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Every day means the same old thing. I drive to work in a jam of traffic and by the time I get there, my nerves are already clinging for life. I work as a glorified pencil pusher with the nickname of secretary for one of the several CEOs of the company. My day is the same thing day in and day out. First, check company email and respond to each one, making sure the email is filed in the appropriate folder. Then move on to downloading the daily reports, put into a specific folder on my computer, and then printed. After they are printed, I burn the reports to a CD and label it, then check each of them over for typographical errors and mark each page where an error is found. The printed and corrected articles are put into a separate manila envelope and sealed, then taken to their respective offices. While completing all these tasks, I answer and transfer phone calls to the different departments in the building. When I actually get out of the office, I travel with the presentations I have created for different associates in the company. There are a lot of late nights, early mornings, and last minute calls and details. Most of the time no one notices I'm there, they only notice when I'm not so they can give dirty looks in the break room the next day.

Tired of the monotony, I decided to do something a bit more exciting today. When I dressed for work this morning I put a nice slick dildo in my pussy, then pressed a vibrating egg against my clit and held it in place with my panties. The control is tucked inside the band of my thigh high stockings so it will be within reach. Finish the outfit off with a cute little skirt and high heels and no one will be any the wiser. Maybe today I will have a bit of fun while I am at work; something I haven't had in over a year!

While normally I have a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel as my car travels at the breakneck speed of a three toed sloth on my way to work, today was a bit more exciting. While I trickled through the traffic, I rubbed the base of the dildo and the egg with my fingers. The drive to work generally takes me an hour during heavy traffic and by the time I pulled into my parking space in the company garage, I could feel orgasm creeping up on me. I made sure to finish myself off before I got out of my car. I switched off the egg before I got out of the car and headed for the elevator.

After tucking my lunch in the fridge, it was off to my desk to begin the reports. I actually felt chipper as I began downloading. First I cleared out my inbox and sorted and filed any corrections that had been caught before it hit my desk but after the file had been sent. As I was reading, my cubicle partner Cassie handed me a mug of coffee. Cassie hadn't been with the company very long and was by far the friendliest of the people in the office. She never really said much and kept to herself much as I did, but she seemed to make an effort to reach out to me occasionally. For what it was worth, I really liked Cassie. She was rather plain and dressed in long skirts, high socks and long sleeved shirts. It was nice to see a girl in the office who didn't apply her makeup with a trowel and make Tammy Baker eyes at anything in the office with a penis. I accepted the coffee gladly and thanked her. She only gave a small smile in return and returned to her desk.

I had barely taken a sip of my coffee before the phone rang for the first time of the day. I held the phone with my shoulder and turned the egg on until I could very faintly hear the buzz. I often got calls referring to corrections in reports just as I got physical copies of corrections. I jotted down the notes the caller passed along, and then turned on my voicemail. While I listened to the messages, I rubbed the egg against my clit. I took all the notes necessary and deleted the messages, including the messages from the boyfriend I broke up with three months ago. He told me he couldn't reach me at my apartment and this was his effort of making amends for fucking my now ex-best friend at our engagement party. I might be shy and I might be easy going, but I'll be damned if I put up with someone doing that to me. If I wanted that, I would just let my boss take me out for the dinner he had been threatening me with since he heard of the breakup.

My boss is a closet chauvinist. Women should be pretty and made up and do their work while putting up with his snide comments about our bodies. I'm surprised he doesn't make me wipe the drool from his chin after he drools over all the girls in the office. I put up with it because going over his head got the girl in the cubicle beside me fired. It wasn't anything we could prove but sometimes you just know when they are looking for an excuse to fire you. I am making good money, there aren't many other jobs out there in my area, so I just smile and choke down the bile with silent thanks he can't touch the women anymore. Every day when I walk into his office, he tells me I would be a much prettier girl if I would just wear more makeup. He sometimes spices it up with telling me not to eat fatty foods because it was going straight to my ass. Then there are the comments that "pretty girls like me should wear sexier shirts to show off my curves". Most of the time he was harmless, he just had this habit of telling me all about his ideal woman. I never thought I would see the day when a man would want the television ideal of a fifties housewife. As I listened to him drone on about his fantasies, I wondered how Doris Day kept from hanging herself. I usually made myself laugh at his jokes with the thought of the stereotypical fifties families coming home to find mom, her perfect calves hanging beneath the tea length belled skirt as she spun slightly this way and that from the string of her apron, a kitchen chair kicked out from under her sensible shoes.

