Daddy's Shocking Discovery


I felt my heart thudding in my chest again as I prayed for strength.

We ate in relative silence, conversation a little strained and for the first time I felt truly uneasy. I didn't want the knowledge I had gained from snooping in my little girl's room to damage or change the great relationship we shared, but I knew it already had. And what was I going to do? It wasn't like I could just bring it up as an idle conversation starter. Oh by the way Maddie, baby, I was snooping on your computer and found your incest videos, care to explain?

No I definitely couldn't do that. But neither could I truly leave it alone. It was a curse; of needing to know what it was that made my little Maddie want to watch that? I tried to push all thoughts of incest from my head and engage my young daughter in conversation and the awkwardness trailed away slowly though the tension was still there.

When we were done, we cleared the table and as I usually did I sat down to watch the seven o'clock news while Maddie went to her room and did what she did -- presumably her homework. I had always thought that's what she was doing of course, but now, as I watched the news with only half an ear, my mind centred on Maddie and what she might be doing in her room right now? Was she in there right this moment, watching those videos? Was she getting turned on by it, was she touching herself, were her sweet little nipples hard and aching, was her soft little pussy wet as she stroked it with her fingers? Was she thinking about me as she did so? God I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head, even though I consciously tried to push them away and concentrate on the news. It just wasn't working and I could feel once more my cock beginning to thicken in my pants. It was beginning to get painful and I knew I needed relief, and soon.

I made a concerted effort to pay attention to the news and stop thinking about my little girl, but it was hard and my cock decided it would stay at half mast as I just couldn't get it to go down. I knew I should have gotten up and gone to change but I wasn't really thinking all that straight and so left it too late. I was concentrating so hard on the TV that I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand fall on my shoulder.

"Sorry Daddy I didn't mean to scare you." Maddie apologised.

"Oh Maddie, it's... its fine. I just didn't hear you come... ah come out here again is all." I groaned inwardly as I stammered stupidly trying to sit in a way that hid the prominent bulge gracing the front of my pants. I glanced at my watch, it was eight, the news was just finishing up and now was the time Maddie generally came out and sat snuggled with me on the couch to watch one of her favourite shows.

Tonight I think it had something to do with werewolves and whatnot I truly didn't pay much attention as I half dozed while she watched the TV. It was kind of our thing and up until now it had always seemed totally innocent to me. Did Maddie use this time as a way to be close to me in another sense? I wondered.

I shifted uncomfortably as Maddie grabbed the remote from my knee and plonked down beside me on the couch. I knew at that moment I should have gotten up and moved away, but then that would have been like announcing something was terribly wrong and Maddie was the kind to press for an answer. That trait unfortunately she got from her mother too! So as uneasy as I felt I remained where I was, barely daring to breathe.

"Daaadddyy!" Maddie whined. "Sit properly!"

I gulped and the voice in my head kept telling me no, don't do it, it's only going to lead to trouble. But my body was already moving as I sprawled across the couch like I usually did. I sank back into the crook of the couch arm and pulled a leg up onto the sofa while the other stayed on the floor. Maddie smiled as she tucked herself in between the back of the sofa and my body, squashed along my length, as she snuggled under my arm and rested her head on my chest. Once the news was over she quickly flicked the station over and settled the remote on my lap, before snuggling down against me to watch her show, her arm across my stomach and her knee flung over my leg.

Once more I was reminded that this was how we spent just about every night together, in this exact pose, her young body pressed against mine, the remote in my lap resting atop my groin. But again this was almost like I was just wakening from a dream and realising that there was a sexual aspect to this whole thing... I'd just never noticed it before tonight.

God what on earth was I going to do?

As I lay there tense, I'm sure Maddie noticed but chose to ignore it. At least I hoped she was ignoring it. I wasn't entirely sure that she'd noticed the bulge in my trousers; I hoped she hadn't at least. Her show had started and she seemed enthralled with it and so I slowly started to relax. I'd managed to get myself under some semblance of control, enough that I didn't have a raging hard-on at least and sighed a silent breath of thanks.

