I wrote this ages ago, and have never shown it to anyone. Not the prettiest story I've ever penned, I must say. But, some may enjoy it

The inside of apartment 667 looks absolutely nothing like the rest of the units in the complex. Stoneworks from a local quarry have been imported to cover the soundproofing material coated on every surface, save the ceiling. Candles burn where electric lights used to be, their red wax coating the wall behind them, and creating circular puddles of red wax on the floor all over the place, random patterns in the swirls of it. The fridge, television, and stove seem out of place in the medieval apartment unit, but more so does the single occupant. Twenty years old, and disturbingly beautiful –in an almost offensive way- she kneels on the ground, iron manacles around her wrists, and obviously over-heavy chains leading up to the ceiling.

Dozing fitfully, she's an image of angelic beauty, the perfect damsel in distress, and the ultimate toy. Which is apparently her roll, as the only shred of clothing on the poor girl is a delicate belt slung over her bare hips, soft leather woven and carved in intricate runes that would seem Celtic to a casual observer but date much further back. Her head slowly rises with sad tears rimming her eyes as a lock clicks somewhere in the apartment, and the front door creaks open, the wooden rim (thickened with a metal plate in the middle...) coming into sight, and then out again as the door slams shut. "Honey, I'm home..." comes a gentle, crooning, definitely male voice, the sound invoking a shiver in the girl.

Middle aged, balding, dressed in what are obviously a construction-workers clothes, the once-handsome man walks into the room, and looks down at the girl as he approaches. "Have a good day, baby?" he asks in a voice dripping with sarcasm, the mocking tone in his voice finally goading the girl into action again. In a flash her skin flushes to a deep, midnight black... Not a skin tone but actually the absence of color... So black that she almost gleams with a polish. Serrated bat wings spring from her back as claws slice out of her fingertips, turning hands into long talons that instantly lunge in his direction as she throws herself at him. Unfortunately she only hits the edge of the chains limit, three feet short of the man as he shies back in reflexive terror, and bounces back to her former place by the wall, snarling in a language no human has ever fully understood. Screaming obscenities and curses that actually mean something, she tries again and again, rattling her chains and pulling dust from the ceiling where the chains are anchored, to no great effect. One final titanic effort has her stretching at the extreme edge of the chains limits, arms pulled back behind her in a painful stretch, wings flapping as her clawed feet scratch at the floor, trying to make that two more inches she needs to reach her laughing captor.

But he merely smiles mockingly at her in a display of teeth not nearly rivaling hers, and raises a heavy calloused hand to her side, patting her on one of those delicious flexed thighs as she strains forward. "Easy honey, you're going to need your energy tonight..." he mutters with terrible inflection, overdoing it in his bid for a dangerous tone. The hand drops to his own crotch, grabbing the bulge of his jeans and lifting it lewdly at her. "Cherenkov pietstu plats plar!" he says suddenly, in a sound that rips at the throat, and actually causes him physical discomfort.

It bears instant response from her, as her skin slicks down to normal again, wings disappearing in a puff of actual smoke, claws retracting into fingers that close over them, and dangerous undertones disappearing as she becomes a rather sad victim in appearance again, the physical transformation seeming to sap her of strength as she sags forwards again, dropping to her knee's once more, hair falling over her face in a veil. Winking at her, and flicking a finger harshly against one of her breasts, he turns, and tracks from the room, whistling some tune. He can be heard in the next room, wandering around with thumping footsteps, and occasional curses, the clink of glasses, and finally, the slamming of something heavy on the ground.

Casually strolling back in without a shred of clothing on, he winks at her, before walking over to the harsh wooden table in the room and leaning over it. Muttering something else that seems ripped from his throat, he picks up a thin necklace with an odd pentagral symbol on the chain, and slings it over his neck. Turning back to her thus adorned, he grins in the first truly evil smile, despite his efforts to that effect, and stalks towards her. The demoness shirks away from him, no sense of her earlier malice, power, or anger left in her. Just fear. "Where do I want to fuck you today...?" he asks harshly, leaning over to grab her hair in that thick fist, he pulls her head back. "Any requests?"

