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Daisy Does The Dukes


As she awoke, Daisy Duke realized that this day was the beginning if a new era in her life. Although she was not a Duke by blood, she had been raised in and with the family and never considered herself anything else. Her widowed father had married one of the Duke girls when Daisy was four years old, and she had been living on the Duke farm since. All of them were gone now, even her beloved Uncle Jesse, and Daisy had been managing the farm alone for three years.

The farm had changed and she was proud of her accomplishments. Uncle Jesse had quit the moonshine business when Bo and Luke had been sent to prison for running 'shine. She had been in school, and when she graduated with a degree in business, she saw a golden opportunity. With Uncle Jesse's blessings, she had converted the hardscrabble Kentucky farm into a verdant, lovely horse ranch. Daisy was gratified to know that Uncle Jesse had seen her vision, helped in the planning and implementation, and had lived long enough to sit on the porch and gaze over the lush pastures as horses grazed lazily. It was as if his dream had unfolded before his eyes, and he passed away a content old man.

Daisy was lying in bed thinking about all the changes when she realized what day it was. The boys were coming home! Their prison sentences had been fully served, and they were due to arrive in town around 10:00 AM. Daisy hopped out of bed and into the shower, not wanting to be late. When she got to town, she was humbled, as the town had turned out to welcome Bo and Luke back home. Banners were hung and the bus station was crowded. Daisy made her way to the front of the crowd just as the bus pulled in. She was the first thing Bo and Luke saw when they stepped off the bus.

She had matured into a beautiful, sexy woman during their absence. Her mane of chestnut hair hung almost to her waist, and her outfit reminded the boys quickly that they had come home to the best Hazzard County had to offer. Daisy had chosen to wear a plaid button-up shirt, with the buttons undone and the tail tied just below her 38DD tits. Her low slung jeans had passed the point of being skintight and looked as if they had been sprayed on. Stylish cowgirl boots completed the picture she presented when the boys first saw her.

Hugs and kisses were handled, and Daisy slipped away, letting the rest of the town have their time with the boys. Finally the crowd dispersed and Daisy drove over in a pickup truck. "Where's The General?" asked Bo as they piled their luggage in the back and climbed in.

"Some guy from Hollywood offered us forty thousand dollars for it, so Uncle Jesse and I chose to sell it. Things have changed at the farm, and we won't be running 'shine any more, but, I had a memorial created anyway," she said as she pulled onto the highway. Quickly updating them on the farm's transformation, she held her breath as it came into sight.

Both boys were absolutely amazed at the changes and were exultant with the things Daisy and Uncle Jesse had accomplished. After a tour and time to settle in, they sat down to a sumptuous country lunch and business meeting. Daisy filled them in on all the details, including the property division, and when they finished, it was as if they had never left. Bo and Luke spent the afternoon walking around, looking over the horses and pastures, already formulating plans to improve hay production and storage.

They went into town for dinner and again, Daisy stole the show with her outfit. Tonight, she had worn a short demin skirt with a tank top two sizes too small, drawing attention to her braless tits. The boys enjoyed the night, and spent a good bit of time catching up with old buddies. When they got back to their rooms, they talked quietly for a while.

Finally, the subject of Daisy came up. "What the hell are we going to do?" asked Luke. "I don't know if I can live here with her dressing like she does. Damn, she's hot!"

"I know," said Bo, as he fondled himself, his cock quickly rising. Absently stroking it, he closed his eyes and let his mind wander. "Wonder if she has a boyfriend?"

"I don't know, but if she does, he's one lucky son-of-a-bitch!" said Luke, as he got into bed.

Little did they know that Daisy had no boyfriend, but she did have a plan that included all of them living together harmoniously.

At first light,Daisy jumped out of bed and ran a comb through her mane of chestnut hair, brushing her teeth, and climbing into her work clothes. Now work clothes means different things to different occupations. Daisy's work clothes consisted of cutoff blue jeans and a t-shirt. They had the soft feeling that comes after many washings, and Daisy loved how the two garments hugged her body.

As cutoffs are wont to do, these had frayed over the years, and Daisy kept the frayed strings cut short; so short that they were barely more than a Brazilian bikini bottom with a waistband, zipper, and snap. In the front, they curved upwards on her thighs, until the material ended near the waistband, leaving little more material covering her pussy than a g-string would. In the rear, they took the same configuration, leaving a small triangle of material at the top of her asscheeks, and the seam sliding between them to connect to the bottom of the zipper. Basically, Daisy's full, round ass was hanging out of her shorts.

