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Daddy's Special Girl


Note: This is set in the same universe as my story "The Town Bike." However, unlike "The Town Bike", this has a decidedly different focus. Hence why it is in this genre, rather than in the non-human. Enjoy!


You might not think that the pop-hiss of a beer can being opened would be the single most terrifying thing I had ever heard in my life. But you have never been wearing your mother's panties while Duke was in the house.

"So," Duke said, his voice deep and rumbling and conversational. "Is now a bad time to say that those look fuckin good on you?"

Lets rewind a bit.

My name is Liam Toddlemire. About five years ago, my Dad got drunk and wrapped his truck around a tree. This is what my grief councilor called 'a bad thing.' Yeah. She hadn't ever seen Dad raging drunk threatening to beat Mom up. So, I thought that things were clear and smooth - but Mom had gotten lonely. And she had gotten onto the dating sites. And she had met Duke. And...well...Duke. Duke was seven feet tall, covered in scales and muscle and had an attitude bigger than his tail. An alligator from Florida, the first time I had met him, he had made my skin crawl. His scales and his slightly moist aspect, his long snout, those yellow slitted eyes. Cold and calculating.

And having to listen to Mom scream his name wasn't exactly top ten on my list of things to try and fall asleep too.

And now, he had found me.


I closed my eyes and felt the floor drop out from under me. My stomach clenched and my skin tingled as I stood there and tried to think of something. Anything. A magical set of words that might explain why I was here, with my dick tucked against my balls and all of it rubbing against the smooth silkiness of panties. The first time I had ever put my Mom's panties on, I had gotten so hard that I had almost ripped them - or at least, that was how it had felt. And the absurd thing was, it had been a total mistake: In the early morning light, I hadn't realized her underwear and mine had been mixed...and that had been during the most punishing weeks of Band Camp, where I had had to get out of bed at five in the morning to get ready for the bike ride to campus.

College marching band was a good two steps above the rigors of high school marching band.

And high school marching band had been punishing.

So, sleep deprived and in the pitch blackness of my room, I had grabbed something vaguely underwear like and slipped on a firm, tight pair of panties. The realization of what had happened had jolted through my brain like a straight pot of coffee and I had stood there, feeling my hard cock against the silk...and knew...

I had to try this again.

Today had seemed like the perfect day. Mom was out of town. Duke would be at work - he pulled down a nine to five at Google. Say what you would about his accent or the fact he never wore a fucking shirt at home, the dude apparently was a pretty damn good robotics engineer. And so, I could try on panties to my hearts content. Instead, I was standing here - stock still and turning bright red - with Duke watching me. With a beer in hand, if that fizz was right. I clenched, then unclenched my hands, then opened my eyes.

I could see him in the mirror: Bulky muscle, bare shoulders, those slit-yellow eyes. He was grinning at me as he held his beer can.

"W-What are you doing home?" I whispered, mortification thick in my voice.

Duke chuckled. "I'm, well, for one thing, getting a fuckin great show. Secondly, I got a call - the project is on hold for today." He stepped forward and walked up to me - setting the beer on the dresser. His hand slid along my back - cool and moist - and he grabbed onto the hem of the panties, tugging them up. He eyed me in the mirror and...I felt very odd. My skin prickled and the mortification that filled me became tinged with an odd sense of pride. Because I noticed that the boxers he wore were tenting - his cock starting to press against it.


Was I doing that?

"You look fine," he murmured. "I think a bra and a dress..." He reached up and before I could stop him, his hands went to the pony tail that I had. He undid it and tugged my blond hair out so it hung around my shoulders. I grew it long to save money, and seeing it spilling over my shoulders and surrounding my cheeks was a bit of a shock - for a moment, I could almost see a flat chested girl standing there. Duke grinned wide - his teeth were sharp, his eyes appraising. "Yeah. You'd make a pretty little girl."

"W-...I...I'm n-not a cross dresser!" I stammered, spinning to face him.

"Could have fuckin fooled me, babe," he said, his voice casual.

"I'm not babe!" I spluttered.

Duke reached up. His fingers hooked onto my nipple and tugged it. I gasped at the electric feeling that surged through my body - my cock pressing against the panties that contained them. He chuckled again - a low, rich noise. Like dark chocolate. It made me quiver even more, and the humiliation filling me warred with the intensity of his touch. His scales, his closeness. He was so...strong. My nose flared and I could smell his masculine musk and it made my head dizzy.

