tagIncest/TabooDad's The Man Ch. 10

Dad's The Man Ch. 10


Apr. 25/09

It was hard holding Daddy off for the last few days, not just because he was horny, but because I was, too. It wasn't much easier denying Gina last weekend, but I managed both and the stage was set for her weekend with us, three nicely horned up people who liked each other with a little beer and wine to set the mood.

She showed up wearing the black, sheer stockings I'd bought for her. I knew she'd wear them for me, along with the matching lace and mesh garter belt. Her black, form fitting skirt was just long enough to cover the tops of her stockings and she wore a shiny, silvery green, foil top that left a moderate amount of cleavage visible in an obvious pushup bra. Her black tresses were done practically in the style of 'big hair', green eyes flashing warmly with a hint of excitement. While she wore the stockings and garters for me, it almost seemed the rest of the outfit was for Daddy as she stood there in her high heel shoes, overnight bag in hand, looking at him with a half smile before greeting him.

"I hope I'm not going to have to rough you up again during this visit, John boy."

"You call me John boy again and I'll rough you up." He joked with an open smile, flicking through the channels and watching the screen.

"Sure. Would that be after Kat pries your couch potato ass up, or do you expect me to come to you?"

He laughed silently at this, shaking his head incredulously as he searched the range of prime time offerings.

"Come on, Kat, let's go to your room for some girl talk, we'll leave your media primate alone."

"Ho-ly fuck, you like to push it, don't you!?" he said, lowering the remote and looking away from the TV.

"Just tell me when you've had enough and I'll leave you alone, John boy."

I was laughing at all this, hyped up on horny and with a jumping case of nerves as we passed him by and went down the hall to my room, Daddy sitting there with a tight smile, the kind he gets when I crush him and his piddling little towns in Age of Empires.

I was dressed in what I'd call the 'needfully conservative' look in the new, tight black jeans I wore with a white rayon, open necked and long sleeved top. It hung untucked, just above my beltline and out from my body because, like Gina, I usually favour a pushup bra.

We hung out in my room for a little while, making out after we talked about the usual stuff, catching up and everything. My conscience not much into it with Daddy right out there, she soon got the hint that something was off.

"Slutty, why don't we tell him tonight?"

I looked down between our breasts at the floor and barely shook my head in reply.

She took a breath to say something, then paused a short time as though changing her mind and saying instead, "Kat, this is getting me to a point where I think I'm,... I don't like sneaking around behind his back like this, it stinks too much like betrayal and I'm starting to feel a lot less than good about it."

"I'm sorry."

"(sigh) ... I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as bad as you think. I'll bet he'd be more upset that he thought you had to keep it from him. If I were him, that's how I'd feel, you know."

"Uh huh."

"And never underestimate how he feels about me, as compared to how he'd feel about some half witted yahoo with a hardon taking his little kitten around."

"At this point, you can't imagine." I toned at her chest.

"There you have it. Let's tell him."

"We will, but just,... not yet. Let me do it at the best time, okay?"


"We'll tell him, smutty, I promise and maybe this weekend, just let me pick the best time, okay?"

" ... This weekend, no excuses."

I hesitated, uncomfortable with being driven into a corner by a timetable at this point and continued to look at her chest. She took my chin and gently turned her face up to mine.

"Baby, I've never made excuses for myself, I've told you that, not since I left the shelter and this,... I don't want to push, but I really don't like this situation. I really need and want your father's respect and I can't have it like this, in fact, this is why I don't make excuses for myself, or what I do. Do you understand?"


"This weekend? Please?" Gina half begged in a soft, caring voice.

"This weekend."


" ... Yeah, I promise," I sighed, committing myself to all or nothing before the weekend could end. Directing my eyes down and away from hers as she continued to hold my chin, I tried to absorb the fact that I'd likely just numbered the hours of my own happiness.

We emerged a little bit later and I served the three of us a glass of Gina's favourite wine as they took passing, playful jabs at each other, smiling good naturedly as they wound down their verbal skirmish.

There wasn't much on after we checked out the news, getting our daily dose of fear mongering over the swine flu and noting how the Dollar closed. We ended up playing scrabble (I won) for a couple hours until Space Odyssey 2001 came on. By the time the sequel started, we were all lightly buzzed and piled on the couch like we were two weekends ago.

