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Daddys One


She tossed and turned then finally gave up, propping the pillows behind her to turn and see that it has been only twenty minutes since Daddy had sent her in to nap. She gets out of bed as quietly as she could, walks over to the door, opens it and peers out to hear her Daddy's firm yet gentle voice on the phone. Her body shook in reaction to his voice, rocking her soul. She sagged against the door, listening as she looked down to see how her breasts were swollen and filled to overflowing with milk. She reaches up with her fingers, and touches her nipple, shivering remembering the feel of her Daddy's lips sucking on her. She encircles her nipple to squeeze it lightly while pulling on it to express more milk. It came out in drops as it coated her fingertips. She removed them slowly, bringing them to her lips slowly, sensually coating her lips with milk. She moans softly, using her tongue to glide over her lips tasting what her body produces.

She did not hear her Daddy end the call. He stood in the hall watching from a doorway as she licked her lips slowly and sensually. He growled as his knees gave out and leaned against the door jam. The picture she made escalated his arousal to a fever pitch burning him up inside. He watched as she moved her fingers to encircle her nipple again to express more milk. He was frozen to the spot watching her. His arousal so fierce it was causing a lite sweat to break out on his skin and his mouth to salivate from his hunger. He growled deeply, moving away from the door, forcing his knees to work as he made his way to her door. She gasped out in surprise when he pushed on the door, opening it wide for his thick body to enter.

She backed away slowly as he reached out, grabbing her arm pulling her back to the bed, pushing her down atop the coverlet and moving back to discard his heavy clothing. She watched in wonder as his cock sprang free of his pants, throbbing and dripping with his need. She licked her lips slowly again to hear a deep feral growl come from her Daddy. His precious princess is so aroused for him, he could not wait to drink from her breasts as he always did. He leaned in on the bed slowly making his way to her, as he licked her nipples clean of the milk.

He moved his mouth to hers, lightly licking her lips as he demanded entrance to her mouth as he laid atop her, rubbing his cock against her skin. He heard her soft cries of pleasure and felt the wetness from her breasts coat his chest. He broke from the kiss, to lean up above her as he grabbed her hair in his fist, pushing her face to his chest to clean the milk. She did so with finesse and slow sensual enjoyment. His cock throbbed painfully, needing to be inside her deeply.

He pulled her away from his chest roughly, throwing her back against the pillows as he growled kissing her neck, moving down to her breasts. She arched up needing his mouth sucking from her. She hurt greatly and he was the only one who could relieve that pain and ache. He loved his lil princess, he showed her in many ways, as he took her nipple into his mouth. He shook from the intensity of his feelings and the sweetness of her milk flowing as he sucked on her deeply. He felt her legs opening wide for his body to get between them and sink into her hot flesh. She used her hands on his ass to help guide and push him into her. She cried out, as he entered her in one long stroke. He growled in his throat, not pulling from her nipple and just sinking into her and staying, not moving as he filled his mind and body with his need for her sweetness. She was breathing hard, as he suckled from her and stayed tightly within not moving. She raised her arms up over his back, scratching as she did to hold on to him tightly. He started moving slowly at first, with long slow thrusts, until he lifted from her breast to grasp the other in his mouth, taking what his lil princess gave so freely to him.

He moved in a faster rhythm as she met his strokes and thrusts grinding her hips against him for more. He suckled her deep and hard closing his eyes to the ecstasy that he was engaging in with her. He kept growling deep as his need grew in intensity, closing everything out but that need to cum. She was arching up, pushing her breasts into his face, crying out she was ready to cum for her Daddy. He drew back bellowing as his need spewed from his cock deep into her as she came with him. He dropped on her, breathing her heady scent into his nose as he relaxed and stroked his lil princess. She smiled as her breathe slowed down feeling his touch as she drifted into sleep.

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