Daddy's Summer Slave


With that explanation, he walked behind me and smacked my ass, hard. He alternated cheeks and had no real rhythm to follow. I did not want to move or try to squirm. I held my own and took the ass beating that he was giving me. Soon, I could feel my juices flowing from my pussy and down my thighs. "Oh baby, your ass is turning such a bright red that my cock is hard. So, my little whore, are you getting wet?"

"Yes daddy, I am getting very wet."

"Do you have any idea of what I want to do with you next?"

"No daddy, what are you going to do to me next?"

"Well, daddy has taken away the virginity of your mouth. Daddy has taken away the virginity of your cunt. Where else do you think that daddy can take away your virginity?"

"Oh daddy, no, I can't take your big cock in my virgin asshole!"

"Oh baby doll, you CAN and you WILL take my big cock in your virgin asshole! This is going to be the most fun of all. Guys like it when you are able to take a big cock in your ass. If you want to be a full slut and a whore, you have to learn to take it in the ass. And I will be the one to teach you and loosen that asshole up for more cock. This will take a while because of the preparation that it involves. But let me tell you that you will have a blast during that preparation. I am going to make you cum more in this session than you have ever cum in your entire life. So, let the games begin!"

He walked away from smacking my ass and I looked around the room and took in the sights. I noticed that there were mirrors all over the place. I could see daddy grabbing that gallon jug from the side of the bed and walk back over to the platform and set it down. Then he walked over to the peg board wall and stood there contemplating which toys to grab. My ass was stinging and my asshole was puckering. I had put my finger in there before, but never anything bigger than my finger. I was nervous. I saw him grab a small dildo a little bigger than my finger and a few more dildos that were progressively bigger. Then I saw him grab an anal plug that was as big as a small coke bottle and bring it over with the rest. My eyes got huge at the sight of that.

He must have seen the look in my eyes as he laughed. "Oh baby doll, once I fuck that tight ass of yours, you will be able to wear this anal plug with no problem. In fact, once I empty my balls into your ass, I am going to plug you up and you will be wearing this until we get home from dinner tonight. I want you to have my cum in your ass all day long, until I decide for you to empty it. You will get used to this anal plug because it will be a part of your daily routine. I love the fact that you will be walking around with my cum inside you all day long. So, let's get to it!"

He walked in front of me and kissed my lips passionately and with hunger. He bit my lips gently and moved down to my tits. He took my nipples into his mouth and between his fingers and bit down and pinched and made my cunt start flowing. He moved his mouth to my other nipple and moved his fingers down to my snatch. He spread my lips open and moved his fingers up and down my entire slit. I was soaked. I could feel the slipperiness that was making it easy for him to move up and down my pussy. His fingers were so large and so powerful that every time he slid over my clit, I moaned.

"My little slut likes that doesn't she? Daddy's fingers sliding in between your sweet pussy folds. Getting his fingers all covered with your slippery juices. I love your nipples baby doll. You are so beautiful and so hot and so fucking fuckable. This is going to be so much fun."

He continued to slide his fingers through my pussy but then began entering my hole a little bit at a time. "Your cunt is so hot sweetie; I can't believe how hot you are. Let's see if we can get you off right here and right now. Get you loosened up a little bit and then fuck that sweet ass of yours." He thrust his fingers inside me and began finger fucking me hard and fast. He had two fingers inside me and his thumb was rubbing my clit as he was stroking my insides. I was close, already. I wanted to cum all over his fingers. I wanted to coat his whole hand with my juices. On his very next thrust, he added a third finger and went back to biting my nipples. He would take turns between the left and the right. His third finger was adding just enough stimulation to take me over the edge. He could feel me tensing up and getting ready to release. "Oh yeah, baby, fuck daddy's fingers. I want to feel you clamp down on my fingers and cum all over me. I want to feel your hot juices squirting from your cunt. C'mon you little whore, fuck your daddy's fingers like the little tramp you are. Let's see if this takes you over. C'mon slut, cum for daddy!"

He began to wiggle his fingers on every thrust and giving my spot a little tickle. That was all I needed. My pussy muscles tightened up and I released a gush of juices like I have never released from my body this whole day. I couldn't stop cumming. He had just taken me to a different level of ecstasy. "Oh my god, daddy! Fuck me hard like a little whore. Ahhhhh, ohhhh, goddd, yessssss!!! Make me cum daddy!"