At her muted lack of a response, he shrugs as if he doesn't care, moving her head rather roughly as he does, and yanks her head back suddenly, the succubus arching her back in an attempt to alleviate the pressure on her spine. Leaning down over her, he curls a hand roughly around the up thrust breast she's offering him, and sardonically plays with it, rolling the heavy softness around in his hand, squeezing it with unwashed fingers after a days long work, and eventually gripping the ring through her nipple and tugging at it. As she gasps, he squeezes her tit once more, and as she gasps in pain, he grabs her lower jaw.

"Thanks for making up my mind..." he says as he pulls back on her hair, and down on her jaw, opening her mouth wide. Soft noises escape from the back of her throat as his hips move against her face, and he deftly drops his semi-erect dick in her gaping mouth. "Krash negul... Don't bite." The soft order is given calmly, and then he let's go of her jaw, though he retains his rough hold on her hair. Loosening it for a moment, he winds his hand around a few times to curl her long hair in his fist, and the pulls back again, as she tries to open as wide as possible around the stiffening cock, desperately trying to touch it as little as possible... an abject failure of an attempt.

Tugging her head backwards he steps around in front of her, knee's pressing against her sides under her upraised arms, before he loosens his hold on her again, though not letting go. "Ready to do this on your own?" he asks while pulling out of her mouth, stroking himself calmly into full hardness as he awaits her response. A slight flash of flame behind her eyes is his answer as she glares up at him for a second, and clamps her mouth shut. "Good. Because I have more fun forcing you." Pulling back on her hair again, he wrestles with her for a moment, before clamping two fingers over her nose.

A long minute passes, before she gasps for breath through her mouth, giving him all the opportunity he needs to stab forward with his dick, sliding between her lips too fast for her to stop him, and that verbal command somehow stopping her from closing her teeth. Her eyes slip closed in defeat as he releases her nose, gusts of desperate breath flaring her nostrils slightly as he reinforces his hold on her hair, closing his fist tightly in a strong grip. "Fun....fun fun fun..." he mutters happily, as he starts pulling her head back and forth, sliding his thick member in and out of her lips despite the tensed resistance from her neck, trying her absolute best to remain still, and only serving to fuel his desire.

Long, slow minutes pass as she fucks slowly back and forth in her mouth, not moving his hips voluntarily, but just sliding her mouth on and off him in a rhythmic pattern that she does her absolute, doomed best to stop. It's only a short time later that he's no longer content with her quiet acquiescence to the oral rape, and suddenly yanks her forward with that rough handle on her hair, stabbing his dick far back into her throat. The effect is exactly as desired, and instantaneous, as she bugs her eyes out, coming to life again. Trying desperately to pull away, to get off him, get him out of her, she pulls back on her chains to a rattling noise, and completely fails to make any headway as he holds her hair tightly, dragging her forward the last inch to shove every inch of his cock into her.

Tiny nose nestled in his pubic hair, the demon so beautiful and fatally disguised as a human thrashing hopelessly against him, breasts brushing against his legs, arms jerking to and fro in their chains, without any result. He groans as she involuntarily uses her tongue to try and push him out of her throat, the soft tongue sliding along his length in desperate pushing motions that he appreciates with closed eyes and an open mouth, holding her tightly against the jerking attempts at freedom.

Almost a minute later she finally manages to calm down and relax, stopping her motions even as her mind gets to it's most desperate point, ruining the moment for him. Staring down at her, he frowns darkly, and slowly, teasingly, slides out of her mouth an inch at a time, until eventually she gasps, mouth closing suddenly only to open again in a bid for air, chest heaving with his appreciation. Stepping back to look at her, he closes his fist around his saliva-soaked cock, and strokes it a few times, while moving around behind her.

In her relief at the cessation of the oral abuse, she misses the soft slide of skin on skin as he kneels behind her on the cold stone floor. Only when he suddenly grabs her neck from behind does it register that her ordeal isn't over, and he's only starting. Shoved forward as far as her arms will allow, the limbs pulled up and behind her awkwardly again, he slides the head of his lubricated dick around between her thighs, eventually sliding it up between the lips of her cunt, and stopping there. "God, bless this holy union..." he murmurs, sealing his own fate, and bringing a new shudder to her as she tries to move even further forward than he's forcing her, trying to escape that organ.

