Dad's Lost Bet


I could see the back of Tommy's head as he sat on the couch and my mom was standing in the middle of the living room with her jacket on still. I could see her talking nervously and looking around and then I saw Tommy pick something up off of the coffee table and show it to her.

My mother stood in the center of the living room reading what he had just handed her and she set it back down. Then she smiled at him and took off her jacket and draped over one of the chairs in the living room and sat down next to him. I saw Tommy reach for the remote and start the movie and then he reached for another remote and dimmed the lights.

I quickly snuck out to the back door and tried it, sure enough it was locked, and I knew where they kept the key and reached down for a small rock and under it the key. I quietly let myself in and crept towards the living room and hid behind his mother's large china hutch. It kept me concealed and gave me a clear view of what was going on and I could now hear what was being said.

"Wow Shannon, you sure look hot tonight, did you do all this for me?" He asked flirting with her.

"Well Tommy even though I'm a married woman, you still are my date and I believe in looking good on a date. Just remember the play your parents are attending gets over with at ten so I'm leaving at nine thirty so I can get out of here in plenty of time." She explained.

"Well that gives me two and a half hours to have you all to myself." He said to her.

"Yeah well don't expect a repeat of the other night, I let you go to far that night and I must admit I was not ready for the charmer you can be." She said.

"Shannon, you have not seen anything yet." He said to her as the movie was beginning to play.

The movie went on for about fifteen or twenty minutes before Tommy made his first move. He reached down and put his hand on my mother's leg and began rubbing it slowly and gently. My mother let it go for a few minutes and removed it, a few minutes later and was back to her leg, which was slightly parted so now he moved it to the inside of her thigh.

This time mom let him keep it there until after about five minutes he tried to edge it up towards her crotch. Now Tommy is getting clearly frustrated and he changes his position on the large couch so the he is now turned facing my mother.

He put an arm around the back of her and leaned right up close to her face and talked a little bit lower. My mother stared into his eyes, her breasts were heaving and her nipples were just light outlined against the material.

"Shannon, I won't tell anyone if we fool around a bit, not Shawn, not your husband, no one at school, I swear it, besides you might find that you will like it." He said in almost a whisper.

"I tell you what." She said reaching for the remote. "This movie has forty minutes left to it, maybe if you can behave and be a perfect gentleman during this time, I may give you a little reward."

"Promise!?" He said.

"Promise." She replied with a smile.

As told Tommy returned to the position he was previously sitting in and went back to watching the movie. My mother and he watched it until the end credits rolled; Tommy had dozed off sometime during the movie. To my surprise instead of leaving my mother rolled a leg over and straddled him, surprising him to wake up.

"Hey sleepyhead, do you want your reward or do you want to go back to sleep?" She asked him in a sultry voice.

"Well I was dreaming about you, but the real thing is much better." He said.

My mother reached down with both hands and cupped his face in them, and then she leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth. Tommy returned her kiss with eager vigor ness and the two of them were now making out. His hands roamed all over my mom's back and then to her front where he now slid them up the front of her shirt feeling her bare large breasts, he tried a couple of times to pull her shirt up and see them.

My mother kept pushing the shirt down and the two of them continued to make out, Tommy alternated from her breasts to her cupping her round ass in the tight jeans. My mother emitted soft moans as she enjoyed the fondling but she never gave in to anything more than that. After a little while she stopped and looked at her watch and climbed off of Tommy.

"Well thank you for a lovely evening Tommy, give me a call when you want you third date." She said to him grabbing her jacket.

"Shit." I whispered and quietly went back out the back door.

I ran around front and I think I got to my car as Tommy watched my mother walk down the walkway. I did not even turn my lights on as I sped off hoping I was not discovered, on my way to a burger place I called dad and lied to him again telling him that all mom did was tease him. He seemed happy with that and hung up so I could order some dinner.

A few days past since the date at Tommy's house and on Friday Tommy had called the house to talk to my mother. I was lying on the couch when the phone rang and she took it into the kitchen. I turned the television down and strained to hear what was being said.