I closed my eyes and dozed as I usually did when we were like this on the couch. I started awake when I felt Maddie's fingertips brush against my cock as she picked up the remote to adjust the volume. She replaced the remote on my lap and this time I definitely felt her fingers brush against me. My cock had a mind of its own as it twitched in my pants and began to grow. I could feel my heart thumping and closed my eyes feigning sleep.

Nothing I did helped, I could feel the surge of blood as my cock continued to inflate while images of young girls getting fucked by their Daddies filtered through my mind. I swallowed trying to force the images out once more but failing miserably. My heart began to thud even faster as I realised I risked Maddie seeing my blatantly obvious boner if I stayed where I was. I was just about to move, to shift and ask my little girl to hop up so I could go use the bathroom -- meaning so I could go hide in the bathroom -- but before I could Maddie grabbed the remote again, this time rubbing her knuckles against my quickly burgeoning rod as she pretended to adjust the volume once more.

I gulped and sucked in a silent breath. I wondered if she could hear how erratic and fast my heart was beating, surely she must, her ear was pressed directly over it. Was that fact giving her courage, making her a little bolder? Was that why when she went to replace the remote in my lap, instead of laying it down like she usually did she simply dropped her hand onto my crotch, the remote still in her grip.

It took a phenomenal amount of will power not to groan as I felt her small hand resting atop my hard, thick cock. My breathing was beginning to quicken even though I fought it, trying to remain in control but I knew I was rapidly losing the battle.

Maddie's hand was hot against my groin even though it did nothing but rest there, the heat built as the blood in my cock thickened even more and I felt myself throbbing. Even though I knew how wrong it was I continued to feign sleep, not wanting to draw attention to the obvious predicament I found myself in and by doing so embarrassing both Maddie and myself.

If I was honest, a small part of me continued to feign sleep because secretly I wanted to feel Maddie's hand against my cock but I consciously refused to acknowledge that fact instead pretending that I was simply laying there and doing nothing because I wanted to save face.

That all changed when I felt Maddie's knee tighten over my leg and she pressed the heat of her mound against my thigh, a little moan escaping her. Her hand left my groin and I nearly groaned in protest, but the disappointment I felt was short lived as I felt her set the remote down on my belly. A moment later her hand was back on my crotch. This time though there was no pretence.

Her flat hand lay along the length of my engorged cock, her fingers curling around it gently as she lightly stroked it through my pants. Alarm bells were once again going off in my head and that little voice was literally screaming at me to stop this madness, but I didn't move a muscle. I couldn't, it was like my whole body was paralysed, I couldn't physically move. I don't think I was even breathing at that stage as Maddie stroked my cock and continued to hump her little mound against my leg.

The heat I felt against my thigh from her crotch was amazing and I wondered just how hot she was, how wet, was her little pussy aching to be touched? I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to touch her, to slide my fingers along her sweet little cunny lips, dip them inside, to finger her pussy... how much I wanted to lick her sweet pussy and suck her clit ... oh God!

No no no no! You've got to stop this madness, now. This is wrong, wrong, wrong and you know it. Stop it now, NOW! The voice was just making itself heard when Maddie got a little overzealous and squeezed at the head of my cock harder than she intended I think as she humped against me. I couldn't help it as an uncontrollable gasp broke from my lips and my head came up. There was no way I could keep pretending to be asleep after that, but regardless, I'd had heard the voice.

I put my hand over hers and gently drew it away from my hard cock placing it on my chest. As much as I truly didn't want to, it was the right thing to do. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my head. "Maddie, baby, what are you doing?" I asked softly, not wanting to make her feel bad about anything.

When she looked up at me I had to swallow and take another deep breath. Her face was so beautiful, flushed with desire, her pupils dilated with desire and sexual want. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, looking so plump and ready to kiss. Her body was still pressed firmly against mine and I could still feel her little hips grinding against me. She was so aroused, so horny, so god damned sexy! Oh God help me! I prayed.

