tagIncest/TabooDaisy's Disgrace Pt. 27

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 27


Several weeks after his last encounter with Shawna, Tom was having dinner with his wife at home when his cell phone buzzed in his pocket. He glanced up at his wife to see if she'd heard it. She was staring at him, her face a mask of suspicion.

"The boys?" she said tonelessly.

Tom just shrugged. "No idea. I'm eating. I'll check it after dinner."

He made sure to help with dishes afterwards, so that by the time he managed to sneak off to the bathroom, his wife had either forgotten about the text, or was sufficiently appeased to ignore it. Sitting on the closed toilet lid, Tom pulled out his phone and entered the passcode.

Expecting to hear from Daisy, Tom was surprised to see that the text was from Nate. They hadn't been in communication much lately. The text said only, I THINK IT'S DONE.

After a moment of confusion, Tom's heart began to pound. Could this mean what he thought it meant? He sent a quick text back: CAN YOU MAKE SURE?


This meant they had either done a pregnancy test or, God forbid, taken Daisy to a doctor for a professional opinion. Tom replied, PROOF?

He spent an anxious five minutes pacing back and forth in the small bathroom until his phone buzzed again with a photo from Nate. It showed him holding a pregnancy test. With a plus sign. They'd done it.

Tom felt dizzy, He wondered, far too late now, if he had made an enormous mistake. He was almost certain he had, but there was no mending it now. Before he left the bathroom, he flushed the toilet for his wife's benefit and washed his hands at the sink, splashing cold water on his face as he did. He looked at himself in the mirror, wondering how his wife would take the news.

The thought of having Daisy back in his own house-in his bed when his wife was out of town-cemented his resolve. He gripped his stiff cock through his trousers and gave it a squeeze, smiling nervously at his reflection before turning out the light and heading back downstairs.


Daisy felt panicky. Her father would be irate. How could she possibly have gotten pregnant? She was supposed to be a good girl. Then again, she supposed the good girl facade had crumbled the day her father had discovered her dildo and porno mags, as well as her overdeveloped body straining to escape from those skimpy clothes.

Nate sat on the edge of the tub, staring at the pregnancy test. Daisy was still on the toilet, her legs spread. She hadn't even managed to wipe herself. The fear had been so overpowering, and now she was certain she was in shock. "What the fuck am I going to do?"

Abruptly Nate stood. "I'll have to send you back to your father's house. He and your mother will take good care of you throughout the pregnancy, I'm sure they will."

Daisy stood and followed him out of the bathroom, her dripping pussy scattering tiny drops of urine onto her thighs. "How do you know? My mother will disown me for sure!"

In the bedroom, Nate was already packing up her belongings-the scant few scraps of clothing along some toys she had brought, as well as her toiletries and makeup. "Your father was very reassuring over the phone," he said calmly.

"That was just a text!" Daisy flopped down on the new mattress on his bed, tiny drops of piss landing on the duvet cover between her thighs. Nate saw them and stood up.

"Be careful, little girl," he warned. "You're still in my house, and I'll punish you for that."

Daisy was feeling reckless. She was a pregnant woman, although her belly was still as flat as ever. She had noticed an increased tenderness in her breasts, but she had thought that was due in part to Nate's occasional rough handling of them. Her nipples were often hard, but now they were stiff all the time, and sore. Hard as diamonds, they thrust out against the thin cotton of her tight shirt. On her back with her legs spread, she brought her hands up to her nipples and began to stroke them through the fabric. "Punish me then."

The first slap across her wet twat made Daisy squeal and try to close her legs, but Nate forced them open again. He delivered a second slap across the jiggling wet flesh, and this time Daisy moaned. She often couldn't tell whether something like that actually felt good, or whether she was just trying to please the man who was doing it. The line had been permanently blurred a long time ago.

When his fingers slipped into her wet hole, she groaned and rolled over onto all fours. She shoved her face into the duvet and pushed her ass up towards Nate. "Make me squirt," she moaned provacatively, looking over her shoulder at him.

By way of an answer, Nate delivered a stinging slap across her asscheeks. "I'll do what the fuck I want. I'm in charge here, not you." But he began to finger her all the same, pushing against her g-spot the way he did when he wanted to make her squirt. Daisy pushed her ass further back, trying to fuck his fingers with her cunt.

