Daddy's Rules


"Is that your finger poking me in the back?" Lifting her nighty, he pulled her back a few steps and bent her over. "You tell me if it's my finger", he said as he slipped his hard dick up her cunt. "Oh no, that's not a finger. Not unless you have hands like a giant." Gracie held onto the sink and moved back even more. "What do you feel?" Gracie didn't understand the question at first. "I don't know what you mean Daddy." Harvey grabbed her by the waist. He braced himself and pushed hard up into her until she grunted. "What are you feeling right now?" With a sigh and a low moan she answered him. "I'm feeling the man I love, the man who loves me, pushing the biggest dick I ever had up the same pussy he brutally fucked last night. Fuck me Daddy. Let me cover that sweet dick with my hot cum. then I'll lick it clean. Oh Daddy! I'm cumming too soon. I can't help it!" Gracie grabbed onto the sink as she humped her ass up and down. Her muscles clamping around his dick told Harvey she was cumming hard. As soon as she stopped trembling, she straightened up. His dick pulled free of her and he was covered completely with her creme. Pushing Harvey to a chair, she knelt between his legs. Her loud slurping told him just how much she enjoyed sucking his wet dick. "Yes baby! Yes Baby! Oh baby! Ah shit! I'm gonna cum! Here it is baby! Drink all of it for Daddy!" With that, he let his passion boil from his balls and explode from his dick. Gracie swallowed every drop. No sooner had he finished, than he pulled her up and placed her on the table. "IEEE! Daddy it's cold." Ignoring her, he pushed her back. Throwing her legs over his shoulders, he dived in. He sucked and slurped up her creme until she had another climax.

She propped herself up on her elbows and they looked at each other. Both their faces showed signs of their mutual pleasure. They laughed at each other. "I want to take you shopping. Since you are going to be my wife, I want to make sure that you have clothes for every occasion." They went upstairs and changed into casual dress. Then he took her to another part of town that she hadn't been in before. He stopped at an adult store. They walked around the aisles and Harvey picked out some outfits that had even Gracie shocked. A few would have her looking like a slut. Then they stopped in front of a counter that had all kinds of sexual aids and fetish goods. As Harvey told the middle-aged woman behind the counter what he wanted, Gracie tried to hide her nervousness. Gracie noticed the woman stealing glances at her. Harvey had picked out a number of vibrators and dildos, but things perked up when he got to the other things he wanted. He bought a full set of restraint cuffs, nipple clamps, two different sized whips, butt plugs and a paddle. The interest of the woman in the store was evident now. "It looks as if the two of you are going to have one hell of a party. Wish I could come to it?" Harvey looked at her. His look was one of cold disdain and this made the woman very uncomfortable. "Are you in the habit of offering yourself to all your customers?" She became very flustered. "No Sir! I didn't mean anything by it." He continued to look directly at her. "Of course you did. Why insult my intelligence with lies." The woman looked at the point of tears. "I'm sorry Sir. It's just that the two of you have a sexual electricity that I haven't seen in a long time. I'm a lonely woman and just wanted a little fun." Harvey had not paid much attention to her at first but this time he undressed her with his eyes. "What is your name?" She stammered a reply. "Brenda! Brenda Lee is my name." She had the skin color of café-o-lait. She had an ample pair of tits encased in her blouse and wide hips. But everything was in proportion. She was breathing a bit fast and her eyes shone with undisguised lust. He decided to have a bit of fun with her. He looked at Gracie. She was unsure of just what to do or say.

Harvey reached across the counter and took one of the woman's hands in his. "My sweet lady, if I were to invite you to share our pleasure, I would be forced to use most of these toys on you. I'm sure that a woman of your stature would not welcome being the submitting slave to a couple like us. My young wife has an insatiable cunt. And forcing you to submit to my will would give me too much pleasure. Although I could use you to teach her just how to subject someone to her will." Harvey said all the things that he hoped would turn her off. But to his dismay, she became even hotter. "Would you really treat me like a slave Sir?" Feeling that she understood enough to enter the conversation, Gracie spoke up. "Do you have a dressing room. I would like to try on one of these outfits. They are much too expensive for my husband to buy if they don't fit right." The woman looked at Gracie. Gracie gave her a very defiant look. "Ah, you could use my office. Let me lock the door and I'll show you." As the woman came around the counter, they got their first good look at her. She was middle aged, but she still kept a very nice shape. She had not allowed herself to grow fat and flabby. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse. She locked the door and walked past them. "This way please!" She led them to the back of the store and into a small but neat office. There was a mirror on the wall and a sofa along the other wall. Harvey sat down on the sofa as Gracie began to unbutton her blouse. The woman didn't take her eyes off the young girl as she undressed. When Gracie stood before them in her bra and panties, she posed. "Do you think I'm pretty?" She was looking directly at the woman when she asked the question. "Yes, very pretty."

