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Daddy's Naughty Girl


This starts off as a typical school day for me, Eliza, as any other day but today, I am feeling a bit naughty and get caught. I should start at the beginning. I am in high school (you know I go to one of those private high schools where we have to wear uniforms) and live with my "daddy" as my mother has passed away. My "daddy" has raised me since I was baby (mother died when I was very young) and I love my "daddy" very much and I know he loves me. I am pretty much your very healthy, active high school girl. I like to be around my friends and go to the mall and just hang out and have spend the nights and all. I have never really needed anything because "daddy" provides everything for me (I guess it's true that little girls can wrap daddies around their little fingers because all I have to do is ask and "daddy" gives me what I want or need).

Well now today, I woke up feeling a bit on the naughty side, although I try to be a good daughter most of the time, my hormones have the best of me and I can't help myself sometimes. So anyway, daddy had already left for work and I was getting ready for school and was thinking "God, how I hate wearing these panties and being confined, wish we lived in a nudists colony or something so I wouldn't be so confined in this uniform and panties and all." So anyway, after putting my hair up in my ponytails and getting dressed, I went out to wait for the bus. The bus can take forever sometimes to get here but I don't mind - gives me a little time to think about the day ahead of me and whether I've got all the things I need for my classes and stuff. Oh the bus has finally gotten here, so I get on the bus and head to my assigned seat. My seatmate is sick today so I have the seat to myself (oh my naughty thoughts keep getting the best of me). So now in my seat, I discretely take of my panties and slip them into my bookbag. And we all know how the bus bounces around and just makes me well, you know, kind of horny (told you my hormones were getting the best of me). So at school finally. Before classes I meet some of the guys and do something really naughty (I do like showing my nice pretty pussy off because it has strawberry blonde, baby fine hair and looks like I shave but I don't), so just to tease the boys, i had to let them know I was going to play show day and let them see my nice pretty pussy but they couldn't touch it. And of course by me showing myself to the boys, I am getting a bit more horny (as I was already horny from the bus ride to school). So I do show the boys and oh you should have seen all those bulges in their pants (wonder why they all skipped breakfast today). So on to breakfast, just catching up with the girlfriends and away to classes.

The first class of the day is very boring - English and the teacher there - well she is as monotoned and boring as they come but oh well, we make it through that (you know these schedules are an hour and a half in a class at a time). Second class, science, not as boring but still lecture time is boring in any class. But oh the teacher for this class, he is so nice looking. I always sit in the front of class so I can watch his beautiful face and his gorgeous green eyes when he is lecturing class. Well today, I was in no mood to really listen to lectures in any class; I had other things on my mind. So, I am sitting there in the front of the class and just casually reach under my skirt and start playing with my clit, teasing and tantilizing myself, fantasizing about Mr. Smith and what that beautiful face and mouth of his would do to me and in the middle of the lecture he just blurts out "God, that pussy looks so good, I just want to fuck you so bad" and was that the end of the class for me -- I got sent to the principal's office (I hated going there as did most every student in the school, he was an old fogey who smelled horrible). So away to the office I went and when he found out what I did, he suspended me for 3 days for disrupting the teaching at the school. (I told you I was in a naughty mood today.)

So being suspended, I had to find a way home (since "daddy" was at work and they had tried to contact him but he had apparently left for a business meeting and couldn't be reached), which I did get a cab to take me home. When I got home, I was going to my room when I saw in daddy's bedroom as I was walking by, my daddy. He was sitting on the bed nude, reading his newspaper and when he heard me, he put the paper down and asked why I was home from school so early. I had to tell him what I had done and give him the note saying I had been suspended for 3 days. Boy was he upset at this. He had warned me about being naughty at school and all but I just couldn't help myself today (I was really horny, damn hormones). So with him upset, I know the only punishment he gives is spankings. He always says it is to teach me a lesson. And you already know I am bare bottomed as it is so now I am in trouble. He tells me I can't get out of my spankings because he is only doing it to make me a better person. So across his knees I have to go for my spankings. He starts whacking my bare bottom and I start to cry and he warns me that if I don't stop crying there will be more and more until I have learned my lesson. Well after several whacks on my bare bottom, the heat is rising among other things (daddy always gets excited when he spanks my bare bottom). Well daddy really loves me and I know this and after he has given me my spankings, he can't help himself so he starts kissing my bottom better and asking if I have learned my lesson. But you know the spankings only heightened my horny state and I think daddy knows this and he asks me if I am going to be a good girl from now on and I promise him I will be - so he wants me to show him how good I will be and I promise to do whatever he asks as I never want to disappoint daddy.

So, he tells me to show him how much I love him by first taking his rising manhood in my mouth and kissing and sucking and licking on it and all the while he is rubbing my bottom and pushing his fingers in my pussy making me hornier. After I've sucked and kissed and licked all over daddy's manhood and given him significant rise, he lays me down on the bed and slowly takes off the school uniform and starts kissing on my breasts and down my belly to my sweet pussy and starts kissing and licking me all up down there (mmmmmm it feels so good when daddy does this to me). He licks me for a long time teasing me and making me juicy. Then when he has me all juiced up he slides back up with his manhood pressing against my juicy pussy and tells me he loves me so much and he would never do anything to hurt his little girl but I needed to learn my lesson today for doing what I did and then he puts his manhood in me and holds me and makes love to me and fucks me for a long time until we both cum together. (Yes, girls you know daughters and daddys have a special relationship when they can be like this - loving and caring and all together forever.)

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