tagIncest/TabooDad's Shot of Confidence & Sperm

Dad's Shot of Confidence & Sperm


Kate sadly looked at her reflection in the mirror and instantly regretted that she had done so. She was not like other girls her age. Diminutive in stature, a figure that barely seemed to fill out her clothing combined with thin arms and legs, made her believe she was an oddity.

Her image wasn’t assisted by her choice of hair-style or the drab clothing she chose to wear. A tear trickled slowly down her cheek as she thought of her college friends and the frivolous life-styles they led, lives so different from her boring existence.

Kate was intelligent enough to realize that most of her problems stemmed from her shyness. She longed to be more out-going and dress in pretty things and day-dreamed about being the most popular girl around but she also accepted the fact that it would never happen. Wiping the tear away with the back of her hand she let out a deep sigh, and set about the task of cleaning her room.

“We have to do something Peter,” Kate’s mother Claire, said to her husband as she poured him another coffee. “She never goes out anywhere except to college and when she’s at home she’s locked up in her room doing homework. A girl of Kate’s age should be out having fun.”

“Tell me about it. But what the hell can we do? You know how shy the girl is, every time I think we’re making headway she retreats back into her shell, damned if I know what to do any longer,” Peter replied.

Claire had been mulling over her daughter’s problems for weeks now and was really concerned for Kate’s welfare. She was convinced that above all else, her daughter needed a strong shot of confidence to assist in breaking the shyness. A plan had slowly formed in her mind during the last few days and now was the time to put that plan into action.

Moving out of her chair she walked around the table and sat on Peter’s lap. Softly she kissed her husband fully on the lips making sure she pressed her breasts into his chest. Peter surprised and the sudden show of affection responded, his tongue clashing with hers while his hands massaged the soft curves of her body.

“Wow!” he grinned as they parted. “The last time you kissed me like that it cost me a new washing machine and dryer. What is it you’re after this time?”

“I’m not after anything. Can’t a wife kiss her husband when she feels like it? You make me sound so mercenary. I kissed you because I love you so much.”

“Mmmmmm! Yes I know you love me but I also know you. You’re after something, one way or another, this is going to cost me. I can see right through you Claire,” he said.

Claire pecked him on the cheek and giggled girlishly on his lap while she ground her buttocks onto Peter’s growing erection. “Yes well maybe I do want something but I promise I’ll give you something in return, something you’ve always wanted if you agree to do what I want.”

“And just what is it that you’re prepared to give me?” asked Peter. Claire kissed Peter again, this time with her mouth wide open, their tongues clashing and entwining together is the depth of passion. Finally Claire broke the kiss and held Peter’s head in both her hands while looking seriously into his eyes.

“My ass. You’ve been after it for years. Promise you’ll do what I want and you can take me in the ass.” Claire said quietly.

Peter had wanted to take Claire in the butt ever since he’d seen a porno film of a girl taking it up the ass. He’d tried to convince Claire to let him do her for the last six years but she’d refused. Once he tried to force it up her and that had resulted in the nights sex session being terminated and the threat she’d never let him nearer again.

Excitement swelled in Peter’s loins, Claire’s offering brought his erection to the stiffest it had been for a long time and he almost agreed immediately but he held out for a little more. “I’ll only agree to do what you want if you let me take your ass my way and…. and let me hurt you a little bit,’ he negotiated.

Claire’s heart beat faster. She’d been frightened of offering her butt for fucking, but she’d often fantasized about being punished during sex. Peter was a gentle lover and their sex life was good, never had she believed that there was a cruel streak in him. The prospect of being hurt during sex made her pussy water.

She wriggled her butt cheeks on Peter’s massive erection, “I’ll send Kate down to the shopping centre,” she whispered hoarsly.


Claire finally shed her lacy panties and then naked, turned to face her husband. His huge fat cock was standing rigid and fear shot through her as she realized that it would soon be boring its way up her secret passage, reaming a passage into her very being.

“How do you want to take me?” she asked submissively, her cunt watering profusely.

