tagNonHumanDaisy Ch. 02

Daisy Ch. 02


Daisy was sitting in a deck chair on the beach. She was nude and warm all over. The gentle cool breeze off the ocean kept her from sweating. It also teased her skin and especially her nipples. They were hard as little pebbles. She wanted to rub her palms over them but there were people around. This wasn't like her private backyard.

With a shiver, she shifted her body on the towel under her and looked around. Her sunglasses hid her eyes so she could look all she wanted. A young couple was walking along the edge of the water, holding hands. Both were tall, slender, and as naked as she was. The young woman had small perky breasts and a flat stomach. He was muscular and athletic looking. His dick was soft but it still looked long and thick. Daisy shivered again as she wondered what it would look like hard.

Another couple was lying on a blanket a little ways from her chair. He was on his stomach and she was on her back. They were talking but the words were blown away on the soft wind. He would lean over ever so often and flick his tongue against her right nipple. When he did, the woman would jerk and look around to see if anyone was watching.

The man could see Daisy but the woman couldn't. He would grin in Daisy's direction each time and Daisy would smile in spite of herself. That was another reason she wanted to rub her nipples. It had been so long since anyone had licked her nipples that they ached just from watching the couple.

With a sigh, Daisy turned her head to the left. Three guys were on a blanket not too far from a blanket with four girls on it. They all looked to be in their early to mid twenties. They were talking back and forth and laughing. Daisy could only catch bits and pieces of the conversation. Enough to realize they were all college students and from different colleges.

"Is this seat taken?" A male voice said from behind her.

Daisy gave a jerk and turned her head to look up. She recognized him immediately. "It's you," she whispered.

"Yes, it is," the man replied with a smile.

He looked exactly the same as that day in her backyard. Well, not exactly since he was only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. Sunglasses hid his eyes. Her eyes ran over his massive chest, arms, and stopped on his washboard stomach. She was impressed to say the least.

The man moved over to sit on the edge of the deck chair next to her. "I see you took my advice on becoming more adventuresome."

Daisy smiled and nodded. "I'm trying but it's taking every bit of courage I can muster. My son thinks I'm crazy for being here and maybe I am."

"No, you're doing just fine."

"The refinery. You were aiming for there that day, weren't you?" Daisy asked suddenly.

The man nodded. "It all worked out the way it was supposed too."

"But three people were killed."

The man sighed and nodded. "But twenty nine were saved."

"Why not save all of them? I don't understand."

"Neither do I. That comes from higher up, shall we say, and they have their own reasons for everything."

Daisy had a dozen questions chasing each other through her mind about her husband and daughter's death but the man held up his hand. "I can't answer your questions. Not because I don't want to but because I don't have the answers."

With a shiver, Daisy whispered, "You said you couldn't read my mind without touching me."

"I can't but I can read your expressions and a little of your emotions. I've had a long time to practice."

Daisy's eyes got wide as a thought struck her. "What's going to happen here?"

The man chuckled. "Nothing. I'm on vacation to see you."

"Oh. Oh, good," Daisy whispered but she couldn't hide her smile. "In that case, you know my name but I don't know yours."

"Uh... call me John, that will be good enough."

Daisy grinned. "John Smith, the vacationing angel at a nude resort in the Bahamas. Interesting to say the least."

John grinned back and said, "Nude isn't against the rules, you know."

"It isn't? But I thought...."

"Some things have gotten twisted over the ages either by translation errors or by moral codes."

"That sounds reasonable," Daisy replied and then asked, "What else has gotten twisted?"

John grinned and shook his head. "Nothing really important. The top ten are still in place, so it's all good."

"So what does an angel do on vacation?"

"Relaxation, soak up a little sun, have a few drinks, and entice a certain young lady."

The last part of his sentence caught her attention quickly. "Entice?"

John chuckled and turned to sit in the chair with his legs stretched out in front of him. "And interesting word, wouldn't you agree."

"Yes, but..." Daisy whispered and then fell silent. A few seconds later she added, "I'm glad you're not touching me right this moment."