But it's rather hopeless, and a careful shuffle puts his knees over her ankles, before he suddenly thrusts forward. A soft grunt sounds from both of them as he buries half his dick inside her in one strong push. He barely pauses for a second, before thrusting forward again, and then again, finally seating himself inside her fully. Leaning forward, his lips brush the back of her neck, kissing at the skin, as both hands slide away from her, only to curl around her, cupping her breasts and beginning to toy with them. "Powerful demon, huh? Doomed for summoning you, huh? Seems I'm the one laughing now, Bitch..."

That last word marks the end of his gloating, and he jerks away from her, only to thrust forward again instantly, hips slapping against her buttocks as his balls swing forward to brush her thighs. It's only his start, as he begins feverishly humping in and out of her, hands mauling her tits that seem to fit each palm perfectly, pulling her back onto him with each savage thrust into her. Pounding away into her, she hangs her head to let the hair fall over her face again, jerking slightly with each thrust, her screen of hair obscuring her face as he uses her, wholly without consent.

More long minutes pass as he plows in and out of her, thrusts becoming more and more forceful as he progresses toward his orgasm, and one slowly starts to build in her, to her own great horror. The human body she's not wholly familiar with takes his abuse, and doesn't care what spirit it's given in, or what the source is, but merely that the right things are occurring. Mutterings in that language that seems to flow naturally from her -and run screaming in pain from his lips- vowing to die if she cums from this rape, the first to bear that possibility in her long indenture here.

Her vow is left unfulfilled, as it's not a concern when he suddenly draws out of her, leaving her aching, and somehow empty while he moves behind her. Her relief is great, and greatly short-lived as suddenly those offending hands leave her chest, and curl around to her hips, gripping a cheek of her ass in each hand, and spreading them with rude fingers. "Haven't tried in here before... To be honest, I've never really had any interest, but I figure I should try it out, right?" His words don't register at first, until his finger can be felt probing around the ring of her anus, spreading her saliva and involuntary juices around.

Clamping her teeth shut on the scream of rage she wants to let loose at the offense, the terrible invasion that is just about the only thing he hasn't done to her, she manages to force it down, knowing it will do nothing but egg him on further. A slight whimper actually leaves her lips as the head of his dick presses against her tight opening, and he starts to pull back on her, hands still spreading her tight cheeks, as his own hips start to press forward, a grunt escaping his lips at the tight barrier before him. The silent struggle goes on for almost a minute, before he reaches around her with fingers closing over one breast again.

His intention is ignored as she concentrates on clenching as tightly as possible against that suddenly seemingly huge invader, where it used to seem underwhelming. Suddenly fingernails dig into her nipple harshly, the sudden flare of pain jolting her as she yelps, jumping in her chains and against his pinning knee's. The yelp turns into a scream of horror as his dick pops into her suddenly relaxed ass, sliding harshly into her as she bellows her pain, her frustration, and her absolute horror at the offense at the walls, jerking forward as hard as she can against the chains in desperation. Wordless wailings of anger and hate spew from her lips as he tenses, and slams forward with his hips again.

The movement lifts her slightly, and makes slow progress further into her abused ass, as her incoherent screams of rage carry on. "Oh yeah baby... I don't know what you're saying, but it's worth it..." Gripping her waist tightly, he yanks her back against him until he's about halfway sunk inside her, the screaming subsiding into actual sobbing, the demon crying in this weak, limiting human form it's stuck in here on Earth until it gains more power... which it never will, spending eternity here as a sex-toy to this mage in disguise.

Savage motions eventually allow him to take up a jerky pulse inside her, fucking roughly at her without any regard for the curses she's layering over him one by one. His ancestors are not going to be very pleased with the actions of their matron, if he ever spawns kids, so terrible are the things she spews at him. Regardless of her long-term plans for vengeance he continues to rut in and out of her, groaning in pleasure until suddenly he slams into her the hardest yet, and slumps forward against her back, hugging her softness to him as a different, greater pressure erupts inside her, releasing new bouts of screaming.

"Tirralaez... That hardly becomes a young demon..." says a soft, calm voice from the other side of the room. As the man jerks to and fro with his head, still impaling the seemingly beautiful twenty-year-old demon, her screams of outrage and pain turn to soft laughter, rising almost into hysteria, before she slumps forward against her chains, going limp as if ignoring the world around her.

