tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Poker Chip

Daddy's Poker Chip


Even when I was a little girl, poker was always daddy's night. Once a month, dad invited all three of my uncles (only one was his actual brother) to play a friendly game. Only things didn't always turn out so friendly. Daddy loved to gamble and never seemed to learn from losing. Before he got married, Daddy could sink a few thousand dollars into garbage hands trying to win his money back. Once, he lost our car...

Mom put a stop to that when she was alive. All his friends knew Dad could only pony up $50 every month, and no one ever pressed him any further. My dad said he would risk anything except his marriage. Everyone says I look like her, even now that she's been gone nearly a decade. I can see it in pictures more than my memory. I've inherited her dark blonde hair, slender if not petite frame, and beautiful blue eyes. A few generations ago, people might have wondered if I was the milkman's daughter. My father had a stocky build, dark-haired with a little grey, without gaining much extra weight, even after the car accident.

My Daddy and I had always been close after that. I never had any brothers or sisters, and he never had another priority in his life. In many ways, we were used to being each other's primary companions. Even as I grew up, we spent nights cuddling up to a tv show or going out to the movies. Going to an all-girl school, I never really had another man in my life and he never had a woman. I couldn't imagine leaving my father all alone when I grew up, so I went to the local university and lived at home.

Before I went to college, Dad kept to his old promise, never gambling more than once a month and never putting down more than $50. My grades were always good, so I got a full ride scholarship. I guess that gave him an excuse. I noticed my father's increased gambling after a few months. Of course, at first he started taking home money. I guess gamblers always have to win sometimes. He was on a streak when he opened up for monthly poker game to no limit hold 'em, and for a while he raked it in.

Then his luck changed. Daddy always talked about the wins, never the losses. So I never knew exactly how much money, only that he owed even my uncles. Like I said, only Uncle Drew was actually Dad's brother. He married Aunt Linda, had three boys, and rarely got out of the house. Drew looked younger than my daddy; he didn't have the grey in his hair, maybe because he's had the same dirty blonde color as me. While my father was shorter and stocky, Uncle Drew stood tall and lanky. He also arrived first to help set up.

"How's my favorite niece?" Drew asked around two cases of Corona.

"Your only niece," I called from the couch.

"I knew there was a reason you got to be the favorite."

Daddy started putting beer in the refrigerator, giving Uncle Drew the chance to come up behind me and yank playfully on both pigtails.


"Couldn't help myself," Uncle Drew smirked.

"I see where your boys get it from, just don't go teaching them that if you want me to babysit ever again."

He raised his hands in front of his chest to give a "who me?" gesture then helped my father lay out the snacks and poker chips. When I was around the house, I usually wore my hair in pigtails instead of a ponytail. I like the way my hair parts just over my right eye. It makes me look very young. Though at 18, it's not like I have much to worry about. Originally, I planned to go out with friends this poker night, but everything fell through this evening. I figured I'd just lay low, watch some TV, and call it an early night.

Uncle Terry and Uncle Jeff arrived together. They both worked with Daddy at the police station. If I ever needed to scare a boy, Uncle Terry would be perfect. A big black man, if you didn't know what a teddy bear he really was, he tended to look mean. He towered over the other men and looked downright frightening in his uniform. Terry kept his head shaved, and his muscles always seemed flexed with popping veins. He probably could've picked me up and bench pressed my body without breaking a sweat.

Standing next to him, Uncle Jeff looked like he'd been cast in a buddy cop movie with Terry. They both wore their uniforms, but Jeff only came up to Terry's massive shoulders. He had bright red hair, though it was noticeably thinning, and freckles all over. I never noticed his body like Terry's, but he probably had a few more pounds than he'd like to admit. He had grown a goatee in the past few years, which I found less than flattering, maybe it was to disguise his hairline. I said hello and everyone checked in on my first semester at college. It was almost 10 o'clock before everyone gathered around the table.

After about an hour, I changed into my pajamas. Really, I wore next to nothing. Just a pair of tight fitting yoga pants and a white low-cut T-shirt. My tits weren't huge; they were small enough for me to be self-conscious about, even though I wore a B cup. Whenever I showered with other girls, it always seemed like I had the smallest boobies in the room.

