Daddy's Sexy Summer With Daughter


Actually, to be honest, it felt quite good to bond with my father in this way, a daughter holding her Daddy's cock. I couldn't bond with him any closer than I was now, unless his cock was in my mouth or in my pussy. Speaking of which, I only wished I could have pretended to sleep with his cock in my mouth. Yet, too obvious of a move on my part, how could I possibly do that, take Daddy's cock in my mouth, without ruining my game and jeopardizing my plan?

Gently, ever so slightly, I could feel him moving his hips back and forth, side to side, and up and down. By his slow, rhythmic movements, I was giving my Daddy a sleeping hand job. I could feel his cock pulsating while getting harder, as I gave him a sleeping hand job. As if I was having a dream of holding something or hanging on to something, I tightened my grip of his cock, so that he'd have more friction to feel the pleasure of my sleeping hand. As if dreaming of holding a cock in my hand, I lightly ran my fingertips across the head of his big prick and when I did, I felt him gasp and his cock grow stiffer. I felt him look down to see if I was awake, but I had my eyes closed and he thought, no doubt, that I was still asleep. Literally and figuratively, I was a real cock tease now.

Over the next few nights, we repeated the process, his cock would accidentally on purpose fall out of his pee hole, while he feigned sleeping and when he was sure that I was sound asleep, he'd gently, ever so slowly wrap my fingers around his cock. Then, one night, I pretended that I was drunk. All this time, he never touched me for fear of awakening me, no doubt. Then, during this one night, he cupped my breast through my nightgown. Figuring, no doubt, that I was unconscious, he even stuck his hand down the top of my nightgown and fingered my nipples, before raising my nightgown high enough to expose my naked ass and shaved pussy in the mirror on the living room wall that reflected us cuddling on the couch. For sure, by his bold behavior, Daddy was not going to be denied me tonight.

Obviously, Daddy was horny for me. With my plan working better than I had hoped, I was driving my Dad wild with lust for me. With my mouth so close to his exposed cock, he took the risk and by moving it with his index finger, he touched the side of his cock to my lips. Oh, my God, be still my heart. Call me a wicked daughter, but I so wanted to blow my Daddy when he did that and it took all the control that I possessed not to take him in my mouth, when he touched my lips with the erect side of his big dick. I swear, if I could have gotten away with it without ruining everything, I would have sucked him off right there. I was so horny myself by seeing his cock and holding onto his erect dick that I would have given him the blowjob of his life.

As an involuntary reaction, even though it was voluntary on my part, as if a feather had passed over my lips, I licked my lips in my feigned sleep and when I did, he moved his cock again touching my lips with the head of his big dick and I actually touched his cock with the tip of my tongue. Well, I knew that would get him going. Slowly, methodically, he gently moved his body without disturbing me, so that now the head of his prick was positioned straight at my lips. His cock was positioned so close to my mouth that if I sneezed in my sleep, I'd have a mouthful of Daddy's stiff prick. Then, he did it again. He touched his cock to my lips.

I couldn't believe it. My father was not only putting his cock to my lips but also he was pressing his cock against my lips. When I didn't respond, he actually took his cock in his hand and slowly rubbed his cock along the length of my lips. Oh, my God, that was so erotically hot. Surreal and as if a dream, something so forbidden, I just wanted to take him in my mouth and suck him, while fingering my pussy, but I couldn't do that. I'd ruin everything. For the guilt trip to work, I had to make this be all his doing with none of it mine. With the both of us pretending to be sleeping, my Dad was hoping for a sleeping, drunken blowjob. I dare say that if I really was drunk, I may have blown him.

I'm human, too. As a young woman, who hasn't had sex in a few months, since my high school prom, the day after my nineteenth birthday, feeling a cock rubbed along the length of my lips, even though and especially since, it was my Dad's cock, made me so wet. I was so aroused and when he did it again, is when I lashed out my tongue, as if licking my lips. Only, I licked the head of his cock, instead. I felt him gasp. Obviously, it had been a while since he had a blowjob. Obviously, a blowjob from his sexy daughter is what he wanted.

Still pretending I was sleeping my drunkenness off, my lips were parted just enough that Daddy inserted the very tip of his cock in my mouth. Then, he did something very unexpected. He held my nostrils shut with his fingers, until I had to open my mouth to breath. Such a daring move on his part. What if I had awakened? He was so horny, I don't think he would have cared. At that point, after me having made him insane with incestuous desire for me, he may have just raped me.