"Come on, honey," he murmured. "You've always butted heads with me, but I'm your Daddy. I know what's best for you - and this? This makes a lot of things make a lot more fuckin sense." He chuckled. "Don't think I haven't noticed the looks you send my way."

"L-Looks?" I whispered. I hadn't...looked. I didn't...

"You got a serious thing for Daddy. Don't worry," he murmured. "It's normal. Daddy's gonna help you, Lucy."

I squirmed. Lucy!? My eyes opened - and I found that was exactly the wrong thing to do. He was standing so close to me, he was so much taller than me, that this brought my eyes to nipples with his broad chest. He had just a bit of fat underneath his muscle, giving him this pleasant bulk that made my head spin. Maybe...I had looked. I gulped slightly and whispered. "D-D..." I tried to form the word Duke. Instead, my mouth shaped a different word.

"D-Daddy...w-what are you going to do?"

He grinned wide and then silently stepped over to Mom's closet. Throwing it open, he pulled out a lacy pink bra. He held it to my chest, humming softly as he fastened it. He leaned his nose against my shoulder, murmuring into my. "Tell me that doesn't look fucking good, Lucy."

I looked at my chest in the mirror. It was still too flat, too sheer for any girl. But that was solved with a bit of packing - Duke ended up being as good at improvisational clothing design as he was at robotics. Once he was done packing, he pulled one of my mother's older dresses over my shoulders. Mom had once tried it on and I had heard her mutter through the thin wall separating her rooms - muttering about stretch marks and age. Well, I wasn't old, and I wasn't overweight...and the dress fit me almost perfectly. Duke stepped between me and the mirror and I stood there - numb with shock - and watched as he pulled out my mother's makeup. I was worried that Duke wouldn't know what he was doing - though, to be fair, I didn't know what I was doing...

But Duke's hands moved with sureness and grace. He pressed the red lipstick to my lips and I quivered as he slipped it slowly around my mouth, brushing against my lips. "Mmm, there we go," he murmured. A small brush added a bit of blush to my cheeks and I slowly closed my lips. Duke cupped my cheek once he was done. His scaled thumb slipped along my lips - for an insane second, the temptation surged through me to suck on the digit, to show that I was willing too...w-what? I didn't know. My head felt as if it was circling around a few ideas and thoughts and feelings at a thousand miles a minute.

Then I realized that he was just checking to make sure it wouldn't smear.

"T-Thanks," I whispered.

Duke shrugged his broad shoulders. "Anything for my special girl."

I flushed even harder and started to look to the side. But Duke slipped behind me and used his palm to push my head back around and made me look right at myself in the mirror. Liam was gone. Lucy was standing there. Slender and beautiful, with long blond hair that spilled around her shoulders. She seemed young and innocent - on the line between eighteen and nineteen, with bright blue eyes that really popped against the makeup that surrounded them. Her skin was pale and perfect.

She was beautiful.

"I-I'm not..." I stopped.

"See," Duke said. "I kinda figured you'd like if you looked fuckin pretty." He grinned. "So, tell me, who are you gay for?"

"W-What!?" I spun to face him. "I am NOT!"

"And before now, you said you weren't fuckin into crossdressing," Duke said. His hand casually reached down between my legs. He lifted my skirts and I squeaked as he showed off my pale, hairless thighs. The casual revelation was as intensely erotic as the dressing had, and my hands grabbed at the skirt, trying to shove it down. But Duke was already fondling my cock through the panties, rubbing me with his broad palm. "And lookey here. Lucy seems pretty fuckin wet."

His thumb rubbed against the damp spot that my pre had made on my panties.

I closed my eyes, shuddering. I almost came, right then and there.

"So," he purred. "You've oggled Daddy. But you can't get my dick. I'm married." He dropped my skirt. "You gotta have someone else you've got your mind on, huh?"

I ducked my head forward. Duke was being insane. I...I wasn't gay. Maybe I liked being in a dress, but that was just because it felt good. The fabric was so warm and so smooth. It clung to my body tightly - and it was so colorful too. I loved the way that the reds and blacks contrasted against my pale skin. And the feeling of the breeze along my thighs that brushed between my legs and crept under my skirt felt so fresh and free. I opened one eye and saw that Duke was still smiling at me. He didn't seem like he was going to push me. He was letting me make up my mind.


Well, if he wasn't going to let me go without knowing, I'd just...ah!

