tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Summer Slave Ch. 02

Daddy's Summer Slave Ch. 02


Readers: Please read chapter one of this story to get the entire picture. Enjoy!

Daddy led me up the stairs to the main level and we both got a bottle of water from the fridge. We had to be closed to being dehydrated. After all of the fluids that had been expelled from our body over the last couple of hours, we needed replenishment.

After a long gulp of water, Daddy looked at me with a smile. "You are absolutely gorgeous after being fucked like a whore. Let's not take too long getting ready; I really want to get to the mall. Remember after your shower to allow me to inspect you and pick out your outfit for the shopping spree. And don't even think about removing that butt plug in the shower. You must keep my seed planted in your ass all day long and into this evening. I have some plans for tonight that cannot go wrong. One of those plans has use for that cum that you are storing inside your tight little ass. So don't fuck it up or there will be hell to pay. Do you understand me, my little whore?"

"Yes Daddy, I will not remove it at all. I just realized a couple of minutes ago that I actually love having it stuck in my ass. It feels awesome and makes me feel like a two bit whore at the same time. I am your little whore, daddy and whatever you tell me to do, I will do to make you happy!" I said that in the best little girl voice that I could come up with and I noticed his cock beginning to get hard, yet again! I am going to be my Daddy's little sex slave for the entire summer as payment for my college education. What a little sacrifice I have to make to become a college graduate. This was going to be the best summer of my life!

We walked upstairs and went to our respective showers. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I was looking might seductive. No wonder daddy wanted me as his little whore. I removed the dog collar that was to be part of my daily outfit for my daddy. Then I took off the corset, stockings and shoes. I was standing there naked and I turned around enough to see my back side. The butt plug that daddy had chosen was hot pink and sticking out of my asshole. My ass cheeks had daddy's handprints all over them. It was still red and hot to the touch; I realized when I felt my ass cheeks with my hands. It almost stung to touch them and my pussy started quivering when I did. I thought I had better get in the shower and not make daddy wait.

I turned the water on hot and steamy. I took the pigtails out of my hair and stepped into the shower. I just wet my hair down as I had just taken a shower a couple of hours ago. I soaped up my body and ran my hands all over my tits and pierced nipples. I ran my hands down my stomach and into my pussy. It was still as smooth as a baby's butt and soaking wet with pussy juice. I was such a little whore. I loved being this horny and I loved that my daddy was doing it to me. He is such a handsome man and really knows what he's doing with a woman's body, apparently. He made me cum more today than I have in my entire life. And the way that he made me ejaculate and squirt all over him, was hot as hell. I couldn't wait to see what he had planned for the rest of the day. I made sure that all of my areas were clean and smooth and I quickly got out of the shower and dried off. I didn't want to see what would happen if I made daddy wait too long for me.

I walked to the guest room where my new wardrobe resided and waited for daddy in my sex slave stance. My legs were spread out wide enough so that daddy could inspect my pussy smoothness and my hands were placed behind my neck so that my tits jutted out and my nipples were standing on end. I stood there like that for about two minutes when daddy walked in freshly dressed in a pair of walking shorts and a polo shirt. His hair was still wet and slicked back and he smelled awesome. I was glad that he was my daddy and that he had chosen to make me his whore.

"Oh baby girl, you have just made daddy the happiest man in the world. You have given me a wonderful morning fucking and now here you are just as I wanted you to be, ready to be inspected with that butt plug sticking out of your ass. This is even more amazing than I had imagined it would be. You are the best little whore a daddy could ask for." He walked over to me and ran his fingers through my pussy all the way up my slit and back to my ass where that plug was protruding from my ass. He smiled when he felt it and then he leaned over and bit my nipples, unexpectedly, and I did not move. It hurt like hell, but I wasn't about to flinch now. I had been doing so well that I didn't want to make my daddy upset with me. He smiled big and said, "Pumpkin, you just made daddy very happy. I knew I could teach you that today if it killed us. Thank you for taking that bite like a trooper. I intentionally made it extra hard to test you out. You passed and that means one extra present of your choosing at the mall." He leaned over me and kissed my lips and very erotically entered his tongue in between my lips. We stood there kissing for a couple of minutes and he backed off, abruptly. "If we start this again, we are never going to get to the mall. So let's see what we can get my little whore to wear to the mall."

