tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Precious Present to Dani

Daddy's Precious Present to Dani


Dani looked at the gift completely stunned. Immediately she knew why her father told her to open it when she was alone.

She pulled the black lingerie out of the gift box, piece by piece. A soft, flimsy camisole. An incredibly tiny thong. Two black stockings that couldn't be as long as her legs. And a small, lacy black strap a few inches long with a silver clasp -- too big to wrap around a wrist, too small for a thigh. Oh, it was a choker -- for her neck.

The thin, shapely eighteen year old put each piece down on her bed, arranging them in the form they'd take on a woman's body. She wasn't even sure exactly how each one was supposed to fit, at least the camisole and thong took a moment. But there it was . . . material barely large enough to cover even her small, nearly flat-chested body. Although 18, she could have been mistaken for being younger. She always tried to look her age with earrings and makeup, but men saw her thin body and long dark hair and for some reason assumed she wasn't mature.

But there was the lingerie, undeniably a gift for a grown woman.

She heard a bump in the house. Maybe her mother, maybe father, she had no idea. But she felt guilty as all hell. It wasn't fair, she only opened the box, but even possessing sin like this was a violation of some kind. Quickly she balled up the material back into its gift box, and hurriedly shoved it all under her dresser, hiding it from the world.

Leaving the scene of the crime, she went from her room to the basement TV room without catching her parents' eyes. Daddy was in the kitchen; she avoided him the most. She knew it was only his doing, her mother would NEVER permit her to own anything this lacivious. So it was Daddy; but she couldn't dream why he'd gotten it for her. He always treated her like an adult -- taking her to R-rated movies, buying her a thong bikini last year (which her mom quickly returned to the store), even the $200 perfume and oil set for her 18th birthday a few months ago. So the lingerie was just one more gift of a stream of beautiful things for a maturing young lady.

Or was it. She tried to take her mind off of it, turning on a rerun of a teen soap opera she couldn't stand. Didn't matter; her thoughts were swimming. She always had a nagging curiosity if her Daddy looked at her the same way other men did -- sexually. She could recall incidents that put the thought in her mind. An odd kiss on the lips, a couple of weeks ago, as he dropped her off at school. His comment after her mom returned that bikini ("damn shame"). And he was always asking how popular she was at school, saying it made no sense to him that she wasn't the most popular girl of her class because she was so pretty and sexy.

That night Dani skipped eating dinner with her parents, instead choosing to go out for a salad on her own. Calling her girlfriends or current boyfriend didn't seem to help either. The image of that lingerie filled her thoughts until nearly bedtime, when she couldn't resist anymore.

She went online to the website for Victoria's Secret, to see how it was supposed to fit. Surprising herself, she even found the very webpage advertising the cami and thong set. Damn it looked sexy on the model; they even had to airbrush the photo, to hide the woman's nipples and slit that would have so obviously shown through the transparent black fabric. Just looking at the photo made her horny.

That lingerie -- sitting under her dresser. It was calling to her. Seeing the picture of it online only made her want it more. Damn, Dani had to do it. She didn't even bother to log off, she just flicked the computer to "OFF," and making sure the house was silent except for the deep noises of her parents' slumber, she shut her door, turned on her desklamp and retrieved her father's secret gift.

Stripping nude, feeling a slight chill in the air, she quickly stepped into the thong and pulled it up. Fuck, the strap down the back slid right into her asscrack -- it had nowhere else to go, and the thong wouldn't fit any other way. She pulled it up tight, the straps arching high on her thin hips. It was snug, but covered her mound, albeit nothing else. Then she turned the camisole around and around until it seemed properly aligned, and she slipped it over her head and her arms through the straps. Tugging it down too, the black see-through fabric clung to her thin frame. The black stockings and neck choker were less difficult to don.

Fuck, just looking at herself in the mirror was getting herself aroused. Dani stared at how her pinkish nipples and areolae were evident through the fabric; the hairs of her pussy stuck out from the thong, and her slit was a dark line down the middle of the thong's front panel. Then she spun around, and gasped. How two perpendicular straps of a tiny thong can make her ass look so perfect, she'd never before considered it. Plunging down from her hips, the crossing strap secured to the thin strap between her buttcheeks, framing her twin small round fleshy orbs. With the black stockings contrasting to her creamy peach skin, she shook her head in wonder at her own visage.

