tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Rose

Daddy's Rose


My name is Colt Adams, I'm a 46, and I've wanted to fuck my daughter sense she was 16 years old. My wife is long dead now and I waited till Rose, that's my baby girl, to grow up some. Today she turns 18, and I've plan a wonderful party for her. Am taking her out to dinner then dancing, an a special movie I hope will give her the idea that I've wanted her as a man would want a woman.

"Good morning Daddy, how are you this morning." said Rose, kissing my forehead.

"Good morning to you too baby." I told her. I watch her get her breakfast and come sit next to me.

"So, What are we going to do tonight again Daddy?" she asked.

"First I'm taking you to dinner, then dancing. And around midnight I'm taking you to a special movie I'd like you to see." I told her.

"What do I wear?" Rose asked.

"Wear something to show off your sexy body, Honey." I said. I told I'd see her tonight after work and left.

On my way home from work I stop at the adult store and pick up some things. I knew what size Rose wears, so I got her three outfits, a sheer black, spilt crotch body cover, a French maid, and the Tigress. I knew she would look sexy in them. I also pick up some other stuff too. Body joy jelly, Hot stuff warming oil, and some pussy, and peter gel. I paid for them, and wrapped them in box I had all ready for it. I took it home and sit on the coffee table. I showered and dress. I made sure I didn't put on any boxers on I wanted Rose to feel my hard cock when dance. I just came out of the shower, I walk out in the hallway with no towel.

"Hey Baby How was your day?" I asked her. I knew she saw me.

"Uh, It was okay...Dad...Uh...How was your day?" she asked.

"I had a great day I guess I better dress." I said. I left my door open. In the mirror I saw that Rose was watching me dress. I pretended she wasn't there. I sat on the bed, stroking my cock. As I stood up she walk away. Rose went into her room and sat down on the bed. She always thought he Daddy was still sexy even at 46, and she offend thought about having sex with him, but thought she wasn't sexy enough to turn him on. She went and took a shower. Standing in front of the mirror, she loved her 36 DD boobs, her slim tummy, and a hairy pussy. She thought her legs were to long. She turn to look at her ass, it wasn't big, but it wiggly when she walked. She was feeling very wicked tonight. She decided to wear her black no strap dress, her tits would show, and it was real short.

I went downstairs to wait for Rose. She came down wearing the most revealing dress. Her legs, were long, and slender. I wanted to wrap them around me.

"Rose you look wonderful, sexy and very hot. Let me take you to dinner?" I told her. Taking her arm, I walked her to the car. We ate dinner at Red Lobster, then we went to a night club to dance.

"I want all the slow dances baby." I said. I watch the men eyes pop out, they ask her to dance a lot. When a slow tune played I held her close as we dance.

"Okay everybody this is last call for dancing, the band is leaving. So grab your honey's because this is a slow dance." the band leader said. I took my daughter in my arms and we dance real close, I know she could fell my hard cock.

"Are you ready to see a movie?" I whispered in her ear.

"YES" she whisper.

I drove to the next town, because it had the only drivein that played XXX movies. I park way in the back, put the speaker on the window, and reclined our seats. I waited till the picture started.

"Daddy this is a sex picture." She said.

"Yes I thought sense your 18 you can enjoy watching them with me. Once a month I would come here to see one, but I have a lot at home too. On the screen the man was getting his cock suck by a brown haired girl. She was ready going at it. The guy was squeezing her tits hard. The guy move his hand to her head and he was fucking her face, getting his cock deep her throat. I watch Rose moving in her seat. I pull my cock out and started stroking it, she watch the screen, and watching me. I was close to cumming.

"Uh Daddy Can I....." was all she got out.

"What do you want Rose? Do you want to suck your Daddy's cock for him?" I asked her.

"YES DADDY" she said.

"Well Baby come over and suck my cock, I would love having your mouth on me." I told her.


"That tasted good Daddy." She told me.

"OH baby thank you, I've wanted to feel your mouth on my cock for a long, long time." I said.

"Daddy can we do other thing too?" Rose asked.

"I thinks it time to go home." I said. I drove the long way home.

"Daddy can I touch you while your driving home." She asked.

"Lay down, with your head next to my leg, pretend your asleep and rub me inside my pants, if we get stop I can zip up and you can be sleeping." I told her. I knew by the time we got home I'd want her to suck me again.