Gracie walked up to the woman and stood so close their tits almost touched. She lifted her hands and let her fingertips slide up and down both the woman's arms. She could feel the woman tremble. "My husband is a very simple man. When I am good and I please him, he pampers me with gifts and attention." Gracie's fingertips moved to the woman's heaving chest. "When I'm bad, he spanks me. Sometimes with my clothes on and sometimes on my bare ass." Her fingers were rubbing the woman's hard nipples now. Their eyes were locked on each other. Gracie had never before experienced the feeling her dominance over this woman was giving her. The woman was beginning to make whimpering sounds as Gracie's fingers taunted her nipples. "Would you like to know what he does if I'm really bad?" She squeezed her fingers together over the woman's nipples. "Please tell me", she moaned? Gracie looked at Harvey. "He ties me to the bed spread eagle and whips my pussy." As she said it, she pinched hard on the woman's nipples. Brenda Lee whimpered but didn't cry out. Gracie moved closer until her lips were close to Brenda's. Harvey thought she was going to kiss the woman. "When was the last time you were with a man or woman?" Brenda swallowed hard before answering. "About six months ago, the man I was living with, stole some of my money and ran off with the young girl I had hired to work here with me. I haven't been with anyone since." Gracie smiled. "And what do you do to satisfy your hungry cunt since then?" Brenda looked at Harvey. He neither smiled nor frowned. Gracie pulled hard on the nipples and the woman did cry out this time. "When I ask you a question, I expect an answer." The woman started crying. Harvey had been satisfied to remain only as an observer, but felt that it was about time he stepped in and took control of things. He rose and went to the two women. Taking Gracie's hands off the woman's tits he nodded for her to sit down.

Brenda Lee stood absolutely still. If the wife had exhibited such dominance, what must the husband's attitude be like? Harvey smiled at the woman. He raised his hands and began to rub the woman's taunt nipples with his palms. Even though the woman was still fully clothed, it felt like he was touching her bare nipples. "I'm sorry if my wife was a bit rough on you. I could see that she has frightened you and I'm sorry. But you have to understand that she is used to answering my questions without hesitation. If she doesn't, then the consequences are severe. Naturally she would take the same attitude with you." His manner and soft-spoken words began to put Brenda at ease. She had stopped crying and shaking. "Now my dear, a woman as attractive as you are must still have sexual urges and desires. All we want to know is what do you do when they become a big distraction?" Gracie knew just how compelling her father's attitude could be. When he became soft-spoken and gentle, he could get a person to say just about anything. Brenda felt as if she could not voluntarily take her eyes off his. She felt that telling this man what he wanted to know was something that she had to do. She leaned in closer. His palms never stopped rubbing her nipples. "I use one of my toys to satisfy myself." Her words were so soft that Gracie had a hard time overhearing her. "Are you ashamed of what you do? When you feel your body shake and you cry out your release, do you hide your face in shame for what you've done?" "No", the woman whispered.

Harvey smiled at the woman. "Now that wasn't hard to answer. You see my dear, when you answer the questions, things can get easy. Now! Since the thoughts of watching me discipline my wife obviously turns you on; I will give you an opportunity to join the party. Does the thought of my taking off all your clothes and placing you over my knee excite you?" The woman nodded her answer. "And after I place you over my knee, I will spank that delicious looking ass of yours until it stings. Then you will be forced to satisfy both my wife and me. I'll place you on your knees and while my wife rides you with a strapon dildo, I'll be feeding my dick down your throat." Brenda heard the words he spoke. More important to her, in her mind, she saw the actions that he was describing. Brenda had always known that there was a submissive nature inside her. She remembered just how excited she would get whenever she was in anyway dominated. She had always tried to hide her feelings; knowing that to express them would only give the man she didn't entirely trust an advantage over her. But this man didn't need her or her money. He had just stopped in her shop and spent over 1500 dollars on clothes and toys for his wife. Brenda felt a sharp pain on her nipple. Her mind was brought back to her present position and Harvey's words. "Do you know what my wife calls me whenever we make love?" As he spoke, Harvey began to unbutton the woman's blouse. She did not resist. He removed it and them took her bra off. Brenda stood before him, her proud tits openly displayed for his eyes. Brenda's tits heaved as she tried to contain her breathing.

