Daddy's Precious Present to Dani


She wasn't a tenth as anxious as HE was; her father had to endure having his dick sucked and fucked while he was on the phone with his wife. Now that he was free, he was ready to explode into his little fucktoy.

Her father split her legs even more wide open, positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt, and without waiting just shoved it in HARD. Dani shrieked. "OH DADDY!" She put her hands up on his hairy chest, and he began pumping his body into her. She was soaking already, his cock slipped into the back of her pussy without resistance, he started fucking her forcefully. He sneered down, staring at her hot tiny young body, almost angry at her for teasing him so. Well now Daddy would have revenge. He slammed his pelvis into her body, making loud thumping noises with each thrust, knocking his little girl hard and thrusting his huge cock into her tight wet cunt. Dani almost bit her lit, her eyes rolled in her head and she moaned with pain and pleasure. "Oh Daddeeee!" she groaned, her back arching, his cock stuffing itself past her pussylips and into the dark hot depths of her vagina. His heavy body was ferociously pumping into her, banging her, madly fucking her hot little cunt even more forcefully than she could imagine.

Daddy was so turned on. "You hot little cunt," he grunted through his tensely closed jaw, "you tramp, Daddy is gonna fuck your hot little pussy raw, Daddy's cock is so big he wants to fuck your pussy so hard."

"Yes Daddy!" she moaned in reply, his aweful words turning her on so much, "fuck me, fuck me!"

"Beg me!" he bellowed back, holding his arms straight out as his fists rested on the bed under her armpit, his torso filling her vision while his pelvis and ass continued to ram home into her little body. The bed was thumping, her ass was glowing from being mercilessly pounded by his ramming body. "Beg me you little slut for daddy to fuck you!"

She looked at him with lust and love. "Gawd Daddy fuck me!"

"Say it baby! Tell Daddy to fuck your cunt!"

"Fuck my cunt Daddy!" The words flowed out of her 18 year old mouth like she had nothing else to live for. "Fuck my cunt!"

"Do you like Daddy's cock in your cunt?"

"Yes Daddy fuck my cunt with your cock!"

He became more enranged with each exchange, his cock pumping into her drenched loose pussy with a furor he hadn't given to a female ever. "Say, 'Little girl wants her daddy to fuck her cunt!"

Her voice was shrieking; not talking, but yelling. "Oh Daddy, fuck your little girl, fuck your little girl's cunt!"

And he finally was going to hear what he'd dreamed of for a long, long time. "Tell me you're a slut, Dani, say it Daniette, say you're a slut and you are daddy's fucktoy!"

She loved saying it. She screamed it out loud. "I'M A SLUT DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE FUCKTOY!"

"Louder baby!"

Dani had to scream at the top of her lungs. "I'M - A - SLUT - I'M - A - SLUT - FUCK - MY - CUNT - DADDY - FUCK - YOUR - LITTLE - GIRL'S - CUNT - WITH - YOUR - BIG - COCK!"

And with that he exploded with a massive, body-shattering, muscle-ripping orgasm. She felt him plunge his dick into the back of her vagina and just totally erupt with a single, spewing, wrenching, screaming cum. His cock seemed to grow twice the side in girth inside her vagina, and she could tell he was shooting a flood of his warm cream in her cunt. Daddy's face was contorted almost in pain, he was not breathing but moaning from his gut, a yawp of epic grandeur emanating from his loins.

His little girl pulled her legs back with her hands under her knees, deeply gratified that he was havnig such a masterful orgasm in her little body. "CUM FOR ME DADDY!" she kept screaming for him, knowing it was her mouth that drove him over the edge, "OH DADDY CUM IN MY CUNT!"

Daddy's ass rammed and rammed and rammed her rag-doll body as his penis pumped squirt after squirt of fluid into his daughter's pussy. "CUM IN MY CUNT!" she screamed again, as his orgasm finally began to slow into a few random squirts of jism. He opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and stared at the teenager's eyes. She looked up at him with joy and love. "Fucking goddamned," he spat, "fucking awesome fucking cum."

Dani too felt his dick slowing. "Daddy you cummed so hard!"

"Mmmm!" He laughed. "Does my babygirl like Daddy's cum in her cunt?"

Her response was a series of shrieks. "Yes yes yes! Oh Daddy I love your cum in my cunt!"