John laughed and looked her way, which made her blush deeply. When he undid the side of the towel and uncovered his lap, Daisy took a hissing breath and turned her head to stare out over the light green and foamy white surf in front of her. Now her mind was going a mile a minute with one fantasy piling up on top of another.

"How about if I touched you now," John asked with a grin.

Daisy groaned deeply and shook her head.

John chuckled and they sat in silence for a long while.

Daisy's mind was still running scenarios of all sorts of naughty things. Finally she sat up and laid the back of her chair down so she could roll over. John was gone from the chair. The towel was still there. She looked around quickly and then swept the beach in all directions slowly.

"Well, shit," Daisy whispered sharply and then blushed.

With a disappointed sigh, she laid down on her stomach and stared off down the beach. Her mind was slightly numb now that he was gone.


Daisy came out of her room on the fourth floor a little after six on her way to the dinning room. She had on a white strapless sundress with nothing on under it. Eating in the nude in company was not for her. As she walked down the hall she smiled. Even at home alone she dressed for dinner.

She stopped in front of the elevator and reached for the button about the time the door opened. John was standing inside wearing shorts, sandals, and the loudest flowered shirt she had ever seen. She couldn't stop a chuckle as she stepped into the elevator.

"It is a little much isn't it," John said with a grin.

"Just a little but if anyone could pull it off, it would be you," Daisy said as she moved closer to him.

"You look very pretty in that dress."

"Thank you," Daisy replied as she realized it was the first time he had ever seen her with clothing on. "But don't worry, I'm naked under it."

"I'll keep that in mind," he replied as the elevator doors opened.

They walked side by side to the dinning room.


Most everyone was dressed for dinner except a couple of rowdy tables in the back corner. They were younger and seemed to be having a great time all of their own. John saw her looking and the smile on her face. "Youth knows no boundaries."

She looked at him and sighed. "I should have done this when I was much younger."

"You weren't ready for it. You had your family to take care of and anything like this was just a fantasy."

Daisy smiled and nodded. "I..." she started to say and then sighed deeply.

"There is nothing to feel guilty about," John said with a smile. "Not even all those naughty thoughts on the beach."

Daisy blushed a deep red and giggled. "I had myself so worked up I didn't even realize you had left."

"That is why I had to leave. I was starting to get, uh, worked up myself."

Daisy looked at him sharply and then whimpered as he grinned at her. "I... uh... didn't know angels did that."

John chuckled and nodded. "I might be an angel in my mind but my body is basically human. Not to mention you are a very beautiful woman inside and out."

Daisy blushed lightly at the compliment but before she could reply, their food arrived.

The conversation was light and the food was delicious. Daisy ended up eating far more than she would normally have. As she pushed her plate aside, she sighed and sat back in her chair. John smiled at her and said, "Me too."

They sat there smiling at each other for several minutes and then John said, "Maybe a walk on the beach would be just the thing to burn off some of the calories."

"There was a young couple walking on the beach earlier today. They were holding hands and looked so much in love."

John nodded. "Young love is always beautiful. Not that old love isn't. Old love is deeper under the surface and shows more in the eyes than in the actions."

Daisy looked thoughtful for a moment and then nodded. "I hadn't thought of it that way but you're right."

John stood up and stretched. Then he extended his hand to Daisy. "Shall we go?"

When she took his hand, Daisy shivered. There was an electric like energy flowing between them. She came to her feet and they left the dinning room still holding hands.


The sun was just above the water casting red and pink colors across the surf out toward the point. Daisy paused to take her heels off at the edge of the sand. John was barefooted. She tried to remember if he had been that way in the elevator but couldn't remember. The loud shirt had held most of her attention.

John took her hand and they walked across the beach toward the water. Daisy smiled and tried to keep her mind blank since he could read it. "There is no reason for you to do that," John said a moment later.

Daisy laughed. "Having my mind read is not something I'm used to. I'm more used to being alone in there."

"I don't read it all the time, just when I need to or want to."

"Why can't I read yours?" Daisy asked as they reached the edge of the water.

"I've had a long time to learn how to block it."

"How long is a long time?"

John laughed and shook his head. "Let's just say you are going for a walk with a very old man."

"You sure didn't look like an old man earlier."