I gave my typical chipper greeting upon entering his office but instead of being greeted with a grunt, he said he could tell there was something different about me. The egg was still faintly buzzing as I went about my speech about the reports. As usual, he wasn't listening and made the usual overtures about my hair or my makeup, but he couldn't seem to put his finger on what was different. He still had me bend low over his desk to give him the reports like the pig he is but as long as he wasn't making cracks about my "King Dong thighs", I wasn't complaining. It was just the way it was. Either they made cracks about me being chubby or thought of me as a trophy to hang on their arm. Either way I wasn't a real person. My boss just helped to reinforce this idea as well as push me further into my rejection of the male gender.

I headed back for my desk entertaining ideas of having a wife like my boss envisioned. I couldn't imagine having a wife that answered my beck and call before the thought ever escaped my lips. I think I would be irritated if my apartment didn't have dirty clothes tossed in the corners and the bed was always made. If I had a wife, I would want Jessie from Saved by the Bell. Tall, smart, long curly hair, plain and efficient but who could also step back and have a good time. I've never really liked girls, but the thoughts had been creeping into my head lately what it would be like to have a female housemate. The apartment was lonely sometimes and it would be nice to have someone to watch sappy movies with and argue over whose turn it was to do the dishes. The disturbing part was that my housemate wishes always took a turn. She always slept in my bed with me curled up around her and sometimes went into straight up lesbian territory. After all the rumors I had floating around the office about me, I made sure not to say anything to anyone about them. I didn't need anyone else to be afraid of being in the restroom with me at the same time. I sat down at my desk and made sure the reports were downloading correctly.

"Denata, I couldn't help but notice your outfit today." A co-worker was standing in the doorway of my little work area, his eyes fixed on my legs. I tried to keep from looking overly nervous. Could he hear the vibrator buzzing? I stared up at him with wide eyes. "I like it," he added nervously, nodding his head as though he was asking my forgiveness, "and I just wanted to let you know." I could feel the color creeping slowly into my cheeks. I couldn't tell if he could hear the egg or not and I couldn't turn it without him noticing. He stood and stared at me for a moment, then disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. I looked around the area I could see outside the corrugated cardboard of my cubicle watching and waiting for anyone else to surprise me. When no one appeared, I returned to work.

Throughout the course of the day, I rolled back and forth between the two sides of my L-shaped desk. Generally I wait for all of my reports to finish printing before I roll once between the computer and the printers. Occasionally I will have to receive a fax from a caller and roll over to the machine. While normally I hate having to move my chair, today I hardly minded. Each time I rolled my chair across the flooring the dildo shifted inside my pussy. I was actually enjoying going back and forth for copies for once! I printed the reports one at a time just so I could roll my chair and rub the base of the dildo against the chair. It would shift inside my pussy and rub my g-spot. I bounced slightly in my chair while I edited the posts so I could feel it moving inside me. By the time lunch rolled around, I wanted to cum so badly I could taste it.

When I walked into the break room, everyone seemed to be watching me. I walked rather slowly due to the shakiness in my knees from cumming as hard as I did, but my gait was steady and I knew everything was still tucked in. I reached inside the refrigerator and pulled out my yogurt, granola bars and apple juice; then turned and headed for the door.

"Denata, wait!" I stopped short enough I nearly stumbled. Susan from accounting was smiling up at me over her Soup to Go. "Why don't you sit down with us and have lunch?"