"Tommy, do you remember that car leaving your house on Tuesday night, the one that sped off with no lights on." She said waiting for him to reply. "Yeah well, it looks like Bill is sending Shawn to spy on us while we have our dates, yes I know, no not this weekend, instead I want you to come over Monday after school, we need to teach Shawn a lesson, yes I know the bet was for four dates and this will be one of them and I assure you if you come over you will not be disappointed. Okay sees you Monday."

My mother returned to the living room and hung the phone up on the charger, yet she did not let on to anything that she conversed about. I lay on the couch nervously wondering if she was going to read me the riot act. Instead she mentioned that Tommy was coming over Monday for a date, they were going to hang out around the house and watch television. She then mentioned that my father was going out of town Monday night and would not be home until very late.

I did not mention any of this to my father when he came home later and she never said anything either. It was not until Sunday that she mentioned to him that Tommy was coming over to hang out. I could not sleep a wink that night and was miserable at school thinking of what my mother was going to do get back at me.

I got home from school and sat in the living room on the couch, turned on the television to see what was on. My mother came downstairs wearing a short silk robe that I very rarely ever saw her in, a moment later the doorbell rang.

"Oh hi there Tommy, hey let's go up to my room and hangout shall we." She said leading the way upstairs.

Tommy glanced at me nervously and then followed my mother upstairs; I heard say something about closing the door to the bedroom. I waited a minute or two and crept upstairs, my curiosity was eating me up inside.

I looked through the keyhole and saw Tommy sitting on my parent's bed my mother standing in front of him. She slowly undid the sash to the robe and dropped it on the floor; she was wearing a burgundy colored baby doll nightie with matching panties. The small cups of it barely held her large breasts as Tommy let out and audible gasp.

"Oh my god Shannon, you look so hot." He said.

She did not reply she just pushed his legs apart with her knee and stood between them. She then leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth and he returned it, as they kissed he pulled the spaghetti straps down and she allowed her tits to spill out in front of him. Her large thick nipples were now face with level with him from what I could see from the reflection in the mirror.

I watched in both horror and awe as Tommy reached up and gently squeezed both breasts with both hands, then running his thumbs over the hard nipples. He then broke the kiss and began to suck on my mothers breasts, he was making loud slurping noises and sucking sounds as he alternated between the two.

"Oh yes Tommy, oh suck my big titties." My mother said to encourage him.

She let Tommy suck on them for a minute or two longer and then she stopped him, the poor guy looked as if he had a new toy taken from him for doing something wrong. Mom raked her nails down the front of his chest and got on her knees between his legs. She unbuttoned his jeans and helped him slide them down; his cock was hard and on full display. My mother took it in both hands and gently stroked it up and down; I could now hear Tommy breathing heavier.

"I must say Tommy you have become quite a big boy." She said looking up at him.

"Really." He said in a nervous squeaky voice.

"Oh yes, considerably bigger than Bill, which is not saying much." My mother said to him.

Without any kind of warning my mother dove in, so to speak as she ran her tongue down the full length of his shaft and to his balls. Her pink tongue flicked rapidly on his balls licking them all over and then she sucked them into her mouth. Tommy moaned aloud and arched his back up towards her as she worked his testicles.

She then worked her way back up his shaft and ran her tongue over the head of his cock. Tommy groaned as she ran her tongue in his piss hole to get a small dab of his precum onto it. Then she slowly engulfed his cock into her mouth, his cock looked to be around six inches long and average thickness and my mother was now working about four of those inches in and out of her mouth.

The way she was sucking his cock was slow and methodical, she was working it so Tommy would get the maximum of pleasure out of it and last as long as possible. He lay back on the bed so he was flat on his back and my mother sat up more so she could keep his cock into her mouth. I could now get a better view of her reflection in the mirror, my eye hurting as it strained to see through the keyhole.

Her awesome slow oral talent lasted around five minutes and now Tommy was becoming more urgent and she could sense this. The room was filled with slurping sounds as my mother now picked up the pace and her head was bobbing up and down faster and faster.

