tagErotic CouplingsDaisy Price Ch. 01

Daisy Price Ch. 01


Chapter One "On the Prowl"

Daisy woke up at 7:00 a.m. sharp like she always did, and sat up in bed. She yawned, as her big breasts jiggled up and down. As she slowly awakened and became more alert, it felt like she was forgetting something important. She rubbed her eyes, getting them to open wider. It took her a couple of minutes to remember that she didn't have a job anymore.

She grumbled, "Oh, yeah." As she laid back down, but it was to late, she was wide awake now.

As she laid there trying to go back to sleep, she thought to herself aloud, "It would be nice to have a man to wake up next to every morning, who also had a job, and could support me. Oh, the things I would do to him right now."

She wore only a lingerie top and panties both made of black silk. As she thought about this, her left hand went under her top and started rubbing on the already hard nipples of her massive breasts, while her right hand slid down into her panties to the magic "G" spot all women have in their virginias.

As she started getting into it, she decided that what little clothes she was wearing were to restrictive, so she took them off, and threw them on the floor beside her bed, as she continued to massage the areas as before.

As she continued on she felt the needed to stick something up her hot juicy cunt.

She slid her left hand slowly from her hard nipples, down the sides of her breasts, across her stomach, and to her cunt, as her right hand went to the top drawer on her night stand, and withdrew the vibrator that awaited inside.

With her tongue she licked the sides of it up and down, and sucked on it, plunging it in and out of her mouth, just like she would to a real man's cock. She then ran it around her face, and slid it down her neck, across her breasts (circling around her nipples a few times each), down her belly, and finally plunged it into her eagerly awaiting cunt, as she turned it on.

"Ooooh!" She moaned, as her left hand rubbed her inner left thigh, and then slowly slid its way towards her rock hard tits and nipples. Her right hand thrust the vibrator slowly in and out of her hot juicy cunt. Her back arced in pleasure, while her left hand and fingers, swirled around her nipples, squeezing and teasing them.

She continued on for a few minutes in this fashion, and then realized someone was just outside of her house.

Stopping, in sort of alarm, she peeked out of the bedroom window, and saw that the mailman was coming up the street delivering the mail. Looking around she noticed that none of her neighbors were outside, as he continued from mailbox to mailbox.

The mailman was in his early forties, and had a handsome muscular build, filling out the mail uniform nicely, for a man of his age. He was about to put mail into her mailbox, when she banged on her bedroom window, and caught his attention.

When she knew for sure that she had his full attention, she rubbed and squeezed her breasts closer together with both hands, seductively pressing them against her bedroom window, and then with her right hand and index finger motioned and beckoned foxily for him to come inside, as she sucked on her left nipple.

The mailman just stood there and watched, with a surprised awestruck, yet, dumb founded look on his face for a few seconds. He quickly recovered, however, and looked around to see if anyone else was watching. Noticing that no one was, he went to the front door, and let himself in saying, "Finally, some appreciation for the mailman."

As the mailman was letting himself in, Daisy quickly put the vibrator away, and waited nude and sexily and seductively inviting on top of her lonely king sized bed.

The mailman came in setting his mailbag on the floor by the front door, as he locked the door because he didn't want any interruptions. He sat her mail on the coffee table in the living room, and laid his jacket on the arm of the couch.

As he went down the hallway, he stripped off his clothes, until he finally arrived at her bedroom door completely naked, with a trail of clothes behind him.

As he stood at her bedroom door with his eight inch cock already hard, he said, "The mail is here, baby. Open up your mailbox, and let me slide it in. It's a special delivery, and I think you're going to like it."

Daisy spread her legs wide open, as the mailman came towards her. Going down on his knees, he kneeled before her inviting opening, and began licking her pussy up and down, with his tongue darting in and out of it.

Daisy used her right arm and elbow to prop herself up, and her left arm to run her hand through his shortly trimmed graying brown hair, as she moaned, "Ooooh, yeees."

He kept running his tongue up and down her hot juicy cunt, getting her tasty juices all over his well trimmed mustache, until she squeezed her legs tighter around his head, keeping him trapped inside her thighs, as she began to pull his hair. Then he knew she was ready for his hard throbbing cock.

He stopped and stood up bringing her buttocks closer to the edge of her bed, and inserted his rock hard cock, plunging it deep inside of her.