From my position, a little on top of and behind Daddy, kind of wedged between him and the back of the couch, I could clearly see a few things.

First of all, she'd encouraged his hand around her middle again and snuggled in, her back to him and with the top of her head just below his chin. This time she wasn't just holding it there with her hand, but idly playing with his knuckles as she watched the movie, lightly squeezing them between thumb and forefinger. I could see the reflection of the television's light in her eye, smiled when her little exploration paused at an exciting part in the movie, then continued.

Then there was how her boobies kind of bunched up towards the opening at the top of her shirt as she lay there like that, giving Daddy a pretty good look at her chest and the top of her emerald green, satin bra.

Finally, there was the way she would stretch every now and then, writhing just a little against him, even stretching her legs and wiggling her stocking clad toes before relaxing again with a short, quiet, contented hum.

I very much liked seeing this on two levels. First of all, given Gina's history with her own family, particularly her parents and especially her father, I felt good seeing her experience some of the security that I do with Daddy. Yeah, I was happy for her. Second, and obviously, it turned me on. Each time she stretched, her skirt seemed to ride up a little until the tops of her stockings were visible, yanked upward in points where the straps connected them to her garter belt.

Daddy, I could tell, was just a bit uncomfortable with this. Unfortunately, I think Peggy was right about him. The poor guy kinda doesn't know much about women and I knew he didn't assume anything on Gina's part about this. I mean, he's referred to her as 'the other one' a few times and even, 'my witch with the shiny red broom'. That is pretty funny.

The point is, he likes her and has kind of adopted her, this not doing anything at all for my guilt, and the only discomfort he felt was at what he would have accurately seen as Gina's new comfort level with him. So, I assured him by slipping my hand down between her back and his chest, hugging him tighter, allowing a short, grinding maneuver with my hips before breathing a contented sigh, somehow defeating my case of hormonally driven nerves.

His body slowly relaxed, the heartbeat I felt through his ribs and my chest slowing a little. I wondered what Gina was thinking as, on the screen, Hal sent someone else spinning silently off to their eventual death in the great, black void.

Was she aware of his discomfort? I had to believe she was. Was she teasing him? She's not the type to do that with men, given her preference for her own sex, questionable as it is, and she respects him too much to do that, anyway. At this point, I think she was reacting to him the way a woman ought to, quite possibly just chalking it up to her own harmless version of the daddy thing. However, Gina's not one to run and hide, not even from herself. It was also possible that she was tentatively exploring an unexpected reaction to him, but very unlike her character with me in consideration, especially since it was my father she would have been exploring with me right there in front of them.

It was late by the time the movie ended, but nobody had to work the next day, the house was nice and cozy and we decided on having some more wine, Daddy another beer. We all got up during our intermission while I found another movie, a scary one this time, the title of which I don't remember.

"I want the bottom this time," I called as they were re-entering the living room and I was lowering the lights to about halfway.

Gina looked at me and I swear she flushed just a little, saying, "Yeah, but that means I have to get,..."

"You had the good spot last time, too. It's my turn. Plus, this is a scary movie and I'm younger than you, so plplplplptt!"

She looked at me a little funny, then at Daddy who was looking a bit concerned.

"C'mon, the movie's about to start. Daddy, lay down so we can get ready," I said, pulling the poor man to the couch with his beer. C'mon, Gina, it's just Daddy."

She capitulated, carefully climbing up on the couch after we were settled as we both watched her. I couldn't see his face as she carefully balanced herself with her hands lightly touching our hips. I held my father's hand in front of my belly like she'd been doing previously as she slowly lowered herself, her bent, outside leg draping over Daddy's hip for want of anywhere else to be. This hiked her skirt up her thigh a fair distance and showed off not just the top of her stocking, but a lot of the black garter straps at the front and back of her thigh. I couldn't see the look on his face above me, but there was no way he missed this.

"Uhh,... this okay?" she asked with an embarrassed smile, knowing about her skirt but unable, maybe uncaring enough, to really do anything about it.

"Get comfy, Gina, it's about to start," I said before turning to the TV.

I felt her hesitate, then squirm in to where she was presumably more comfortable as the opening credits began. When the first commercial break started, I felt slow, soft movement and another low, contented sound from beautiful Gina. She was stretching again.