He wouldn't stop massaging my spot. He just kept tickling and rubbing it and taking me that much higher and I kept cumming like a little whore. I didn't think it was going to stop and I just kept squirting all over his hand. "Oh baby, your cunt feels so good spasming around my fingers, keep it coming baby doll. I want to feel you cum so hard that you push my fingers out of your cunt. C'mon you little cunt, fuck my fingers out of you." And with that, he fucked me harder and faster. My hips bucked against his hand and I gave one final release that squeezed his fingers right out of my cunt. "Oh yeah, baby, that was awesome. You are a fucking little whore, aren't you?"

He slapped my still spasming pussy a couple of times and then he leaned over and bit each one of my nipples, hard, one more time. My body was still convulsing in orgasm as he walked behind me and smacked my ass with his pussy juice soaked hand. That stung so bad that I moved forward a little bit and that pissed him off. I had done so well and then I had to go and flinch.

"I can't believe you just did that you fucking whore! Here you go." He wailed on my ass with his wet hand, hard and fast. He beat my ass until it was numb from the pain. There were tears in my eyes and pussy juice running down my legs. After he was done with my spanking from flinching, he walked up behind me and put his arms around my body and squeezed my tits. His cock was resting right between my ass cheeks and his legs rubbing on my sore ass was tingling. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You are going to learn, one way or another, not to ever flinch when I hit you. You are going to learn to be obedient. You are going to be my fucking sex slave. And you will never embarrass me in front of others. You will be able to withstand anything or you will be punished. Now, let's work on getting that ass prepared for my cock."

He squeezed both tits one last time and turned around to the toys he had brought over. My body was awake with anticipation. I could not wait to feel anything inside my ass. The few times that I had fingered my asshole, I really enjoyed the feeling. I didn't go too deep though. This was going to be an experience.

I could see him in the full length mirror on the wall grabbing the jug of lubricant. It had an insertable tube attached to it and he brought that jug over to me. "All right baby doll, this is the first lesson in ass fucking. You can never have too much lubricant for that tight little asshole. You see, your asshole does not produce bodily fluids like your cunt does. You have to have enough lube to make it as slippery as a wet cunt. This is the best lube in the business and I buy it by the gallon. We have enough lube for you to get ass fucked every day for the rest of the year. When I send you to college, I am sending a gallon with you also. Now, let me get some lube inside that nice tight ass of yours."

He spread my cheeks apart very gently and slowly inserted the tube. As he did, he was releasing some lubricant so that it would slide in nice and easy. He got past the initial opening very easily with this slender tool. Once inside, he pumped the lubricant into my ass generously. It was warm and flowing. I could feel it coming out of my ass and dripping onto the platform. I was getting extremely excited with anticipation. The fear had melted away and was turning into eroticism. The feeling of my asshole being lubed up for fucking was making me horny as hell. He removed the tube of lube and walked over and grabbed the smallest dildo he had brought over. It was long and skinny, about as big as my finger. He also picked up something else that I hadn't noticed before. It was the ball gag that I had worn earlier for him. He put the dildo between his legs and held it there as he attached the ball gag to my head. I opened my mouth so that he could put the huge ball in my mouth and I clamped down. He fastened it tight to my head, no way of releasing it without him unfastening it.

"It will make it more erotic if all I can hear are screams behind this gag. And you are going to scream. This is going to be so fucking erotic. My little ass fucking whore is about to loose her cherry. And my cock is going to reap the benefits. You are about to truly become my little cum slut. With this fucking, I will have filled every one of your fucking holes. The whole thought of it has my cock raging hard. Here we go my little whore!"

He slid that dildo into my ass slowly but deliberately. It was long and had entered me all the way to the hilt. It felt awesome and I couldn't wait for the next bigger dildo. It slid in with no problem and he began to thrust it in and out of my tight asshole. It felt so awesome and I was really getting into it. He did that for about five minutes until my ass was taking it easier and easier. Then he took that dildo and threw it on the floor and grabbed the next bigger one. It was shaped like a true cock but long and skinny. It was about the size of two of my fingers with a head on it. He spread my cheeks apart and applied the head to the opening of my ass. I pushed a little and it slid right in to the first ring of my ass. That's where my muscles tensed up and he couldn't push it easily inside me. He smacked my ass hard with his lubricated hand and made it sting. I screamed behind the gag and that made him laugh.

