tagIncest/TabooDad's Loving Step Daughter Ch. 02

Dad's Loving Step Daughter Ch. 02


This is the second of four mile stones in my relationship with my step daughter, Deanna. Our weekend in Vegas was an amazing three days of sighting seeing during the day, and hot, steamy sex in the evenings. Leaving for the airport Deanna gave me a loving hug, "I love you Daddy, thank you for this weekend. I really want this to continue! I hope you do too?"

Running my fingers through her hair and kissing her passionately, as we break the kiss, "I do Deanna, but it must remain our secret. Ok? I love what we have here, but I love what I have with your mother too."

"Ok, daddy."

Six months passed before my daughter made it home for a visit. During this time we talked on the phone a lot. She called me more than usual and sent me some very entertaining pictures and videos. During one of these calls she asked me about my sexual fantasy. If I ever fantasized about a three way, I told her yes, both with two women and sharing a woman with another man. This intrigued her, she informed me she would love to make my fantasy's come true, and that she had never been in a three way, nor had she ever been with another woman. We than planned a trip down to Key West for one of the weeks that she was coming home for in a couple months.

My wife, Lisa, was only home on the weekends, flying to work Monday thru Friday. So, Deanna and I had planned our trip down to Key West for her first week home. She was flying home on Friday and on Monday we were heading down to the Key's and staying until Friday. I booked us four nights in an ocean view suite at the Ocean Key Resort on Zero Duval St. in Key West. This was shaping up to be a very interesting trip.

Deanna arrived at the airport on Friday and Lisa picked her up. The weekend was uneventfully, except for Saturday night after my wife went to bed. Deanna, wearing a long t shirt, slides over next to me on the coach, "I so want to fuck you right now daddy." She whispered in my ear, as she guides my hand between her legs. With nothing on under her shirt, my hand found her pussy, unable to resist I slipped one finger into her to find her sopping wet. We began kissing passionately, I knew I had to keep her quit and this seemed like a good way, as I slipped a second finger into her and began to fuck her with my fingers until she came, moan and almost screaming into my mouth. Pulling my fingers out of her, I licked her juices from them. She then kissed my deeply, breaking the kiss, "My turn to return the favor."

Holding her head in my hands, "Sorry, but that will have to wait until Monday."

"Daddy, PLEASE? We can go in the back bathroom. I really, REALLY want to return the favor." Getting up off the coach she leads me to the back bathroom. Upon closing and locking the door, Deanna drops to her knees, removing my shorts and exposing my pre cum dripping cock. Looking up at me as she licks the tip of my cock, tasting my pre cum. "I forgot how large you are, Daddy." Suck my length into her mouth several times, my cock getting even harder. Here I was getting sucked off by my step daughter while my wife was sleeping on the other side of the house was a huge turn on. My fingers dug into her hair as she wrapped her small hand around my cock, her other hand massaging my balls. Her hand and mouth developed a very good rhythm, as I fucked her mouth. She was moaning as she took my cock all the way to my balls in her mouth. I could feel myself getting close, digging my left hand into her hair; I pulled her mouth off my cock and begin to jerk off with my right hand, "Open up wide," I moan "I want you to swallow my whole load!" She moaned as my first shot of cum landed on her tongue, my second and third shot hit the back of her throat, almost making her gag, but she held it together as the last couple of shots landed on her checks and nose. Well squeezing the base of my cock I feed the length of it to her and she moaned as she sucked me dry. Then, using my fingers I wiped the cum off her face and she sucked it off my finger. Dropping down to my knees I kissed her deeply, tasting myself on her.

"I am so looking forward to the rest of this week." I whispered to her.

"Me too. I love you, Daddy."

"Love you too, Deanna." Kissing her passionately.

Monday morning arrived, and we headed down the Key West. On the drive down Deanna asked what we are going to do. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to try a three way. "Yes, daddy I do. At least with you I do."

