tagNonHumanDaily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 16

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 16


'Everyone have everything?' Guy asked the girls who stood in the hallway with their backpacks. They confirmed and Guy closed the doors of their apartment behind him. 'All right, let's go.'

They stopped at the toy store on their way to the train station.

'How's Sade?' asked Feli of Aada who stood outside cleaning the windows.

'She's doing very well.' Aada said. 'The operation went well and she's strong enough to come back home in two days. She's excited to introduce your dolls to the others she has.'

Feli chuckled. 'Tell her I'll check up on her when we get back.'

'You're going on a trip?' Aada asked at seeing the backpacks.

'We're visiting Aradaki.' Feli said.

'You've been to the capital before?' Aada asked.

Feli shook her head. 'None of us have.' she said. 'We're going to see the Interspecies Prospect Administration and some popular places there.'

Aada smiled. 'Well, have fun there then.' she said.

'Thanks.' said Feli, and the girls and Guy waved at Aada as they continued their walk.

Guy got their tickets at the station and soon enough they settled into their seats in the single carriage. 'Miss Tesha will wait for us at the central station in Aradaki.' said Guy after sending the arrival time to her on his mobile. 'She'll take us to an apartment which they use more often for visitors.'

'I wonder if we'll get a view from up high.' said Feli while she looked up photos of the city on her Versaty. 'It looks impressive on photos.'

Avia watched the photos and nodded. 'Would it be a problem if I flew around there?'

'I have no idea.' said Guy who sat opposite of them with Cani and Mami at his sides. 'We'll have to ask miss Tesha about it. I do expect we'll visit the Star Peak skyscraper.'

'Oh, that tallest one?' said Feli. 'I think I read the top floors are restaurants.'

Guy nodded. 'With the lights dimmed there, the view at night is supposed to be spectacular.'

'Are all skyscrapers spires?' asked Avia examining the skyline.

'Yeah.' said Guy. 'That way they minimise the shadows they cast and it's better for air circulation. Only buildings up to seven storeys are allowed to be built straight and the amount of storeys is dependent on the amount of free space around them. The skyscrapers can be conical, or have three or more sides, but pyramidal is the most common shape.'

'Don't the people there miss the forest, or grass plains?' asked Cani. 'I can't imagine anyone wanting to be far from nature. Our largest cities are more like a web. Rows of houses along two or three parallel roads intersecting with other roads and a large amount of nature in between. And no high buildings.'

'Well, there's lots of green along the streets and many small parks.' Guy said. 'And they can take a car or train any time to get out of the city. Aradaki also has lots of canals to enjoy by boat or take a swim in.'

'Most buildings in our country are slim and tall.' said Avia. 'But that's in our nature because it's easier to fly then.'

The girls watched and read a bit more about the capital before they pulled out a stack of cards and played while enjoying the landscape passing by.

After several stops at neighbourhoods on their way they reached the outskirts of the city. The girls leaned out of the windows to look at the city skyline and see how the suburbs consisted of small apartment buildings surrounded by trees and the skyscrapers scattered around the whole city.

The train made one stop at a station where more people got in and were surprised by the foreign visitors on it. Guy chuckled at some of the teenagers excitedly typing on their mobiles. A few small kids who came on the train with their parents watched with great curiosity and Cani beckoned them closer so they could introduce themselves. Ara felt embarrassed when one of the boys said she was very cool. He asked if she could do a fighting pose and although a little reluctant at first, she indulged his request when the other kids wanted to see it too.

Miss Tesha smiled a little when she saw the people getting off the train and the kids talking excitingly, waving goodbye at the girls and Guy as they got off. Guy stuck his hand up when he spotted her and she walked up to them while they came her way.

'How was the trip?' she asked.

'Good.' said Feli.

'Fun!' said Cani.

'Embarrassing for some of us.' said Mami with a chuckle and a glance at Ara.

'Want me to remind you how I caught you the first time?' said Ara and Mami grabbed Guy in mock fear.

'I'd say it was a good one.' Guy chuckled.

'Good.' said miss Tesha and smiled. 'I have a car in front to take you to the apartment.' Everyone followed her and when they came outside a small crowd had gathered to watch the otherworldly visitors. 'Word has travelled fast about your arrival.' said miss Tesha. 'And you're not the only ones in the city right now. Miss Minou is here for the premiere of her latest film, Between Black and White.'