"Okay Honey we're home, lets get inside I need to be in your mouth badly." I barely said it. We walk into the house and I reach to turn on the lights, I felt Rose's hand on mine.

"Wait let me suck your cock right here?" she asked.

"What if someone knocks on the door." I whispered.

"So it will be all that more exciting wont it." she said. I unzipped, and pulled my cock out and she had him in her mouth before I had it out. I couldn't stop my hips from moving. I held her head and slowly fuck her face, trying to be careful not to hurt her. Rose grab my ass and pulled me to her mouth, making me fuck her faster. I blew my load down her throat in less that 5 minutes.

I lead Rose to the livingroom couch. I helped her sit down.

"Here I got you a present." I said handing her the box. I went over to the VCR and put a tape in. Rose look up when she heard my voice.

"Rose if your seeing this you must be 18, and getting ready to open my gift. I wanted you to know that I've wanted to fuck you sense you turn 16, I waited to tell you, until you were an adult. I must also tell you that I think you are the most beautiful, sexy, hot woman. Your legs are long, and slender I want to wrap them around me while I fuck your sweet pussy, and I can't wait to feel your tits hugging my cock as I push it between them into your hot mouth. I hope you want me as much as I've wanted you over these years. I Love You." I had recorded it two weeks ago.

"Open the box." I said.

Rose rip open the box, she grasp when saw what was in it. She pulled out the Hot Stuff warming oil.

"That's for rubbing all over us." I said. Next she pulled the Peter gel and Pussy gel.

"The peter gel is to rub on my cock and you can suck it off. The pussy gel is for me to pour on your pussy so I can suck it off you." I told her. When she pulled out the clothes.

"Those our for the fun side of sex and also we can act out with. Ones a French Maid, and I can be the owner of the house you clean. there's also a tigress you can be a woman wanting to mate, and the last one is for anything you can think of." I told her.

"Oh Daddy I love them. And to be honest I've wanted to be fucked by you for longer than you know. I was 15 when I first saw your huge cock and I wanted it then. Can we try all of these tonight?" Rose said.

"We have the rest of our lifes baby." I told her. I told her go on up to my room i was going to lock up and be right up.

When I walk into my room Rose was laying naked on the bed reading the bottles I watch her pour the Hot Stuff on her titties, and rub it in. I took off the rest of my clothes and joined her on the bed. I took the bottle from her and rub it everywhere on her body, I took the pussy gel pour it on her pussy and push some up inside to.

"Now it your turn." I said. I layed back and she poured the oil on my body, and the peter gel she rub over every inch of my cock. We were oiled up good.

"Climb up here and sit on my face baby I want to suck on your pussy, you can suck my cock." I said. Rose put her pussy over my mouth and lick her, and from her little nob and suck it in my mouth. I felt her mouth on my cock and she suck me hard. I slip a finger in her pussy. I felt my cock jump when I found she was a virgin still. I suck her pussy until I had her cumming.

"Oh baby Your still a virgin, I'll be as careful as I can, but it will still hurt a little." I said to her.

"That's okay Daddy I save it for you, I wanted you to be the first man to put his cock in my pussy." She told me. I move on top of her and ease her legs apart. I held my cock, and ease it in a little at a time I knew she would small, compared to my 10" cock, but I hope my being 5" around wouldn't stop me getting in her pussy. I now had half my cock in, and she was trying to pull my ass to her. Another 2 inches went in.

"OH SWEET JESUS, ROSE I NEED TO GO SLOWLY SO I DON'T HURT YOU, BABY EASY, BABY LET ME, AAAAGGGHHHH!!" I screamed as she pulled me to her hard. She had all 10 inches buried deep in her pussy.

"Are you okay baby are you hurting?" I asked.

"NO, and No, I'll only hurt if you pull out, and stop fucking me, please, please, fuck me Daddy, fuck me.' She cried over and over again. I moved slowly at first not sure if she was hurting. but soon I was Pounding her pussy hard. she wouldn't let me go slow.

"OH DADDY, YES FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR HOT DAUGHTER, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME FASTER, PLEASE DADDY, FUCK ME, OH GOD... PLEASE.... FUCK.... ME...DADDY....I NEED....YOUR....HARD....COCK.... CUM INSIDE ME DADDY.....FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE JUICE DADDY. OH, GOD, I'MMM, CUMMMMINNNGG!!!!" Rose screamed. I exploded with her. I pulled her to me leaving my cock inside her, we fell asleep.

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