I guess the only advantage was that I never really needed a bra. Still in that close fitting shirt, the men could make out most of me if I bounced or moved too quickly. I didn't intend to be up too long though, I wanted to go run in the morning. Besides, it was only family, all of these men knew me since grade school. Even though I had started to consider the attractive qualities of my uncles and father, it never occurred to me they might do the same now that my body had finished developing. Having been to a all-girls Catholic high school, there's a lot about boys I still don't understand.

After my show ended, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I came back to the table, I saw that same expression pasted all over my father's face. As I leaned over his shoulder to give Daddy a good night kiss, I also noticed the dwindling pile of chips in front of his cards.

"Maybe you should let her play for you, Chuck," Uncle Drew said.

Everyone else laughed.

"Couldn't do any worse," Jeff piled on, smiling behind his red beard.

Daddy didn't seem to be laughing. I put my hand on his broad shoulder.

"Can I get you a beer or something, Daddy?"

"Sure, baby girl," he said, still staring at his cards.

I almost skipped to the kitchen. There was something about being around my uncles that caused me to revert to a younger version of myself. I grabbed the cold beer and leaned over as I gave it to Daddy, suddenly seeing Drew's eyes open wide. I only noticed when Uncle Terry seemed to find something interesting on the floor I looked down and realized the low cut in my shirt gave the whole table a great view of my titties. I blushed as I quickly pushed my shirt against my chest, thinking they must've seen everything but my nipples.

"Night, everyone..." I stammered.

"It's a Friday..." said Uncle Drew. "Why don't you stay a while? Your other uncles hardly ever get to see you and your growing up so fast."

"Come on," said Uncle Jeff. "I'll even stake you for a couple hands."

I played for a couple hands. Even won once on two pair, nines and threes. When I reached for the pot, I got a little careless leaning over and again could feel the eyes on me, even from my father. I kind of liked the attention now, since no one made a big deal of it. After 15 minutes, I had more chips in front of me than Daddy. A few hands later, Daddy busted.

"It's okay, Daddy," I said stroking his arm. "You have my chips, I'm up too late already."

"Sorry, honey, that's not how it works," Jeff answered. "I gave that money for you to play. Not so Charles can owe me more money."

My Daddy frowned.

"Well I'm out early then," he said.

"Maybe we can work something out," said my Uncle Drew. "Hell all our kids are growing up so fast. I miss seeing Katie in her uniform ready for school. Tell you what, Chuck, it's worth a handful of chips to take a stroll down memory lane. That is, if it's okay with Katie. I don't know how often her other uncles saw that outfit or if she knows what it does to guys."

"I don't know.." My father said warily.

"Oh, come on," said Jeff. "It's nothing we haven't seen before."

Only Terry kept tightlipped. It didn't really bother me any. Years ago I had gotten used to the plaid skirt, chest hugging white blouse, and itchy knee-high stockings. I consider the outfit more embarrassing than sexy, though I was vaguely aware of the fetish. I agreed and ran to my room to change.

I came back hearing a few whistles as I made my way towards the table. I had put on a matching pink bra and underwear set to maintain any sort of modesty. I sat down blushing again, but glad to see a small pile of chips in front of my Daddy.

"Wow..." Jeff said. "You look better than ever."

The rest of the guys took turns complimenting me, even Daddy told me what a beautiful young woman I'd become. But Terry stayed silent. Finally I asked him.

"What about you, Uncle Terry?" I asked. "Do you not like the outfit? I never did."

Terry looked down sheepishly.

"Honestly, darling," the big black man started. "Well there ain't a proper way to say it, so I guess I'll just spit it out. I think you look sexy as hell."

Everyone laughed at this, and even Terry seemed to relax a little bit.

"I hope I haven't offended you," Terry said. "You know my daughters are only a little bit younger than you. I don't want any of my friends looking at them this way. Makes me feel guilty just thinking some of these things."

"Thinking what kind of things, Uncle Terry?" I teased.

"I think you know," and Terry went silent for a second. "And I want to say I'm sorry to both of you." He gestured towards my dad.

"You have anything to be sorry for," Daddy answered. "Hell I've noticed her too, just cause I'm her Dad don't make me blind."

Everyone laughed again, even me. It felt good to finally be considered a woman by the men in my life, even if they were all 20 or 30 years older than me.

"Well... just keeping things in your imagination," Daddy said.

"Sure... look but don't touch." Jeff said.

