tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Panty-Boy

Daddy's Panty-Boy


The first inkling that something interesting was happening between dad and me came about because of my taking up running for exercise. My dad was a big guy, about 6'3 and well over 200 pounds, so I'd always been worried that I'd get a gut like he had. It looked fine on him, with his height it was proportional, but I was just 5'10, I didn't want a belly. One day when I got home from my classes I just started running. That night at dinner my dad asked how I liked it.

"It was okay except my balls went numb." I said.


"Yeah, when I was running. It was a weird sensation."

"What kind of underwear were you wearing?" He asked.

"Just my boxers." I said.

"Well there you go." He said. "You need more support. A jockstrap would be best -briefs at least."

"Tighty-whiteys? I haven't worn those since I was ten years old." I said.

"You want me to get you some? I can pick them up after work tomorrow."

"Sure, thanks." I said. There was nothing unusual about his offer. In the five years since mom left us dad did all the shopping and I did the cooking and cleaning. The apartment wasn't big, so it wasn't too much work or anything.

The next day I asked about the briefs but he said he'd forgotten. The day after too. On the third day he forgot I was kind of annoyed. "Every time I run my balls go numb. I could be doing serious damage to myself."

"Sorry kiddo, just slipped my mind." He said. "I don't have anything that would fit you, but I think your mom might've left some stuff that would."

"What, like panties?"

"Yeah, she left some clothes and stuff. I just stuck it in a box. It's not like its lingerie or anything. Come on." I followed him to his bedroom and he pulled a box down from the top shelf of his closet. He opened it up and dug around for a minute then pulled out a stack of panties.

"I don't know about this." I said.

"Don't be such a baby." He said, holding up some lacy black ones. "Here these should fit you. Try them on."

"This is weird." I said.

"It's better than doing damage to the family jewels. Just try them on and see how they fit." He tossed them to me and I stood there awkwardly holding them. I figured he was right and it might look strange if I refused. I didn't want to protest too much.

I took the panties to the bathroom and shut the door, with dad standing just outside. I took off my pants and boxers and slipped on my mom's panties. They were French-cut and showed off a lot of my ass. I was standing in front of the full length mirror on the back door, and I began to get hard. I was adjusting myself when my dad asked how they fit. "I guess they fit pretty good." I said.

"They're not too tight?" He asked as he opened the door and walked in.


He laughed. "Nothing I haven't seen before." He said. "Can you move around in them?"

"Yeah I think so." I said.

"Do some jumping jacks or something. Test them out."

I looked at the floor, afraid that if I made eye contact my dick would get even harder than it already was, and did a few jumping jacks. "Yeah, they're fine." I said.

"Do they ride up too high in the back?" He asked. "Turn around." I turned. "They look kind of cute on you." He said. The next thing I knew he gave my ass a hard slap. His rough fingers lingered for a second and a wave of electric tingles went through my dick and balls. He laughed and left me there.

The next day he still hadn't gotten me the briefs, and he said I could just use another pair of panties. The day after that I found the stack of my mom's panties in my underwear drawer. I stopped asking about the briefs.

Soon after that the physical contact between us increased. It seemed like he was always giving my playful little shoves, or messing up my hair. I would get turned on when he touched me, but he pretended not to notice.

Then something odd happened. I noticed that some of my boxers were missing. Up until then I had only been wearing the panties to run, but now I didn't have enough boxers to make it through a week, so I started wearing the panties to my classes. I liked having a secret and feeling the lace against my ass during the day. The next time I did laundry I found that I was down to two pair of boxer shorts. That was when I knew for sure that my dad was behind it. He'd been throwing away my boxers so I'd be forced to wear the panties.

I thought he might've just figured out that I liked guys and this was his fucked up way of letting me know it was okay. But the next time I did laundry I found a pair of my panties in his hamper, and they were stiff with dried cum. He was jacking off into my panties! I kneeled down right there in the laundry room and imagined him doing it in front of me. I imagined taking his cock in my mouth and fondling his balls. I undid my pants and only had to give myself a few strokes before I came in thick spurts all over the linoleum.