"I was thinking we could go out tonight and if you find some guy who interests you we could invite him back to the room. What do you think?"

Deanna eyes where real big, and she was flushed, "Really? I thought you would want another woman."

"I want to satisfy you first. Next time I want it to be another woman. Are you up for that, or should I say, can you handle that?"

"I have never had 2 cocks at the same time, but yes, I am up for that."

We arrived at the hotel around 5 pm; we grabbed some dinner and then checked into our hotel room to get ready to hit the town. Deanna came out of the bathroom wearing a tight, short one piece dress that just barely covered her beautiful full ass, with lots of visible cleavage. My dick got very hard, as she modeled it for me, "Well, what do you think?"

"Well," I choked out, "I think every guy in the bar is going to want you. This is going to be a very interesting night."

I was setting on the bed, she leaned over me resting her hands on my knees and kissing me deeply. As the kiss ended, "Are you hard, daddy?" As her hand rubbed my stiff cock, answering her own question, kissing me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth. I reached beneath her dress to find the thin material of her thong very moist. "I am not the only one ready for tonight," I whispered as our kiss broke and she stepped back. Taking her hand we left the hotel heading out to the Green Parrot Bar, over on Whitehead Street.

The bar was packed, we hit the dance floor for a very slow dance. My hands explored her hard round ass and hips, my cock stiffing as she ground against me. I notice several guys checking her out as we danced; I turned so they had a good view of her ass. I then lifted her short skirt just enough to expose the very bottom of her ass, which was very exposed with just a thong on under her skirt. I kissed her, moving to her ear, "I am going to the restroom, enjoy." She smiled back at me with a very slutty look in her eye.

When I returned and found a table where I could see the dance floor, I searched for my step daughter. I found her dancing with a guy who appeared a little older than her, and seemed very fit. As I watched she saw me and they danced closer, she pulled his hips towards hers. His hands, floated down to her ass, and he began to gentle rub it, Deanna pulled his hands away and pulled him over to the table. "Paul, this is Doug, my husband." Smiling at me, as I stood and held out my hand. "Have a seat Paul."

The three of sat and talked and drank for several hours. I then leaned over and started nibbling on her neck; my hand ran up her thigh, slipping my finger under her thong to gentle rub her clit. Pausing, I looked across her at Paul, "Paul, I am pretty sure Deanna can handle us both if you are interested?" He just sat there, stump, until Deanna took his hand and placed it on her thigh, guiding him up to her moist pussy. As she began to masturbate using Paul's fingers, I continued to rub her clit, Paul started fucking her with his fingers. Turning to me, she kiss's me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth as she cums all over Paul's fingers. Breaking the kiss, she takes Paul's hand from under the table and licks her cum from his fingers. Getting up she takes us both by our hands and leads us from the bar, heading back to our hotel.

I no sooner shut the door to the hotel room when Deanna, throws her arm around me and kissed me. Then throws her other arm around Paul and kisses him, while both of us are exploring her body. I lift her dress off, exposing her black thong, and her firm, braless chest. Tilting her head back, I kiss her, as Paul begins to give her nipples some long over do sucking. Dropping to her knees, she slowly unbuckles Paul's belt, undoing his pants she drops his pants and underwear to the floor in one motion. Exposing his very erect cock, longer than mine, but not as thick, she seemed very please as wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked it. She then licked him starting at the base all the way to the tip, finishing by taking his entire length down her throat, leaving his cock covered in her salvia.

Turning to me, I had already pulled my shirt off and had my pants half way off, I finished taking my pants off. Digging my hands into her hair I feed her my cock, all the way to my balls, she wraps her free hand around the base of my cock and plays her tongue over the head of my cock, sucking my pre cum off. Turning back to Paul she begins to give him a wonderful blow job. Dropping to my knees, I roll over on my back, lifting her ass up high enough to get under her, pulling her thongs to one side as she lowers her pussy onto my tongue and lips. As I eat her out, tasting her juices running down my throat, my cock throbbing as I can see her swallowing up Paul's cock. His moans mixing with her own, knowing she is close, I run my hands up her body, finding her breasts and playing with her nipples. Unable to keep her rhythm she removes Paul's cock from her mouth, still gripping it with her hand as she cums all over my face, her juices almost drowning me.

