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Daddy's Valentine


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Can pretty and petite, 18-year-old Alexis seduce her Daddy into making love to her?

Welcome to my entry into the 2015 Literotica Valentine's Day contest. I hope you enjoy it and please remember to comment and vote.

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Daddy had withheld the full story behind her mother until Alexis's eighteenth birthday when he had told the story about getting a stripper pregnant, a rushed wedding between two people too young to know better, and how hard he had tried to make it work. Shortly after Alexis had turned 6, her mother had walked out on both of them, relinquished all rights to her, and dropped off the face of the Earth. The word "Mother" meant nothing more to Alexis than "the egg donor."

Daddy had saved lots of little things for after she was a legal adult, like swearing. She remembered the first time she had let a swear word slip in front of him and the disapproving look on his face. "I'm sure you use those words with your friends. But, around me, let's hold off swearing until you're an adult."

On her eighteenth birthday, Alexis had walked into the kitchen and asked, "Guess who's a fucking adult?"

"I don't fucking know, who?" Daddy had laughed, acknowledging her new status.

Alexis had grown up overhearing the disapproving snickers about her dad's dating habits made by bitchy moms whispering in low tones among themselves. Daddy preferred his women young and slutty. She's just like that stripper that left him. Or, When is he going to find an age appropriate girlfriend? Daddy never brought his girlfriends home and never talked about them to Alexis.

Alexis liked the way their relationship had changed since her last birthday. The first time she had made him hard happened later that week. For whatever reason, she had jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his narrow waist and began peppering his face with playful kisses.

"Aren't you getting a bit old for big hugs like that?" he had asked. "I mean, you're an adult now."

"Oh Daddy, I'll always be your girl!" she had said.

He had held her by her asscheeks before slipping his hands to her waist instead, as if there could be something wrong holding her butt. As she had bounced, giggling and playing, she had realized Daddy was having an extra reaction to her burst of affection.

There was no denying what she had felt and saw, Daddy had gotten hard. She had MADE Daddy hard and a very big idea had begun growing inside her as a very tiny seed.

Alexis experimented and played with her new, secret knowledge for three months. Now that she was a woman, her hugs and kisses had a different effect on Daddy, an extra effect. She kept the knowledge to herself, teasing him when she could and enjoying his reaction. She never realized what she was doing to herself until it was too late.

She had been sitting on Daddy's lap, squirming and giggling in a not so innocent way, feeling him getting hard and finding it funny. After he had pushed her away, she went up to her room, feeling a lustful, needy buzz of her own. Hidden in her room with her bedroom door shut and locked, she got naked and laid on her bed.

Alexis allowed her imagination to roam. She thought about the other boys she had known, searching for the fantasy that would fit her thrill. She ran a hand over her pert, teacup sized breasts, teasing her nipples stiff. Sometimes, she would catch Daddy looking at her chest and if she glanced down, she would find her nipples were hard.

"Do you like that, Daddy?" she whispered to her ceiling, giggling at being naughty. She knew good girls didn't tease their Daddy and laugh about making them hard. She slipped a hand across her flat stomach and past her belly button until she was touching her soft, smoothly shaved pussy. Daddy had gotten so hard! She giggled again as she slipped a single finger between her lips and felt the warm slippery wetness of her excitement growing.

At least Daddy feels big, she thought, comparing the feel of his aching hard-on pressing against her to her last boyfriend's much smaller dick. Daddy looked big, too. She had seen his hard-on straining inside his pants after teasing him. She slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy and then three. Was that how a big cock like Daddy's would feel? Oh fuck, that felt good.

Daddy was a big man, strong and powerful. He had thick fingers, didn't that mean his cock would be thick, too? Alexis tried pushing away the idea as she fingered her barely legal pussy, eagerly squirming against her three fingers. She felt so wet, slippery, and hot.

Daddy worked out a lot. He had big biceps and a big chest. When he had gotten tired of her squirming on his lap, he had easily picked her up and set her to the side while crossing his legs to hide his hard-on. Alexis liked how his big arms felt. She liked pressing her chest against his strong chest and seeing his narrow ass squeezed into jeans or tight workout shorts.