Aron. One of my best friend, Aron was a jackal - his parents were from Egypt, but he had grown up in the states. He and I loved to hang out, shoot the shit, and bitch about the woodwinds after practice. He was in the pit, so he had extra reason to bitch - the current sets we were running in the band had the woodwinds marching close enough to the pit to ruffle his tail. And besides, Aron was the chillest guy I knew. If anyone would be calm and collected in this kind of situation, it'd be him. It didn't hurt that - and I mean this in a completely straight way - Aron was a fucking hunk. He was sleek and muscular and had ebony black fur and this amazing six pack. I was always jealous of that six pack, cause...well, I never managed to get more than just rail thin.


I opened my other eye, smiling shyly at Dad. "W-Well, t-there's Aron Issa..."

"I fuckin knew it," Duke murmured, ruffling my hair gently.


We stepped outside into the fresh air and just being there made me want to turn around, bolt upstairs, and close the door behind me. Duke kept his arm around my back as he gently pushed me forward. I stood in the street...and saw that absolutely no one was out. The day was bright and blue and the air smelled warm and wet after the summer showers that had swept through our parched county over the past week. The grass glinted with moisture - tiny emerald shafts that waved faintly in the breeze that ruffled my skirt around my thighs. The houses around us sat empty and locked up - their families' at school and work alike, leaving nothing but the distant sounds of a leaf blower howling in from some park a few blocks away.

Duke chuckled. "Don't worry, we won't run into anyone for a block. Like anyone'd recognize you in this get up."

"R-Right," I said, walking forward. My shoes were girl shoes, but they weren't high heels: I had pointed out that I was barely able to walk in a straight line in normal shoes and Duke had agreed. Still, the mere act of walking with a pair of panties on filled each step with an erotic promise that caused me to breathe as fast as if I had been marching sets all day. Duke ambled with me, not speaking as he let me get used to just...being Lucy for a bit.

After we reached the corner, I said: "So, uh...Daddy...w-why did you never want me to call you that, um, before?"

He shrugged. "Well, first, I figured you fuckin hated furries." He seemed unperturbed by the idea. "Took me a while to figure out you were just confused."

I blushed. I had to admit, looking back on some of the things I had thought about my father-in-law, they hadn't exactly been the most P.C. I felt the weight of that guilt settle on my shoulders as I wrung my hands together - but before I could find a way to put them into words, we walked past the front lawn of a house that actually had someone on it. The woman - a gorgeous Asian girl - was busily lifting weights as she lounged on a bar-bell machine that she had put out front, apparently unconcerned with what rains or sticky fingers might try. She was buffer than Aron, and looked at me curiously.

I smiled, shyly, and waved.

She eyed Duke. "This guy bothering you, hon?" she asked - sounding like she wouldn't mind using the barbell on anyone who did bother me's head.

"O...Oh! No, this is my Dad! Step-Dad! I mean!" I added, hurriedly. "I mean, r-real Dad, but..." I flushed.

The girl laughed, shaking her head, standing up. She snapped her finger. "Wait, I've seen you around."

Panic. Shit. She was going to grab my shirt, rip it off, start screaming that I was a tranny or something. I tensed, ready to turn and sprint away. Daddy put his hand on my shoulder, calming me for a moment as the girl nodded again. "You're the guy in the Google smart car, right?"

"Guilty as charged," Dadd...Duke said. His name was Duke. "And this is my daughter, Lucy."

"Glad to meet you," the girl said, taking my hand and shaking it with a smile. "My name's Kelly."

"T-Thanks, Kelly," I said, my voice pitching slightly higher from the nerves. Couldn't she tell I was a boy? Was I passing? I gulped slightly, and was suddenly painfully aware of the fact that I had an Adam's apple. Would she notice that little bump? Wait, did some girls have Adam's apples? I didn't know! Shit! Kelly, seemingly unaware of the fact that I was absolutely and totally losing my shit, smiled at Dad...Duke.

"Cute kid. Nice dress."

She spoke dryly, and a bit sarcastically. I looked at her - at her muscular arms, at the fact she worked out where everyone could see and felt a bit defensive.

"Hey," I said, frowning. "I l-like dresses. I mean, dresses are cool. Not everyone should wear them, but if you're, you know, down for dresses, I'm just...saying, uh, you should be able to...dress..." I trailed off, lamely.