Peter finished applying joy jelly to the length of his shaft and smirked at Claire.

“Standing on the floor with you bent over and your arms resting on the bed… That’s it…. Now….. Spread your legs a little. That’s perfect baby,’ He said moving behind her.

Claire jumped and cried out in pain as Peter’s hand landed on her butt. She began to rise but Peter held his free hand onto her back forcing her to remain in position as the spanking continued.

Claire could not only feel the heat rising from her punished buttocks but the deep excitement building up in the pit of her stomach and all the nerve endings in her body seemed to be building connections directly to her now sopping cunt.

By the time Peter had finished, her ass was on fire. She felt Peter suddenly behind her, his hot flesh pressing to hers, the huge erection nestled in the crack of her ass as he reached beneath her and roughly handled her swinging tits. Claire moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as cruel fingers twisted her stiffening nipples as though attempting to screw them off her.

“You wanted this bitch and now you’re going to get it. I should have raped your ass ages ago, now I’m going to split you in two.” She heard Peter grunt behind her.

Peter’s hard thumbs dug into her soft buttock flesh parting Claire’s cheeks to reveal the brown rosebud. He could see pussy juice dripping down the inner soft flesh of her thighs, never before could he remember her being so aroused.

“Be careful Peter,” Claire cried out as she felt the head of his huge cock press against her chute. “Please don’t hurt me I beg you, please…………..Unnnnnnnng! Oh Peter” she sobbed.

Claire felt as though she was being spitted on the fleshy steel rod. The huge head was in the entrance of her velvet chute, stretching her wider than she thought possible. The pain of initial entry caused lights to flash in her brain and sweat to break out in little beads all over her body. For precious moments Peter held still within her and then with slow deliberate actions began to ream her out.

Claire had half of Peter’s length up her when she felt his finger on her clit. It was like an air-trigger on a gun, the slightest touch had her screaming out an orgasm so powerful that her body shook spastically beneath Peter. Her uncontrolled jerky movements causing him to hold her tightly around the waist until her cum abated.

She had cum so hard that her juices had sprayed Peter’s swinging balls. “More, give me more… put it all in you bastard…….. Ohhhhhhhhhhh…… Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Grabbing her slim hips, Peter drove the remaining length of his cock up his wife’s tight virgin ass-hole, showing no mercy as the meat was slammed into her. Satisfied that she was fully stretched, he withdrew back to the entrance before slamming forcefully back into her, so hard that her feet lifted off the floor.

And so Claire’s inaugural ass-fuck continued each inward stroke so powerful her feet were lifted off the floor while her body was mauled by Peter’s powerful hands. She knew she was being abused and used now for his own gratification. That she was merely meat on the stick which was to provide a depository for his sperm and…. She didn’t care.

Suddenly Claire found her body lifted upright, her ass fully spitted on her husband’s cock, his rough hands mauling her tits. She felt him stiffen and heard the gasp almost at the same time his seed spurted deep within her. The intensity of her second orgasm was even greater than her first, all but losing consciousness she would have collapsed were it not for Peter’s strong arms.


“You’re kidding me?” Peter said to Claire.

“No I’m not. The only way Kate is going to get confidence is if she feels special and loved,” replied Claire. “Now you promised me you would do what I wanted you to do so don’t even try to think of backing out now.”

“But she’s our daughter, my little girl. I can’t do something like that. No I’m sorry Claire, I don’t feel right about it,” Peter replied.

“I promise you that by the time I’ve finished with her you won’t be able to keep your hands off her,” said Claire. “Now I’ve told you the plan, I’ll take her shopping tomorrow and you can do it at night, no more arguments.”

The next morning Claire and Kate left for the shopping mall while Peter nervously went to work wondering what the hell he was going to do. The day passed slowly and seemed endless until it was time to join the rush hour traffic homeward bound.

The first thing Peter noticed was Kate’s new hairdo. No longer tied back in a severe fashion, her long hair fell around her shoulders in soft waves Kate smiled at her father’s compliments as Claire bustled them in for dinner.