"Daddy!" She whispered pleadingly at me, her eyes staring up at me, begging me. She shifted, her body squirming, wriggling about until she'd managed to crawl atop me, her body stretched and pressed along the length of mine, her mound pressing down hard on my thick rod. "Please Daddy?" She whispered again grinding herself against my cock now, her small breasts pressed against my chest.

I couldn't stop the groan as her hands bunched into fists in my shirt and she dropped her head to my chest as well as she continued to grind her hips against my groin, her thrusts getting a little more urgent with every passing moment as she mashed her clit against my cock. I groaned again, my hands having a mind of their own as dropped to grasp at her hips. I ignored the voice once again.

Oh god I couldn't believe I was letting this happen, what was wrong with me, I should have been trying to stop it! I should have been telling her to stop, to get off but I couldn't speak, the only sound I could managed were the small moans escaping me in time with my sweet little girls grinding. I guess in the end we are all just human and it had been a very long time. That's the only thing I can put it down to as to why I didn't have better control.

My hands gripped at her hips, helping her to grind them against me as I began grinding back up into her. I heard her whimper before she raised her head to look at me again and whispered, "Oh yes Daddy, please."

I felt her shift, her legs spreading as she sort to drape them to either side of my hips, opening her most private centre to me as she tried to straddle my groin. I was at an awkward angle still hanging half off the sofa and so I shifted myself, lifting up as I scooted further onto the sofa, bringing my other leg up so I could lay somewhat flatter. My little Maddie whimpered and moaned again as I did that, the move pressing my stiff cock up into her open pussy that much harder.

She pushed up from my chest as she brought her knees up so she was sitting atop me, her little hips still grinding as she was spread wide open. Her face was flushed with a light sheen of sweat forming across her skin and she never looked more beautiful than she did right at that moment as she chewed on her bottom lip and ground down against me. The heat we created between our two sexes scalded and it felt amazing. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I knew right then, that I was going to fuck my little girl that night.

Maddie reached down and took my hands; drawing them slowly up her body she pressed them against her small breasts. "Please Daddy, oh please, touch me." She whispered again staring at me with begging eyes.

Oh God, how could I deny that? How could I say no to her? I couldn't. I could feel the sharp little points of her nipples against my palms and I had to close my eyes and groan as I heard her words again, "Please Daddy."

That was it, it was all too much, I finally and completely gave in and let go. I squeezed my hands around her sweet little titties, moulding them in my hands, tweaking at the nipples, taking the time to worship such the most glorious set of breasts I'd had the privilege to hold in a long time. Her little whimpers and moans and gasps were music to my ears and I groaned and moaned along with her every time I heard her whisper, 'Oh Daddy.'

I sat up, coming face to face with her as I moved a hand to the back of her neck. "Maddie!" I groaned in a hard whisper. "God Baby, Daddy needs to kiss you." Her little whimper and the word yes was all it took and a second later I had my mouth pressed against hers. I groaned hard as a shiver passed over my whole body and that was it, the lines had well and truly been obliterated now and there was no going back.

My sweet little Maddie opened her mouth to me quickly, inviting my tongue in as I pressed forward kissing her with a passion I never knew I possessed, a passion which she readily returned. She literally took my breath away as I tasted her sweetness, so subtle so pure so utterly delicious I couldn't stop myself from kissing her deeper. Again and again I pressed my tongue into her mouth, sucking at her lips, nipping at them and all the while my little girl whimpered and moaned against my mouth.

I pinched lightly at a nipple, still very much aware of her grinding pelvis, her rhythm quickening over my cock, getting faster and faltering as I pulled at her small tight nipple, my hand still pulping the small breast as I did so. After a short time Maddie pulled her face away from me, her head dropping back on her shoulders as she arched her back forward, pressing her little breast into my palm as her hips jerked and twitched on my lap, "Oh, oh god Daddy!" She cried out and I realised that she'd just cum and I felt heat spread across my groin.

"Oh my god, Baby!" I moaned as I watched her whole body flush with colour and I felt my cock give a painful twitch as I nearly came inside my pants along with her. Somehow, I managed not to though. As she continued to shudder atop me, I could only imagine what feelings were coursing through her young body, but for me, I knew I needed more and that I couldn't stop now.