How would it feel pressing her bare chest against his? She felt a shiver of pleasure surging through her before pushing away the thought. Good girls didn't think about their Daddy's big, strong chest and imagine pressing their tiny titties against him. Damn, her pussy felt wet. She pulled on one of her hard nipples, wondering how Daddy's fat fingers would feel doing that. Would he be rough or tender?

"Fuck," she gasped as she felt her orgasm drawing closer. She needed to stop thinking about Daddy but her imagination wouldn't let him go. She imagined his big, veiny cock deep inside her tiny pussy, filling her, splitting and splaying her in ways lesser men couldn't. His big hands on her tiny tittes, rough fingertips softly caressing her tender, needful nipples. Another gasp escaped as she imagined him over her, on top of her, looking down at her while he filled her with his big, hard cock.

Shuddering and groaning with pleasure, Alexis clutched her body as she experienced an orgasm bigger and more fulfilling that she wanted to admit. Shame filled her. She felt like a very bad girl. Daddy had raised her to act like a good girl, but she knew she was only a good girl on the outside. She had always been a very bad girl, fingering and fucking her pussy with everything she could find for longer than she would ever admit. On the inside, she had never felt like a good girl.

A lifetime of sports and dance lessons had given her a lean, sculpted body at the expense of having boobs. Daddy had also raised her to be smart, fast, and pretty. His advice still rang in her ears. "Never be afraid of being the smartest and prettiest person in the room." Daddy made sure Alexis maintained straight A's in school with a combination of helping her study and rewarding her successes.

So much advice from the one man who would always love her. He had answers to all of her questions and no question was out-of-bounds or off-limits, even the ones she didn't know to ask. "Men, and I mean all men, only want to get into your panties," was his dating advice and by eighteen, Alexis had dated enough to know that was true. Thinking back on a lifetime spent with this man, she realized his advice had always been timely and age appropriate.

Becoming an adult had changed things between them. Daddy didn't hold back on his swear words anymore, particularly when commenting on her outfit. "You know your ass is hanging out the back of those shorts?" he had asked when she popped downstairs in a skimpy pair of shorts.

"Enjoying the view?" she had teased, never letting him know that maybe she was showing off on purpose.

"If I'm noticing, so will every other guy," he had grumbled.

Naked on her bed, filled with an odd mix of shame and growing excitement over what she had just done, Alexis wondered about her Dad. Did he ever think about her when he was jerking off? She already knew only a trim, fit, attractive woman could turn his head for a second glance. Women like her.

Her fingers began moving between her legs again as she imagined Daddy's need. Did he ever think about her like that? Had he ever jerked off because of something she had done? Could he see her in "that" way? She imagined him caressing his big, hard cock, fighting against the reason why. Did he imagine touching her perfect little titties and wonder how her tiny pussy might feel wrapped around his hard, needful cock? She came again, feeling bad, very bad and feeling very bad felt very good.

Alexis couldn't shake the odd mix of shame and thrill she felt knowing she could excite her Dad. The idea clung to her, daring her to keep doing it.

Before dinner, she pulled on a cropped top tank top that showed off her flat, muscular stomach and purposely neglected to wear a sports bra beneath it. Beneath it, she wore painted on yoga pants that were nearly transparent as she helped set the table. Daddy's eyes tracking her every move. Leaning over the table to show off her ass to him, she watched in the mirror above the sideboard, catching him checking out her ass.

During dinner, she announced, "None of the other moms like the girls you date," revealing a secret she had held on to for years.

"None of the other moms were ever as hot as the women I date," he smirked.

"Why haven't you ever gotten serious with one of them?"

"I don't date the kind of girl you get serious with," he revealed, his smirk growing into a smile as he watched her wrestling with his answer.

"So, you're saying you've been a man-whore all your life?"

"Probably," he answered without concern or embarrassment as he shoveled a spoonful of peas into his mouth.

"Why can't I remember you going out?"

"Because it was never your business and it was more important to be home for you."

"Don't you get lonely?" she asked. He shrugged. Pushing the conversation into adult-speak, Alexis rephrased the question. "Don't you get horny?"