Jerking out of her, the man spins quickly as he stands, and mutters words he stole from that book, anger and fear flaring in his eyes as a tall black man fades from nothingness against the table, where he was leaning, cleaning his nails with a toothpick. Glancing down at himself, he laughs, and turns to the human with a grin. "That's a really neat trick... Teach it to me, and I won't kill you. I could adapt it to work on angels, and buddy... let me tell you... I've been dying to get my mitts on one of those..." He smiles enchantingly at the man who's backed up against a wall unconsciously.

"I... really don't know how it works. I just did all the steps in that book... As long as they're wearing the belt I made according to it....and.... Fuck you!" The spell snaps under the undeveloped power of the mage, and he stalks towards the newcomer. "Why the fuck should I... You're a demon too! Krash bruit ghlajk!" He raises his hands at the last order, and glares, a grin spreading over his face.

"Ok, so.... Now I can't kill you. Nice. Who cares? You can't enchant more than one demon at a time, moron..." He reaches out and actually smacks the man over the side of the head. "How do I do it?" he says suddenly, savagely, as he looms over the man more than his actual physical size allows.

The man stammers as he touches the offended side of his head, and then eventually points to a black book lying on a table in the other room, just visible through a doorway, a slew of chains lying around it as if having just been unwrapped. "I...just f-f-followed the directions in that... Certain sounds and words make her do different things... and... the necklace and belt make it so she can't hurt me..." He glances back at the girl who's still slumped in docility, not moving at all in her sore, abused state.

"You actually found a copy of the Necronomicon bound in the skin of it's writer... Amazing... And I thank you for it. May I see the necklace?" The flare of light behind his eyes, and the claws suddenly on the ends of his hands convince the man, and his wilting dick, that maybe that's not too absurd a request. "S-s-sure... You can make one easily enough...." That last is almost a request, as he hands it over to the older demon.

"Oh, I don't want to make another one. It'll be a whole different process for binding Angels, and I can bind a demon like her just by being so much more powerful... Older, y'know?" He winks conspirationally at the man, and then at the girl, as he turns and heads for the book in the other room. "I really can't thank you enough for finding it for me... It's going to be a lot of fun... Damn. My day is made." Hefting the heavy book, he turns and walks back to the stammering man who's trying to work up the nerve to tell him he can't take the book, that he needs it... NEEDS it.

But he's interrupted first, and his problem solved for him. "Only problem with these god-raping, Mary-fucking books is that they can only work for one owner at a time... A real bitch, y'know? No hard feelings eh?" As the man stands confused, the black man turns and waves at the bound and raped girl, and turns to head towards the door.

The man doesn't stop him, as he's too busy staring in horror at the girl slowly climbing to her feet, chains lying on the ground in the form of soft black ash, dissolved in an instant. "W- W-w-w-WAIT!!!" screams the man as he watches the girl slowly change forms, skin darkening beyond the rescuing demons, claws and wings reappearing, invoking in her a different sort of beauty than the soft fragility she exhibited as his toy.

The older demon turns at the door, and looks back at the man as the girl slowly draws in power, wings, arms and legs outspread, recovering her essence after being torn from her source of power for so long. Glancing from the girl to the man, he grimaces, and motions impatiently with his hand. "What?"

"Help me! I'll do anything! ANYTHING! Don't leave me with her!" The plaintive, desperate cry isn't ignored, and the man casually looks from girl to nude man, as the woman slowly lowers her head, and takes a first, tentative step forward, ripping off the belt that no longer holds any sway over her. Slow consideration is written on the elder demons face, and finally he shrugs. "Shouldn't have fucked her up the tailpipe, dude... I think that pissed her off, y'know?"

He shrugs one last time, as he steps out the door, and gently closes it behind him. Even the heavy soundproofing can't completely stop the screaming that starts inside, and it brings a slow, broad grin to the black mans face as he starts walking away, whistling a wordless tune to accompany that beautiful music. There's a bounce to his step as it carries him away, his newest toy tucked carefully under one arm in its beautiful soft skin, with chains holding it closed and secured.

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