Suddenly the fingers were gone and her pussy was empty. Daisy had closed her eyes, concentrating, but now they snapped open in surprise. "What are you-"

With no warning, he was pushing into her ass, his cock thrusting past her tight sphincter and into her bowels. He had spit on his cock, but the lubrication wasn't enough to ease his brutal entry. She squealed, unprepared, and tried to pull away, but he grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. "I'm going to have this ass one last time, and I'm going to fill it with cum the way I've always wanted," she heard him growl, though it was difficult to hear over her own wails.

After a moment, Daisy began to relax. She realized that the assault on her ass was only uncomfortable, not truly painful. Even so, she had wanted something in her pussy. She had felt strange ever since she thought she might be pregnant, and now that it had been confirmed, she wanted-needed-to feel sexy again. Before too long her pussy would serve a different purpose, becoming something much more clinical. She wanted affirmation that her cunt was still a desireable, fuckable hole. The fact that Nate was fucking her ass made her feel even more unwanted, disgusting-and very, very pregnant.

Ever dutiful, however, Daisy endured the assault. She even recognized the same sensations that would ordinarily have brought her intense pleasure, and supposed on some level that she was enjoying it, at least physically. Her pussy was brimming with juices, and she knew if he continued pounding her the way he was, she would cum. But he was still using her ass, the hole he clearly preferred. She remembered the time he had described her nasty cunt to her and how awful she had felt, worrying that she disgusted him with her enormous labia. She wondered if he had been genuinely disgusted all this time, fucking her only as some sort of bizarre favor to her father.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt Nate grind deep into her ass and exclaim, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." She felt the first spurt inside her, and moaned along with him, trying to put on a good show. It would never do if he gave her father a negative report.

When he was finished, he pulled out of her ass and ordered her to stay exactly as she was, with her ass up in the air and her face still pressed against the duvet. He continued to pack her things, going to the bathroom to collect a few scattered toiletries. At last he returned to the bedroom to collect her. "Okay, you can stand up."

Daisy got awkwardly to her feet. Her anus was sore, and it hurt to move. "Can I put some clothes on?" she asked sheepishly. She was naked from the waist down, and she knew it was only a matter of time before the cum began to drain out of her asshole, even though it had closed back up since the assault.

Nate stared at her for a moment, looking her body up and down. "Yeah. Here, put these on."


Tom heard the car pull into the drive, and he hurried outside to meet his daughter. She looked rather dazed, and she barely acknowledged his presence when he opened the car door to help her out. That was okay, Tom reasoned. They'd have plenty of time to get back on track.

She was dressed in a bright pink crop-top that did little to obscure her enormous tits or stiff nipples. Tom wondered suddenly if her nipples would squirt naturally now. He found himself having to fight not to pull up her the top and find out. On the bottom, she wore tiny gray drawstring shorts that revealed half of her ass, and even a little pussy. Again, he had to struggle not to fill his hands with those tight globes, or pull aside the crotch to spill her fat cunt. It was a huge bulge between her thighs, one her mother could not fail to notice. Well, so be it.

He thanked Nate curtly and sent him on his way, promising to call him later. He didn't want his wife coming out to see who was in the driveway. Luckily, she was only vaguely aware that something was happening outside and, engrossed in her iPad, hadn't bothered to look. When Tom opened the front door, she said without glancing up, "Was there someone here?"

Tom closed the door behind his daughter. "Yes," he said. "Daisy came home early from camp."

At that, his wife looked up. He watched the expression on her face change from pleasant surprise to utter disgust. "Daisy! What in the world are you wearing?!"

"Hi Mom," his daughter said cheerlessly. "I'm going upstairs to bed."

"Like hell you are!" Sally barked, getting to her feet. "Come here, let me see you."

Daisy was dragged abruptly out of the mercifully dim kitchen and into the bright light cast by the dining room chandelier. Sally's jaw dropped. "Look at you! You look like a slut!"

The younger girl crossed her arms awkwardly over her chest, but Sally pulled them back down to her sides. "Are you wearing a push-up bra? You know how much I despise those things!"

Daisy shook her head wordlessly, looking desperately at Tom for support.

Tom stepped forward. "Sally, that was one of the things Daisy was going to talk to you about."

But Sally interrupted. "What, that she's had a-a boob job?!" she sputtered.

"No!" Daisy and Tom said at once. Sally looked wildly from one face to the other. "Then what? What is it both of you know that I don't?"