Kelly laughed. "Got a point kid. So, do you two want to do some reps?" She asked, grinning at Daddy. He laughed and shook his head - waving one hand. As we started to walk away, Kelly went back to her workout and I put my hand on my chest, fingers brushing against the skin to feel the race of my own heartbeat. I breathed in short, quick gasps. Dad grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them.

"You okay?" He murmured. "You want to fuckin' go home, Lucy? You can if you want."

I shook my head. "S-She thought I was a girl, Daddy...t-that's amazing."

He chuckled. "Not Duke?"

I squeaked. "D-Duke! I mean!"

He let go of my shoulders and smiled. "Come on, then. If you're not fuckin going home, lets get to Aron and see if you two can get making out while the iron is hot."

I flushed and didn't respond. Aron was chill...but he also knew me. Kelly hadn't freaked, but she hadn't known me enough to see past the long hair and the makeup and the dress. I wasn't so sanguine that Aron was going to be fooled, and even if he was, there was NO way that I was going to make out with him if he didn't know who I was. That'd be dishonest. I walked a few steps down the sidewalk before I jerked my head up, realizing that I hadn't also thought that I'd never make out with him in any situation.

Because I wasn't gay.

I wasn't.


Dad reached up and rang the doorbell to Aron's house - and my nerve snapped like an overstressed guitar string. I turned to go and Dad grabbed me and held me right in place as the door opened and Aron stood in the doorway and blinked at us. He had come to the door shirtless, with his shorts tight around his thighs and flush against his fur. His short, bushy tail twitched from side to side and his tongue lolled out as he panted softly - he had a towel slung over his shoulders. His large, beautiful golden eyes looked me over, then looked at Dad.

"What's going on here?" Aron asked, quietly. His voice was musical - tinged with the accent of his parents, while still being recognizably American. It was the dress that made it cause my skin to raise with goosebumps.

"Well," Dad said, smiling at Aron. "This is Lucy, my daughter." He pushed me forward slightly.

Aron looked at me...and I saw a faint quiver on his muzzle. His ears twitched and my cheeks turned brilliant, ruby red. He knew who I was - and he wasn't looking particularly shocked. My mind scrolled back over my memories of the past few blocks...but I didn't remember Dad going on a cellphone or texting. But then again, I had also been a bit, ah, distracted. Still, I gulped and realized I had a choice. Aron knew what was going on.

...but I didn't have to let him know that.

I smiled at him, holding out my hand. "Hello, uh, Aron," I said, my voice pitched up slightly. My cheeks flushed as he took my hand in his paw. His pads were so soft. W-Why had I never noticed that before? I bit my lip as he bowed his head down and brushed his soft, wet nose along my knuckles. I drew in a short, sharp gasp.

"Lucy," he murmured. "Pretty name." He looked up at me. Then he started, his muzzle blushing red. "S-Shit! I'm not wearing a shirt. Uh, one second!" The door closed in my face. I opened my mouth, then closed it with a snap. I spun to face Dad...DUKE! His name was Duke! He wasn't my father! I wasn't gay! This was ridiculous. Duke laughed quietly and brushed his scaled palm along my head - tousling my blond curls.

That felt too fucking good. It was starting to piss me off.

"Yeah, I texted him," he said, grinning. "He thought it'd be a fun practical joke. Hence, the shirtless shit." He shrugged. "But I think you took him aback. Good going, Lucy."

"Liam!" I hissed to him.

Duke leaned in. "You're soaked, aren't you?"

The pressure of my panties, pressing my aching cock down against my thighs, surged through me. I whimpered as Duke's snout bumped my nose, his eyes meeting mine. I trembled and whispered. "Y-Yes Daddy..." Another rush of lust burned through my body and I jerked away from Dad as the door opened. Aron looked great in a button down white T-shirt that contrasted wonderfully with his midnight black fur. The shirt strained against his chest - he wasn't as burly as my father, but he was still incredibly muscular.

I managed to keep myself from reaching out and tracing the lines of those pecs and abs.

"So, uh, Lucy, want to come in?" he asked, smiling at me.

"Y-eah, sure," I said, nodding, my eyes wide. I glanced at Dad, who gestured with one hand.

"Call me when you're ready for her to be picked up. Have fun on your date, kids," Dad said, bowing his head to me - he turned and walked off, whistling cheerily. I looked at Aron, smiling shyly at him.

"A date, huh?" I murmured, my voice husky.

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