tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Valentine's Day

Daddy's Valentine's Day


"It's Valentine's Day."

He wasn't an angry man, or one prone to negative outbursts, but the day seemed to always bring out the bitter pessimist in him. He mildly disliked all the marketing that led up to the day, the countless sales on chocolates and flowers. He was vaguely annoyed with the amount of chick flicks that played on tv for the whole month, over and over, to get couples into the spirit. He bristled slightly with the constant love songs blaring on the radio, on every station, constant requests from one sweetie to another to celebrate whatever.

But when it came right down to it, that phrase bothered him the most. The phrase was spoken by happy people, ignorant of his own loneliness, and seemed to intone that everyone should be as happy as they were on that god-forsaken day. Every other day of the year he was calm, collected, a salt of the earth unflappable type. But on that day, when the chocolate and chick flicks and love songs came to a towering crescendo of emotion, he always felt the most alone. His wife had left him years back, almost two decades ago in fact, but somehow that day seemed to make the impossible possible; he felt his heart beat faster in agony, felt his back shiver with rejection, and felt that same dread from 18 years earlier that he would never find someone else to marry him. Valentine's Day brought it all back and then some, and he usually decided to just sink down on the couch with a beer, find one of the rare channels playing a sports film or monster movie, and fall asleep before he could think about it too much.

He was so ingrained into his normal routine of barely checked depression that it took him quite some time to react when he walked in the door. There were flowers everywhere, small red lace decorations hanging from the rafters, and he could smell dinner cooking. The confusion only lasted a moment though, and then he realized the only person who could make the house look so friendly and so romantic at the same time: Danni.

She went to college over an hour away, but his only daughter always found time to stop by and visit. He wasn't old enough to retire yet, not by a long shot, but he was at that comfortable point in his life where taking an impromptu sick day to spend time with his family was easily done. The surprise was more that she still found time for him, went out of her way for it. Most college girls could think of a million more things to do on a busy weekend than go home to visit their father, even if the relationship with said father had always been very close.

He walked into the kitchen slowly, still not sure what to think, and he saw his daughter sitting at the stove stirring pasta sauce. She was in her old pajamas, he saw with a smile, a cute pink set with red hearts. Her short red hair was done up in pigtails like she used to do it, and his smile broadened. He'd always loved it when she'd worn her hair like that, although looking at her from behind, the pajamas lovingly holding onto her 23 year old body, she cut a much different image than she used to. He cleared his throat softly, and she whirled around, a bright smile on her face.

"Daddy! You're home early. I was hoping to have this ready before you came in."

She pouted slightly, sticking out her adorable lower lip, and he laughed to himself.

"What are you doing here, princess?"

Walking over to give him a hug, she shot him another heart melting smile.

"I know Valentine's Day is just your favorite holiday in the whole wide world, so I thought I would come over this year and make dinner for us, see if I can't maybe change your mind about it."

Taking her in for a big hug, smiling down at her, he felt a small pang of guilt at his earlier bitterness towards the holiday.

"Aw, angel, I'm sure you have a million other things you'd rather do on Valentine's Day than sit here at home with your old man."

Still holding onto him, she backed her head up to look into his eyes, an odd expression flitting over her eyes.

"Nope. Why, you don't have a hot date or 'nuthin, do you?"

Wait, that look, was it jealousy? He shook his head, both to clear the thought and to answer no to her question. Her smile returned and she laid a quick kiss on his cheek before skipping back over to stir the sauce.

"Good," she said. "I want you all to myself tonight."


The dinner was lovely, after he had added a few spices. Danni was a beautifully smart girl, well on her way to a micro-biology degree, but cooking was not one of her fortes. They sat on the couch, her nestled up against his large frame, making fun of all the romantic comedies that peppered the stations. Her small laughter was contagious and he already felt the yearly Valentine's day bitterness start to ebb out of him.

"I have one more surprise," she said suddenly, slowly, as if she had been trying to work up the courage to say it for a long while.

He smiled and gave her another quick kiss on the head, squeezing her.

"This has been more than enough honey. You don't know how much I've wanted this."