'Minou?' asked Feli. 'Minou Kedisoy?'

'Yes.' said miss Tesha. 'I expect you know her from her star status in your country. This is the first big name otherspecies movie shown here.'

'She was also in my class at school.' Feli said. 'Always figured she'd become famous because she was the most popular girl.'

A couple of people asked if they could take pictures, so the girls posed for a bit and answered a few questions before getting in the car and waving their fans goodbye. The trip didn't take long and the girls watched the people go by on the streets and the colourful stores at street level.

Miss Tesha stopped at a skyscraper about half as high as the tallest one in the city. 'This is where you can stay while you're here.' she said.

Everyone got out and looked up at the the slender pyramidal tower. The vertical lines of the building made it look as if it was speeding towards the sky. They followed miss Tesha inside and registered at the reception area downstairs before taking an elevator halfway up to the top. There they were led to a spacious apartment looking out over the south side of the city and the lake at the edge of it.

'Wow.' said Mami, leaning her hand against the window. 'What a wide view.'

'Yeah.' said Cani, keeping a little distance from the window.

Guy moved next to her and put his arm around her lower back. 'Not comfortable with heights?' he asked.

She nodded once. 'Our species doesn't care much for living up high.'

'But what about home then?' he asked, frowning a little.

She smiled softly. 'I'm still comfortable that high.' she said. 'High enough to enjoy the view, low enough to be at ease.' She smiled softly at his relieved expression and kissed him. 'No worries, I love our new home.'

He smiled back at her. 'Good. Otherwise I'd be looking for a new one.'

'There's a kitchen, a big bathroom, and two large bedrooms, but I guess you won't really use those last two.' miss Tesha said with a wink, embarrassing the group a little. 'There's futons and the rug is thick and soft.'

Feli cleared her throat. 'I think we'll be fine then.' she said, glancing quickly at Guy.

Miss Tesha smiled and handed a couple of keys to Ara standing close to her. 'I'll be back tomorrow morning with the itinerary, enjoy your time until then. Take a look around here if you like. There's a few fine restaurants to have dinner at.'

'Thanks.' said Guy and walked her out the door. 'I'm sure the girls will enjoy their time here.'

'I think so too.' she said and saw Feli feel the rug between her toes. 'Don't make too much of a mess.' she said with a sly smile. Guy turned red and had no answer. 'See you all tomorrow.' she said and went to the elevator.

'Yes, see you tomorrow.' said Guy and went back inside, smiling at seeing the girls checking out the view and the room.

After settling in they went down to have a look around. Guy and Feli had marked the location of the apartment on their mobiles just in case and checked out the local map.

'We could take a walk along here,' said Feli while she pointed at a street on the map. 'then go around here and go to that park.'

The others agreed and they strolled along the street, looking at some of the shop windows presenting a variety of foods, drinks, art, books, household supplies, toys, and anything else of interest and use.

The girls themselves received as much attention from the citizens and on occasion indulged in the request for pictures.

'You're famous.' Guy said and smiled with some pride.

Mami nudged him with her hip. 'And you like that just fine, don't you?' she said with a devious smile. 'Famous lovers.'

He chuckled. 'As long as other guys don't look at you too much.' he said and tipped her nose with his finger. 'I'm selfish enough to want to keep you for myself.'

She grinned. 'Don't forget you're ours too.'

'Good.' he said and followed the rest arm in arm with her.

At the park they sat near the pond, watching ducks drift and several kids play in the water.

'Remember our first time?' asked Feli leaning against Guy.

He smiled. 'Unforgettable.' he said. 'Maybe there'll be more kids here who want to pet you.' He chuckled, then looked up. 'Oh! And another very important thing.' He stood up. 'Wait here.'

Feli watched him go and shrugged when Ara looked questioningly at her. When he came back a little later with a cardboard box in his hand she had an inkling of what he had done and smiled.

Guy came up to them and held out the box with a wide smile. 'Ice cream anyone?' he said. 'Can't enjoy a visit to the park without ice cream.'

The girls enjoyed the ice cream in relaxation when a young man walked up to them carrying an envelope. 'Excuse me.' he said. 'I was asked to give this to you.'

Cani took the envelope and looked at it. 'By invitation of Miss Minou.' she read. 'The actress?' she asked the man.