He walked into the huge closet and rummaged around through the clothes. He picked out a hot pink, spaghetti strap tank top and a short white skirt. A pair of ankle socks and white tennis shoes completed the outfit. "Your tan is going to look gorgeous with this color combination. Your long slender legs will be accented with the skirt and your long brown hair should flow over your shoulders nicely to wrap around your awesome tits. The tank top will accent your cleavage and I am going to give you a challenge for the day. The more you get young men to look at you, the more orgasms you will achieve before we go to dinner tonight. It's the first nice day of summer vacation, so I expect the mall not to be too busy. And if you get a woman to take a look at you, I will eat your pussy solid for 15 minutes. How's that sound for a trip to the mall? Have you ever played a game like this with your friends?"

"No daddy, I have never done these kinds of things with my friends. My friends are a bunch of prudes."

"Well, you are going to have to find a new bunch of friends to hang out with in college. Because I am going to give you games to play in between weekends when you come home. That will be your grading system for slavery while you are gone. But we'll go more into that later. For now, let's get this game started and see exactly what kind of trouble we can get into at the mall."

I quickly got dressed and semi-dried my hair so that it would curl up and get the waves that daddy loved so much. I bounced down the stairs to my awaiting daddy to go shopping for my 18th birthday presents. My tits bounced all the way down the stairs and I saw my daddy watching them all the way down. I had not put on a bra, but the tank top had a semi shelf built into it. It was about a half size too small which worked out well for the cleavage. Daddy had not given me any panties to wear so I was naked underneath that small little skirt. When I bounded down in front of him, he gave me a look like I knew what I should be doing. I immediately got into my inspection stance and he ran his hands all the way up my legs to my ass cheeks, through my pussy and back down again.

My tits were standing straight out and my nipples were hard as little rocks. "I want my baby's tits to be the center of attention when we go to the mall. Had you not had your nipples pierced already, you would have had them very soon. I have been collecting nipple jewelry for you for years. About the time that I came up with the plan to make you my sex slave was about the time that I started collecting erotic jewelry. This is the first of many presents you will receive for obedience." He pulled out a pair of sterling silver shields and barbells for my nipples. I smiled. He removed the nipple rings that I had in like a pro and put the barbells and shields on. He let me put my shirt back down and my nipples were hard as rocks underneath that tight little tank top.

"Oh thank you daddy, thank you so much. That is the most awesome gift. My tits look awesome with these in. Thank you daddy!"

I hugged his neck big and rubbed my tits on his chest. My nipples got a little bit harder from rubbing them on his chest. "Oh pumpkin, your nipples feel so good. I love the look of those shields around your nipples. They make your nipples so hard and so perky; there is no way that everyone at the mall will ignore your tits today. Let's go spend some of daddy's money and see how much we are going to fuck before dinner."

We got into daddy's SUV and rode to the mall. As we were driving down the road, daddy ran his hand up and down my thigh. I got chills when he got to the top of my thigh. I uncrossed my legs and spread them apart slightly. He slid his hand up to the top of my pussy and then slipped it down between my lips and he began to rub my rock hard little clit. The nipple shields were making me very aware of my nipples and had been affecting my cunt since daddy had put them on me. He dipped his fingers into my cunt to get them slippery with my juices and ran those juicy fingers up to my hard little clit. I leaned the seat back a little bit and spread my legs apart farther. I put my foot up on his dash board and smiled at him. He looked like a kid in a candy store caught with his fingers in the candy jar.

"Daddy loves when you spread your legs for him. It makes me feel good that you are a loose little slut for daddy. Spreading your legs like a whore turns me on and makes me want to fuck you again. You are going to be a wonderful little slut for daddy, aren't you?"

"Yes daddy, I have to be your slut. I love to be your whore. When you touch me, I have to open up for you; I have to feel you inside me and touching me like a hot little cunt. Please daddy, make me cum before we get to the mall. Let me walk around through the mall and have my juices running down my thighs. I would feel so much like a tramp if you walked around the mall with my pussy smell on your fingers. Please daddy, finger me like a whore!"

