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Dad's Night In


My wife had left for the weekend, my daughter had gone shopping with a friend, I had the house to myself. After a shower I grabbed a video my wife and I had made the year before. It was a very explicit tape of my wife, me, and our neighbor Frank. I settled in on the couch in the living room and flipped on the big screen. There in all her glory was a 52 inch version of my wife's mouth wrapped around Frank's cock. I shook off my robe and grabbed my cock, I had watched this tape dozens of times and I still got hard each time seeing my wife with another man. I put a little lotion in my hand and began jacking off. On screen Carol, my wife, was busy running her tongue the length of Frank's cock. The screen was filled with her face and Frank's cock. Carol had Frank moaning loudly using her mouth and tongue to great advantage. I was lost in the moment, my hand furiously stroking my hardness.

I didn't hear my daughter and her friend walk in. The first thing I heard was Karen, my daughter's friend (and Frank's daughter).

"Wow Mr. Kass, you have a big dick!"

I stood up and spun around, my cock pointing straight at Karen and Peggy. I tried to cover myself but the head of my cock stuck out from above my hand. I'm sure the head of my cock wasn't the only thing bright red.

"She's right dad you're dick is pretty big" my daughter chimed in.

My mind was racing, I had forgotten the tape running on the big screen until now. I reached for the remote, but my daughter beat me to it. The camera was panning back and now all three of us watched as Frank came into view with Carol still on her knees in front of him. My daughter was first to react.

"Hey Karen, your dad's dick is pretty big too."

"Looks like your mom is really getting into it." Karen laughed.

I was stunned. Here were my daughter and her best friend watching their parents have sex, and they weren't fazed at all, in fact they were enjoying it it seemed. I reached out to Peggy.

"Okay, give me the remote. You two have seen enough. I don't think Mr. DiModica wanted Karen to see him like this."

"Daddy, we've seen boys' dicks before. It's no big deal."

"Yeh Mr. Kass, you're just a lot bigger than them."

This was getting out of hand quickly. My cock was still stiff and the girls were now both staring at it. Again, my daughter acted first.

"Maybe we can give you a hand with that dad," she moved toward me, and Karen followed.

By the time they came around the couch they were pulling thier tops off. Peggy pushed me to the couch and wasted no time putting her lips on mine. A shock went through me as my daughter kissed me sensually. Neither Karen or Peggy had bras on so when they pulled thier tops off thier breasts were bared to me. Karen had a nipple ring on the right, my daughter's breasts were unmarked and perfect. They had to be at least a 36 and had dark aereole just like her mothers. Karen's were a little bigger probably 38's, her nipples were large and surrounded by light pink circles.

This was beyond belief, my daughter was kissing me and pressing her chest against mine. Karen was kneeling between my legs and fondling my cock. I gave in to the feeling and took my daughter's breasts in my hands. God, they felt so good. Her nipples were hard little pebbles in my palms. I pinched them and rolled them between my fingers. Peggy's tongue was in my mouth. I felt Karen's tongue circling my balls and licking my shaft from bottom to top. Then her mouth closed around the head of my dick and I felt her take all of me inside her warm lips. In the background the sound of my wife being fucked echoed from the tv speakers.

Karen was bringing me to the brink of orgasm as her mouth expertly worked my cock. Peggy's breasts were now in my mouth, I had one of her nipples between my teeth and was biting down lightly, she held my head to her chest and moaned as loudly as her mother on screen.

"I don't want you to cum in my mouth Mr. Kass" I heard Karen mumble while my cock stuffed her face.

"Then you better move honey cause I'm ready to."

Karen pulled her face away and I thought my cum would just land on her tits. Instead my daughter pulled her tit from my mouth, bent down and put her mouth over the head of my cock just as I exploded. I shot my cum to the back of her throat but she never flinched, she just kept swallowing and let me fill her mouth. Her mother was onscreen getting a mouthful from Frank. Once I finished pumping her face Peggy sucked the last cum from my tip and turned to Karen. I sat and watched as they kissed deeply sharing the cum I had just spurted into Peggy's mouth.

I thought that was the end of our night............was I ever wrong.

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