Danni bit her lip, looking down, then back up at him.

"Well, the surprise isn't completely for you. It's something I want to. Something I've wanted."

He looked at her puzzled, but a small worm had started to crawl up from inside his belly. Inexplicably, the side of his chest where he chest nuzzled felt electric, tingling. It wasn't a completely unpleasant feeling.

"Anything for you, angel. Especially after this gorgeous meal."

She smiled at him again, eyes sinking back down to the couch, and then she stood up. Walking briskly, she turned off the tv and exited the room.

Not sure if he was supposed to follow or wait, he decided on the passive and sat very still on the couch. He hoped she hadn't gotten him anything expensive. Although his savings were more than able to pay for her school and living expenses, she still insisted on having a job, much to his continued chagrin. His insistence that she should concentrate fully on school were usually just waved off though, usually with a quip about needing "Daddy present money". Her gifts usually slid towards the more expensive though, and he hoped that wasn't the case here. He didn't want the night to be sullied by their usual exchange trying to convince her to return it, and buy herself something.

His thoughts jarred slightly as he heard music come on from the other room. It was low, just enough to hear, but he could make out the romantic nature from here. The lights still dim from watching movies, he suddenly felt a slight twinge of doubt.

She came back quietly, her pajamas rustling slightly, and kissed him quickly. Absently he noted that his first estimation had been right: she must have been working up the courage for this all night. Caught off guard, he did nothing, just felt her body sink into his as she slipped into his lap. Her small hands were tangled in his hair, tracing patterns there, and his breath caught in his throat. The heady taste of the red wine she'd had at dinner entered his mouth, her soft lips carrying it to him, and he felt her tongue slip out of her mouth and lightly brush across his lips. Slowly, she pulled back, and he saw uncertainty as clear as day painted across her face in broad strokes.

"Daddy...?" she whispered, soft.

He was silent, felt his mind strain into his chest for words, but none would come. He could acknowledge that there had always been sexual tension between them, he forced himself to acknowledge it now, but he had never known she had felt this strongly about it. But this was his little girl, his angel, and he didn't want to do this to her, to corrupt her, to be like all those sad stories he saw on the news. He found his words, and would have spoken, but she interrupted him.

"Daddy..." she breathed, the confidence he knew coming back. She must have read his thoughts on his face. "I want this. I've always wanted this. I think you've wanted it to. I'm an adult, you're an adult, and more importantly, I want this."

She leaned in again, kissing him lightly, a weird mix of daughterly love and sensuality, then leaned back.

"We can talk tomorrow about how right it is, how wrong it is, what we want to do about it. But 'it's Valentine's Day' and it's been too long since those words have made you happy. Please."

The last word wasn't a request, wasn't anything, because she was kissing him again, softly, and he felt the need in her. It was all the verification necessary to prove her words true and, his conscious mind shutting down, he pulled her closer to him.

The kiss remained loving for only a moment, a brief but eternal moment, then Danni was pulling herself ever farther into his arms. Her small wet mouth was searching his hungrily, passion renewed by his approval. Her hands flew up and down his chest, affirming he was real, that this wasn't a dream, and she moved her legs to straddle him.

His nose caught a brief scent of jasmine from her hair, a silky smell, and then she was back kissing him, hands pulling him into her world. He could smell something else, faintly, a slight musk, stoking his passion from a small ember into a full-blown forest fire. Pulling sharply on her arms, he ground his hips hard up into her, into her sex, and felt a slight whimper come from deep in her throat as a result. It was a soft cry, nothing but pure passion, and his cock throbbed at the sound of it. Brazen and unflinching, his powerful hands slid down her back and cupped her round ass through the pajamas. She had always been self-conscious about her butt, feeling it was too big, disproportionate to the rest of her slim body. What she didn't know was that she had the kind of ass men dreamed about, her daddy thought. An actual ass, not a super model's, but two perfect round globes that were amazingly succulent without being dumpy. The disdain that she felt being able to lose weight everywhere but in her ass simultaneously made every guy's fantasy come true.