Inside her thong, her pussy was getting wet. Just movnig around, feeling the tight soft fabric on her skin, was intoxicating. She stretched her legs and bent down, feeling the thong pull against her vagina. It would feel better, she knew, if she shaved her cunt, something her friends in school did but she never had reason to do. Not before, at least. Her nipples grew hard against the tight cami's fabric, creating two poking-forward mounds on her flat chest. She arched her back and turned side to side in her mirror, staring at herself. With the black choker over the see-through camisole, she thought she looked like a hooker.

An expensive one.

Dani's arousal was over the edge now. She pulled down the thong to her knees, laid on her back on her bed, and stuck her fingers between her thighs. Feeling the fabric on her tits was part of the turn-on. Kicking the thong down to her ankles -- not wanting to take it off -- she parted her knees, and placed fingers around her aching clitoris. The inverted V-shaped flesh around her clit was already damn with desire. Dani expertly stuck her fingers against her clit, ground her pelvis around while rubbing it back and forth, and felt her orgasm building steam inside her stomach. She imagined wearing the outfit in front of some hot stud, who'd strip her piece by piece, then fuck her virgin cunt until he cummed deep inside her, whatever that felt like. Wearing the lingerie doubled the effectiveness of her fingers around her clit, and she erupted in an orgasm. Then she went to sleep.

The lingerie became like a friend now, an alter ego, a mask that she hid from everyone. She never breathed a word of it to her father, who equally didn't ask her about it. Instead, it lived below her dresser in its gift box, and every day she conducted an increasingly Pavlovian ceremony of pulling it out, feeling its softness, wearing it, and fucking herself to an orgasm. Usually she'd do it after school, before her mom got home, but sometimes she just couldn't resist an early-morning masterubation session as she got dressed for class. On those days she might even repeat the fun after school or when her parents went to bed. She even started masteurbating THROUGH the thong, rubbing her clit and pussylips until she soaked the fabric with her juices. Only three or four of those instances convinced her to, at least, pull it to the side before she cummed.

Her father probably had no way of knowing it, but the gift of the black lingerie came at a good time in her life. Both home and school were stressful; keeping her grades up, deciding if she wanted to go to the Juco or not next year, doing more and more household chores as her mom became involved not only in work but also grandma's cancer treatments. And her parents, well, they weren't dealing well with each other either, although neither one took it out on Dani. So sex was a great escape, and in addition to looking at porn on the Internet, or cyberfucking some perv online, the camisole and thong were a paradise for a lost young girl.

It was a Friday night, the early summer now representing the end of high school. The evening's dinner conversation was about a jumbled mess -- grandma's terminal disease, Daddy's constent bickering to mom, and Dani's lack of an established future. Fuck all that. Escaping to her room just as her parents were putting away the dishes, so that she could wear the lingerie, seemed in order as always.

She knew she had to go to bed early, because Dad and her were driving to Grandma's house early in the morning. Her mom would be leaving soon tonight, fully expecting it to be the last time mom would see her own mother. Dani was sad, but more for her mom than her grandmother. She wasn't sure why, but a part of her just didn't care. Shutting her door, stripping nude, and slipping on the thong and cami instantly relaxed her. The thong was crusty from dried juices, but that only added to its sensuality.

Dani noticed out the window that her mother's car was pulling down the driveway. Whatever.

Wearing the lingerie in the mirror, admiring her thin body in it, a fleeting thought danced for her entertainment. What if she let Daddy see her in it?

God no, she instantly told herself. He might have bought it for her, but he never once mentioned it. So he'd probably forgotten about it. Even if not, he probably would be so embarrassed, because it made her look naked, totally inappropriate. No, he'd freak.

But staring at it . . . at her body in the mirror, her 34a titties, her small round butt, her long legs stretched in the thigh-high stockings . . . and her mother was gone. Could it really hurt? Sure it could, but . . . there was an aching in her pussy.

Dani compromised. She grabbed a front-button blouse, and closed it up high enough up her chest to hide the fact that she was wearing the camisole. Then she pulled up some tight jeans, hiding her thong. The stockings and choker would have to remain behind. Sneaking silently out of her room for no reason, she went on the hunt for her father. He wasn't on the first or second floor. So he must have been in the basement -- indeed yes, in his little weight room. Dani perched halfway down the steps to the basement and peered into her father's chamber, where he had some free weights and an isobar set up. Daddy was in a sleeveless tank top, with loose jogging shorts. Daddy had broad shoulders, decently outlined muscles on his pecks and back, and powerful legs. His dark brown hair was tinged with gray, framing a strong jawline and deepset dark eyes. She could see the sweat on his skin from his workout.