I reached down and slid my fingers under the hem of her top, pushing it up I touched the soft, smooth skin of her stomach for the first time. I ran my fingers over her flat tummy and up over her ribs, as I neared the underside of her breasts I hesitated for a moment as I looked back up to her face. Her eyes were still doey with pleasure as she looked back at me, but she gave me a languid smile as she raised her arms above her head. That was all the invitation I needed.

As wrong as I knew it was, I was past caring. I wanted my little girl so badly I couldn't have stopped if I'd have tried. I pulled her shirt over her head gasping as I laid eyes on her naked breasts for the first time. Small, beautiful, delicate little things they were, so lovely I barely breathed as I reached forward to cup them in my palms. My eyes fluttered closed for a moment as I savoured the feel of them in my hands but I couldn't look away from them for long.

My eyes greedily soaked in every detail I could, wanting to burn this moment into my mind for all eternity. I used my thumbs to tease at her peaked little nipples, so small and tight, a light, light dusty brown colour with just a hint of pink to them. They looked so beautiful and tempting and I just had to have them in my mouth.

I pressed her back a little as I leant forward, my lips dropping to first one and then the other as I teased and sucked and licked at her wonderful little breasts unopposed. Her small whimpers of sound encouraging me to give her yet more pleasure as I felt her hips begin to grind again. "Oh Daddy! Yes, please suck my titties Daddy. SO good!" She sighed above my head as her back arched and she pressed her sweet little globes of flesh further into my mouth.

I dropped a hand to her leg and slid it up along the inside of her thigh searching for that ultimate prize. I heard my little girl gasp loudly as my hand pressed in against her panties. God she was wet, saturated and so hot! Her breathing was loud in my ears as I rubbed at her puffy lips through her underwear. She groaned and lifted up a little creating a bit of space and I took full advantage as I quickly slipped my fingers under the crotch of her panties and touched her sweet, sweet little cunny for the first time.

My groan was loud as I sucked nearly her entire breast into my mouth and ran my fingers along the slick folds of her young pussy. I shuddered as my cock throbbed beneath me, wanting more but having to wait as I gently stroked my daughters tiny, teenaged pussy, making her writhe and moan atop me as I sucked on her delectable little breasts. "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy." She whimpered almost constantly as her hips jerked against my probing fingers. "Daddy, daddy, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make me cum!"

I felt her body convulse and shake as she came on my fingers, a wet gush of fluids streaming from her little pussy to coat my fingers and hand. It made me so incredibly hot. I quickly yanked my hand from between her legs and reached up to smear the juices across one of her little breasts before leaning forward to then suck and lick it off her flesh just as quickly. She moaned lightly as I raised my head and looked at her.

Maddie's breathing was haphazard as she sagged against me and I held her close and petted her hair. I could feel the ache in my balls, a dull throb that wasn't going to be denied. I took the opportunity this little lull offered me and wrapped an arm securely about her hips as I turned and then pushed forward to stand. I rose up my full six foot two inches, holding my little girl's almost naked body pressed against me as I turned and changed places with Maddie, laying her out on her back as I came down on top of her. I stretched out the full length of the modular lounge, wedging my hips between my baby's legs as I pushed my throbbing dick hard against her open little pussy.

My Madeline moaned beneath me, arching her back as I dry humped against her. "Oh Daddy," she whispered. "Daddy, please I want you so bad."

Those had to be the sweetest words I had ever heard in my entire life. And believe me, regardless that it was wrong, I had every intention of making them a reality. I rose up, pushing back as I knelt between Maddie's legs and quickly began working on my shirt buttons. My little girl was as anxious as she sounded and couldn't resist reaching forward to start working on my belt and pants. We both made quick work of it and as I shucked off my shirt Maddie was tugging at the waist of my pants and pulling them down my thighs. When she pulled the front of my shorts away from my body and yanked them down too, I sucked in a breath at the sudden freedom my aching seven inch cock had. The air was a cool shock to the heated flesh of my throbbing rod and my cock jumped and bobbed in reaction.

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