"I've already spoken to Daisy about this," Tom said smoothly. "I thought the same thing you did, at first. Daisy isn't wearing a push-up bra, or anything like that. She's actually had large breasts for awhile now, but we haven't noticed because she's worn baggy clothing around the house. She only recently started wearing tighter clothes for cheerleading."

Sally stared, openly, at her daughter's tits. After a moment, she said flatly, "I don't believe you."

Tom saw Daisy wince, and knew what she was thinking-"Oh god, not this shit again."

He said, "And I suppose you want her to take off her shirt and show you?"

At first Sally stared at him at if she was offended by the question, but after a moment, she said, "Well, why not? There is no way my daughter is a living, breathing natural Barbie doll. Even if she were, there's just no way I wouldn't have noticed."

"I had a growth spurt, Mom," Daisy retorted. Sally pointed a finger at her, mere inches from her protruding breasts. "Don't you start with me, Daisy."

Tom put a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "Well, you heard your mother. You'd better take this off."

Sally looked alarmed. "Here? It's dark outside. People can see into the house. No, we'd better go upstairs. I don't want my daughter on display for every man in the neighborhood, even if her breasts are fake."

Daisy rolled her eyes at Tom as she started up the stairs after her mother. Tom smiled knowingly, watching the way her ass jiggled in (and out of) her shorts. There was a faint wet patch on the gusset tucked deep between her cheeks that made Tom wonder. Then they were in Daisy's room, standing in that familiar place where all of this had begun mere months ago.

Once Sally had closed the curtains, she turned back to face her husband and daughter. "Tom, you'd better turn around."

Tom didn't argue. He knew he was on dangerous ground, and protesting would get him in deep shit. He turned his back, forced to imagine the scene in his head.

"All right," he heard his wife say. "Take your shirt off."

Daisy didn't complain this time. Tom heard the sound of fabric sliding over skin, and he envisioned the pink cotton hem stretching reluctantly across the expanse of his daughter's tits before the huge jugs tumbled free, bobbing and swaying on her thin frame. He heard his wife gasp, and imagined her taking in the sheer size of them, noticing their perfect shape with a surge of jealousy. She would see at last those fat nipples he and Daisy had worked so hard on, bigger than her own by now, possibly even more swollen by the onset of pregnancy.

"Those are definitely fake!" she exclaimed, surprising no one.

"They're not, Mom," Daisy groaned. "Feel them."

"I'm not going to touch your-your boobs!" Sally shrieked. "Tom, your daughter is trying to tell me her boobs are real."

Tom smirked, but his tone was conciliatory. "What do you want me to do, honey?"

"Back me up here!" she demanded. "I know it's uncomfortable to see your daughter like this, but for Pete's sake, you should see what I'm talking about!"

"You want me to turn around?" Tom asked carefully.

"Yes, for...for fuck's sake!" Tom knew by her language that by this point his wife was nearly in hysterics.

Slowly, he turned around. He had to fight to keep the smile off his face. Daisy was standing as she had that first time, holding her shirt up around her collarbone, blushing deeply and looking wildly embarrassed. Her tits were as perfect as ever, her nipples just as big and stiff as Tom could remember. But he forced himself to raise his eyebrows, endeavoring to look surprised. "Well, it's definitely not a push-up bra," he said unhelpfully.

"Yes, thanks, Tom," Sally retorted waspishly. "But they're fake. No 19-year-old girl her size has breasts like that." It was like she was reading from a script.

"Then I guess we'll just have to take her word for it, won't we?" Tom said gently. "Daisy, pull your shirt down."

"No!" his wife interrupted. "They're fake! Look, you've been to strip clubs. Remember before we met, you were dating that one with fake ti-with fake boobs? You know what they feel like."

Tom rolled his eyes. "She did have augmented breasts, yes, but what do you want me to do? Touch Daisy?"

"Not in a sexual way," Sally snapped. "Just so you can tell whether they're fake or not!"

Tom looked at his daughter. "Honey, how do you feel about this?"

"She doesn't have a choice!" Sally pushed her husband towards the half-naked girl. "Just do it."

As Tom stumbled forward, his hands found Daisy's right breast. It was so warm, the flesh so inviting, he began to knead it hungrily. His cock was hard-he couldn't help it. He looked into Daisy's eyes as he groped her teat, massaging every inch, trying to arouse her. She remained frozen, her hands clutching the hem of her shirt, her expression one of horrified embarrassment. There was a fine sheen of sweat on her forehead.