About halfway through the movie, I twisted over a little way to my back, stretching like Gina and seeing her do the same. She looked like a cat lying up there, her carefree, half closed eyes on the screen, the side of her subtly smiling face snuggled nice and cozy against Daddy's shoulder. Our eyes met and there was this funny little instant. Almost like we really were sisters, plus lovers, and everything was the way it was always supposed to be with no runaway mothers or fanatical and abusive parents.

"Daddy, put your arm around Gina, you'll be more comfy."

"Gina hates me, kitten, she doesn't want me comfy," he joked, a small bit of tension in his voice.

I winked at Gina, he unable to see this and her eyes widened as I bugged, "Daddy, don't be silly. Besides, it'll make her feel good."

"Don't speak for other people, Kat," he said.

"Actually,..." Gina put in, her expression conveying some surprise along with her soft tone, "I wouldn't mind that. If you don't, I mean," she said, looking at him.

" ... Seriously? ... Alright." he decided.

She shifted herself so he could let go of my hand and get his upper arm out from under her head. She squirmed, frog legging up his side, her skirt hiking even further, further still when she wiggled her way into him, hesitantly clutching at his chest behind my back like I did. She gave me a happy, almost thankful smile as she sighed contentedly again, closing her eyes for a couple seconds.

Daddy's hand rested at her waist, the fingers of his big paw wrapping around her lower side. I rested my hand on her leg, just below her knee, feeling moisture between my legs and a growing hope that everything might be alright between the three of us after all.

"John, you know I tease you a lot," she said almost dreamily, her eyes closing again, "but it's only because I think so much of you. You know that, right?"

"Oh yeah, same here. No worries, little witch."

She smiled wider, writhing like a cat again in another little stretch as the commercials ended and the movie came back on. I turned back over, still smiling happily, but desperately trying to think of the best way to steer this, being distracted by the feel of Daddy's cock at the small of my back. It wasn't completely hard, but it must have been at least halfway there.

Soon after that, I heard a sound that was unmistakable, that of Gina's fingernails lazily running through short hair, most likely the hair at the back of Daddy's head. I felt his cock get slowly harder until he had to adjust his position to try to get it away from me. I answered this by pushing back and grinding against him in a way he'd know was on purpose, this eliciting the slightest gasp from him.

When it was over and we roused ourselves from our semi-trance like state to rate the movie, I got up, saying, "One more drink, guys?"

"Mmmmm,..." Daddy pondered. "Yeah, but that'll be it for me."


"Okay, but can I have a beer this time?"

"Sure. Anybody want anything else while I'm up?" I asked.

Neither of them did, so after grabbing up the empty cans and glasses to spirit them off to the kitchen, I went first to my room to get changed into something more comfortable than jeans. I chose a short summer dress, a bit low cut, kind of beige with an old fashioned flowery pattern. It actually looked a lot better on me before I went blonde, but it was comfortable and sexy without being obvious. I came back out, got three beer and went into the living room with them.

Daddy was more on his back and Gina was mostly laying on his front, her hands on his upper chest, fingers at his shoulders, subtly testing their hard tone. I could see the bottom of her black panties under the risen hem of her skirt, hugging the inside bottoms of her cheeks. They were both smiling, his hand on her lower back, talking in low tones as I approached.

They looked up at my return, still smiling as I went on to open their beer and hand them out. We all sipped and put them on our new coffee table before I went to reload myself on the couch.

"You changed," Gina noted, her eyes lingering here and there as they surveyed me, much the same as Daddy's were.

"Yup, more comfortable in this. You want to change too?"

" ... Sure. Much as I hate to move," she added with a happy, yet somehow apologetic tone.

I grinned and offered her my hand, standing close enough so that they both could almost see up my skirt. She took it and I helped her off the couch, Daddy watching both of us as we started for the hall.

"Uhh, I hope you don't think,..." Gina started once she was in my room.

I went about undressing her, asking, "Think what?"

"Well,..." she laughed, pausing nervously and looking as though she were searching for something to say. "I don't know, you're dad is just really cool. It's weird, but,... I like to be near him."

"That's not weird. It's okay, Gina, he's a handsome man and he has that 'thing', I know."

