Daddy's (New) Little Girl


Spurred on, I got off the pool table and went to the couch, selecting a soft down pillow which I slipped under her shapely ass. I slipped on top of her again and centered my dick on her wet hole, pushing slowly in as the girl began to tense. Again, it was tight, and I slowed to a stop before pushing as hard as I could. Pop! I was in, balls deep.

Tara whimpered and cringed, but soon I saw a smile emerge.

"Oh Daddy, you are all the way in me. You've made me a woman!"

I began fucking the nubile girl not realizing immediately that I was her first. When that fact dawned on me I began humping the girl with every ounce of power and technique I could muster. I stayed on my elbows, fucking my cock into her syrupy hole while licking her tits.

The excitement of knowing I took her virginity almost made me cum immediately, I had to pull on every bit of power I had to hold off. Her pussy was exquisite, nothing like my wife's. And the way the girl shuddered with nearly every stroke was something I will forever treasure.

I slowed my strokes, passionately kissing the girl and telling her how wonderful she felt. Her pussy grabbed and milked my dick, sending sensations up and down the shaft. She reached her first dick-induced orgasm which sent first chills throughout my body then cum into her cunt.

All of a sudden I must have had a look of shock on my face, but Tara, reading me perfectly, calmly said she was on the pill. Relieved, I kissed her silly.

"We better get up before we stain your pool table, Mr. Smith," said the girl, who carefully lifted herself off the table and took the wet pillow with her. "I guess we better get rid of this evidence, huh?" she said with a laugh. "You know, that was simply incredible."

The girl read me again. I must have had a confused look on my face.

"I trust you so much, and you mean so much to me," said the girl. "I've spent all fall trying to figure out a way for you to be the one to take my virginity, so I came up with this little plan today. Hey, I knew you would be gentle, and I knew you were horny! That's your wife's fault, and my gain."

Looking at the girl like she was from Mars, I stammered something about it being wrong.

"I won't tell if you won't tell, Mr. Smith."

She was so cute when she called my by that fictitious name.

Gazing into her eyes, I figured it was my turn. "Well, Dr. Jones, I think this was a definite ethical violation, and I believe I will have to tell the State Board about this transgression. Unless..."

"Unless what," said the girl in mock horror.

"Unless you get down on your knees right now and suck my cock!"

"Is that all?"

"Nope. Get it hard, then bend over the couch. I think I need to punish you!"

Tara had a huge smile on her face as she reached down and took hold of my dick. She walked me toward the couch then dropped to her knees. "My oh my, Mr. Smith. I will do anything if you don't mention a word of today to anyone."

Smiling back at her, I shook my head.

"Hum, we'll see, Dr. Jones, we'll see."

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