"Oh god Shannon, here it comes, oh god I'm going to cum." He moaned and reached up with one hand to hold my mother's head in place.

Tommy shot load after load of his thick young cum down my mother's throat, which she made noises of swallowing. When he let go of her head she continued to lick and suck his cock up and down. Cum was getting stuck to her chin and cheeks as she did this and she cleaned his cock until it went soft.

My mother stood up and pulled the straps of her baby doll back up to cover her breasts. Tommy reached down and pulled his jeans up and stood up to get his cock back into place.

"Well Tommy I need to take a shower and you need to go home, come over Sunday, bring a condom and we will have our final date and believe it will be our final date do you understand?" She asked him.

"Yes Shannon, I understand." He said sheepishly.

"I mean it after Sunday nothing like you experienced will ever happen with me again and you will go back to calling me Mrs. Reynolds as well." She explained. "Now see you Sunday.

Tommy came towards the door and my mother headed for the master bathroom, I ran down the stairs as quick as I could. Tommy did not say anything to me as he left and I waited for him to leave, I pulled my hard cock out and while my mother was washing away the filth Tommy left on her I fantasized about her swallowing my cum the same way. This was the quickest I had ever cum, even quicker than when I lost my virginity.

Later that night my mother told my father about Sunday and how the final date was going to be at our house, while he was home, she would not give anymore detail than that. She went up to bed and when she did he grilled me on what she and Tommy did today. I lied to him telling him they just watched television, she helped him with his homework.

The rest of our week seemed to go by quickly and we were now to the weekend, Saturday was a fun family day as we all went out for pizza. Yet Sunday seemed to be weighing heavily over our heads.

Sunday came and we had our normal breakfast, we did some things around the house. Around quarter of twelve my mother disappeared and we settled in to watch the game, the door bell rang and I got up to let Tommy in. He sat down on the couch and my father glared at him uncomfortably for a few minutes.

We watched the pregame show in silence and then started looking for a game to watch, we settled on the Bengals against the Ravens. Right before kick off us could hear my mother coming down the stairs. When she entered the living room she had her large robe and then she looked at me.

"Shawn I want you to leave." She said.

I recognized the tone in her voice that this was not open for debate and I got up and left the house. I had no intention that I was going to miss what was going to happen so I went to the front window to look in.

My mother strolled into the center of the living room and looked at my father, gave him a smile and then she turned to Tommy. She dropped the robe and showed my father and Tommy what she was wearing under it. She had on a lace bra that barely contained her large breasts and a little lace skirt that had garters hooked to with black stockings and heels.

Tommy stood up and the two of them embraced and began to kiss in front of my father right in his own living room. He just sat watching it all unfold in front of him as Tommy reached up and unhooked my mother's bra and she tossed it on the floor. She pulled Tommy's shirt off to reveal his muscular young body, at eighteen he had a body better than the old man.

Tommy took her over to the couch and laid her down onto it, he pulled off his jeans and took the condom out of his pocket. He slid it up over his cock and he kissed his way my mother's legs. She parted them for him and the little skirt hiked up to reveal her pussy to him. He spread the folds apart and ran his tongue up the full length of it, and then he went to work licking her sucking her pussy. My mother was now moaning softly at the way his tongue lapped at her wet pussy making her very horny now. He now found her clit and began to work the sensitive bud with his tongue. While his tongue worked the clit, he also slid two of his fingers into her pussy to finger fuck her at the same time.

"Oh Tommy you are such a good pussy licker. Oh yes oh fuck yes make me cum with your mouth oh yeah that's it right there." She told him. "Bill I can't remember the last time you ate my pussy, oh fuck that it Tommy oh yes, oh yes, oh I'm cumming, don't stop oh yes oh fuck yes."

Tommy kept licking her until her orgasm finally subdued, and then her pushed her legs further apart and got up between them. He had his cock lined up with her now pussy which was now partly opens. Before he pushed his cock in, my mother looked over at my father.

"Watch him fuck me Bill, look at his cock Bill, it's at least an inch and a half bigger than yours and I'm going to enjoy fucking him." She said teasingly to my father. "Now fuck me Tommy."