"Daddy loves when you talk like a whore. The dirtier you talk to daddy; the dirtier I will treat you. My cock is hard for you right now. Feeling your pussy so wet and knowing that your butt plug is holding my sperm inside your ass and feeling that plug sticking out of your ass turns your daddy on. God, you're such a whore and I love it!"

He stopped at a traffic light and was the third car back from the corner. "You know if we pull up there might be someone standing on the corner that will see me fingering your hot little pussy. How would you like that pumpkin?"

"Oh daddy, that would make me feel like a dirty little tramp. I would love for someone to see you fingering my hot little pussy right here on the street."

He moved the car forward and as he did so, I reached up and began pinching my nipples. They were hard as rocks and super sensitive. They looked good and it was making me hornier. There were a group of teenage boys standing on the corner just hanging out outside the drug store. I made eye contact with one of them and winked. He jabbed his buddies and pointed toward us with a smile. They could see me playing with my nipples but they could not see what daddy was doing yet. Daddy inched the car forward closer in the turning lane. The boys all gathered on the curb and watched as I kept pinching my nipples and running my fingers over them. I moved my one hand down to my pussy and their eyes followed.

It was Daddy's turn to turn at the light. He pulled up and stopped right next to the boys. All they had to do was look down and they were going to be looking at daddy rubbing my hard little clit with my legs spread open wide. Daddy cracked the window open so we could hear what they were saying. The cute one that I winked at dropped his jaw. "Oh man, do you guys see what I see? That guy's diddling in that hot chick's pussy. Check him out guys...he is getting that hot chick with the great tits off. She's got awesome tits, doesn't she guys? C'mon man, make her cum for us. Get your fingers all slick with her juices and get her off. A little whore like that deserves to cum in front of a bunch of guys like us. She's young enough to be your daughter old man; you should leave her here with us. We could take care of her for you. C'mon daddy, make her cum like a little girl should!"

At that moment, daddy pulled out into traffic and made the turn. "Well, you little whore, you just got four young men to look at your tits and see your pussy fingered. So, I guess that's a good start to the challenge for today. Now, let's see if we can't get you off before we get to the mall." He picked up the pace of rubbing my clit and slid his fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. Man, was I HOT! I could smell my pussy throughout the SUV and loved the smell of sex that was emitting from my cunt. Daddy stuck another finger in my cunt and fingered me to orgasm right there while driving to the mall.

"Oh daddy, that's it make me cum like a little slut. It feels so good to have your fingers inside me and fucking me until I can't stand it anymore. Please daddy, make me cum. Make me cum hard! Make me fill your hand with my juices!"

He was slamming my cunt with his fingers and slapping my clit at the same time. I was squeezing my nipples in their shields and twisting them. It came on so quick that I wasn't sure what was happening. He was hitting me just right to stimulate my clit and g-spot at the same time. When I came, I was glad that daddy had leather seats. I was soaked and I soaked the seats and sprayed all over the dashboard. He made me cum so hard that I passed out for a couple of minutes. All I saw was black.

I woke up to daddy holding my hand and running his fingers through my hair. I sat up and shook my head and took in my surroundings. We were pulled over in a parking lot and daddy looked a little worried.

"Oh sweetie, I had heard of it happening to women at the height of ecstasy but I had never witnessed it. You just came so hard that you, literally, passed out. My poor baby doll, are you okay?" He pulled me into a loving hug and kissed me on the temple.

"Daddy, I am fine. How long was I unconscious?"

"Just a couple of minutes, but I was worried all the same. Now that you are okay and conscious, baby that was HOT! That must have been a very intense orgasm to black out like that. What do you remember?"

"I remember playing with my nipples and you adding another finger to my cunt after we turned the corner. Then the way that you were hitting my clit and g-spot the whole time was building me up like I have never been built up before. Daddy, it was fucking incredible! I want to cum like that every day, daddy. Please?"