He slipped his hand underneath the elastic waistband of her pajamas, grabbing her perfect round ass and using it as a ground to pull her roughly against the bulge in his pants. She moaned something low into his mouth...

"Oh god, Daddy..."

... and then was squirming against him even harder, grinding her pussy against him while his hands moved from her ass to her front.

Amazingly, he was able to completely unbutton her pajama tops without breaking stride. Danni softly let it slip off her shoulders and onto the floor, breaking the kiss to sit back slightly and look at him. Her face was heavenly framed by those glowing red pigtails, a dazed look of pure desire sketched into her. She was breathing heavy, light perspiration on her brow, and with every breath her breasts moved up and down. They were encased in a black and pink lace bra, definitely not typical under pajama wear, and he wondered how long she had been sitting on the couch working up the nerve.

"I bought this for you," she said dreamily, almost as an after thought.

The pink lace of the bra blended the black perfectly into her creamy white skin. Her small breasts heaved with every intake of breath, threatening to break out from their lace prison. He brought his hand up, lightly running it over her shoulders and the myriad of freckles there. A true red head, the sun always cause more of the small spots to break out, peppering her alabaster skin with a stippling of color. As his fingers lightly brushed them, her breath caught in her throat, coming fast and hard. Closing her eyes, her breasts began moving up and down even harder, begging to be let out. He decided to take his time though, tracing his finger down the hollow of her throat, in between her perfect cleavage, and down over her belly button. He had never seen her naked, not since she had been a child, and he didn't want to rush anything.

Seeming to sense his intentions, his daughter smiled at him softly, passion dancing back behind her irises, and she slid off of him, standing up. His eyes tracked her, locked onto her body, as she slowly untied her pajama bottoms and let them slide off him. His present, obviously, had been a set, and he saw where her lovely legs met that a matching pink and black lace thong completed the vision. He sat still for a moment, trying to calm his racing thoughts, trying to make this last forever and to take her all in.

She had grown up, that was for sure. Her perfect pear shaped outline tormented her to no end, but she had to know at least a little bit from her gentlemen callers that this was exactly what men wanted. Her perfect face, pixie like, complete with gorgeous red curls. Her amazing shoulders and arms, sensual and strong, leading into her perfect tits. They were slightly more than a handful each, he judged, looking at them, and he couldn't imagine a more perfect set. Continuing down he took in her stomach, pierced belly button, down more to her perfect hips. They were wide, she'd gotten it from her mother, and perfectly supported her amazingly round ass. She had one of those asses, he noted, that seemed to defy gravity. It was ample but didn't look large, just looked soft, perfect. Her legs completed the image, long and flowing, marked with bruises from play just like when she was a kid. Her small feet toyed with themselves idly, betraying her slightly nervous air as she waited for his approval.

"Princess," he said, finally, "you are so perfect."

She laughed softly at this, cheeks growing hot as she dipped her head in embarrassment. Reaching out to squeeze his hand, she smiled up at him radiantly, briefly, and then sunk down to her knees. Fingers working diligently, she quickly undid his belt and had his pants open. He had a brief thought of protest, but it died in his throat as she rested her elbows on his knees and looked at the bulge in his boxers intently. Biting her lip, preparing herself, she finally pulled back the soft fabric and let his manhood come into view.

The look on her face was pure bliss as she saw it, the look of someone long denied something they yearned for, and he also noted how her eyes widened slightly at his girth. He didn't think of himself as large, not small, but not large, but her look of subtle surprise made him feel like he wielded a two by four between his legs. The thought was momentarily wiped away, however, as she leaned in and licked the tip. It was similar to how someone would lick a fresh lollipop, taking in nothing but that first hint of flavor, and it sent sparks coursing from his center all the way into his brain. Noticing his reaction, she smiled and took him into her mouth.