After he pinched my nostrils and after I opened my mouth more and left it open to breath, he didn't move or touch me for fear he'd awaken me. Now breathing more through my mouth than before, he left his cock positioned there, while waiting to make his next move or waiting for me to take the rest of him inside my mouth. Even though I knew he wanted to touch me, to feel my tits, to caress my ass, and finger my pussy, he didn't dare for the fear of awakening me, especially not now that he was about to receive a drunken, sleeping blowjob from his darling daughter.

Then, gradually, I felt him gently humping my mouth with his hips. With every gentle, small movement of his torso, his cock penetrated my mouth deeper by a few centimeters. Now my tongue was in constant contact with the head of his cock. Ever so slowly, he continued his rocking and humping motion, until he parted my lips, opened my mouth, and filled me with nearly the full length of his cock. I had Daddy's cock in my mouth. Oh, my God.

Now it was my turn. I pretended that I was dreaming. I pretended that I was sucking a cock in my dream. Still with my eyes closed, exploring his cock with my tongue, I pretended that I was blowing someone else. Yet, there I was sucking my Daddy's big prick.

I could feel him looking down to see if I was still sleeping and, even though I had my Dad's cock buried in my mouth, I still pretended that I was. With me pretending to be drunk, with me pretending to be sleeping, we did this every other night for a week. After giving my Dad a few sleeping hand jobs and blowjobs, it was time for me to raise that stakes. I told him that I was having trouble sleeping.

"Daddy, I haven't been sleeping very well. I've been having these horrible nightmares of having sex with my old boyfriend, who I can't stand."

"Really," he said acting as shocked as I acted disturbed. If they were giving out Oscars for our acting roles, the both us would win.

Yawning and looking more tired than I was, I played it up big.

"Daddy, do you have anything to help me to get a good night's sleep, a sleeping pill?"

"Here you are, baby girl. Take these just before going to bed."

Instead of giving me just one, he gave me two. I guess he really wanted to render me unconscious.

"Daddy," I said later that night. "I'm going to bed early. I'm so tired already, after having taken those two sleeping pills you gave me," I said with a big yawn.

I didn't take them. Instead, knowing he would, I waited for him to come in my room and he did. He stood by my open door, before stepping in the room and standing by my bed watching me sleep. Gingerly, he pulled down the sheet, while watching to see if I'd move. I pretended that I was out cold. Then, with my legs already spread apart enough for him to see my shaved pussy, he lifted my nightgown. I could feel him staring at my nakedness.

Then, I felt him touch me. He was playing with my clit, before he inserted a stiff finger inside me. Almost immediately, I was wet. Then, I felt his tongue. I couldn't believe it, my Dad was eating my pussy, while feeling my tits and fingering my nipples through my nightgown. Licking me, while finger fucking me, he had me squirming in my unconscious state in no time. Then, he stopped.

When I opened my eyes just enough to see what he was doing, he was putting on a condom. Oh, my God. My dad was getting ready to fuck me. Are you kidding me? Be still my heart.

Figuring I was out cold, he was intent on having his way with me by having sexual intercourse with his sleeping daughter. Is it any wonder why my Mom divorced his sick, perverted ass. With all the teasing I had done over the weeks, with him flashing me his cock, forcing me to give him a sleeping hand job and a drunken blowjob, I was so ready for my Daddy to fuck me, anything for the big payday that I had planned for the rest of my life.

With his knees between my legs and his palms on either side of me, I felt his weight on the bed and then I felt his weight on me. He positioned his cock by my pussy and with a gentle hump and a full thrust, his cock was deep inside of me. Oh, Daddy. It wasn't long before my Daddy was banging me, really banging me. Deeper and deeper, the full length of his big prick filled up my pussy. My dad was fucking me silly. Then, I felt him tense, tighten, shudder and cum. My Dad got off fucking me.

With all that happened during that brief period of time, one sexy summer, as if I had just won the lottery, that one summer guaranteed the financial help of my Dad for the rest of my life. He was so full of lust for me before and now that he was burdened with guilt for what he had done to his daughter, he was my easy mark to play.

"How'd you sleep?" He looked at me with trepidation.

"Boy, those pills really knocked me out. A bomb could have exploded and I'd never know. I still had that nightmare though, Daddy."