"In my case, old is in the company I keep. To someone younger, I am younger and to someone older, I am older."

"That solves the generation gap," Daisy said with a chuckle.

"Hand me your shoes and dress," John said as he stopped walking. "That young couple was walking naked so we should also."

Daisy smiled up at him. "My thoughts are going to get naughty again," she warned.

"I'd give you a glimpse of mine but I wouldn't want to scare you," he replied with a grin.

With a big shiver, Daisy started to lower the top of her dress. Then she giggled and whispered, "I've never undressed in front of anyone but my husband."

"Should I turn my back?"

Daisy laughed and shook her head. "I'm supposed to try new things, remember."

John nodded but his eyes went to her breasts as she pulled the dress down to uncover them. Daisy whimpered softly and shivered hard. "Jim looked at me that way as I undressed. It always made me wet and excited." A few seconds later, she blushed from the tops of her breasts to her hairline as she realized what she had said.

With a laugh, John leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. Daisy moaned softly as she brushed her tongue against his lips and tasted cinnamon. Her sex clamped down on nothing a second later and she moaned again. John straightened up and winked at her. Daisy's eyes went wide. He was naked and so was she. Even her shoes had disappeared.

"I hope you don't mind your dress and shoes smelling like cinnamon when I return them."

"Uh... they are in with your wings?" Daisy said questioningly.

"Something like that," John said as he took her hand to get them started walking down the beach. The wet sand was still warm from the days heat.

Daisy kept looking around and shivering. "I... I... I..." she stammered a moment and then groaned. "I wore my towel down to the beach earlier and only took it off after I was sitting in the lounge chair."

"And now you are walking down the beach completely naked for everyone to see," John said with a smile.

Daisy looked around quickly and nodded. There were several other couples walking the beach and dozens people in the lounge chairs up the beach above the tide line.

"How wet are you now?" John asked softly.

Daisy looked up at him quickly and blushed. "Not quite squishy but close."

He stopped suddenly, turned, and grabbed her around the waist to spin her around high in the air. Daisy gasped loudly and then laughed as he continued to spin her around. When he stopped turning, he slowly lowered her until her face was even with his. Then they were kissing.

Daisy's arms went around his neck as her body slowly came in contact with his. She groaned loudly and wrapped her legs around his waist. The kiss only lasted a moment but by the time John broke it, Daisy's head was spinning.

John grinned at her and asked softly. "Without looking, how many people do you think are looking at you now?"

Daisy groaned loudly and shivered hard. "All of them," she replied and then groaned even louder.

With a laugh, John said, "Just about."

Daisy laid her head on his shoulder and whispered, "Now I'm squishy."

"Squishy is good," John said as he slowly pushed her away from him. Daisy let go with her legs and then her arms as he lowered her to the ground.

Daisy's eyes dropped to his manhood and she groaned. It was standing up hard and proud against his belly. It looked even bigger than it had before. Daisy shivered and looked away as scenes of debauchery ran rampant in her brain again. Part of her got even more excited and another part got scared. His manhood was twice as big as Jim's had ever been. She wasn't even sure it would fit her mouth, much less anywhere else.

John took her hand and she moaned as she tried to stop all the naughty thoughts. They wouldn't stop and got even worse as she thought about people seeing John's hard dick as they walked along the beach. What those people must be thinking made her blush deeply and whimper loudly as she was thinking the same thoughts they were.

Letting got of her hand, John put his arm around her shoulders. She fit nicely under his arm. "Don't worry about the small things. Just enjoy the walk and the squishiness."

Daisy giggled and glanced sideways at his dick. "That is no small thing in any way, shape, or form," she whispered more to herself than him. "And we are now well past squishy."

"Should we take a swim and cool things off?"

Daisy giggled and shook her head. "Oh, no. I'm enjoying the feeling way too much to cool anything off. It has been a very long time, shall we say."

"I understand," John said as he hugged her gently.


They walked down the beach for a fair ways before another couple passed them going the opposite direction. The young man's eyes ran up and down Daisy's body as he said, "Good evening."

His eyes made Daisy shiver. The young woman's eyes were on John's manhood until they were nearly past. Then her eyes jumped to Daisy's face and she winked. Daisy was so shocked that she couldn't even wink back but a moment later she moaned softly.