Her t-shirt consisted of the remains of a v-necked t-shirt that one of the boys had used when he was around twelve. Soon outgrown, Daisy claimed it and wore it often. She had removed the band at the top of the shirt, giving herself more freedom of movement, and had cut off the bottom half of the shirt so it wouldn't get caught in machinery. When she had first started wearing it, the t-shirt was adequate. Now, her full breasts stretched the thin material until it was almost transparent, although the fabric retained just enough strength to push her breasts towards the center, producing quite a show of delectable cleavage. The bottom of the shirt had been trimmed until it barely covered the bottoms of her tits. All in all, this was one sexy horse rancher.

A glass of OJ and she was out the door, slipping on her boots at the back steps, and striding to the barn purposefully. The pace caused her breasts to sway and her nipples to rub against the soft fabric of the t-shirt. Immediately, they came to full attention, creating sizeable tents in the tight material. Daisy wasn't sure if it was the contact with the shirt, or the fact that she hadn't seen her sexy cousins in three years. Slightly embarrassed, she thought back to all the times they had hung out, played, laughed, and cried.

She knew that Bo and Luke were both hunks, and sometimes felt a pang of jealousy when one of the neighborhood hotties threw herself at one of them. Remembering the boy's bodies gave Daisy a thrill in her pussy, and she was almost embarrassed by it. Still, they were hot, and she had changed since they had been gone. She might as well put her plan into action at the first opportunity.

Business school had cost more money than she could muster, so she had gotten a job in a strip club. With her body, she was an instant hit, and soon learned the nuances of the trade. She made a lot of money, and had few battle scars to show for her efforts. There had been occasional drunks who wanted to pay for special favors, but she maintained her professional air, and kept them at bay.

The money she made more than paid for her education, and she saved enough to split the cost of a blooded stud for the ranch with Uncle Jesse. They even named him "J.D." and were pleasantly surprised at his virility. Each of the mares J.D. bred delivered a healthy foal, and soon, they would be selling the first offspring.

Daisy entered he barn and climbed the ladder to the loft to begin forking hay to those horses in the stalls. She worked diligently and soon had the task completed. Climbing down, she realized she had worked up a sweat, and thought immediately of the cool creek bordering the property. She walked quickly to the creekbank and, after slipping off her boots, dove in.

The cool water was both shocking and refreshing, as Daisy quickly realized. Her sweaty body cooled immediately, and her nipples put on a show through the thin t-shirt. She rubbed her nipples gently, and felt a familiar twinge in her pussy. Slowly swimming to the far bank, she lay back in the warm sun and began to masturbate, taking her own sweet time to bring her body to orgasmic bliss.

Her fingers slid easily inside the strip of cloth covering her pussy and entered with no resistance. Finding her clit with her thumb, she began lazily rubbing it in circles, while her other hand moved beneath the strip of t-shirt and found a waiting nipple. Gently massaging her breast and pulling her nipple, moving from one to the other and back, Daisy soon got into a comfortable rhythm. Her fingers were working magic on her cunt. and she felt the beginnings of a very satisfying climax start deep in her stomach.

Just as she was cresting the wave of her orgasm, she heard the boys running towards the creek. Staying hidden, she waited while they splashed and played around like teenagers. Finally, she heard Luke say, "I wonder where Daisy is. She's probably feeding the horses."

"Yeah. I bet we've got the most sexually aroused horse herd on earth. Did you see how her ass looked in those jeans yesterday?" answered Bo, as they let the cool water work its magic on their bodies.

Daisy watched and listened from behind a bush. It looked as if the boys had worked out every day. They had muscles on muscles, their bodies were tanned, and they both looked good enough to eat. Her fingers continued to work their magic on her slippery pussy, and she quickly brought herself off, smiling as her eyes closed and her breath became ragged.

Stifling a satisfied moan, she stood up and walked around the bush into the boys' sight. When they turned and saw her, they both stopped and stared. Ripe, succulent tits, straining at the transparent material of the t-shirt, stood proudly on her chest. Her cutoffs seemed to have shrunk into her pussy and her aroused lips peeked out from the sides.

