knees on the rocky roadbed; tears stung my eyes because the rock hurt. He shoved his cock in my face; it still dripped of my juices. He slapped at my lips,

"Take it, take it all!" I put my lips to him and sucked as he rubbed the bottom of the shaft with his hand, I reached up for it and he slapped me away. I was only allowed the head and a small part of the shaft in my mouth.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as he fucked my mouth.

"OH yes, fuck yes, got that is so good bitch! I'm gonna come, yeah, all over your pretty little face baby. yeah... that's it, yeah. yeah."

His hips paced harder into my face. I felt him swell he was on the verge.

"STOP!" he pulled form my mouth and yanked me from my knees. spinning me back around. He bent me over more than before and poised his 9.5-inch cock for my ass.

"No daddy, no!" I begged. But he was jerking it with his hand. He was mad with sexual lust and want of me. I didn't know what he was doing. He spread my legs and slapped his dick against my pussy and my swelled clit, God it felt beyond words. I wanted him deep in me again but he refused. His thumb fucked my asshole while his dick taunted my pussy. I screamed and came, squirting all over him and my legs too.

"That's it baby, come like that again, like you're pissing on yourself. Reach down here and fuck yourself, touch yourself." I did as I was ordered and he stepped back to watch. I got into my fingering frenzy, begging him to shove his cock inside me.

He slapped my ass hard; it stung so bad, but felt so good.

"Ill fuck you when I'm good and ready." he said shoving his head into the base of my asshole. I felt another bolt of painful pleasure surge my body. I wanted some relief! I was begging.

"Yes. That's my slave beg for what you want. Beg bitch beg!"

I was to the point of tears when I came one last time, begging him to fuck me.

Pain shot through my body when he shoved his cock back inside my spent pussy. I screamed. Good thing we were in the woods.

He pinned me against the truck, shoving me from behind, grabbing and maiming my tits with his hands.

"OH yes daddy, yes, fuck me hurt me, it feels soooo good."

He slammed me harder and harder, groaning. I felt his cock thicken in my pussy at the same time.

"I'm fucking coming my pet, in your hot tight pussy! You better be ready for my load! Your pussy is incredible!"

"God yes daddy come, come deep in me. PLEASE I'm begging you!"

The more I begged the harder he pounded into me. He was close to coming and he told me so, just before his rocks shot off, he pulled at, whipping me to face him and pushed me down on my knees in front of him. He was wanking his rod and slapping my face with it. Streams of hot come splattered my face, shooting into my eyes and mouth, drowning me with thick white cream. I wasn't expecting it and I sure wasn't ready for it. He pushed his pulsing cock into my mouth, "Milk it, and clean me up my slut! Use that beautiful tongue and lips to clean my mess up!"

I did as I was told, and when he felt satisfied with me, he pulled me up from the rocky ground, holding me against the truck. My face was still splattered with his wet come that he did not allow me to wipe away. Its saltiness stung my eyes, and I licked my lips tasting its sweetness. My pussy dripped from my own orgasms that he caused and my knees and legs hurt, and bled from the rocky road he forced me to kneel upon.

After his ejaculation, he was a different man. He tucked his limp 9.inchcock away and helped me into the truck, still not allowing me to wipe the drying cream from my face or chest. He got into the truck himself and adjusted himself in the seat turning to me.

"Baby, you told me earlier you would enjoy the pain and the pleasure. Is this what you had in mind, what you craved? Do you think you can handle this? Crave this? Being your master, I will demand such acts of you. I don't wish to hurt you, but there are some moments when the threshold of pain will be more than you can bare. Are you prepared to be my slave, my sub and take what your master gives you with out question?" he took my hand, softness in his eyes, something I hadn't seen since before dinner, "I will never do anything to hurt you on purpose, but there are times that things get out of hand. I'm sorry about your knees."

"It's alright, it was worth the pain." I whispered. I was still trembling.

We drove home and daddy helped me clean up. He decided we had enough for the night, and he dressed the wounds in my knees and leg, promising me he would be more careful. After all, if I was going to be his sexual slave, he needed to keep me in good health for his pleasing. We discussed how I felt about being called names such as slut, whore, and bitch. I told him it was a big turn on to hear him talk dirty to me.

He fitted me with a chastity belt and made me quit my job so that I was at his service any time of day or night to use and subdue me as he pleased. I was no longer allowed to touch myself with out his permission and it about killed me because I had grown so used to getting myself off and playing with my toys.

I have to say that there are perks to being his slave, his well hung cock and the sexual bliss I earn, not to mention the massive amounts of attention I receive, are well worth the torture.

I have been daddy's love slave for two years now. That first night was only one of many. I am his, and only his and I have been pleased and suffered at my master's hand for love and pleasure.

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