tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Princess

Daddy's Princess


You and I are very close. I actually feel closer to you than I do to my own mother. I just graduated high school and never had a real boyfriend. One reason is that I was always to busy studying, the second was that no guy ever measured up to you. Now that I am 18, I plan to have you.

The three of watch TV together every night in the den, mom in the recliner and you and I sit together on the love seat. This particular evening the window is open allowing the crisp cool air inside the house. You are dressed in lounge pants and I in just a long t-shirt and panties. I get chilled so I run to the closet and get a blanket, laying it over both of us. I snuggle next to you trying to warm up from the heat your body is emitting. You feel me shiver and run your hands up and down my thigh in an attempt to warm me up. Your hands feel so big and strong on my skin, and I long for them to touch me intimately. My hand falls into your lap feeling that you have an erection, and I find this very exciting. I slowly rub my hand along you and can feel you take a deep breath and hold it. I look over and see mom has fallen asleep which she almost always did. I look up at you and see a longing in your eyes I have never seen before. I lick my lips and slide my fingers under the waste band of you pants, waiting for you to tell me to stop or grab my hand. You did not, so I slowly slide my fingers further feeling your pubic hairs tickling my fingers as I make my way to your cock.

My fingers are soft on your skin as you grow harder against them. I run my finger along the head and feel pre cum that has pooled there. I remove my hand and place that finger in my mouth tasting the saltiness and essence of you. I am still curious and wish to explore more, sliding my hand back into your pants where it is so very warm.

I slowly trail my fingers up and down before finally wrapping them around your thick cock. I feel how hard you are and run my hand up and down you, as it grows even larger. Your hand on my thigh begins to go higher until it reaches my panties. You feel the moisture has soaked into my panties making them nice and wet.

I had touched myself before, but I never felt as excited as I did knowing it was your hand there. You start to pull your hand away and mine grabs yours holding it still, "Please daddy," I whisper softly knowing you would do anything for me. I feel your hand relax some as I slip it into the front of my panties. Your fingers are so much thicker than mine and it feels so different having you touch me. I spread my thighs open more as I move your fingers over my bare pussy. We both breathe in at the same time as I guide your finger to my tight opening, both for different reasons. Myself as I was going to be touched by a man, and you because you are about to touch your step daughter. I let out the air I had been holding deep in my chest as I push your index finger inside. You let out a moan as the tightness of my virgin pussy is such a turn on. I look over towards mom and see she is still sleeping.

I begin to run my fingers up and down you again as I had stopped momentarily. My fingers travel down to your balls exploring the wrinkled skin. I alternated between the two gently squeezing and tugging on them. All the while my fingers explored you on my one hand; my other hand was controlling your finger as I slid it in and out of me. My hips began to press against your hand needing more. I gripped my fingers back around you and began to stroke you to match my fingers instinctually. I look up at you to see your head back on the couch your breathing becoming rapid. Your finger feels so much better than mine and I long for more. A rustling noise makes us both freeze and I look over to see mom is starting to wake up.

"You probably should head off to bed," she says.

"Okay mom," I reply as I slowly slip your finger out of me and remove our hands from my panties taking special care for her not to notice. My hand releases you as I slip my hand from your pants. "Good night daddy. I love you," I say as I give you a kiss on the lips running my tongue quickly across them, which surprises you.

"Good night princess," you manage to choke out.

I slip from the underneath the blanket and walk over to mom giving her a peck on the cheek. "Good night mom," I say as I skip off to my room.

That night I dream about you and wake up with the goal of one day going even further. I get out of bed and put on my short shorts and cropped tank top with no bra, as it was Saturday and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I see you sitting at the table reading the paper. "Good morning daddy," I say in my sweetest voice as I kiss your cheek, pressing my breasts up against your arm, my nipples erect.

You clear your throat before you reply, "Morning princess."

I skip away and open the fridge and bend down to look at the bottom drawer, spreading my legs a little as my shorts slide up exposing a good amount of my ass cheeks. I don't see anything in there, so I shut the door and grab a banana and sit down at the chair beside you. I peel the banana slowly and slip the tip of it into my mouth, moving it in and out. I raise my eyes and see you peeking around your newspaper. "Mmmm, this is so good," I moan out as I take my first bite.

"Princess," you say sternly as you go back to reading your paper. I finish eating as you don't look towards me again.

"I am going to the mall today. I'll see you later daddy."

It was mid afternoon when I came home and went to the kitchen to grab a cherry popsicle. I walk to the den where you are watching a baseball game. "Where's mom?" I ask when I notice she isn't in her chair.

"She had a headache, so she is laying down," you answer. I sit down on the love seat next to you and begin to watch the game. I bring the popsicle to my lips slowly tracing them with the pointed tip. My mouth opens and I lick the cold juice off of my lips. I can see you trying to watch the game but I know you are sneaking peaks at me. I run my tongue from the bottom of the popsicle to the top, before wrapping my lips around it and sliding it into my mouth. I move it in and out seductively as if it was a cock. I pretend to watch the game as my mouth makes love to the popsicle, and I secretly hope that you are enjoying the show. My lips have gotten very red between the cold and the coloring of the red popsicle. "Hey daddy, look at my lips they are red now," I say as I make a kissy face at you.