Daddy laid down on the bench with a barbell resting over him. He prepared for benchpresses, she assumed. As he lay back, his legs split with feet on the floor, Dani could see the shape of the marbles inside his shorts between his thighs. It was a pretty erotic sight, and wearing the lingerie under her clothing, she could feel herself dampen a little. There was a distinct bulge in his shorts, too.

And then . . . amazingly . . . he reached down and RUBBED it. Daddy was massaging his prick as he lay on his back. The brunette teenager's eyes stared at the sight. It wasn't much touching, just brief. A few seconds later his body was reaching for the barbell, then pumping it up and down.

But as soon as he put the barbell back . . . he reached for his cock. Not to scratch, but to rub. Massage. Caress. As his fingers and palm pressed into his shorts, she could see the shape of the log inside growing. Fuck, her father was getting an erection. And from the shape of his shorts, it was no small penis. The daughter gazed in amazement as the apparent size of her father's dick. She could feel herself getting as wet as he was hard.

His movement to sit up startled her. She was still hidden enough that he didn't notice; he stood up and went to change the weights on his barbell. But all she could see was the log in his shorts, jugging up from the bottom and poking stiffly upwards at the ceiling. As he moved around, it shook a little, delighting her.

Then Daddy went into the bathroom.

Dani couldn't stand it. She quickly retreated up to her bedroom, shut the door, and stripped off the blouse and jeans. The concept of her father's erection was vivid now, she could not only picture the outline but also what it must look like. Long, fat, hard. All the images of erections she'd seen online helped paint the picture. And wearing her favorite masteurbation outfit, Dani was already in a state of full arousal even before she laid on her back and spread her legs to touch herself through the see-through thong.

She focused her thoughts on that big cock. And mom's gone. And he's probably naked now, washing off. And she's so wet inside her thong. Fuck, if she just could only . . . well would Daddy really want to see . . .?

Dani jumped up, a bundle of nerves and energy. She slipped on the stockings, stretching the thigh-highs halfway up her creamy white thighs. Then she added the black choker, to complete the image. God, she thought looking again at herself in the full-length mirror, I do look incredible.

A thud came from the hallway outside her closed door; in a panic she stopped breathing. It was Daddy, he was up here. Her ears strained to listen. He was walking from the steps to his bedroom, and she heard that door creak open then shut softly.

Standing nearly naked in her father's gift, Dani's pussy was aching, a deep soreness driving her actions. With a fateful step towards her door, she carefully, stealthily turned the knob, and poked her head out. His door was indeed closed. The bare 18 year old took a step out on her journey, then another, and soon found herself in front of her father' bedroom door. Two soft raps announced her presence.

Of course it could only be her, he knew, so he said "come on in" in a friendly, casual voice.

In about five seconds, she changed her mind about 100 times. Go back, get changed. Open the door. No, don't. No, just show him at least, let him see. There's nothing wrong . . . but yes there is, it's so wrong . . . .

The door opened. Dani looked up, and her father looked down at her. Stared down. Gazed down.

The die was cast. Dani stood upright, her see-thru cami and thong showing her titties and pussy to him, and she said the most remarkable thing under the circumstances. "Hi, Daddy."

Her father stood like a statute. His eyes fell on her chest, she could see him fixated there on her small titties and hard nipples, then he looked at her pelvis, her shaved nude pussy, her long slim legs. No smile, but total interest. His eyes moved from neck to choker down to her ankles, then up, then down, up and down. She stuck her back out slightly, emphasizing her poking nipples and her crotch through the see-through thong, feeling his vision eating her alive. She was so horny, it was entirely welcome. Instinctively, she spun around, to show him the back. More specifically, to show him her almost nude ass, barely covered at all by the thong's strap that completely disappeared down the crevace between her buttocks. Her butt seemed to rise in temperature just from her father staring at it. Then she spun again to face him once more.

