tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Poker Night Ch. 01

Daddy's Poker Night Ch. 01


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18 year old Serena brushed through the door as quick as she could and raced up the carpeted stairs to her bedroom.

"I can't believe I failed my math test!" she wailed, tossing her book bag into the corner by her bed and closed her door softly. She tossed her pink sweater on the back of her computer chair and took a swan dive for her bed. Kicking off her shoes, she flipped the TV on in hopes to relax a bit before dinner.

She surfed through the channels until she found something to amuse her for a bit. She stretched her legs out on the bed in front of her in hopes to relax after her rather stressful day.

She had known this morning that today wouldn't be a good day. It was pouring rain and she had forgotten to take an umbrella with her. Then she missed the bus. She forgot there was a test today and as if that weren't enough, in gym class her coach had decided it was a good day for running suicides in the gym.

Her eyes glazed over the TV and she stared up at the ceiling for a moment before she bit her lower lip and undid the buttons on her jeans. She slowly slipped a hand inside her panties and began to massage her clit. She closed her eyes and slid a finger into her pussy. She sighed softly, using her thumb on her clit as she probed her pussy.

She brought her hand out slowly and licked her finger off softly before bringing it down to her now soaking wet pussy and slid it inside again. She added another finger this time, and pushed her hips upwards as she dove her fingers in further and further.

She didn't hear the door open and she didn't hear the footsteps approach. Her eyes still closed, envisioning being penetrated by someone new...someone who would control her the way she desired so badly to be.

Suddenly, Serena felt a hand brush softly along her thigh towards her pussy. Her eyes flew open in shock as she looked up to see her dad standing before her. He smiled down at her. Serena looked up at him in compete shock.

"Dad..what are you...?"

He put a finger to his lips: "Shhhh, sweety. I just want to help."

She drew in a deep breath and felt herself growing more and more wet by the second.

"Dad, I don't know about this..." she trailed off as she spotted something growing larger in his pants.

He spotted her peeking and his smile broadened. "It's okay, sweety. It's no fun always doing it yourself. You're just so very sexy...I've wanted to touch you for so long. Now that you're 18...it's alright for us to be together."

Serena bit her lip and contemplated. She was so very wet. And he was strong and handsome....

"What about mom?" she mumbled, still in awe of the growing bulge in front of her.

"I won't tell her if you don't" he massaged her leg gently, moving his hand up towards the open buttons of her jeans.

"Oh..Daddy...I do want you!"

"Of course you do, baby."

He climbed onto the bed and pulled her jeans off from the bottom. Her panties were visibly wet. Pink and lacy...he loved them. He tugged gently on her panties, pulling them off slowly.

So many thoughts were going through Serena's head she couldn't keep up. Somewhere in her psyche she knew this was wrong....but it felt so very very good! She had admired her Daddy from afar since she was little. As she grew up she had developed a silent crush on him. The line had never been crossed before.... Not until now, anyway. And now she wanted that line to be crossed. She wanted to feel his throbbing cock in her hands...in her mouth....deep inside her.

Taking Serena's panties off revealed a cleanly shaven pussy, moist with desire. He tossed her panties aside and spread her legs open. She struggled to pull her t-shirt over her head and tossed it towards the other side of the room. She rubbed her breasts tenderly as her Daddy's head fell between her thighs.

He trailed a finger along the opening of her pussy, teasing her and tracing his finger back and forth. She took a deep breath and continued to massage her breasts.

He slowly stuck a finger in her pussy, leaning his head in further so he could lick at her clit. His fingers probed inside her and his tongue flicked expertly at her clit, making her thighs twitch ever so slightly.

Serena moaned softly, looking down at him. His fingers moved in and out and curling up to tap at her g-spot.

She rushed to place a hand over her mouth to stifle an even louder moan. Just as she felt herself on the brim of orgasm, he pulled his fingers out.

She was in such sweet, sweet lust she pouted up at him as he gave her a wicked grin. He pulled his pants down and slid them off, along with his boxers, revealing a rather large hard cock.

She eagerly rose to her knees so that she may wrap her mouth around his cock. As she slid her mouth downwards, he expertly removed her bra with a flick of his wrist. Her head bobbed up and down along the slick shaft. She looked up at him sweetly as she sucked longingly at his cock.

"That's it, baby girl - suck on your Daddy's cock. Daddy likes to see your eyes when you do that. Yeah...." He trailed off and placed his hands gently on her head.

Serena licked along the shaft and flicked her tongue at the head of his cock before engulfing it once more into her throat.

"You're such a little slut for Daddy, aren't you?" he groaned.

She worked her tongue and lips harder and faster along his cock, all the while looking up at him into his eyes.

He didn't know how many men she had been with, if any and right now he didn't care. Here he was letting his 18 year old daughter suck away at his cock. This was a letter Penthouse would never print.

Serena gladly looked up into his eyes just waiting for him to cum. She wanted to taste every speck of his cum running down her throat.

Today was not the day for that, however. He pushed her away gently and gripped his cock in his hands.

"You're such a good little slut for Daddy, baby girl. Get on your knees and face the wall like a good whore."

She did as she was told as quickly as she could. He moved a hand down to feel just how wet her pussy was. It was engorged and wet, just waiting for him to enter her.

He couldn't wait any longer. He wanted so very badly to bury his cock deep inside her young cunt.

Serena arched her back and lifted her ass higher into the air for her Daddy. She couldn't believe this was happening. It was so wrong...and yet it felt so good!

He gripped his cock and teased her cunt by brushing it around her clit and almost putting it and then pulling away again. She moaned in agony of the wait.

"What do you want, slut?" he rubbed her ass.

"I want you to fuck me, Daddy."

"I don't know....that didn't sound very convincing." he smacked her ass, leaving a red spot.

"Please, Daddy...I want to feel you inside my pussy so badly. Please fuck me, Daddy! Please!" she begged.

He smirked and smacked her ass again.

"Such a good little slut, begging for Daddy's cock."

He rammed his cock into her waiting cunt and began to pound into her.

She stifled a scream into her pillow.

"Oh fuck yeah....oh..." she moaned.

"Does the little slut like that?" he mocked her, fucking her hard.

"Oh god yes, Daddy!"

He reached forward and grabbed a tuft of hair at the base of her neck and pulled her head back slightly.

"You're going to be Daddy's fuck toy from now on. You're going to let Daddy fuck you whenever he wants. Understood?" He pulled her hair back harder and smacked her ass with his other hand.

"Yes, Daddy...I'll be your little slut. I'll be Daddy's fuck toy.:

"Good girl."

He continued to pound into her. She gripped the pillow tightly, taking every inch of her Daddy's cock inside her.

He smacked her ass roughly once more before pulling out of her suddenly and pushing her down and turning her around. He rubbed his cock hard with his fist.

Serena opened her mouth beneath his cock and waited eagerly for his cum. He stroked his cock roughly and inched forward suddenly as the cum spurted from his cock into his daughters mouth.

"That's it, slut. Swallow your Daddy's cum. Swallow all of it."

Serena gladly swallowed her Daddy's cum.

He wiped his cock against her cheek and stood up once more and began to put his boxers back on.

"Daddy has poker night tonight, baby girl. I expect you scantily clad and downstairs by 8 tonight. Winner gets to fuck you."

Serena took a deep breath and smiled up at her Daddy. "Of course, Daddy!" she squealed with excitement.

To be continued...

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That's a win win

The winner and she both win there. Winner just gets to fuck her first, then everyone else. Daddy takes her upstairs and fucks her bareback. After a month of daily bareback fucking she is pregnant, butmore...

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