Her smooth silky legs rested on top of his bare shoulders, as he plunged his cock in and out of her hot moist cunt.

Harder and faster he pumped, as his hands slid caressingly massaging and playing with her ample breasts and nipples. They exchanged kisses, tongues running deep into each others mouths.

"Ooooh, yeees!" She practically screamed at the top of her lungs. "Don't stop! Don't stop!" She pleaded, as she grabbed his biceps squeezing them tightly with both hands.

Juices began to run down her milky thighs, and her body began spasming, her back arcing high, as she came with an orgasmic force screaming, "Oooh, yeees! Oooh, yeees!"

The mailman continued pumping back and forth, feeling himself on the verge of also cumming. Pulling out he said, "Ooooh, yeah, baby! Oh, yeah!" As hot sperm shot all over her belly and tits.

They both laid on the bed quietly for a minute or two, and gasped for air. Finally, after catching her breath Daisy Price broke the silence and said, "That was great. Thank you, I needed that."

"Don't mention it, madam. It was my pleasure." The mailman said as he sat upon the bed, back propped up against the head rest. "Don't worry. You're not the only one who has done this. Why at this moment there's a lady over on tenth street probably waiting on me right now. She used to be my favorite stop, until today that is." The mailman stood up and started walking towards the bedroom door. He stopped midway and added, "Well, I got to get going. Where's the bathroom, so I can get cleaned up?"

"Down the hall and to the left." Daisy said, as she laid there and fell back asleep.

* * * * *

The mailman was gone when she woke up at ten a.m. The only reminder that he had even been there at all was the sperm stains on her belly and her mail sitting on her coffee table. She slowly got out of bed, and then took a quick rinse off shower.

As Daisy showered she thought to herself that the mailman would probably be coming to her door everyday now, but that wouldn't be to bad if she couldn't find another job soon.

As she got out of the shower, she quickly dried her luscious body off, and slipped on her pink shower robe. "It's time to see if the paper had any job listings available." She decided to herself aloud.

Hoping no one would see her, she opened the door slightly and peeked out looking all around. She saw no one around, and the paper was just a foot away from the front steps.

Hurrying she rushed out and grabbed the paper, and almost made it back inside when she heard a voice shout out, "Hey, Daisy!"

"Ooooh!" She mumbled to herself, and saw that her neighbors, an old retired couple that lived across the street were yelling at her. She hesitated for just a moment, but then quickly decided to play like she didn't here them, but as she went to the door it slammed shut right in her face before she could reach it. She tried the door knob and the door was locked. "Shit!"

"Hey, Daisy! We saw what you did with the mailman this morning through our living room window!" A female voice shouted at her.

Trying to think of what to do now, she turned to them and replied. "What? I didn't do anything."

"We saw your window show!" Replied the neighbor, who was an older gentleman in his seventies, and beside him was his wife. The older gentleman was wearing black sandals, white shorts, and a white t-shirt, while the older lady was wearing brown sandals and a blue and yellow flower designed one piece dress. Both of whom were smiling brightly as the man continued. "We had the best sex we've had in years after seeing that!"

Daisy, finally remembering that her spare key was under her welcome doormat and devilishly decided to make the old folks even more hornier. "That's great mister and Mrs. Fieldsman!" She said, as she purposely bent over with her ass facing them, and she wasn't wearing any panties yet, to pick up her key from under the welcome doormat. Before she rose up again, she purposely wiggled her ass for them.

"Thelma, I'm ready to go for it again! Come on, honey!" Mr. Fieldsman said pulling Mrs. Fieldsman along by the arm back towards their home.

Giggling, as she was being pulled along, Thelma replied, "All right, Fred! Thanks, Daisy, this is the best sex we've had in years!"

Sighing Daisy unlocked the front door, and placed the key back under the welcome doormat before going in. She would worry about the neighbors, and the mailman for that matter, later. With the newspaper still in her hands, she sat on the couch thinking a few moments about how she didn't want everyday to be like this morning had already been. She finally decided that she definitely had to find a new job.

With the grim determination of a mercenary army soldier looking for the best paying military position in a freelance war torn world, she searched the paper's classified ads for the best paying secretarial job, for she was now quite literally, Daisy Price, Secretary For Hire.

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