After a leisurely meal, Claire told Peter to go and have his shower while she and Kate went to attend to one or two things, as she left; she gave him a knowing wink. Peter showered and then sat watching TV in his shower jacket knowing it wouldn’t be too long before his wife was ready for him to act. He still felt nervous about the situation.

He didn’t have to wait long. Claire returned to the lounge alone, swept up to Peter and kissed him passionately, “Thank you for doing this darling. She’s in our room waiting for you. Now remember to be gentle, none of that rough stuff you gave me yesterday, I can still hardly sit down,” grinned Claire.

“Claire, are you really sure about this? It’s not too late.”

“I’m sure. Off you go and enjoy yourself.” Claire replied.

When Peter entered the bedroom he stopped in his tracks at the sight that confronted him. Kate was on the bed dressed in a white open necked dress which barely came down to just below the top of her thighs. White silk stockings came up a little above her knees allowing the display of soft thigh flesh. The clothing together with the new hairstyle and skillfully applied cosmetics had transformed his daughter.

“Daddy?” Kate asked in a small voice from the bed.

Only then did Peter notice that Kate had been tied to the bed. Silken cords restraining her feet and ankles to the four corners, she reminded Peter of a virgin sacrifice. He smiled to himself, indeed, that’s what she was. He moved across the room and sat along side his daughter.

“Why has mommy tied me up, have I been bad or something?” Kate asked.

Peter shook his head and smiled comfortingly at his daughter. “No sweetheart you’ve not been bad. You’re a gift, a present for me. The most wonderful present any one has ever had.” Already Peter’s cock was fully erect but he remembered Claire’s words that he must be gentle.

Kate looked up at her father through innocent blue eyes, “A present for you? I don’t understand.”

“You will baby. I’ll untie you in a little while but for the moment I’ll do what I do with all the presents I receive.”

“What’s that daddy?” asked Kate.

“Unwrap it of course. How can I see what I’ve been given until the wrappings off?” Peter said.

Kate still didn’t appear to understand what was happening until her daddy leaned over her and gently kissed her softly on her lips while his fingers unfastened the buttons on the bodice of her new dress.

Peter delighted in the sweetness of his daughter’s breath and the softness of her lips Her perfume while subtle, was heady, he had no idea what it was but the scent screamed, “Fuck me.”

Peter sat up and saw the horror on Kate’s face as she realized that her daddy was ‘unwrapping’ her. Daddy don’t. Please daddy,’ she begged.

Kate struggled against her wrist bonds to no avail as her daddy finished undoing the buttons and then carefully spread the material apart. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes feasted on Kate’s tits. They weren’t big, about the size of oranges but they were so perfectly formed and crowned by delicious nipples.

“No daddy, please I beg you…..” He heard Kate sob as his mouth was drawn magically to her left breast. And then, “Oh dadddddy” when his mouth sucked in the delicate flesh.

Gradually Peter felt his daughter’s body relax as he sucked on one breast and fondled the other. Long years of experience with women told him she would offer no further resistance and be compliant with his wishes. Moments later he released Kate from her restraints while she lay still, looking at him shyly.

Kate had wondered why her mother had taken her shopping and insisted on getting the new clothing for her. Then there was the hairdo, the shower she was made to have after dinner and her mother’s embarrassing insistence that she be allowed to shave her vulva.

She enjoyed being dressed in her new clothing and having the make-up applied but was more than a little concerned when her mom had tied her to the bed. She wasn’t stupid, she knew now without any doubt her father was going to have her and she was a little frightened. Not frightened that she was going to be taken but frightened that she wouldn’t do everything right, that she would disappoint the man she loved so much.

She lay still, her arms and legs spread in total surrender, hardly daring to meet her daddy’s gaze she murmured, “I’m sorry daddy, I don’t know what to do.”

Peter ran his hand beneath the hem of Kate’s dress and fingered his daughter’s damp slit through the fabric of her panties. “You might not know what to do sweetheart but your pussy does. It’s juicing nicely, getting itself ready to be penetrated by your daddy’s cock.