Suddenly she felt compelled to explain. "I just -- I wanted to say -- I love it, I never told you," she said, the guise sufficient to cover her true intentions, whatever they might be. "I, um --"

Her father spoke softly, mesmorized by her presence. "It's, uh, a billion times better on you than I'd imagined." Then he needlessly added, "You are stunning, Dani."

Maybe she should have over-analyzed his comment; just why was he imagining it. But her father was checking out her boobs and cuntlips, and she was watching his shorts to see his reaction too. It was not a moment to do any thinking.

He reached out for his daughter's hand, which she let him take. Lightheaded, burning hot, she allowed him to lead her over to the bed, where she sat down on the edge as he continued to gaze at her virtually exposed body. She didn't feel in control but somehow felt responsible for starting this incident, so words forceably came out of her mouth. "I didn't know if you wanted to see me in it," said the teenager meekly.

"Oh yes," her father muttered under his breath, requiring himself to actually look her in the eye as he spoke to her, "yes, I always wondered, if you wanted to show me . . . ." He didn't need to finish the thought.

She could see his lust. All those questions about what he thought about his teenage daughter -- well, there they were, his tongue almost rolling out of his mouth, his eyes fixed again on her tits and pussy. Dani crawled back on her bed, feeling more alive and sexual than at any point in her life. She'd always wondered who would be the first man to put a cock in her cunt, and it never really occurred to her that there was a pretty penis living right here under the same roof that could do the trick. But as she saw the definitely enormous shape growing in his tight shorts, Dani knew what her pussy wanted more than anything else. Not just a man that loved her, not just a hard cock, but both.

Leaning backwards with her hands behind her, Dani pried her thighs apart, seeing her father's gaze lock on her thong. She didn't have to look herself to know he was staring at her cuntlips through the thong. She leaned back more and proudly revealed herself to him, and equally proudly saw the now-throbbing shape inside his shorts. And her sexuality gave her a feeling of power and command she'd never experienced before, not even kissing boyfriends or having cybersex online. "Daddy, what do you think," she purred playfully, spreading incredibly wide for him, showing him her vagina, "don't you like how this looks on me?"

She saw him fumble to formulate words. In stammering gibberish, he agreed it did.

Dani felt the reigns of control squarely in her hands. She rolled onto her knees on his bed, sticking her ass up at him, spreading her knees then. As she looked back, almost laughing, her father was leaning against the edge of the bed, ravishing his daughter's body with his vision. She could feel the naked flesh of her ass, split by the tight thong covering her girlish mound, enrapturing his attention. She giddily wiggled her hips around, letting out a light sigh, and she moaned, "Doesn't this look nice on me Daddy?"

Her studly father was now leaning forward himself, his hands on the bed, only a few feet from his daughter's derrier and pussy. His voice was a little more stable than a few moments ago, but not by much. "You look incredible," he said, then again, "incredible, Dani."

And she watched as his hand reached out . . . and touched the naked flesh of her inner thigh, above her stockings, just below her pussy.

Her skin recoiled in delight, she felt goosebumps, as her father's strong fingers drifted over her soft, velvety skin. She spread her legs more, steadying herself, looking back at her lusty father. His fingers slipped higher now, almost touching her buttocks, and she wanted nothing more than to move her pussy right into his fingers. Inside her thong she could feel her wetness and her aching for love, her clit was vibrating in its own juices, her pussy feeling like the ultimate vacuum in need to deep satisfaction.

God, she said silently as his fingers neared her thong. And then, his finger hooked under the thong, sort of between her anus and pussy. Daddy was pulling the thong to the side. As Dani remained on her fours, looking back at her father over her shoulder, she felt him open up her clothing to reveal her naked virginity, lost only to toys and vegetables in the past.

Then Dani experienced the MOST incredible feeling in the WORLD. Beyond anything her wildest virginal fantasies could have predicated. Lips and tongue on her wet, throbbing clit. Dani's clitoris was sizzling, aching, begging. As soon as Daddy's tongue landed flat square on it the most welcome relief ever washed through her whole body, from her crotch to her arms and legs and chest. The hard tongue thrust forcefully against her throbbing wet clit, instantly drawing juices from her body and making the teenager pushed her ass backwards to grind her clit into her father's mouth. Dani could not supress a shrieking scream of "DADDY!" and her face fell into the bedsheets. She couldn't believe what was happening . . . she was so horny, and it felt so amazing. Dani shoved her ass up higher, giving Daddy more access, and his tongue worked magic over her clit.

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