"That's nice princess," you say in a voice that sounds strained. I look down to your lap and see that your cock is hard. I cup my hand around it squeezing it. You grab my hand and push it away from you, "Don't. What happened last night was a mistake, and it can't happen again."

My eyes fill with tears as I say, "Why don't you want me daddy?"

'It's not that I don't want you princess. Fuck, god knows I want you so bad. But this isn't right."

I softly say, "I understand daddy," as I stand up and walk to my room, locking the door behind me.

Time for plan B I think to myself as I lay down on my bed, planning my next move. I fall asleep for what turned out to be hours when I hear a soft knock at the door. "Princess, are you okay?" you ask in a concern voice.

"I'm fine daddy," I reply. I hear you walk away and the bathroom door open and close, the shower starting. Bingo I think to myself.

I strip off all my clothes and throw on my black silk robe. Quietly I unlock and open my bedroom door. I quickly peer into your bedroom where mom is still sleeping, before creeping down the hall to the bathroom. I slowly turn the knob and open the door. The steam of the hot water has already engulfed the room, and I quickly slip inside. I see your beautiful naked body before me and slide my robe off of my shoulders, it dropping to the tile floor.

Slowly I enter behind your pressing my naked body against your back. I wrap my arms around you, my hands running over the muscles in your chest. Slowly I move them down your chiseled abs and stomach until I wrap my hand around your hard cock. "Oh yes darling I am so glad your headache is gone," you groan out as my other hand cups your balls.

I begin to stroke your cock slowly up and down, and you put your palms against the shower wall, your eyes closed. I slowly move around you and get down on my knees in front of your hard throbbing cock. My tongue slowly runs up the underside of you and I feel your cock twitch against it. I kiss the thick head of your cock, my tongue darting out to taste it. My lips slowly wrap around the head as I begin to suck it, my lips stroking the rim. You hips begin to thrust and I feel your hands on my head.

"Fuck your mouth feels so good, don't stop," you start to say as you open your eyes. Your whole body stills as you see me looking up at you, the head of your cock still in my mouth. I feel your hands leave my head and I know that you are going to tell me to get up. Just as you begin to say, "Stop." I slide my mouth further down your cock my lips gripping it tightly, and then slowly slide back up to suck just the head again. I look up and see your eyes gazing at me.

I hear you let out a moan in surrender as you hoarsely whisper, "God help me," as your fingers grab my hair. I slide back down your hard cock taking it even deeper and back up again to the tip. Slowly my tongue licks the head before wrapping my lips around it again and sliding back down taking even more of you into my mouth. Your hands begin to push me down as your hips begin to move thrusting your cock even deeper into my mouth causing me to gag as it hits the back of my throat. The sound turns you on even more as you continue to throat fuck me. I feel your cock swell and then pulse just before the first stream hits the back of my throat. You hold me down on your cock until you are finally spent and then slowly pull my mouth off of you.

You grab my shoulders lifting me up to a standing position and then look down out me, and say, "Princess that was amazing however it can never happen again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes daddy. I understand perfectly," I purr as I step out of the shower and put my robe back on, slipping out the door leaving you alone in the bathroom.

The next few days go by and we act like nothing happened between us, carrying on the same way we always did.

Mom had to go out of town on business and she was taking a late flight out. I took her to the airport as you had a dinner meeting with clients. It was after midnight when I finally get home and you are already asleep in bed. I remove my clothes and climb into bed with you. You are on your side and I slide under the covers facing you. I run my fingers along your shoulders and then down your chest, pinching your nipple. Your eyes fly open and before you can say something I cover your mouth with mine. I kiss you hard my tongue seeking out yours, stroking it.

Your arms wrap around me as your mouth takes control. Your tongue sweeps in, exploring my mouth as you pull my body closer to you. You change positions and quickly I am under you. I feel your knees spread my legs as you settle in between them, your cock resting at the entrance of my pussy. You pull your lips away from mine and I open my eyes. "You should leave now," you groan out knowing that you are losing control.

"No," I whisper, "I want you to make love to me."

Your mouth comes crashing down on mine as you slowly push your cock inside. My body tenses as your cock reaches the barrier. You kiss me slower and more passionately and as I begin to relax you thrust in. My eyes water and my cries go unheard as they drown in your mouth. You stay still allowing my pussy to get accustomed to you being inside. "Are you okay?" you whisper against my lips.

"Oh yes," I purr as I wrap my legs around your waist. You slowly begin to move in and out of me. My body begins to move with yours as I rise up to meet your every thrust. Your hands grab my ass and begin driving even deeper.

"Oh god baby, your pussy is so tight, I won't last long. You are going to make me cum," you moan out. My hands move down to your ass grabbing you, pulling you in deeper. You thrust a few more times and I feel your cock thickening as you get closer to orgasm. You cry out as you slam into me filling my pussy with your thick hot cum.

You collapse beside me, kiss my lips gently. "I love you princess," you whisper.

"I love you daddy," I reply. You pull me close as we drift off to sleep in each others arms.

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