That night I made dad's favorite dinner, pork chops with apple sauce. I had on my mom's chocolate colored lace panties under my jeans and I was feeling very sexy. Dad cracked open a beer and started in on his meal. I always loved to watch him eat. "I've been meaning to talk to you about something dad." I said.


"I've been thinking it might be time for me to move out -get my own place."

My dad stopped eating and looked at me. "Why?" He asked. He looked worried.

"I'm nineteen now dad, I can't stay at home forever. Besides, how will you ever find a new wife with me around?"

"What makes you think I want a wife?" He asked. He shook his head, looking for the right words. "I've been married twice and lemme tell you, you're the best wife I ever had." My heart raced and I could feel my face turn red. "I mean the way you cook and keep house around here... You take much better care of me than your mother ever did."

I bit my bottom lip and gave him a sad look. "I like taking care of you dad, but..."

"But what?"

"There's certain things I need that I just can't get here."

"Listen," he said, "you can't shock me, okay? Just be specific and maybe we can work it out. Tell me what you need."

"I need a man." I blurted.

He nodded slowly. "I thought it might be something like that." He said.

"Of all the stuff I've done with my girlfriends over the years, none of it makes me feel half as turned on as wearing panties."

"Son, it wouldn't bother me if you brought a boy home with you." He said.

"I don't want a boy." I said. "I need a man. I need a full grown man with hair on his chest, I want to find someone who will know how to treat me. You were right when you called me a wife before. I am a wife, and yet not fully. I get all the hard work of being a wife and none of the pleasure."

"I never knew you felt this way." He said.

"I do."

"Don't you see that I need you here?"

"I like hearing you say that." I said.

He nodded again. "I really wasn't ready for this tonight. Can we continue this discussion tomorrow? I've been planning a special evening for us, but I wasn't sure the time was right. I'll take you out to dinner tomorrow, and after that you can decide if you want to stay or not."

"Okay." I said. "Eat your pork chops, they're getting cold." I knew my manipulation had worked, and all I really wanted to do was jump his bones, but I played it cool.

After dinner we watched some TV together, and then I got up to do the dishes. He came into the kitchen and told me he was going to bed. I said good night and then he came over to me at the sink and gave me a hug from behind. He squeezed me tight and his lips brushed against the top of my ear. I gripped the edge of the sink for support and trembled as he left.

The next day he called me from work and told me to wear something nice that night, because we were going out. I decided to wear my mom's red thong under my good slacks. He came home and showered while I waited nervously in the living room. My dick would not go soft, and I kept thinking about what he'd said: He'd been planning a special night. When he was ready I asked where we were going. "Salvatore's." He said. "I made reservations. After dinner we're going to do a little shopping."

"That sounds nice." I said.

He gave me a little squeeze around the waist. "Anything for my boy." He said. He was wearing cologne.

Salvatore's was a date place and the hostess raised an eyebrow at us, but then sat us in an out of the way booth. It was fancy; there were candles on the tables. Dad ordered wine. "I suppose you're wondering why I brought you here." He said.

"No, I'm just enjoying it." I said.

"I want to thank you for being so frank with me last night. It was good to finally hear the truth."

"I figured you already knew I liked guys when you gave me all of mom's panties to wear."

"Can I tell you something shocking?"

"Oh yes, please."

He leaned over and whispered, "I always hoped you were gay."

I giggled. "Really?"

"Since your mother left I've been fighting a losing battle with my urges. You see I've been slowly turning you into the perfect wife. I felt bad about it because I thought I was doing it against your will. Last night I realized you were a few steps ahead of me the whole time."

He stopped talking when the waiter brought our food. Neither one of us picked up our forks, we were looking right at each other. "You're free to leave me and go find a man if you choose, but I hope you'll stay. I think we can make each other very happy."

"You're wrong." I said. "I'm not free to leave, I don't want to be free to leave. I belong to you daddy. I'm yours, you created me, and I want to be your possession."