Standing up, she informs us she needs to me fucked, now. Laying her back on the bed, I kiss her as Paul spreads her legs, and pushes the head of his cock into her very wet pussy. Setting beside her so I could watch, it was amazing watching another cock penetrate her pussy, her juices still running down her thighs. Once he was all the way in, he began to get a good rhythm going, I shifted onto my knees giving Deanna access to my cock, her mouth eagerly swallowed me up as she moans, and bucks against Paul's fucking. I notice his thrusts getting a lot faster, Deanna noticed too, pulling her mouth off my cock,"Paul," she moans, "don't you dare cum yet!" Using her leg she pushes him away. "Daddy, Fuck me NOW! Paul, get up here and lay down for a while."

Rolling over on her hands and knees, know how much I like fucking her from behind. Deanna crawled over to Paul and began sucking and playing with his cock and balls. Climb behind her, gripping my cock at the base and guiding my cock into her already well fucked pussy was an amazing feeling. Every time I slammed my cock into her, her mouth would move up Paul's cock. It did not take long for me to feel the pressure building in my cock, I held on until she removed his cock from her mouth,"Fuck me, Daddy, oh god, YES! That's it, Fuck your slut. Oh Yes!" Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard; it was all I could do to keep it inside her. Pulling out after she cums, saving my cum for later. Without missing a beat, my lovely slut daughter, slides on top of Paul, and slips her pussy onto his cock. I can tell, by Paul's moans, that he was not going to last long. My daughter noticed this also and began to fuck him even hard, moaning, the sweet glistening off her breasts. "I am Going To Cum," Paul moans, Deanna, rolls off, and begins stroking and sucking his cock, "Cum Paul, cum for me," this was such a sight, I could have stroked my cock one or two times and cum at this point, my cock was so hard it hurt, as Paul let loose with a huge load. The first load splashed her cheek and her nose; the rest ran down her hand as she continued to stroke him. She then, starting with his balls, licked his cum off her hand, and cleaned his cock, finishing by sucking on his head like it was a straw, Paul's moan was almost a scream.

Rolling over to me, I climbed on top of her, digging my fingers into hair as I pushed my throbbing cock into her well used pussy. Deanna, arched her back to meet my thrust, kissing her lips, and tasting another man on her lips, I increased my thrusts, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust, our lips not parting. Breaking the kiss, I looked to see Paul stroking his cock, it was beginning to grow. Deanna also noticed this, as I rose up onto my arms, picking up my pacing, watching Paul stroke his cock while I fucked my step daughter. Deanna, let out a scream of pleasure as Paul, moaned and shot a small load onto his stomach. Pulling out of Deanna, moving quickly to her face, her mouth opening wide for my load as I stroke my cock, her hand massaging my balls. My orgasm hit, just as my cock felt like it would explode, my cum ran out the corners of her mouth she could not swallow it quick enough. Pulling out of her mouth before I choked her, my last couple of shots splashed on her neck and chin.

Kissing my cum from her lips, our tongues putting the finishing touches to our taboo love that we now share. After we break our kiss, "Um, Doug, is she your daughter?" Paul asks.

"No."Deanna answers, as she rests her head on my chest, "He is my Step Father. And thanks for a good time Paul."

"Yea, thanks, I am going to, like, get going now." Paul says. He dresses and leaves without another word.

"I love you Daddy!" Deanna, states, as she snuggles into my arms for the night.

Kissing her on top of her head, "I love you, too."

Stay tune for the next mile stone in my relationship with my step daughter, Deanna shares me with one of her girl friends.

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