His daughter's mouth was wet, unbelievably warm, and his mind trailed off into nothingness as she began to suck him off. Tightening her lips as she neared the base, she pressed her tongue close to his shaft as she tried to take him all the way down her throat. Failing, she would return back up, never taking her mouth off him, swirling her tongue around the tip and causing pleasure to rake it's way up his back. A moan escaped his lips and was immediately returned by her, the soft vibration in the back of her throat causing his pleasure to double. She started really blowing him now, head bobbing up and down faster and faster. He could tell by the moans coming from her that she was enjoying herself, and she looked to be in something of a trance. Leaning forward slightly to try and hold himself off, he found the view to be another surprise. Looking past her head he could see her perfect ass beneath her, sticking out just enough to be visible. His orgasm was approaching, and he wasn't sure if he remembered anymore how to stave it off.

"Oh god, Danni, angel, I'm going to come..."

She brought her lips off him, the moan building in her throat finally coming to fruition as her eyes locked with his. Using her hand to jerk him off, never missing a beat, he heard her confidence shine though in her voice, mixed with her lust.

"Come in my mouth Daddy. I want to swallow my Daddy's come."

With her order given she sank back down on his dick, warm mouth in contrast to the cold air in the living room, and he grabbed onto her head. His hips were raising off the couch now, pumping into her mouth, and with his help she finally managed to sink her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. It was more than he could take, that heat, her moans, and with a final push he felt his orgasm rise out of him. He exploded, his mind shooting out of his cock with his come, jetting into her mouth. She made the same sound he'd heard while enjoying her pasta earlier, moaning in approval as she swallowed each wave that he shot down her throat. With a final moan, his daughter let his cock slide out of her mouth, smiling up at him. He noticed, his cock twitching in approval, that a small amount of his come had dribbled down from her perfect lips, dipping down her chin. She looked as content as he'd seen her look in years.

He realized than that the romantic music was still playing, the echo dying out of his ears and following the rest of his senses return. He realized she was going to stop, going to finish him and that's it, crawl up next to him and cuddle. He didn't know if this was going to continue, if they were out of their minds or not, but he knew he didn't want this to be it. He reached down, lovingly but forcefully picking her up, and threw her back onto the couch.

Danni let out a surprised little "eep!", just a syllable really, before he had peeled off those tight little panties and started to lick his way down her long legs. Eyes wandering, he took in the sumptuous sight of her soft little pussy in all its glory. She trimmed, that much was given, but he was amazed to see the soft downy mound of red hair that crowned her perfect little slit. It was curly and thick, like the hair on her head, but just a tuft. Like everything else, it was perfect. He rested his nose in it lightly, taking in the aromas, as his tongue slowly licked her warm center. She cried out at this, faint shock tinting the lust, but her hips shot off the couch to reach his tongue even deeper inside her. She tasted good, exactly as he'd expect, like jasmine, like springtime, a deep musky earth that overpowered his sense and left him wishing he could stay here forever.

"Oh god, Daddy, please, please..." she moaned.

He finally brought a hand down her stomach where it had been resting and slipped a single finger lightly inside of her. She was wet, wetter than he would've imagined possible, and his digit slipping side like it was home. She squealed at this, her pleading turned into pleasure, and he let his tongue and mouth slowly drift from her wet center to her clit. Taking it into his mouth, lightly, exploring, he began to tease it in time to the motions of her finger. Her orgasm was approaching, quickly he guessed, and he continued to tease it out of her body with soft motions from his hands and lips.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy, FUCK..."

The word escaped her lips effortlessly, just air from her throat, but it hung there. She never cussed around him, he never around her, and somehow it felt like the years of not swearing had built up to now. The importance of the word, the sheer weight of it after so much neglect, pushed his passion for the moment back into the red. He started eating her harder, taking her clit all the way into his mouth, sucking on it, lightly nibbling it. His finger curved up inside her, now no longer plunging in and out, but rather finding her spot, the small texture inside her that signified her pleasure center.

Danni's body arched into the air as he found it, began playing her nerves like a violinist. She was past moaning, past pleading, past swearing; she was into the one area where the mind cannot venture idly, the place of pure sensual bliss. Her body screamed release, her lungs sucked in breath that couldn't fill the warm void her orgasm was leaving inside her. She felt the first shudders coming, felt her father move his hand under her ample ass to hold her steady, felt his mouth and fingers causing the waves of pleasure to ripple against her bodies shore.

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