I stammered a bit before answering. No one had invited me to sit with them for over a month. "I, you know, really should be getting back to my desk and those reports. I think I am a little behind today." I ducked my head and turned to head out the door again.

"Come on. You can take five minutes!" another voice chirped. I heard one of the chairs scrape against the floor and I turned back. Another of the accounting girls, Becky, held out a chair for me. I sighed and looked around the room nervously. There were only five people in the entire break room. Everyone else had gone down the street to one of the several mom and pop restaurants in the area. I shuffled over to the chair and sat, pulling the chair up to the table.

"So what have you been doing with yourself lately? You seem different." While Susan was friendly, I avoided her because she asked a lot of personal questions I wasn't comfortable answering and tended to be rather abrasive, especially since the club incident right after Tom and I split. I attempted a sort of smile at her as I pulled my lunch from the simple brown paper bag. She was staring at me with this knowing grin on her face and it was driving me crazy.

"Yea, you know, I've noticed it, too." Sandy from Payable Receivable chimed in. "There is something different about you today. Did you try that new spa? I know they were giving out certificates for it in the raffle we had during the Christmas party."

Susan smirked and shook her head. "Denata wasn't at the Christmas party." Her know-it-all attitude was really starting to make me nervous. I braced for when the bomb would drop and she would ask something that made me blush like a schoolgirl and send me scurrying from the room.

Rachel was my saving grace for this round. She leaned in across the table and put her fingers across the back of my hand. "Come on, how have you been doing it? The rest of us would have killed the fat old bastard if we had to work with him for any amount of time. Yet here you are still working here and not requesting a change of department or anything."

"The last girl quit." Becky nodded, her voice tinged with something resembling sympathy but I could hear the conspiracy in her tone like a gold digger with her dead lover's money. The last of the girls, sweet lovely Cassie, just sat and took it all in. She caught my eye and blinked, but the way she blinked was like she held my secret under lock and key. My brow furrowed slightly.

"Seriously, Denata. You have to tell us your secret! You are absolutely glowing today!" Rachel was excited; I could hear it in her voice. I closed my eyes and moaned.

"Yea, I haven't seen you like this since you announced your engagement!" Becky giggled as she sipped at her soup, the rest of the table glaring at her.

It was Susan who dropped the inevitable. "Either you've got a girlfriend or you're fucking him, right?"

"Susan!" Sandy chided as she choked on her salad. "What is wrong with you?"

"Well you were all hinting at it and this poor bitch doesn't have a clue what you're all getting at, so I decided to just get it all out into the open." She folded her arms across her chest smugly. "Besides; you're all too damned polite to ask the really hard questions."

I was indignant. "How can you possibly think I could be sleeping with that man?" I sat gaping at each of them: one, then the other, all the way around the table. The only one who didn't have either a look of shock or a look of smug satisfaction was Cassie. She looked as utterly appalled as I was. I stood from the table. "You know, if you wanted me to have lunch with you, that's one thing. If you wanted to grill me about some stupid idea that I would have anything to do with a misogynist pig, that is another. If I wanted to be stuck with someone screwing around behind my back and commenting on my love handles I would have just stayed with my ex!" I snatched my bag from the table. "And as for me being a closet lesbian, isn't that getting a little bit old? Get a life or something." I left the break room and headed back to my desk. My lunch I tossed haphazardly into the corner. I occupied my time reviewing the reports as the others in the department filtered a few at a time back from their lunch hour.

I honestly don't know where Susan thought she got off talking to me like that. Some people just have no sense of propriety. No one has the right to know about your sex life and relationships. It has no bearing on your job, your performance, or your social skills. Plus I have never heard of any lesbians raping women in the restrooms anywhere, let alone at their place of employment. Just because you like women does not make you a sex offender. I rubbed my temples trying to make my eyes focus on the words swimming across the page in front of me. What if I was a lesbian? What would they do then? They couldn't fire me because of it. Then again, they can't do a lot of things that they do to people like sexually harass them. I sighed and tossed the papers down on the desk.