"Tell me about the nightmare," he said.

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because it's sexual, Daddy, and I'm so embarrassed."

"If you can't tell your Dad about a nightmare, Sabrina then--"

"Well, okay. I dreamt that I had sex, oral sex, with my old boyfriend again."

"Have you ever blown anyone before?"


"C'mon, you can tell me."

"You'll get mad. You'll think me a slut."

"No I won't. You're my baby girl, my precious daughter. Just tell me."

"I've had oral sex with a few boys."

"How many?"

"I don't know, maybe two or three or five or six or ten or twelve, the most. I lost count, after we won the big football game."

"What about the nightmare you had last night?"

"That was even weirder, Daddy. I felt my old boyfriend giving me oral sex," I said watching my Dad squirm in his chair before reaching down to adjust his growing erection, no doubt. "Then, I felt, as if my boyfriend had intercourse with me. I felt as if I was being fucked, Daddy, really banged. It was horrible but I'm ashamed to say that it felt good at the same time, Daddy. It felt so real and I really liked it Daddy. Maybe I'm just horny. Maybe those pills make me horny for me to dream of giving blowjobs, having my pussy eaten, and dreaming about getting banged like that. It's not normal for me to have those kinds of dreams, Daddy. Maybe I should see someone a therapist, perhaps."

"You're just stressed over starting college. I'm sure you'll be fine," he said standing to give me a hug and poking my belly with his stiff cock that tented his pajama bottoms.

"Thanks Daddy."

Now that I made him think that I thought it was all just a dream, my Dad figured he could do this the next night, too. Only, the game was over. Now, it was my turn to receive payment for playing my Dad. When he came in my room again thinking that I had taken more sleeping pills and when he was lying on top of me fucking my brains out, I opened my eyes.

"Daddy! What are you doing?"

I pushed him off me with all my strength, while punching his chest and slapping his face.

"Sabrina!" Immediately, he pulled his cock out of me and got off my bed. "You were having a nightmare and when I came into your room, it was dark and I tripped and when I fell my cock must have slipped inside you. I was trying to get up without awakening you and that's when--"

"Daddy! Really? You expect me to believe that you tripped and fell in my pussy? You were fucking me! You were really fucking me Daddy. You were banging me, your daughter, your baby girl. How could you do that, Daddy?" Playing my role to an Oscar level performance, making him feel even guiltier, I looked at him with hurt and shame. With a little girl lost forlornness in my eyes, I hid the true excitement that I had in thinking about all the money he'd surely give me. "It was you in my dreams all this time, wasn't it, Daddy?" Every time I called him Daddy, I could see him shrink within himself. "Now everything makes sense. All the hand jobs, the blowjobs, and the fucking that I've been dreaming about giving to my ex-boyfriend, I've been giving to you."

"I'm so sorry, Sabrina," he said hanging his head in shame and giving his impression of a limp dick by drooping his shoulders with his loss of erection. "I've just been so lonely and so horny and with you looking just like your mother, well--"

I had him now. He was mine. I owned him. From now on, everyone will be referring to me by my real name, the Rich Bitch.

"It's okay, Daddy. I understand. I really do," I said putting out my arms for him to give me a hug.

"Listen, I'll make it up to you. Just keep this as our little secret and I'll provide for you. Okay?"

My little plan worked perfectly. I got just what I wanted to get and he got exactly what he needed. Only, he wasn't done with me, yet.

"Okay, Daddy."

"Since we already had sex, I need for you to do me a favor," he said turning on my bedroom light.

He was standing in my room naked. His engorged cock immediately when from being flaccid to sticking out straight. I couldn't remove my stare from his big prick. Glistening in the light from my pussy juices, his cock was so big.

"Daddy," I said, pulling down my nightgown that he had raised to my waist. "What favor?" I said looking from his eyes to his cock and back to his eyes again.

He looked at me with a lust and a desire I never knew he had. Oh, oh, I had unleashed a monster. I was in big trouble now. If I thought he was banging me before, I was in for a big bang now.

"Now that I've already had sleeping sex and drunken sex with you, I need to know what it feels like to really have real eyes wide open sex with you, Sabrina."

"Daddy! I can't do that. That's so wrong. That's incest."

"I know, but if you do this for me, baby girl, I'll give you whatever you want, whenever you want it. Even if I marry again, you'll never want for a thing. I promise."