"Exactly," said Daddy.

If anything, I was more covered up than before. My skirt seemed shorter than I remembered, and my breasts seemed ready at any moment to pop out of my blouse, but I no longer worried about flashing everyone whenever I collected my chips. The men didn't seem to fold as easy either, and I lost more chips than I did at first. Daddy also quickly lost, going all in on a busted flush. Jeff beat him with a pair of queens.

"Sorry, Charlie, I guess you're watching Katie," said Uncle Jeff. "Maybe you can help her. Katie just listen to whatever he says and bet the opposite."

"Now, now," said Uncle Drew. "Maybe there's no need to make Chuck wander alone in his own house. How serious were you about that no touching rule?"

"What do you mean?" Daddy's voice very deep and serious.

"Oh not what you're thinking," Drew said. "I just remember when this little girl used to sit on her uncle's lap. How about she gives you her chips and sits on the lap of whoever won the last hand until you're out again."

"I don't know about that..." said Daddy.

"Hell you might win this time," said Jeff, perking up.

"I don't mind guys, not that anyone asked me," I said as I made my way to sit side straddled on my Daddy's lap. "I've sat on your lap before, and it didn't mean anything. Who cares if my uncles feel a little funny about it? Let them have their fun."

"Okay... But only if you're sure."

"I'm sure, but I get to sit on daddy's lap first, agreed?"

Everyone nodded. I wrapped my arms around that his neck and crossed one leg over the other. Again I felt the heat of every eye on me, but that wasn't all. I moved to turn around and lean my back against his chest. As I positioned myself better, moving my butt back and forth to find the perfect spot on Daddy's lap, I felt something poke up against my bottom. I smiled a little in spite of myself: here I was in front of all his friends and.. I was making my daddy hard.

It didn't bother me either. I assumed it was my fault for moving my ass too much on his lap. So I sat quietly not acknowledging the erection poking up in between my cheeks, knowing that only my thin panties and his shorts were between my bottom and my father's penis. He moved a couple of times, wrapping both hands around my tiny waist. For a few seconds it felt like Daddy was purposely rubbing himself against me.

Then he stopped as the cards were dealt. Uncle Terry won the next hand, and I flattened down my skirt as I rose up from my father's hard cock. I sat down quickly on Terry, first wrapping my arms around his neck as I kissed him on the cheek. He adjusted himself uncomfortably several times during the next hand and seemed relieved when Uncle Drew won the next hand. He never got hard.

Neither did Uncle Drew. Instead, he rested his hands against my skirt, barely looking at his cards. He won the next hand, and moved his hand down to my knee, slowly creeping up my thigh until he reached the bottom of my panties. He was not quite, but very nearly, cupping the right side of my butt as he played. Some part of me knew it was wrong, Drew was actually my uncle. But I felt a stirring in between my legs regardless. I wondered how far I would let him go, and then found that pointless as my father busted again.

I stood up and started to make my goodbyes.

"Hey, wait a minute!" said Jeff. "She never sat on my lap!"

"Win more hands," said Daddy.

"You should talk."

"Well... maybe this is too far..." suggested Drew.

"What?" asked Daddy, perking up.

"No it's too much," Drew dismissed him.

"You have to tell me now," Daddy said.

"Say we see what's underneath that uniform, and we forget your losses for the night."

"No way..." Daddy said.

"And of course let you back in," Drew said.

"I have underwear on Daddy," I said. "It's nothing more than they'd see at the beach."

Before anyone could stop me, I put my blouse over my head and pushed my skirt down, stepping out of it. I put my hands on my hips and displayed myself proudly, pushing out my chest to make my breasts seem even a larger. I never needed my bra to push up my tits, if anything I felt like it made them look smaller. Still everyone could see the crescent shape of my cleavage against the pink fabric.

"Turn around!" Jeff exclaimed.

I put a finger coyly on my lip and then twirled around. I wasn't wearing a thong, I never found them comfortable. But still I knew they could see the sides of my ass, especially as the material started to ride up to resemble something skimpier. I turned around again and heard the applause from everyone except Daddy.

"I think that's enough; you better had the bed honey," Daddy said quietly.

"Aww... but we are having so much fun, Daddy," I whined.

"Yeah, Daddy... come on.." Uncle Jeff mocked.

"I'm serious," said Daddy.