He grunted, one last time, and pulled his suddenly-aching member out of her pussy. Both of them moaned at that moment of pain. Her father lowered himself onto the bed next to her, his cock now slimed from tip to balls with a mixture of cum and juice and sweat. "Awesome fuck!" he said of her, "do you know what an incredibly hot slut you are baby, you fuck like a gorgeous little slut."

"Mmm yeah?" She took it as the most wonderful complement. "Daddy likes fucking his little slut hmm?"

"Yes!" He put a kiss on her forehead. "Your tight little cunt is such a hot fuck, you are such a slut, tell me you love being Daddy's fucktoy!"

Giggles. "Yeah I'm Daddy's fucktoy!" She relished the thought. "Daddy you can fuck my cunt all the time, I'll be your little slut!" They sealed their deal with a full kiss on the lips, with tongues suddenly sliding into each other's mouths.

Then reality hit; their playing had to end, for now at least. Daddy and Dani stumbled into his bathroom together, and he ran a hot shower. They held each other up in the tub and took turns sudsing each other's bodies, especially each other's asses and genitals. Daddy made sure to watch off his little girl's boobies as well, and she leaned back to let him entertain himself as his naked hands rubbed soap and then water over her breasts and nipples. She felt his cum leaking out of her pussy as she stood in the shower, and he let her run the hot water over her pussy, soothing her aching and cleaning it off.

After towelling off, she went into her bathroom to put on perfumes. Looking at her naked body in the mirror, she saw a totally different person. She was a woman now. Not a 18 year old virgin. A woman, she had her pussy fucked and filled with tongue and cock and cum. She not only saw her Daddy's naked body but got to touch it and pleasure it and make him cum. And she was going to be her daddy's toy now, she was going to get to fuck him all the time, no longer would she have to spend nights or morning wondering about how a man's penis would feel, or put some other object or vegie in her pussy, she could just have the real thing, and get his hard cock in her pussy all the time. She was going to be his fucktoy! That sounded like the most wonderful thing in the world!

After a piss -- it was painful, but dreadfully necessary -- Dani headed, naked, into her room. Daddy was just leaving his room too, also nude, his cock semi-hard. He was carrying her lingerie, and when he saw her naked body, he smiled. She grinned back. Her father asked if he could help her get dressed -- it struck her strange, but she thought it was part of the male/female sex ritual now, helping your lover get dressed. So she invited him into her room, and she let him pick out a pair of white panties with a tiny little pink heart right over where her clittie would be. It felt funny, standing up and lifting each leg in turn so her daddy could pull her panties up her legs, but he seemed to enjoy it. Then she got out her small bra, and he fastened it around her titties after saying "Bye -- for now!" She giggled at that. Next she pulled on a halter top, and she let daddy pull her jeans up and close them.

She was fully dressed, he was still nude. And not very soft. She wondered how much sex a male cock could give, and she knew that her pussy was nowhere able to fuck any more. She could hardly walk; she didn't think she could put anything else into her pussy for anytime imaginable. So how could his penis be so ready to keep fucking her? But as she stood there, dressed, him sitting on the edge of her bed, she definitely saw his cock stiff in his lap.

His eyes were on her little tight butt, and how her tight jeans curved around her crotch to show off her small, slender asscheeks. "God I love your body," he reported uselessly, it was so obvious. Dani loved his attention and she turned her back to him, thrusting her ass out, giggling as how she made him so lustful. As she turned to face him again, he slid back on her bed, and laid down. Flat. His cock was twitching, getting stiffer on his lap.

Maybe it was the nude shower with her; maybe just seeing her get dressed, and seeing her hot little body. But whatever, he wanted her again, she could tell. She felt inadequate that she was no way able to fuck any more; but her daddy seemed to have other ideas anyway. "Mmm you know what I want?" he sneered, looking at his teenage daughter, "why dont you cum over here like a good fuckslut and make me cum with your hot little mouth."

Dani thought she could do that, although, she didn't know if he was asking for a blowjob or just dirty talk. She put her knees on the bed and looked down at his prick, and he reached out a hand to her neck. She got her answer. He guided her mouth to his penis, spreading his legs to give him room. "Suck Daddy's cock," he muttered, "show me what a slutty mouth you have baby, fuck me with your tongue and mouth."

"Mmm Daddy!" she purred, holding his stiff penis up again, moving her mouth over the head. "Daddy I want to make you cum!"