Brenda Lee had not answered his question. She wanted to speak but found she could not. This man seemed so sure of himself. He didn't ask her permission to undress her, just begun to do it. She felt her knees grow weak. Her panties felt so wet, she thought she had peed in them. But it was only the abundance of juice running from her pussy that had her so wet. Harvey smiled at her silence. He would soon change that attitude. He stepped around her and unbuttoned the button on her skirt. Then she heard the zipper being pulled down. "Please!" Brenda's plea sounded more like a moan. She looked over at Gracie only to see the young woman slowly working her finger in and out of her pussy. The young Black woman sat with her legs open wide. One hand had pulled her panty crotch aside. Brenda could see that she was shaved. Brenda's skirt fell to the floor. She heard a sharp click and then felt her pantyhose and panty being cut loose from her body. "When I make love to my wife, she has to call me Daddy. That is because I will accept no compromise, no argument and no hesitation. Do you know that your panties are soaking wet? Have you cum without my permission?" You will learn that your body belongs to us. You will not enjoy the pleasures of your body unless we give permission. You have the choice of complying or telling us to leave right now. I expect you to answer right away." Brenda Lee knew that she was being asked to submit herself to the control of these two people. Did she want to? Could she give up her right to even playing with her own pussy to satisfy the burning that took over her sometimes? Her mind was in turmoil. He was offering her a type of satisfaction that she had only fantasized about. Suddenly she heard him say talking to his wife. "Get dressed! I can see that this woman is not ready for the type of fun that we enjoy." He stepped around Brenda Lee. And helped Gracie stand. Her fingers were covered with the juice from her cunt and Brenda held her breath as she watched Harvey suck them clean.

"Please don't leave. I'll do whatever you tell me to do." Harvey, to his credit, did not smile at his victory. Instead he turned to Brenda. "You will never again hesitate to answer me when I ask you a question. For your first lesson in discipline, I will spank you. Then I will have Gracie use one of the dildos from outside to make you cum." He sat down and pulled the woman over his lap. Raising his hand, he proceeded to give her a very hard spanking. By the time he finished, Brenda lay across his lap crying uncontrollably. Gracie had gotten up and went outside. She returned with a fairly big dildo. "This one should open her pussy nicely Daddy." Brenda was forced to stand with her legs wide. Gracie sat before her and without any preparation, begun to work the dildo up into the woman's cunt. Brenda moaned and grunted as the dildo was pushed deep inside her cunt. Harvey stood along side of her as this took place. He reached out and rubbed her round ass. His other hand held her arm to help steady her. "Oh Daddy! Look at all the creamy cum that's dripping down her legs. May I please suck her pussy clean?" Harold's finger slipped between Brenda's cheeks. "Had you proved more cooperative, I would allow my wife to satisfy you with her mouth. But your hesitation and the fact that I was forced to spank you will only make you more eager to please me later. For now, Gracie will make you cum with this dildo. Tonight you will prepare yourself as if you were preparing for a lover. A hot bath, a sexy outfit, the works. Then you will lay in bed and wait for my call. You are not to touch yourself until I give you permission. Is that understood?" Brenda nodded her head. "I will be fucking Gracie while I talk to you. Or maybe I will bring her by your house and fuck you both. Since you don't know what I will do, you had better make sure you're ready for either one." Even as he spoke, Brenda was trembling as she experienced a powerful orgasm that almost made her pass out. He took the dildo from Gracie's hand and held it up. "Clean this off for me, would you please?" When Brenda went to reach for it, he pushed it to her lips. She sucked it clean without a whimper. Harvey looked at Gracie and found her hands once again between her thighs. "When I get you home, I will tie you to the bed and whip that hungry pussy for you. You took advantage of a vulnerable woman just because you knew she was vulnerable. I will have to teach you to be more considerate of others. Get dressed and let's go." With that, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of bills. He peeled off almost $2,000 and tossed them on the desk. "I expect a bill and whatever change is due me." Then he turned around and left the room. A few minutes later, Gracie came out the door and got into the car.

As the car pulled off, Gracie turned to her father. "Daddy I'm sorry for the way I acted. Please don't whip my pussy." Harvey smiled. "That was said for her benefit not yours. Tell me how did it feel taking on the dominant role?" Gracie smiled. "Wow! I have never been more turned on. When I felt her trembling as I touched her I almost came myself. Then as I twisted and pulled her nipples, the hotter she became the hotter I became. I wish you had let me suck her. I wanted to make her beg me to finish. Oh Daddy, my pussy is throbbing so hard. Take me home and fuck me right now." Harvey laughed as his car pulled away from the curb. When they got home, Harvey let the front door close then grabbed Gracie by her arm.

He spun her around and pushed her down to her knees. Gracie was unzipping his pants and had just gotten his dick out when he shoved it deep in her throat. "Suck it now. And when I cum, take your nasty ass upstairs and strip. I do intend to tie you to the bed and whip that wet cunt of yours for the way you acted with that woman. I will teach you to always obey Daddy's Rules." Gracie sucked his throbbing cock eagerly. She knew she would see Brenda Lee again. She expected to be whipped but she smiled to herself. Brenda would learn that if she had to obey Daddy's Rules, Gracie's Rules would be a Bitch!

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