"Yeah, that thing," Gina agreed.

"You like him. I know and I'm not mad. I imagine any woman who got to know him would have to have rocks in her head not to fall for him."

"Yeah, but I'm not falling for him, I just,... well, you know."

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it, smutty."

"Well,... Okay."

"Having a good time?"

"Yeah, I loved- Uh,... what's this?"

"It's pink. (giggle)"

She'd finally noticed the more comfy outfit I'd been dressing her in, the one I bought yesterday with her in mind. I'd gotten the see through, pink demi bra on her while she fretted about Daddy, same as removing her black panties and replacing them with a pink pair that (of course) matched the bra, also see through. She really only noticed something was amiss when I was buttoning the short, pink summer dress with its cute little pleated skirt.

"Have you taken leave of your senses?"


"I hate pink! And this dress is,... I can't wear this in front of John!"

"Why can't you?"

"What'll he think!?" she demanded in a quiet shrill, the ghost of a smile playing at her lips as she probably imagined a possible answer to her own question.

"I'm betting he'll think you look adorable in pink, just like I keep telling you."

"But, he'll think-!"

"Oh stop it, you're a dancer, this shouldn't bother you. Anyway, everything's covered."

"My garter straps,..."

"Nice offset to the pink, especially with your hair," I said, grabbing my ultra wide, pink hair band.

"Oh, my god, you want me to wear that? You must be playing some kind of prank on-"

"Come on, Gina, it'll be fun. Besides, this is a great way to tell him about us. Here, (giggle) put these shoes on.

She laughed giddily, her face turning darker with a flush and I knew she wanted to do it. She proved it when she put the four inch, pink pumps on.

"Oh my god, slutty, he's gonna freak out!"

"No, he's not," I assured her, pulling her in front of my full length mirror.

Her jaw dropped.

The skirt was even shorter than I thought it would be on her and the top showcased her boobs very nicely, leaving a lot of cleavage and bra visible. Best of all, her black garter belt and stockings stood out against the pink in such an excitingly eye catching way. The overall effect was stunning and mind numbingly erotic.

"Uhhh,... I look like one of the seven deadly sins. Maybe all of them."

"That's a good thing," I said, looking at my little creation with lust. "I definitely love it. But, let's go see what Daddy thinks."

" ... We really shouldn't," she fretted as I pulled her toward the door. "I mean, you can pretty much see right through this dress and it feels really short in ba-"

"You're fine," I assured her, getting her out the door before she could see in the mirror just how short that skirt really was in back. Jeez, what a sexy thing, my Gina is.

"Daddy, close your eyes for a sec!" I called out once we were in the hall.


"If I told you that, you wouldn't have to close your eyes!"

" ... Fine, they're closed!" he called.

"No way I'm doing this, we're both crazy!" Gina hissed as I shoved her half willing body in front of me.

"Don't be silly, if you enjoyed lying with him before, imagine how much fun it will be now," I hissed pack positively.

Moments later, we were in front of the couch.

"Oh, god." Gina moaned.

"Okay, open your eyes."

His eyes opened. A second later, his mouth opened too as he took in the sight of my beautiful girlfriend.

"Doesn't she look nice in pink, Daddy?"

He performed a mental shake of his head and replied with a sudden grin, "Well, knowing you like I do, witchy,..."

"He's laughing!" Gina wailed.


"Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm laughing at you, not with you. Wait, I mean that the other way around."

"I'm not laughing!" she yelled, the smallest grin playing at the corners of her mouth again.

"Oh, relax!" he scoffed. "Most men would sell off their families to have you."

" ... You mean that? I mean you think I look good in pink?" she asked doubtfully, still red faced.


"Nobody says that any more, John."

"I don't care."

"But you really think it looks good on me?"

"Yes!" he assured impatiently, yet with a smile.

"I told you, Gina," I said. "Now turn around so Daddy can see."

I helped her turn before she could hesitate and his carefully constructed grin crumbled when he saw the bottom of her sheer, pink panties, black garter straps running down beneath them. I casually lifted her skirt further in back without her even noticing, smiling and winking at Daddy, whose eyes bugged out and looked at me, then back at Gina's magnificent little bum behind the mesh before I let it back down again.

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