He reached around my waist and pulled me up against the side of his body. He leaned over and I let my head fall back. He pressed his lips to mine and I opened my mouth and felt his tongue enter. My whole body was weak against his mouth and arms, holding me close.

When the kiss was over everyone in the restaurant was staring. "Oh mind your own fucking business." My father said loudly. I laughed and we ate our dinners defiantly slowly, my daddy had his hand up and down my leg the whole time.

After dinner I couldn't wait to get home, but daddy said we had to stop somewhere first. We parked in the fancy shopping district and I followed him up the street, into Victoria's Secret. A saleswoman came up to us and asked my dad if he was shopping for his wife. "No it's for my son." He said with a smile. The saleswoman frowned at me and I felt my face go beet-red. "For my son's girlfriend." He said. "I'm just here for moral support."

She told us to feel free to look around and find her if we had any questions, and then she left us. "You can pick out anything you want." My dad whispered to me.

"Yeah but they're really for you." I said. "You should pick out what you want to see me in."

He glanced over his shoulder to make sure we were alone, and then let his hand slide down the back of my pants. He pulled me close and squeezed my ass playfully. "Baby, you have such a sweet little ass, hmm! I feel like a kid in a candy store." He said.

He picked out three pair of panties: Red skimpy, pink frilly, and purple French-cut lace. He paid for them and let me carry the bag. It was all I could do to keep from skipping back to the car.

When we finally got home I could barely contain myself. As soon as the door shut I was crawling up on him panting like a bitch in heat. He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and pulled me away. "Wait." He said. "Go put on your new purple panties and meet me in the living room."

"Yes daddy." I said. I ran to my room and ripped off my clothes. I put on the purple lace panties and looked at myself in the mirror. I was ready for my first man. I was ready for my daddy.

I stood in the doorway to the living room and looked at him. He had taken off all his clothes except his boxer shorts, which were tented out in front with his massive erection. His hairy chest and belly sent my cock throbbing in my new panties. "Come in here." He said. "Let me see you."

I walked sexy-slow toward him, looking him in the eye. "Were you really thinking about moving out?" He asked.

"No, I just said that so you would hurry up and start fucking me."

"I need to fuck you." He reached out and put his hand on the side of my face. "I can't help it."

"I need it too." I said. I put my hands on his hairy chest and moved my body up against his. His hand went to my mouth and he pulled my lower lip down with his fingers. He stuck two fingers in my mouth and I started sucking them. He pulled them out and ran his hand down my back and into the back of my panties. As his fingers, wet with my saliva, found their way up the crack of my ass to my asshole, his lips pressed against mine. The tip of his wet middle finger pressed into my ready ass, and his other arm held me tight against him. I bit his bottom lip and pushed against his finger plunging it deeper. I rocked my ass back and forth against his hand and he pushed his finger all the way in.

"You're so tight." He said. "Are you sure you can handle me?"

"Oh yes daddy, yes." I said. I put my hand against the front of his boxers and felt his hard cock through the fabric. It was long and thick and the head felt fat and round. When I felt the little wet spot I whimpered and fucked his finger harder. He mercilessly withdrew his hand and pushed me back. He stripped off his shorts and sat down on his easy chair. His veiny, strong cock arched up from a bountiful bush of black pubes. His cockhead was the most beautiful shade of purple I've ever seen.

"Come here." He said patting his knee. "Come sit on your daddy's lap." I ran over and straddled his legs, facing him, with his powerful cock between us. He put his hand on my shoulder and ran his other hand down the front of my chest. He peeled my panties down, freeing my hard-on. He grabbed his cock and my cock and pressed them together, slowly stroking both of them. "You like your new daddy?" He asked.

"Oh yes." I said. "I'll be better than any wife, I promise. I'll do anything you want daddy, just name it."

"I've never been with a woman who really liked to suck my dick." He said. "That would make daddy very, very happy."