She had no idea how to do it, but she was totally wililng to try. With her daddy's hand on the back of her head, she started licking his cock like a lollipop, around and around, then down the shaft. "That's it, do that," he would say, or "lick the head baby, oh yeah, now lick down, yesss." He gave her directions and she had her tongue and lips over the entire length of his pulsing smelly erection. Then he told her to put her lips around it and swallow it, careful no teeth, open your jaw and see how much you can stuff down. Don't breath. Take a deep breath. Push it into your throat.

"Oh GOD!" he screamed, as his cock hit the back of her mouth. His hand pushed her head down; his asscheeks rose up. She felt the head of his cock enter her throat. It was so sudden, so weird, she gagged and had to bounce up immediately. A couple of coughs and near-chokes, she regained her composure and looked at her daddy. "Do it again," he said, as she felt better. Knowing what to expect, she put her mouth down on his penis, let him push her head down, and... holy shit his cock started to penetrate her THROAT.

She gagged, she tried to not breath, she let him fuck her throat. She could tell he was enormously aroused. Her nose was filled with the smell of his dick; her jaw already ached, it was open so wide, his cock was so huge. Her lips were stretched to their limits, taking his penis into her mouth. But the soft head of his penis pushing into her throat -- that was just incredible. She had to pull up for a moment, take another deep breath, then push her head down again.

Daddy started fucking her throat. He held her head steady, almost in a vice-like grip, and began to pump his ass up and down. She felt his cock enter her throat, pull out, enter again. It was amazing he was doing this. She had to stop and breath again, but once more he went into her throat, he stayed there, and slid even DEEPER.

It was hurting. His penis was entering down her channel. But she loved it; the smell and feeling made her do it. She let her daddy stuff his massive cock into her throat which was tighter than her pussy could ever be.

"Oh jesus FUCK!" he grunted.

But he knew his daughter probably had limits, this her first deep-throat experience. He pulled her head up, let her breath, then asked her to just put her tongue on the head. She opened her mouth -- thankful that the throat-fucking was over -- and stuck out her tongue. It touched the soft round head of his prick. Daddy wrapped his own fingers around the wet base, and began to jerk it. Dani giggled. She kept rolling her tongue around the helmet as it bobbed back and forth, mostly against her, sometimes jerking away, and she heard his hand sliding up and down his slimy meat, beating it hard.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," her daddy kept saying, doing himself against her tongue. Dani continued to lap at it, even as the beatings got faster. "Yeah, YEAH, YEAH!" he was screaming now. She kept her face motionless, giving him a target, just sticking out her tongue onto his cock.

"OH YEAH!" he roared one last time. Then she felt it -- something wet, hot, gooey. On her tongue. He was beating his cock so hard, now, the second and third jets squirted onto her lips and chin. Then he got control, pumped his penis against her still-open tongue, and deposited a load of sperm right onto his daughter's tongue. "Take it, take it!" he ordered her as he cummed into her open mouth.

Dani thought it was incredibly digusting, but sexy. She'd seen plenty of pictures on the Internet of it; so she knew it was part of fucking. But the smell... the ooze... this was all really disgusting. She kept her eyes closed while he unloaded on her tongue, then when he finally pulled back, he said "Swallow it honey!" and she put her tongue back in her mouth. She let her saliva wash her tongue off, and in one gulp, she swallowed. YUCK. Her face turned shades of red and purple, she reacted like it was poison, like the word fucking shit a girl could --

Hey, this was pretty good, actually. The taste in her mouth was salty, but sexy. Musty. Manly. Like his orgasm was lingering with her. If she could swallow it without trying to taste it too much, it was really pretty easy. She'd need practice. And maybe, she'd come to like it -- cum to like cum.

Daddy grinned. "That's my fucktoy," he giggled, "you give good head, that's what you just did, you gave me head, it was great."

"Mmm Daddy!" She made sure she'd swallowed all of his cum, then stood up. He kissed her on the cheek, and his hands cupped her asscheek for a free grope. "I want to be your fucktoy all the time Daddy!"

His sneer was almost evil. "And you will baby." His eyes flickered at the clock. "Now it's time to go see your mother."

Dani was already, at that moment, lusting for the next opportunity to get her daddy's penis into her mouth and pussy.

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Loved it but it needed another part. Too many details left hanging. Like what happens when mom gets home and smells the sex on her sheets and finds the "leftovers"? What about the pictures he took withmore...

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