Tommy slowly eased his cock into my mom's pussy, until he had it to the hilt; he slowly worked it in and out. My mother was obviously tight and even after he performed oral sex onto her it was not loosened up completely. My mother placed one hand on Tommy's shoulder and the other on his waist. She wrapped her legs around his hips tightly and pulled him to her.

He was now pumping his cock in and out of her at a nice steady pace; I could hear the couch spring groan, my mother and Tommy groan outside. My mother's soft womanly pants were filling the living room as my poor father just sat and watched her fuck a younger man in front of him.

They fucked in this position for several minutes bringing my mother to another orgasm, and then she motioned for Tommy to get off of her. She got him in a sitting position and then lay on top of him so her back was against his chest and she straddled him with her legs easing her pussy down onto his cock. Tommy gave small thrusts and my mother moved herself up and down on his cock.

"Oh fuck that feels good; I need to sit up a little." She said so she could ride up and down on it faster.

Tommy reached around with one hand to play with her tit and the other to play with her clit as they fucked. My mother stared at my father hotly as she continued to fuck in front of him.

"Oh god yes, oh god Bill this boy really knows how to fuck, what the hell are they teaching you in school." She said making Tommy laugh and grunt at the same time.

"You know Bill; oh fuck he is giving me a huge fucking orgasm right now." She screamed as his finger twiddled with her clit vigorously. "Oh fuck, oh Jesus I'm cumming hard, oh fuck yeah, fuck, yeah.

"You know Bill." She said after her orgasm had subsided and she got up off of Tommy for a moment. "I was going along with everything, I will admit I let him go a little further than intended on the first date, but I was going to continue to tease him, let him think he would actually get in my pussy. Then you fucked it all up and had Shawn spy on us, you did not trust me did you, so this is your punishment, for your stupid drunken bet and for not trusting me, now watch me fuck him some more."

My mother turned around and climbed on top of Tommy facing him this time, her large tits level with his face. She straddled his cock and began to ride up and down on it; she leaned forward and offered him a tit to suck on.

"Oh yeah, suck my tits while you fuck me, oh yeah you really know how to use your tongue Tommy." She moaned as she rode him.

I looked at my watch while touching my cock with my other hand; they had been fucking for around twenty minutes. I was surprised due to the fact at how quick he went off when the blow job got heavy. My mother was getting a good fucking and my father was being humiliated.

My mother satisfied from that position got off of him and got up onto all fours, Tommy got right up behind her giving it to her doggie style. Her tits flailed back en forth as he held on tightly to her waist and hips fucking her for all he was worth. I don't know if my mother came again in this position, the grunts and moans were more animalistic sounding. Soon Tommy threw his head back, gave one hard thrust, he was now emptying his condom covered cock inside my mother. He fucked her slowly until he was satisfied that his cock was done.

Then my mother waited for him to pull out and she led him to the downstairs bathroom to clean up. He came back redressed and grabbed his jacket off of the coat rack near our front door.

"Good bye Tommy." My mother said to him.

"Good bye Mrs. Reynolds." He said remembering this was it and he left our house.

My mother came back into the living room and stood in front of my father, she looked down at him as tears welled up in his eyes. She slowly lowered herself to her knees and rubbed his groin.

"Did you cum?" She asked him.

"No." He said as he started to cry.

"Are you ever going to do anything like this again?" She asked.

"No." He said.

"Are you ever going to spy on me and not trust me?" She asked.

"No, never again." He sobbed.

"Now do you want me to take care of your cock for you?" She asked.

"Yes." He sobbed.

My mother undid his pants and pulled his cock out, it was a little shorter than Tommy's but maybe a little thicker. My mother leaned down and sucked his entire cock into her mouth. My father could only hold out for a minute or two and he filled my mother's mouth full of cum.

She got up off of her knees, picked up her bra, her robe and went upstairs, I waited a little longer and came back in. We watched football in silence the rest of the day, my mother came back down an hour later, showered and dressed in her normal everyday clothes.

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