"You little whore, you better relax those muscles so daddy can get this dildo in your ass. I don't want to hurt you but I will get this in your ass and a lot more. So it would be a good time to learn to relax your anal muscles and let me have my way with you."

He smacked my ass again and I screamed out. I then relaxed my muscles and he had enough pressure on that small cock that when I did relax, it slid right in. I was full of this latex cock and was getting used to the feeling when he started thrusting it inside me, hard and fast. My ass loved being filled and I realized right then, that I was a fuck whore and loved having every one of my holes fucked. He began fucking my ass with that dildo and picked up the pace a little more with every thrust. I was getting close to having and astounding orgasm and I think he knew it. He pulled it out in one smooth action and replaced it with one that was a little smaller than his own cock.

"This is the last one before I get to fuck your ass, you fucking whore. I knew you were going to like it in the ass, but I never thought it would take this little time to get your ass ready for my cock. I am glad that I have already cum twice so I will be able to last quite a while inside your tight ass. I can't wait to get my cock inside you. So take this and let's see how fast we can get daddy's cock inside your ass."

He shoved the dildo deep into my ass and immediately began fucking me with a vengeance. He was over excited and he was going to be inside my ass in no time. He began slapping my ass while fucking my asshole with that huge dildo. I thought he was going to rip me apart, but then my ass relaxed and began fucking it back. He loved that.

"Oh my sweet little girl, how fucking horny you are. You love taking it in the ass, don't you baby doll? You are going to be a good little whore, aren't you? You are going to let daddy fuck that tight little ass here in a minute and take the last virginity away from you. My little fuck whore is going to be a good little girl for daddy and take his big hard cock deep into that ass. We will find someone else to fuck your cunt while daddy is fucking your ass at the same time, too. I am never going to tire of fucking this sweet ass of yours. I think it's about time, don't you, sweetie?"

He removed the dildo from my ass and threw it over with the other ones. He positioned himself behind me and placed the head of his cock at my entrance. I whimpered and tensed up. He reached over and got the tube of lube and stuck it deep inside me and squirted an obscene amount of lube deep into my ass. It was still pumping out of the tube when he took it out and I could feel him lubing himself up and jacking his cock against my ass. He dropped the tube and again placed the head of his huge cock at the entrance to my ass.

He reached around and fondled my tits and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, "You need to relax baby doll, this IS going to happen and I want it to be enjoyable for the both of us. Now let daddy get inside that tight little ass of yours." He pushed the head of his cock into my opening and I screamed. He was so huge and it was going to fill me up good. He smacked my ass and said, "Relax you little slut. Daddy is going to get his massive cock inside that tight ass if it rips you apart! Now relax like a good little whore!" It was nice and slippery from the lube and as soon as I relaxed, he slid all the way inside my ass with that huge cock. His cock slid in slowly, an inch at a time, until I could feel his balls on my pussy opening. He was all the way in and I was feeling like he was going to split me apart. He just stayed like that for a few minutes and let my ass loosen up to the size of his cock. Once he could move, he began fucking me slowly and deliberately. He would slowly take his cock almost all the way out and then slowly thrust it all the way back inside. My daddy was fucking me in the ass and I loved it. I wanted more and I wanted it harder. I began swaying to the rhythm of his thrusting and meeting every stroke with my ass. I tried to get him to speed up with his thrusts and he just kept the steady rhythm going. I knew he was building me up but I am not sure how high he was going to build me up before he was going to let me release but it was feeling so good that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass every day for the rest of the summer. It felt so tight and so nasty that I truly felt like a whore now.

"Oh baby doll, your ass is so tight and so hot inside, my cock loves fucking your ass. I want to fuck your ass always. This is so fucking amazing. Your ass feels so good wrapped around my hard cock that I want to do this always, sweetheart. I knew fucking your ass was going to be incredible but I never knew it was going to feel like this. Oh my little slut, I love being in your ass and feeling your muscles contracting around my cock. I am going to give you the most intense, most satisfying orgasm of your short little life by fucking your ass. Now just hold up and give me a chance to get the rhythm going good. Don't try and rush this you little whore. I want you to remember this fuck for the rest of your life!"