"But Daddy, I'm enjoying myself!" I said, feeling like I could throw a tantrum.

"Take a look, Chuck," Uncle Drew said, pointing at my panties. "Clearly, Katie is enjoying herself a lot."

I looked down and saw what he meant. My pink panties were almost dripping wet from my pussy. I let out a little cry and covered the spot with my hands. But that wasn't enough, I needed to turn around. I started to sob quietly and felt both my dad and uncle put their arms around me.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I think everyone of us in here has been a little aroused because of you. Even your daddy. Please don't cry; we can call it a night," Uncle Drew started.

"Let's just go to bed," Daddy said.

"No..." I started, pulling myself together. "I really don't want to stop. This is too much fun, and I don't know if that's wrong, but I want to keep playing."

We made our way back to the table, with me drying my eyes and getting back into the spirit. They played a few hands, and everyone kept checking in on me, making sure I was okay. I stayed in my own chair, not wanting to show how aroused I still felt. After a few hands, my panties just felt too uncomfortable to keep wearing.

"Okay," I said after the next hand. "I know I said I'd wear just these, but you all know I'm dripping wet. I feel like a little girl who has peed her panties. I'm gonna take them off."

"Hell yeah!" Jeff said.

"I'm putting my skirt back on, Uncle Jeff. Don't get too horny."

Everyone laughed again; the fun had resumed.

"Okay everyone look away. Unless your Daddy, you haven't seen this before."

I stood with my back facing them next to where I had dropped my skirt when stripping earlier. Without looking behind me, I took a deep breath and slid my panties off. I took my time, hoping someone decided to peek. Bending over slowly, I strained my skirt with my tight little bubble butt on full display. After what seemed like forever, I pulled up my skirt and sat back down, resting my head against my Daddy's shoulder in only a bra, my plaid skirt, and stockings, knowing now that if I spread my legs too far everyone would see my glistening pussy.

"Can I ask everybody something?" I said, finding some confidence. "Who peeked?"

They all looked down, even my father.

"It's okay. I kind of wanted you to."

"Can I ask you something too, that is, if it's okay with your father?" said Uncle Terry.

Daddy nodded.

"What makes you interested in showing off such a fine body for a bunch of old men like us?"

"I don't know," I said honestly. "You all know I went to St. Francis; it's not like I got any attention from boys there."

"Yeah, but college has to be different..."

"Not really. There's so many people, a lot more than high school. Mostly I'm too shy to say anything."

"You don't seem very shy tonight," said Jeff.

"And you don't seem all that polite to a girl you want to keep seeing half-naked," I retorted.

Everyone laughed at Jeff, who turned redder than his hair.

"What about sex?" asked Terry.

"Um... I haven't had it, but I'd like to," I glanced at Daddy, who had suddenly made a choking sound. "I mean, one guy I met at school asked me out and felt me up. But I didn't really know him so it turned me off. Maybe that's why I'm so comfortable now."

"Well there's nothing wrong with waiting until you're ready. And it's best to make sure your first time is with someone you're comfortable with. Don't ever feel any pressure," Terry said.

"I don't... Well... Oh my God, this is embarrassing."

"What?" Four voices asked at once.

"I... I have a toy... And..."

"There's nothing wrong with that, honey," Daddy said.

"That's not it. I don't care that you know I masturbate. I know you masturbate, Daddy."

Daddy blushed, and Jeff started laughing.

"I don't know what you are laughing at, Uncle Jeff. You have never been married so I'm sure you masturbate more than anybody at this table."

Everybody laughed, and then Uncle Drew said I didn't know that much about marriage, causing everyone to laugh harder.

"What is it that you wanted to tell us?" Terry asked.

"Like I said, it's totally embarrassing, and I can't believe I'm saying it out loud, but I've been really curious about sex. I want to know what a penis looks like and feels like... You know what it's like to have something real inside me."

The whole room went silent.

"There'll be plenty of time for that," Terry said, breaking the quiet.

"I know I know, everyone says wait, but it's hard to wait. I'm tired of it."

Again there was silence.

"I'm sorry... Was that too much, Daddy?"

"No.." Daddy said. "We understand."

"Yeah, Katie, I think everyone's felt like that when they were young. I know I did," Jeff said.

"So maybe we talk about the elephant in the room," said Uncle Drew.

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