"Daddy's are men, too."

"What's that mean?" she asked. Daddy rolled his eyes and didn't answer. Finally, she realized he meant jerking off. "Yeah, girls do that, too." The surprised and startled look on his face turned her giggle into a laugh.

"Maybe I don't need to hear about that from my daughter," he said, fighting off a smile and a grimace.

"Would you rather I was fucking every guy who ever checked out my ass?"

"No," he said as his face turned pink.

"Wait, are you blushing?"

"No," he insisted, picking up his plate and retreating to the kitchen. "I'm a grown man. I think I can handle knowing my daughter sometimes touches herself."

"More than sometimes," she murmured, feeling her face blossoming into a blush of her own. If Daddy had heard, he didn't react. He was already washing dishes and it was her turn to dry. She wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her chest against his strong back and hugging him tight. "I'm glad we can talk about anything."

What he said next made her believe he had heard her murmured words. "Get your work done, pervert."

"Like father like daughter," she said, picking up the dish towel and standing alongside of him.

"God, I hope not," he groaned, shooting her a smile.

That night, Daddy visited her imagination a second time as Alexis laid on her bed with her fingers furiously caressing the tiny bud of her aching clitoris. Her fevered brain conjured up images of Daddy jerking off. She imagined him caressing his big, long, hard cock, tugging and pulling on it while he surely thought about her. Then her imagination placed him at the foot of her bed, stroking his hard cock while watching her. She imagined the desperate, frustrated look on his face as his hard, man-sized cock ached for relief. She imagined him crawling on top of her, positioning his big dick against her tiny wet pussy before she came.

Hugging herself, Alexis groaned with shame as she fought off the lingering mental images still burning in her mind's eye like the red dot that lingers after a flash photograph. What was wrong with her? She shouldn't be fantasizing about her father, should she? She cradled her pussy, still pressing an eager finger against her clit, hating how that tiny, sensitive bud betrayed her.

She thought about how she had dressed for dinner, purposely dressing like an athletic slut in her tight tanktop and no bra. She thought about how Daddy's eyes had lingered on her upturned ass as she adjusted plates that hadn't needed adjusting. Her finger began moving again, lightly caressing her clit until her imagination had her leaning naked across the table, poking her bare ass at him and looking over her shoulder. She came again for him, for Daddy, for the man who had loved her first.

She rolled over, trying to find sleep while when an impossible thought came to mind: Could Daddy ever want her, too? A soft groan escaped her lips. Why was she even thinking about that? Daddy's didn't love their daughters that way, did they? And why couldn't they? Why couldn't a fully grown woman want a fully grown man? Where was the harm? She fell asleep barely aware how her imagination began to consider the impossible.

"Goals are meaningless if you don't have a plan to reach them," Daddy had taught Alexis. His coaching had been a lifelong experience. "Have both a goal AND a plan. That's how you get what you want."

If she wanted Daddy to make love to her, she needed him to see her as sexually interested. But is that what she wanted? Did she really want Daddy to make love to her? Alexis spent a week in a funk, unable to shake idea. She would find herself staring at his tight ass and wonder how it might feel in her hands. She would notice his full lips and wonder how he kissed. She would hug him, pressing her petite body against him, and wonder how it would feel if they weren't wearing clothes and her breasts were against his big, muscular chest.

All of her sexy thoughts were made worse as she noticed how good he was to her, always. Every night, he cooked dinner for both of them. Alexis didn't drive. The very idea scared her. If she needed a ride somewhere, he would provide it without complaint. If she forgot to make her bed in the morning, he somehow found the time to make it before he left for work. If they watched a scary movie together, she could always climb into his lap and he would keep her safe. And when she giggled because the scare was over, he'd chuckle with her.

Trying to break her funk, she entertained the idea, starting with setting her goal: make love to Daddy. Of course, having a goal meant having a completion date. She arbitrarily choose Valentine's Day. But what would it take to make that happen? Flirting with Daddy wasn't going to be enough because she had done that all of her life. She would need Daddy to know she was a real woman and could treat him like a real man before anything could happen between them. That put her in the research phase. Somehow, she had to figure out what Daddy like most in a woman.