He picked up his pace a little bit and the more he fucked my ass, the better it felt. I couldn't believe how good his huge cock felt filling up my asshole. He continued to play with my tits and nipples while he slowly pounded my ass. I turned my head and watched my daddy fuck my ass in the mirror and got that much more turned on. I was feeling every inch of his cock sliding in and out in a very steady rhythm. My daddy was pinching and twisting my nipples and making them pulse with excitement. My pussy was dripping down my thighs and onto the platform below. I was so hot and so wet and I wanted him to fuck me harder and faster. He must have read my mind because at that moment he picked up the pace and really started ramming his hard cock deep inside my tight ass.

I started screaming in ecstasy behind the ball gag and he got more turned on by that. He started fucking me so hard that his balls were slapping my clit with every stroke. It was pure heaven! The tightness combined with the slipperiness of my ass was beginning to take a toll on me. I was so close and yet so far away from complete release. Daddy was hitting a spot in my ass that was making me crazy.

"Oh pumpkin, Daddy is not going to be able to take much more of this. I am going to have to fill your ass with my hot cum before long. It feels so good fucking your tight little ass that I can't take much more of this. Can you feel daddy's cock getting harder with every stroke? Can you feel my balls tighten as they continue to slap that hard little clit of yours? Can you feel the pressure building with every thrust inside your tight ass? Daddy is going to give you a load that you have yet to receive inside of you. And then Daddy is going to make you keep that hot cum inside you all night long until we get back from dinner. Then Daddy is going to give you dessert, right here in this playroom. C'mon you little ass fucking whore, make your daddy fill your tight ass with the load from hell!"

With that, he grabbed onto my tits and used them as leverage handles. I glanced over into the mirror once more and the look I saw on my daddy's face was incredible. He was so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment that his face was all contorted and he looked like he was going to cum at any moment. "Daddy wants you to cum with him, pumpkin. Daddy wants to feel you milk his cock with that ass of yours. Daddy wants you to cum so hard that you drain every drop of my seed into your ass. C'mon you little slut, make your daddy cum inside you!"

This entire scene was getting to me sexually. I couldn't hold out much longer on my orgasm, it was building and building and building. Daddy could feel the pressure building with his cock. "Oh baby girl, that's it, you are getting closer to release, aren't you baby doll? You want daddy to fuck you harder?"

I answered with a nod of my head and an "Mmm mmm!" behind the gag. He took his left hand off of my tit and dipped it down into my soaking wet pussy. He rubbed my hard little clit with everything he had and pinched my right nipple with a tension that was enough to take me over the edge. I screamed behind that ball gag and daddy just kept pumping my ass with his hard cock, ready to explode any moment. When my body started to shudder in pre-orgasmic convulsions, daddy really turned on the juice and fucked me like he would a whore. He was pounding my ass so hard that the frame was shaking and my legs were quivering. I couldn't hold on out any longer and when I came, I actually heard the splash of my juices hit the platform down below. It was like a rush of liquid I have never experienced before. Then I felt the spasm of his cock as he started to pump his seed deep into me.

"Oh god, baby girl, I can't stand it anymore. Here it comes, the load of the decade about to be planted inside your tight little ass. FUCK! Here it comes baby doll!"

He started pumping his cum deep inside and I could feel every hot spurt of liquid deep inside my asshole. My body was quivering and convulsing in the most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my entire life. My head began to swim and my body followed right behind with a clamping of my muscles so hard that my ass grabbed daddy's cock so hard that he could not move. He just stayed right where he was and rode out my orgasm in sexual bliss. With every contraction of my ass muscles, his cock spurted that much more sperm into my ass. I could feel his cum sliding out of my ass hole overflowing onto his balls and down my clit. He rubbed a little harder with the combination of both of our juices and made me cum again, harder this time and even longer. The heat from his cum, combined with, the juices flowing from my cunt, made me cum that much harder. It was absolute heaven! Just when I thought the whole scene was about to subside, he rammed three fingers into my cunt and began finger fucking me with his cock still buried in my ass. I was filled to the max and my body immediately reacted to that stimulation with another full out orgasm.

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