"Well, boys. Do you like what you see?" she asked as she walked towards them. Her breasts swayed lazily beneath the t-shirt, and rivulets of water slid down her toned abdomen and thighs.

Bo and Luke were speechless, as Daisy approached them. "What's the matter-cat got your tongue?" she asked playfully, bending down and splashing both their chests with water.

"No," said Luke, as he tried to look away from the vision before him. Never had he seen such a hot fucking woman, even if she was his "cousin." Still, he couldn't keep his dick from rising inside his shorts, and Daisy noticed immediately. Bo was having the same trouble, and had turned his back to her. Slipping noiselessly to him, Daisy reached around his waist and felt his cock through his shorts.

Surprised, Bo turned to face Daisy and his shoulder made direct contact with her massive titties.

"Now, doesn't that feel good?" she asked, as she continued rubbing his growing erection, and pressing her breasts into his chest.

"Yes, it certainly does," he answered, letting Daisy have her way with him. Soon, she had his shorts around his knees and his thick cock exposed to the fresh air. "Luke, what are we going to do?" Bo asked.

Daisy interrupted and said, "Well, if I have my way, we're going to enjoy our new life. I've wanted to fuck each of you since I was old enough to know what sex is, and now's my chance to act on the fantasy. If you have any hang-ups about us being kin, forget it. We all know we're not related, and right now, we're just three horny friends, trying to make a go of it on a horse ranch. I feel sure you would both like some action after having been in prison for five years, and while I haven't gone without that long, I still need what you two have. So, what's it gonna be?"

By this time, Daisy had moved to Luke's side and relieved him of his shorts. She was thrilled to know that the old adage was true. Bo, being tall and rangy, had a seven-and-a-half-inch cock that was relatively thin, but the bulbous head was huge. Luke, on the other hand, was stocky and his dick followed true to form. Only some six inches long, it was as big around as Daisy's forearm.

"We can work and have some fun, or we can work ourselves to death with frustration," said Daisy, as she walked out of the creek and towards the barn. "I'll be waiting inside when you decide." Swaying her sumptuous ass for emphasis, she walked towards the house slowly, only looking back once. Daisy had entered the house when she heard them coming hurriedly from the creek.

Standing with her feet spread and the morning sun highlighting her voluptuous form, she knew just how sexy she looked, and the boys didn't disappoint her. They stopped in their tracks when her backlit body came into view. It was as if a vision had descended in front of them, and they really weren't sure of how to proceed.

"Daisy, this is so sudden, we don't know what to do," said Bo, as he walked towards her.

"Why, just do what comes naturally," she said, smiling sweetly and holding her hands out to both of them. As they neared her, she opened her arms and hugged them simultaneously, giving each a good feel of her boobs and running her hands down their backs and cupping their asses. "See, everyone loves a good old hug!"

"Now, you boys dry off and get some shorts on. I'm going to get ready for Daisy's 'Welcome Home Boys' party. I'll call y'all when I finish," she said as she left them in the living room, naked as the day they were born, dicks standing at attention.

As they were putting on shorts, Luke said, "Damn Bo, I don't know what to do. My cock's about to explode."

"Well, she said we could have some fun, so I guess that's what we'll do" replied Bo, as he sat on the bed, his cock still at half-mast. "It still feels funny though."

"If she's as hot as she looks, I think the funny feeling will pass!" laughed Luke, as Daisy called them to follow her upstairs. Scrambling like two randy teenagers, they caught sight of her as she waited at the bottom of the stairs-and what a sight she was! Dressed in a classic schoolgirl uniform, she exuded sex from twenty feet away.

Daisy had put her hair in pigtails, which draped over her shoulders and down the front of her shirt, ending at her erect nipples. The shirt itself was a plain white button up shirt, but she had left the buttons unbuttoned, and tied the tails under her braless breasts. Helping the vision was the fact that the shirt was two sizes too small, pushing her massive breasts towards the center opening, displaying ample cleavage. Her nipples were standing up proudly, as if they wanted to escape their confinement. It appeared that any sudden move would allow the tasty morsels to spring into view.

Daisy's skirt was plaid, pleated, and short; so short that it barely covered her pussy. When she turned quickly to go up the stairs, Bo and Luke were treated to a view of the perfectly shaped globes of her fabulous ass. Looking at each other, they felt any reservations dissipating as they walked up the stairs behind Daisy, looking up under her skirt and watching her ass twitch and move with each step.