"Well?" His wife hovered over his shoulder, as though checking to make sure he was doing as he had been instructed.

"I hate to tell you this, honey," Tom said, still massaging, "but they're very real."

Sally pushed him aside, and he was forced to release Daisy's tit. Tom watched as his wife examined them up close, presumably checking for scars. She seemed afraid to touch them, even though her husband just had. As she turned away in despair, she saw the bulge in the front of Tom's trousers.

"Jesus christ, Tom!" she exclaimed. "Are you actually turned on by this?"

"Honey," he said calmly, "you've just asked me to physically examine a naked breast."

"Your own daughter's breast!" Sally was beside herself.

"That may be," Tom said slowly, "but they're still a pair of naked breasts."

"And I suppose you think they're attractive?" she demanded, incredulous.

Tom resisted the urge to smile. "Our daughter has lovely breasts."

Sally made a noise of disgust. "They're hugely out of proportion. Her nipples are bigger than mine, and I've breast-fed two babies. She looks like a porn star." Abruptly she whirled around, as if just remembering her daughter was still half-naked. "Stop standing there like a slut, Daisy. Pull your shirt down."

Daisy obeyed slowly, pulling the constricting fabric down over her jugs and tugging it into place. Her nipples stood out in clear relief against the thin cotton.

"I'll not have you dressing like this in my house," Sally said sharply. "Even if these are your natural breasts, I won't have you flaunting them and making your father-uncomfortable." Sally looked deliberately at the stiff protrusion in Tom's pants. "And I don't know what in the world you're wearing on the bottom."

Daisy looked away. Tom knew she was sharply aware of the huge bulge between her thighs, a bulge split by the gusset of her shorts that spilled out on either side.

"What in the world?" her mother exclaimed, examining her crotch evidently for the first time. "Are you hiding something in there, Daisy?"

"What?" the younger girl gasped. "No, god no. I'm sorry my shorts are too short, Mom. This is what we wear for practice."

Sally turned abruptly away and yanked open a dresser drawer. Luckily, Tom had left the clothes he hadn't wanted Daisy to wear in the dresser, so it wasn't completely empty. Sally found a longer, baggier pair of shorts and threw them at Daisy. "Put these on. You'll wear appropriate clothes in my house."

Daisy stared blankly at her. "You want me to take off my shorts?"

"Of course I do!" her mother retorted. "Take those off right now and put on the ones I gave you. Right now."

Tom recognized the expression that passed over Daisy's face-it was the 'fuck it' look. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic band of her shorts and tugged them down. When she straightened back up, she stood in front of her parents, naked from the waist down. Tom stared, drinking in the sight of her swollen, fleshy cunt. She was utterly hairless, so there was nothing to hide the thick wrinkles and flaps of her pussy lips and, above them, her stiff clit.

"Happy?" Daisy said sarcastically, cocking her hips to one side so that the full bulk of her pussy dangled unimpeded between her thighs for a moment. Then she bent to pull on the shorts her mother had thrown at her.

"Hang on, little girl!" Sally barked. "Why in the hell are you not wearing underwear?"

"The coaches don't like panty lines," Daisy offered, still bent at the waist.

"Bullshit," her mother said. "Stand up."

Daisy straightened slowly, leaving the shorts around her ankles.

"Why does your vagina look like that?" Sally demanded.

"Look like...what?" To her credit, Daisy managed to ignore all her own misgivings about her unfeminine pussy to face of her mother's criticism. Tom was as proud as he was aroused.

"It's enormous," her mother went on. "I've never seen such a big..."

"Pussy?" Daisy offered. Then, adopting the sarcastic tone she frequently used with her mother: "How many pussies have you seen, mom?"

Sally blushed hard. "How many I've seen is irrelevant. Yours is clearly unnatural. Have you been having sex? Excessive activity can sometimes cause a woman to...swell."

Daisy looked at Tom, desperate. She clearly didn't know how to answer.

"Sally, that's what we wanted to talk to you about," Tom said, stepping forward. "Daisy told me earlier today that she's had a rather big surprise."

"No," Sally managed. "No, no, no."

"I'm sorry, Mom," Daisy said, real tears filling her eyes. "I'm pregnant."

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