I dropped down to the floor and opened his legs. His massive balls hung down, and up close his cock looked like a throbbing tower of muscle and veins. It was commanding me to suck it, but I didn't know where to start. I grasped it with both hands and put the sticky tip between my lips. I licked it and ran my tongue down the underside of the head, and then took the whole head into my wet mouth. I realized right then that I actually had my daddy's hard cock in my mouth. I inhaled as much as my throat would allow, and then stroked his enormous wet dick, fast and hard.

I smacked my face with his cock and felt it strain, getting harder in my hands. I took it all in and fucked my face with his fat tool. I stroked and sucked until he grabbed onto my hair and pulled me back. "Slow down." He said. "I want to make this last."

"But I wanna eat your cum daddy!" I whined.

"No, daddy's cum isn't going in your mouth tonight. It's gonna go somewhere else." He said.

"Oh Daddy!" I cried. I stroked his cock slowly, licking all the way around the head while I looked up at him, smiling. He looked sly and a little evil. His hairy belly was going up and down and he had his meaty hand on my head. I went back to shoving his cock down my throat.

I was just starting to focus on his balls when he ordered me to stop. "There's a tube of KY jelly in the cabinet in my bathroom. Go get it."

I jumped up and ran to his bathroom and when I came back with the tube he told me to stop in the hall. From his chair he told me to crawl in. I put the tube between my teeth and got down on my hands and knees and I crawled into the living room. My dad had his easy chair kicked back and he was leisurely stroking himself while he watched me.

I wiggled my ass as I crawled, not taking my eye off his beautiful dick. When I got to him he took the tube out of my mouth. "Stand up," he said, "and take those panties off."

I stood up and stripped the panties down, feeling so hot standing naked and hard in front of my daddy. He leaned over and took my hips and pulled me so I was straddling his legs. He smeared some KY up my crack, and took hold of my cock with his other hand, jacking me seductively. His two middle fingers found their way into my asshole and he slammed them in all the way. "Oh fuck, that's nice." I said, grabbing onto the chair's arms for support. I started bouncing up and down on his fingers, as he loosened my virgin sphincter.

He kept finger fucking me while he squirted some lube on his cock. "Rub that in for me baby." He said. I did what he asked, trying not to get too turned on with his fingers up my ass and feeling his slippery hot dick in my hands. "Now it's time." He said.

I bit my bottom lip and scootched up to get my cherry boy-bud in place. I felt so empty when daddy took his fingers out of me, but then I felt the tip of his cock-head probing. I wiggled my ass and pressed down and was surprised to feel the head slide in with little effort. My dad held me in place and stroked my cock for a moment. I pushed down on my daddy's dick, and then the pain started. I clenched and stopped. "Relax baby, relax." He said. I took a deep breath and pushed further down. The pain was truly intense, and I felt like I was being split in two, but I kept impaling myself. I had to please my daddy, I just had to. By the time he was in me to the hilt, tears were streaming down my face. Daddy slowly pulled out a bit and pushed back in. My cock was straining so my good daddy stroked it for me some more.

I lifted myself up dangerously far and pushed back down. I let out a sharp scream and there was no pain. I lifted up and slammed down again, still crying, but now from pleasure and happiness. That was when I really started fucking and grinding on daddy. "OH FUCK!" I shouted. "DO ME DAD! SLAM IT IN ME, I NEED IT! OH FUCK ME PLAESE!"

"Yeah baby, that's right." He whispered. "You belong to daddy now, don't you boy?"

"Oh yes daddy, yes -I'm all yours!" His meat was throbbing in me and daddy rocked forward as he spurted hot cum up into my bowels. He gushed and gushed into me, and I started bucking as cum spurted out of my cock too. He leaned forward further and aimed my jizz spurts at his open mouth. I hit his face and mouth and he licked it all up with a big smile.

I fell forward onto his hairy belly laughing and crying and feeling full and free. "So what do you say?" He asked. "Are you ready to be my wife now? I might just want to fuck you like that all the time you know."

"Is that a promise?" I asked.

He laughed. "This is just the beginning. There's no going back now."

"I would never want to go back daddy." I said. "You're the only man for me."

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