He nodded. 'You've been invited to the premiere of her movie tonight.' he said. 'She heard about your visit to the city and wanted to present you with tickets.'

Cani looked at the others and they nodded. 'Well, tell her we're delighted to attend.' she said.

The man gave a nod and returned the way he came.

'Well, looks like we have plans for tonight.' said Ara. 'Good thing we packed clothes for the occasion.'

With no time for a long dinner the girls and Guy decided to eat at a pizzeria across from the park. The chef was glad to get such special guests and made them a special dessert on the house. Cani agreed to promote it on her online diary in exchange for another piece they could eat later at the apartment. She grinned as she held the box while they walked back and Mami chuckled and shook her head.

Back at the apartment Ara played slow music and pushed Guy back on the couch while she and the others slowly stripped their clothes while half dancing in front of him, swinging their tails, legs and wings against his knees. He could only growl playfully at them and had to endure more torture when they made dressing up into another slow tease.

Cani dressed up in a full length black dress with high split, Ara a purple sleeveless dress with silver lining along the hems, Feli a light green strapless cocktail dress, Avia a sleeveless blue dress and Mami a tight red cocktail dress.

When they were ready they grabbed Guy and striped him bare before dressing him up in the formal white suit they had arranged before they left for the city.

'What's this?' he said as he spread his arms and looked at himself in the wide mirror above the drinks cabinet in the room. 'It fits perfectly.'

'Something we asked miss Willamee to make.' Feli said, stroking his cheek and running her hand down his chest. 'Since we stand out, we wanted to make sure you stand out as well.'

'That, worked.' he chuckled.

She kissed him and Mami tied a light red tie around his neck before pulling his head down and kissing him. 'You do know what this means, don't you?' she asked.

'Ehm, not sure.' he said.

She grinned. 'You'll have to be extra careful not to spill anything.' she said and pulled back.

Avia added a lighter red pocket square and kissed him as well. 'Better.' she said with a smile.

'And to finish it off..' said Ara and she and Cani held up a light grey shoe each.

'Of course.' said Guy and kissed them before he put on his new shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror again and frowned. 'It's not complete though.' he said.

'What's missing?' asked Feli.

He beckoned them and pulled them close around him. 'Now I'm complete.' he said.

The girls chuckled and kissed him again.

A taxi van arranged by the organisers of the premiere brought them to the theatre and when Guy suggested to the driver to stop at the corner so he wouldn't have to go through the busy crowd the driver smiled. 'I have orders to drive you up to the front.'

'Wait, we're walking up the red carpet?' asked Feli, looking at the press and fans cheering the famous guests arriving there.

'Yes, you've been assigned as special guests.' the driver said.

'Oh dear.' said Guy. 'And we had planned on being inconspicuous.'

The driver looked at him and tilted his head. 'Seriously?'

Guy shrugged. 'Well, as best as we can.' he said.

The driver laughed. 'Good luck with that then.' he said. 'I think it was Minou who asked for this.'

Ara turned to Feli. 'Maybe she remembered you from class as well.'

'Must be.' Feli said. 'But I never liked such fuss.'

When the van stopped at the curb Guy thanked the driver and got out to stop the attendants. 'Sorry, guys, but the ladies insist I do this.' he said with a wink and slid open the side door. Flashes went off while Guy helped out each of the girls.

'We insisted?' asked Mami when she took Guy's hand to step out of the van.

'I can hardly shout, back off, they're mine, can I?' he said.

She chuckled. 'You're such a bad man.'

'You know it, babe.' he chuckled and helped Cani out.

'I wouldn't have mind.' Cani chuckled and squeezed his behind quickly.

'Behave!' said Feli with a big smile. 'Everyone's watching.'

'Feli's right.' said Ara.

'Thank you.' said Feli.

'Let's save this for when we get back to the apartment.' said Ara with a sly smile. 'Right, Feli?'

Feli would have turned red if she could and coughed. 'Maybe.' she said and looked at the entrance of the theatre. 'Let's go inside before anyone overhears us.'

The girls and Guy waved at the crowd and gave them and the press time to get some pictures before they walked inside into the front hall.

'Now what?' said Guy when they watched the crowd inside.