"Hey, do you happen to have a tampon? I don't have one." It was Cassie. She seemed a trifle embarrassed but rather it was asking me about a tampon or over what had happened in the lunchroom was beyond me. "We still have a couple of minutes before break is over. Would you mind coming with me so I don't have to carry it down the hall?" She held out her hands and I noted she was without pockets. I nodded at her and unlocked the bottom drawer of my desk where I kept my purse.

The walk to the bathroom was quiet. Cassie held the door open for me, and then locked it behind us. I looked at her suspiciously. She walked along the row of stalls and peered underneath to make sure no one was still inside, then turned and looked up at me.

"I know what's been making the difference in you today." She wrung her fingers nervously. "You're doing the same thing I am."

My eyebrows shot into my hairline. "What... what are you talking about?" I could feel the blush staining my cheeks as I recounted the day's activities. How could she have figured it out? Maybe she didn't know and, like the girls in the break room, was under a false conception of the truth. I waited.

"Here. Let me show you, okay?" Cassie shyly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off to the side so she could partially retrieve a vibrating dildo tucked into her pussy. I could tell she had been using it as the warm thick scent of her permeated the space between us. I shivered as I watched her work the dildo back inside and cover it with her panties. She smiled nervously and smoothed her brown broomstick skirt down over her legs. My labia throbbed as she stood blushing in front of me, wringing her hands and dancing her weight back and forth from one foot to the other. I smiled and bit my bottom lip. I had to say something. I could tell she was feeling rather foolish.

"I never thought of a vibrator inside my pussy. I just used a normal dildo and put the vibrator outside." I was light headed and realized I really hadn't been breathing since Cassie lifted her skirt over her knees. "Would you want to see it?"

Cassie's eyes flicked up to mine and held my gaze for just a moment before dropping back down to her worn penny loafers. She murmured a faint agreement and I could see her cheeks burning crimson behind her long black tendrils. I sat in one of the chairs in the waiting area and lifted the flat front pleat of my skirt.

Cassie's eyes darted to my lap. I smiled at her and slid my panties down so she could see the egg resting between the soft lips of my pussy, then slid them to the side, exposing the dildo. I squeezed the muscles of my vagina so the dildo twitched and slipped out and down against the seat. I waited for a response to make sure she had seen my toy and, although I didn't catch the words she spoke, I heard her voice. I fixed my toys back into place and straightened my skirt. "Yours is probably a lot quieter." I stated.

"Well, having shared something, um, this personal," she paused and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue, "would you maybe want to go out? You know for, like, dinner or something?" She was flushed. I could tell she was excited.

"You mean like a date?"

"Oh, well, I know not everyone is like that. You know? I don't wanna..."

"That sounds fine." I interrupted before she could finish. I didn't want to hear what she was going to say.

"Um, but if anyone from the office asks or anything, could you just keep it between us?"

I was taken aback. "Oh, well, sure." I tried to keep the hurt out of my voice, but it didn't work. Cassie caught it and looked up at me very quickly. She danced a bit in her nervousness before she knelt down in front of me and took my hands in hers.

"It's not that I don't want anyone to know about us. It's just that I had to leave my other job because I just didn't feel welcome anymore, you know?"

I knew exactly what she meant. I nodded sagely and related the story of why most everyone in the office treated me like a pariah. After my fiancé and I split I took a couple of days off from work to visit with a friend who had come for my engagement party. My friend had come out as a lesbian two years prior and wasn't comfortable unless she was in a gay club. I agreed to go along to dance and get a few drinks. As we were leaving, Susan and couple of girls from the office were walking past. Of course Susan had to ask questions about whom my friend was and why we were leaving the club. The rumors had flown from there and got so out of hand I couldn't even use the restroom at the same time as some of my coworkers because they feared me being a lesbian. At one point I had even considered quitting but my supervisor wouldn't accept my resignation.

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