When she reached the landing, she stopped and looked over her shoulder quickly, catching them eying her assets. "Well, what do you think? This is your last chance to back out," she said, squeezing her asscheeks together and releasing them, making them jiggle sexily.

"Daisy, we can't think of anyone we'd rather work with than you. That said, we've also decided that you are right-we're not related, so sex between us will be just that-sex. Now, how are we going to work out the details?" asked Bo, as they made their way down the hall.

As she turned into a doorway, Daisy smiled and said, "Well, work has to come first. We're all adults, and we should know our limits. If our play begins to interfere with work, we'll scale it back. As most of the work is outdoors, we'll just look forward to rainy days!" she said as she turned on the lights in the converted bedroom.

Bo and Luke were awestruck at the renovation that had taken place during their absence. What had been an ordinary upstairs farmhouse bedroom had been converted into a sensuous, warm room, complete with spotlight and stripper pole, sofa, plenty of pillows, and a small wet bar. Taking a seat in the center of the sofa, Daisy patted the cushions on either side of her. When the boys had taken their places, she began her explanation.

"After you boys went to prison, we were short on cash. Rather than have Uncle Jesse mortgage the farm, I got a job as a stripper. The pay was great, and as I got more comfortable, I really began making money. I kept it in the bank. Using only what I needed to finish school, I was able to help Uncle Jesse convert the farm into this horse ranch, buy the stud, and get us on our feet. Now we're about to sell some of our first crop of colts, and one of my 'customers' from the club is acting as our agent. His commission is reasonable, and, at his insistence, our relationship is completely business. He's probably afraid I'll tell his wife about his efforts to fuck me while I was dancing!"

When she had finished her account, she looked at Bo and Luke and asked, "So do you mind how we got the money, or are you OK with it?"

"Oh, hell yeah we're OK with it," said Bo, as he took Daisy's hand and held it tenderly. "We know that this place wouldn't be in such good shape if you hadn't done what you did, and we are deeply grateful. Believe me, we want this ranch to succeed as much as you, and you have our word that we'll hold up our end of the bargain, sex or no sex."

Moved to tears, Daisy hugged both the boys and sat back, looking at them with a loving smile. "I was so worried that you'd be offended about my stripping that you'd want out. Thank you both for being open-minded. Now, enough of the serious shit-let's party!!!"

Jumping up off the sofa, she went to the bar and brought back three beers. Opening one each for Bo and Luke, she held hers to her nipples, making them spring to life and wetting the fabric of her shirt, making it transparent. Then, after opening the bottle, she slid it between her breasts and began licking around the top of it, never breaking eye contact with her rapt audience.

"So boys, you ready for your 'Welcome Home Party?'" she asked as she whirled around, causing her skirt to flair to her waist, giving the boys a look at Daisy's smooth pussy and full, round ass. Walking to the pole, she stopped, drained her beer and looked over her shoulder at her admirers. She bent at the waist to turn on a boombox, giving the boys their first view of her pussy lips. When she stood up, she smiled and said, "Does it look like you expected?"

"Better," said Luke, as he adjusted the tent forming in his shorts.

As the deep bass notes filled the room subtly, Daisy approached the pole, leaning in to caress it with her cheek, eyes closed, and hips humping in time with the music. As if in a trance, her hands slid up the shiny pole, gripping it gently, and squatting until her ass was about an inch from the floor. She turned so that her spread legs were facing the boys, and opened her eyes. "You might as well shed the shorts," she said, her voice husky and her eyes shimmering. "This 'Welcome Home party' doesn't require clothes!"

Turning back to the pole, she grasped it as the beat of the music sped up gradually. Suddenly, her hips began slowly humping and she began to sway on the balls of her feet. Mesmerized, the boys watched as she swung her hips and caused the skirt to flip up over her waist. As Daisy's ass jiggled enticingly, Bo and Luke began stroking their already engorged cocks.

Suddenly she turned to face them, leaning her back to the pole and sliding down it. Her exposed cunt was glistening and as the tempo of the music increased, she began moving her hips forward and backward, as if she were fucking a stiff rod. Moving ever faster, her pussy lips seemed to call the boys' eyes. They had never seen such a delectable, hungry looking piece of woman flesh in their lives.

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