She waited until he was asleep in his bedroom before creeping downstairs. She opened his laptop and began by searching his internet history. That's how she found his Tumblr blog.

His blog didn't include any postings, but he had followed lots of other people whose microblog included naked pictures of hot young women, petites and barely legal teens, all posing and smiling for the camera while they sucked on big dicks, fingered tight little pussies, or just showed off amazing bodies. Alexis recognized how similar those anonymous women were to the gym bunnies Daddy preferred and to her.

Back in her room, she started her own Tumblr account. She fished around the site for a while, exploring how it worked. She saw how following someone added that person to her Tumblr feed and showed their posts on her homepage. She spent days exploring and testing different hypotheses until she understood. Then she compared her findings to how Daddy used his account. He used the "favorites" button from time to time, but never posted anything.

Alexis was careful with her first posting. She posed against a neutral, blank spot on her bedroom walls. She took several pictures with her phone and then loaded them on her computer before uploading them. She inspected each photograph carefully for identifying hints. She scrubbed all the identifying information from the picture's EXIF information.

Satisfied that she was as anonymous as any mouse, she posted a rather tame photograph of her holding a hand across both breasts. The picture hinted at more without showing a thing. Now she needed to make sure Daddy saw it. She followed a couple of names of microbloggers who had appeared on Daddy's list, too. One of them followed her back and reblogged her photograph. From there, others found her pic and some of them reblogged it, too.

By the time she got home from school the next day, her picture had spread to several blogs. More importantly, she was convinced it would show up on Daddy's feed. Would he recognize her? She waited a week before posting another pic, plenty of time for Daddy to see and react to her picture. Without knowing if he had seen it, she couldn't tell if he had enjoyed it without recognizing her. Perhaps it had gotten buried in his newsfeed?

She needed to make sure her pics would be there waiting for him. She posted again and again, every day for nearly two weeks until her blog gained followers, people who wanted to catch her pictures directly from their source instead of waiting for someone else to reblog them. After two weeks of daily posting new pictures of her body parts, she saw a familiar name appearing as one of her followers. The anonymous screen name belonged to her father. He had seen her and, since he hadn't called her out on it, she knew he never suspected that was his daughter showing off her goods to the entire world.

Alexis knew she needed to do more than post anonymous pictures of her naked body. Still, it was an important first step. Daddy had liked her pictures enough to follow her, did that mean he was jerking off to her images? Imagining Daddy stroking his long, hard cock while admiring pictures of her naughty bits tugged at Alexis's libido.

Filled with shame and secret lust, she furiously rubbed her bare pussy, climaxing again and again as she imagined seeing her dad naked and so needy. She imagined him in lust with her, climaxed again, and yet still felt empty. What was wrong with her? How could one idea both excite and frustrate her? Why did she want this? Because Daddy was strong, fit, and handsome? That didn't make sense because all of Alexis's boyfriends had fit that description.

This is so wrong, she whispered to herself, felt a pleasant shiver surge through her, and knew she had found part of her answer. Daddy was the one man she shouldn't have. He was the forbidden fruit that drove her sex drive into overdrive. Could she make him want her, too?

Daddy working late or Alexis having an after school event meant they sometimes missed dinner together, but they always had breakfast together. Over the years that breakfast had turned into sharing two cups of coffee before starting their day. Although he showered before heading downstairs, Daddy always wore baggy sleep pants and a t-shirt to breakfast. Alexis would toss on an oversized t-shirt (and panties, if she had slept in the nude) and nothing more.

Once she committed to her plan, she stopped wearing panties. Her oversized t-shirts hung too low to show anything, even when she reached into the cupboard for her coffee cup. Still, Daddy politely called her on it. He asked why she never wore the bathrobe he had gotten her for Christmas. "Maybe you're too old to parade around in just a t-shirt," he said, suggesting he had noticed her lack of panties.

The next morning, she wore the bathrobe with nothing beneath it. After climbing up on her barstool next to Daddy, she made sure the top draped open, exposing her titties.

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