"Well, pumpkin we will have to work on that. It was definitely something to perfect. So, how does your little cunt feel?"

"It feels like I have been fucked like a little whore!"

He smiled and hugged me again. "Alright sweetie, let's get to this mall and spend some money. We will take your orgasm count down to three now. Let's go have some fun!"

We finished the short drive to the mall and found a spot up front, which was very rare. The mall was empty because of the beautiful weather, just like daddy said it would be. The first store daddy took me to, was Victoria's Secret. I had never purchased anything from here before but had always wanted to. My face lit up and I walked around the store looking at everything.

We were there for about an hour gathering all kinds of matching sexy thong and bra sets. I noticed the bulge in daddy's shorts getting bigger with every selection. I even modeled some for him. The two sales girls that were working were very sexy and sporting some of their own wares. They were very helpful and even flirtatious with me. I did notice them checking out my erect nipples on more than a few occasions and I really enjoyed it. I found myself flirting back with them. Daddy noticed too and encouraged it. He sat there watching me change from outfit to outfit and flirting with these two hot chicks. My pussy was soaked and dripping down my thighs while modeling this sexy underwear for my daddy.

"All right, that is enough underwear for right now. Let's get her outfitted with stockings, garters, and an evening gown for tonight. I want something sexy, revealing, provocative and seductive. I want every man in the restaurant to lust after my little girl at dinner tonight. I want heads to turn at every move. And, sweetheart, I want you to surprise me with the gown. I don't want to see it until we are ready for dinner tonight. So I am going to walk out into the mall until you have made a decision. Call me on your cell when you are ready to check out and I will bring the checkbook. Have fun sweetheart!"

The salesgirls and I had a blast trying on every gown that they had in my size. We flirted back and forth and one of them, Mony, even copped a feel a few times. My pussy was flowing by the end of the shopping spree. The girls and I chose a hot dress that would barely cover the tops of my stockings and would make men do a double take when I walked into the room. An hour later, I called my daddy and he came with the cash. Right before he got there the girls wrote their numbers down on a slip of paper and Mony slipped that slip of paper inside my bra and pinched my nipple and smiled. Daddy paid the bill and we left with all of our purchases.

As we walked out of the store, Daddy slapped me on the ass and said, "Well, well, well, I think you may have made a couple of friends. Maybe one of those little girls would be willing to be a part of our training for this summer?"

"Oh daddy, we had so much fun after you left. I got their phone numbers and they both told me, separately, that they would welcome a chance to join me with my good looking boyfriend. They thought you were really hot and said they thought I was cute as hell. Daddy, the one named Mony put their number inside my bra and pinched my nipple. That counts as two women daddy. Don't forget our deal. That means I get at least a half hour of your mouth on my pussy!"

"Yes baby, I will eat that sweet pussy of yours for at least a half hour, when we get home. You are such a little whore, flirting with those salesgirls like that. I loved watching you in action. That's why I got up and left. You were making me hard as a rock. I had to go and relieve myself and cool off."

We walked down through the mall hand in hand and carrying our packages. We walked to Hot Topics and went inside. We looked at nipple jewelry and some chained collars. Then daddy found something that was so hot that I was sure he was going to purchase them for me. They were hot pink nipple rings with a chain attaching them. As soon as daddy saw them, he asked the clerk for them. The clerk was a gothic looking guy with piercings all over his face and tongue. He was cute but not my type. He walked over and when daddy told him what he wanted. The clerk looked over at me and looked straight at my nipples and smiled. I mentally added that fourth one onto the list.

We went to Macy's and looked around at clothes and shoes and cologne and bought some of each. Daddy looked like he was scoping out the place when we were walking through house wares. There was no one around on this floor. It was like a ghost town. Daddy noticed this too and walked over toward the furniture section. We set our packages on a couch on the outer edge of the furniture section and went walking through the living room sets. Daddy had my hand and was leading me quickly toward the beds. The closer we got; the stronger his grip was on my hand. I was beginning to get excited as to what daddy might be up to. He almost pulled my arm out of the socket when he found the bunk beds. He pulled me over in the corner bunk bed and threw me down.

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