An attendant stepped up to them and asked for their tickets. Guy handed over the envelope and the attendant gestured for them to follow him. He led them to seats and a table in the middle of the hall where the movie would be played. A special seat was set up for Ara, a bench for her to sit on with a floating back rest and arm rests suspended above it so she could slip sideways on it. After taking their order of drinks the attendant went back to the main hall.

Guy pointed out a few famous people he knew, among which writers, artists, politicians, and actors. Feli recognised the director when he walked in later and with the help of Cani a few feline and canine actors who played in the movie.

Soon the rest of the guests filled the seats and the movie started. It was about a young woman played by Minou who was torn between her love for a hoodlum and an aspiring police officer, both played by canine actors. Guy usually didn't care much for the genre but had to admit it was a very good movie and held Ara's and Feli's hands when they cried at the dramatic climax, trying to not let their emotions get to him.

A standing ovation followed the end of the movie and the main characters and director walked up the stage to receive it. They took turns to give thanks to their loved ones and the people they worked with and invited everyone to stay for drinks at the afterparty in the main hall.

While most of the attention was focussed on the crew of the movie, some reporters took the opportunity to ask the girls a few questions related to the movie and how they've been doing since they came to the human world. Guy had to answer a few questions too and when one asked which of the girls was his favourite, he answered that he loved them all equally. For a moment the girls thought they'd get found out but the reporters took it as jest and continued with other subjects.

'That was close.' said Feli after they were alone again.

Guy smiled. 'If you want to hide something, tell the honest truth when it comes to something people don't believe anyway and you're safe.' he said. 'Besides, it was rude to ask me to choose between any of you.' he chuckled.

'Good thing we don't make you choose.' said Mami, then grinned. 'Apart from certain situations.'

Guy nodded. 'But then I like it when it's decided by democracy.' he said, returning her grin.

'You would.' she said, then noticed Minou coming their way.

'Hey there.' Minou said and smiled brightly, her tight long light grey dress matching her black and white symmetrical fur. 'I'm so glad you came.' She looked at Feli. 'Such a long time since school.'

Feli smiled back at her. 'I'm surprised you remembered me.' she said.

Minou 'giggled. 'You were more noticeable than you realised, Feli.' she said. 'After all, you were the smartest one in our years there. When I saw the news of you arriving today I almost couldn't believe it. But it was you, so I sent you the invitation to have a chance to talk to you again. How have you been?'

'I, have been fine.' said Feli, glancing at Guy. 'As you can see I joined the API.'

'And you live together with your friends, I hear?' Minou said, looking at the other girls.

'Yes.' said Feli. 'These are Cani, Ara, Mami, Avia, and our host Guy.'

Minou smiled at Guy. 'Nice to meet you all.' she said. 'And how do you not go insane with so many other species next to you?'

'I manage.' said Guy smiling back. 'Because they're most wonderful.'

'I see you're doing great.' said Feli. 'I didn't know you were so popular here though.'

Minou nodded. 'It's only thanks to the writers and the director that make the movie great from the start.' she said.

A feline woman came up to Minou and whispered in her ear.

'Sorry, I have to talk to some important people about the next movie.' she said. 'You must come to my private party so we can talk further. I'll have a driver take you to the place I'm staying at.'

'I'm not sure-' Feli started but Minou held up her hand. 'I insist.' she said. 'And I promise I won't make it late because I'm sure you have plans for tomorrow. I'm dying to talk to people outside the business.'

She left with a wink and Feli sighed. 'She was always one to get things her way.'

Guy chuckled. 'I can imagine.' he said. 'If you really don't feel like going I can cancel.'

Feli shook her head. 'It's okay, she knows we won't stay long.'

The same driver they had before walked up to them later and took them to a small mansion a short drive away. The low, soft yellow painted building was located on a grass field surrounded by a row of trees. Lights were on around the mansion and a terrace with seats was set up with drinks and snacks.

'I heard miss Minou will be coming soon.' said the driver when he put away his phone. 'In the meantime help yourself to the refreshments.'

'Thanks.' said Guy and watched the driver leave before joining the girls at the terrace for a drink.

It didn't take long for Minou to arrive and she greeted everyone with enthusiasm. 'So good of you to come.' she said as she hugged Feli. 'I really needed to get out of the movie world for a while.' She took Feli by the shoulders and looked her up and down. 'You really look great. What have you been up to since school?'

'I've just been studying more.' said Feli. 'And then I got the opportunity to apply to the interspecies project.'

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