"Daddy, I don't know, that's too much like incestuous prostitution. You'd never respect me."

"Respect you? I'd have more love for you, if you did this for me, for us. Sabrina, you must do this for me, please. I beg you. Think of it as love, a father's love for his daughter."

"Well, okay, Daddy, since you put it that way. If this is all it will make you happy, I can't say no to you."

In one quick movement, I removed my nightgown. Even though I had been flashing him bits and pieces of me all summer long, this is the first time that I my Dad saw me naked. He climbed in bed with me. Only, this time it was different. This time, as if lovers, we took our time. We kissed, French kissed, while he directed my hand down to his cock. He was so big and his cock filled my hand. Slowly, I started stroking him to a stiffer erection, while French kissing him. His cock felt so good in my hand, especially with the heat of his kisses.

I was already so wet and when he started fingering my pussy, I thought I'd cum. Then, when he started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples is when I needed to feel his cock in my mouth. I figured if I gave him a blowjob, a real blowjob, instead of a sleeping or drunken blowjob, I'd give him a memory, he'd never forget.

I slid down the bed and took him in my mouth.

"Oh, Sabrina," he said. "Suck my cock. Suck Daddy's cock, baby girl. Blow Daddy."

He ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked and stroked his big cock. It made him more excited when I looked up at him with his big hairy prick in my mouth. Stroking him while sucking him, I could feel him getting ready to cum.

"Fuck me, Daddy," I said removing his cock from my mouth to speak. "Fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my pussy."

"Let me grab a condom," he said.

"It's okay, Daddy. Don't bother. I'm on the pill."

Bonding in a way that no father and daughter could but every father and daughter should, he made hot, passionate love to me.

"Don't cum in me, Daddy," I said.

"Okay, sure, Sabrina," he said looking a bit disappointed.

"I'd rather have you cum in my mouth."

He looked at me as if he had just scored a hole-in-one on his most difficult golf course.

"Are you sure, Sabrina?"

I knew that would get him, asking him to cum in my mouth instead of in my pussy.

"Yes, Daddy, I need for you to cum in my mouth. I need to know what you taste like and I need to swallow a part of you to make you more of a part of me," I said really laying it on thick, but he was falling for it and why wouldn't he with the thought of cumming in his daughter's mouth.

With all those nasty nights that he lightly rubbed his cock across the length of my lips, while I pretended I was sleeping or drunk or drunk and sleeping, I knew a blowjob where he shot his warm oozy load in my mouth is what he really wanted. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out of my pussy and I moved my body down to take him in my mouth. His cock was wet with my pussy juices and it excited me as much as it excited him to think that my Dad was going to cum in my mouth.

As soon as I cupped and caressed his hairy, big balls, while stroking his cock faster and sucking his cock deeper, he exploded all the incestuous desire he had for me in my willing mouth.

"Oh, Sabrina. Daddy's cumming. Oh, sweet baby girl. Don't stop. Don't stop. Suck me. Suck me dry, Sabrina."

I swallowed all of him, before licking him clean. Then, he made love to me again and again during those last days we were together. Never have I given any man a better blowjob than the blowjobs I gave my Dad.

After I spent the summer sucking and fucking my Dad's cock, before I left his house to start college, Daddy bought me a new car, a Mustang GT convertible, as a going away gift.

"Oh, thank you, Daddy," I said reaching down to feel his growing cock through his pants, while he reached up beneath my short skirt to feel my ass through my panties.

"Is that all I get, Sabrina for buying you a new car, just a hug?"

"What if," I said, as I unzipped his pants, reached my hand inside his underwear and pulled out his big dick, "I blow you."

"I think that would be a more appropriate thing for a daughter to give her father, after her father bought her a $35,000 automobile."

I fell to my knees and sucked him off right there in the driveway. We had no neighbors who could see, but had the mailman delivered our mail, he wouldn't have gotten an eyeful. Then, later, when I graduated from college, he bought me another new car, a white Corvette convertible with a red leather interior.

"Oh, thank you, Daddy," I said reaching down to feel his growing cock through his pants, while he reached down my low cut top feel my big boob and finger my erect nipple.

"Is that all I get, Sabrina for buying you a new car, just a hug?"

"What if," I said, as I unzipped his pants, reached my hand inside his underwear and pulled out his big dick, "I blow you."

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