"He thought you had a very nice even tan and very good body for a woman your age," John said a minute or so later.

"What.... What was she thinking? She winked at me."

John chuckled. "I don't think I have to tell you what she was thinking."

"She was thinking that I... that we...." Daisy moaned again as she felt a hot blush course up her body.

"Exactly," John said with a grin.

Daisy shivered hard and whispered, "Maybe we should take that swim."

"Why is that?" John asked jokingly.

Daisy took him seriously and whispered, "I have this... uh... leakage problem."

John let his hand slide off her shoulder and down her side to her hip. "When it gets to your knees, let me know so I can clean things up."

Daisy looked up at him quickly. "How... uh.... Can you do that?"

John looked down at her and licked his lips with a swirl of his tongue. Daisy groaned and missed a step as he did.

John chuckled and whispered, "If we had some privacy right this minute, I would do just that."

"Talk about enticing," Daisy whispered and then whimpered loudly.

"Exactly," John said with a big grin.


They reached the end of the point just as the upper rim of the sun reached the edge of the ocean. Darkness was settling in but everything had a reddish bronze glow to it. "The sunset is so beautiful," Daisy said as they stopped on the dark flat rock of the point.

"Yes, it is, but then again, so are you," John said as he stepped away from her and moved to where she was silhouetted against the sunset. He squatted down and ran his eyes over her body from head to toes.

"Face me and raise your arms above your head," he whispered.

Daisy cocked her head to the side and then smiled as she did as he asked. "Just beautiful," he whispered. "Now take a half step to each side and spread your hands wider apart.

Again she did as he asked. He sighed and nodded his head. "Perfection,"

Daisy giggled and shook her head. "Maybe a long time ago but not now."

"Don't move," he said as he stood up and walked over to her. He reached out and touched two fingers to her forehead. "Close your eyes and relax your mind for a moment. Think about what the sunset looked like behind you."

A moment later, Daisy gasped and jerked as a picture of her against the sunset filled her mind. She moaned as she took in the outline of her body, the angle of her arms, the spread of her legs, the outline of her inner and outer lips between her legs. She moaned even louder as she saw what he saw.

His fingers left her forehead and the picture slowly faded to black. Daisy sighed and opened her eyes. For a moment she thought she was alone on the point, that he had disappeared again. Then she saw him reclining against a rock ledge slightly around the point from the resort side. She smiled and walked toward him.

"So, how did you like what I saw?" He asked, as she got closer.

"It was certainly different than how I normally see myself," she replied.

"Well, that is how you look to other people, me included."

Daisy stopped a few feet from him and looked thoughtful. "I'll have to think on that, long and hard," she whispered more to herself than him.

"Come closer," he whispered and when she did, he took her left ankle and lifted it up to move her foot so she was straddling him. Her eyes went to his hard dick. He laughed and shook his head. "Wrong end," he whispered as he sat up, his face just inches from her sex.

Daisy looked all around quickly and then back down at him. In a shivery voice, she whispered, "You wouldn't. Not out here in the open."

His hot strong tongue on her inner thigh made her gasp. Her hands found his hair as he took several more licks along the sensitive skin, getting closer to her sex each time. He switched sides and licked her other inner thigh all the way up to the crease between her thigh and lower abdomen. When he turned his head toward her sex, she came up on her toes, her hips quivering with anticipation.

She heard him take a deep breath through his nose and then he let it out with a long deep sigh. "You smell and taste so good," he whispered a second later.

Daisy whimpered loudly and moved her hips forward slightly. She gasp again as his wide tongue traced one whole outer lip upward and then the other. Her hips were now shaking, her mind locked on the feelings his tongue generated. His next lick parted her inner and outer lips and barely brushed against her swollen clit. Her hips jerked like she had been shocked.

"I'm... I'm... I'm..." she stammered and then she yelled long and loud as his mouth covered her upper sex and his tongue rolled her clit around in slow circles. She was coming harder than she had in many, many years. Her grip on his head and his grip on her hips was all that was holding her up as her hips jerked and ground against his sucking mouth and flickering tongue.

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