“Ok Kate, I’m going to stretch you wonderfully and pick your cherry. I want you to really enjoy your first fuck, I love you so much.”

Those words caused Kate to juice even more. Her heart was beating wildly and her breathing was irregular with excitement. She lay still making little mewing sounds in the back of her throat as her daddy removed her clothing. She surprised herself by not attempting to cover or hide her charms from her father.

Then her father knelt on the bed between her legs and removed his shower jacket giving Kate a look at a fully erect male organ. She never imagined that anything so large would be able enter her. The sight of it both frightened and excited her at the same time but mentally she made a promise to herself. She’d take it all or die in the attempt.

‘Mom tells me that you’re not on the pill and you’re at your most fertile period, so there’s a good chance I could impregnate you, would you like that?” Peter asked.

Kate’s mind was in a whirl. Only yesterday she was feeling worthless, now not only did her father want to fuck her but wanted to give her a baby as well. Her heart swelled with love for him, “Yes daddy” she answered with tears seeping from the corners of her eyes.

“There’s no need for anymore foreplay, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be,’ her daddy said as he lay over her taking his weight on his elbows. “Ah Kate I need to fuck you so badly I can’t wait to impale you on my cock.”

For the first time in her life Kate’s shyness vanished. She asked for what she wanted. “Please daddy, don’t make me wait any longer. Tell me what to do, help me to get your thing inside me…. Please daddy….. please…” she begged.

Kate raised her knees and spread them wide as she felt the head of her daddy’s cock press against her crack, her juices lubricating the tip as it pressed against her swollen pussy lips. Then came the pleasure as she felt her love tunnel being wonderfully stretched by the invading shaft. It finally hit home to Kate that she was laying beneath her father who was about to penetrate her with his huge cock.

Peter watched his daughter’s eyes become dreamy as he slowly worked his pole into her tight virgin cunt. Bit by bit he worked in and out of her, stretching her and gaining more ground with each forward thrust. He delighted in her tightness, her cunt muscles instinctively clutching at his cock as he pulled backward for re-entry.

“Wows!” Kate complained, her eyes coming wide open.

“its ok baby, it’ll be over in a second…… Here, take this…….” Said Peter thrusting as hard as he could.

Kate felt the membrane tearing and her daddy’s length spearing into her. His balls slapped against her ass and she knew he was all the way inside her. She started to smile but was interrupted by a spasm that shook her to the core. She heard screaming and realized it was herself, her body shook out of control while cum poured juices over daddy’s cock.

Peter fucked her slowly throughout her orgasm, when she finished, he became more forceful in his strokes for his own satisfaction. Kate sensed her fathers need, her tight cunt clutching at the root of his cock. Instinct had taken over, her cunt was milking her daddy’s cock, she wanted the seed, knew she had to have it to procreate.

As she fucked back at her daddy she noticed her mother had joined them. Sitting on the side of the bed smiling down at her white she was being rutted by her father. Kate wasn’t embarrassed; she smiled back at her mom and concentrated on the cock that was jammed tightly between her legs.

Claire couldn’t help it; the erotic sight of Peter screwing their daughter was just too much. Her fingers frothed at her engorged clit bringing herself swiftly to an orgasm.

“I can’t hold back any longer, I’ve got to cum. Are you ready baby” Peter grunted over Kate.

“Yes daddy, cum in me, give me my baby. Pleeeease I want it now,” she sobbed.

As Peter started shooting deep into Kate’s womb her legs wrapped around his buttock pulling him as deep into her as she could while her sharp nails raked furrows into his back. The shock of hot sperm triggered another massive orgasm within Kate’s body and she jerked spastically beneath her daddy as he crushed her small body deep into the mattress. She heard herself call out, “Ah! My baby.”

Claire wanted to lick out Kate’s snatch of sperm and virgin blood but Kate made her mom wait until the sperm had a chance to rush to her egg. Then she happily lay in her daddy’s arms as her mom licked her out. Kate was shy no longer.

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