tagFetishDaisy's Disgrace Pt. 28

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 28


Daisy lay in bed, still feeling humiliated.

Her mother had marched her into the bathroom, still half-naked, and stood over her as she had taken a pregnancy test she always kept in the house for emergencies. In stark contrast to the fantasy she had had the other week, in which she had emptied her bladder on her mother's face, she felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated peeing onto the stick she held between her legs as her mother looked on.

She knew her mother was staring not only at the stick, but at the bulge of pussy flesh above it. She wondered what her mother thought, if she bought the story of excessive sex. Daisy had always been fleshier, but her mother hadn't seen her naked since she was a toddler, and couldn't possibly know how she looked naturally. She also didn't give her much credit for imagination. Sally probably wouldn't know what to do with a pussy pump if someone placed one between her own legs and handed her the hand pump.

When the pregnancy test had confirmed her fears, her mother had gone into hysterics, alternately berating her daughter and hugging her close, which was awkward because of Daisy's tits. She had sent her to bed shortly thereafter.

Daisy lay there now, feeling overwhelmed by the evenings events. She had been so aroused, exposing herself to her father in front of her mother (or perhaps what had aroused her was exposing herself to her mother in front of her father), and by the way he had groped her tit with her mother's consent. She imagined him fucking her while her mother looked on, and the thought made her wet almost instantly. She slid her fingers over the bulging mound and between her thick lips, dipping into her own juicy cunt. One hand snuck up to her nipple, stroking it and tugging on it while she touched her clit.

Fantasies swirled around her head. Masturbating in front of her mother, again letting loose a spray of piss and cum while she played with her fat pussy. Baring her enormous tits to squeeze and fondle them while her mother looked on, jealous and aroused. Bending over with her ass facing her mother, reaching back to push some thick object into her hungry little asshole, or to coax it open with her fingers to that her mother would be forced to look inside. In each fantasy, her mother was tied up, able to scream curses at her daughter but unable to stop her lewd behavior. From time to time her father looked on, silently approving as she used her body the way he had trained her.

Daisy bit back a moan as she came, releasing a flood of juice from her spasming twat. She fell asleep with her panties still around her thighs, one tit hanging out of the cropped top, fingers slippery with her own cum.


Sally found her daughter in her own bed the next morning, fast asleep. To her horror, her once-innocent daughter was half-naked. She must have pushed her duvet off in the middle of the night, and now she lay on her back, one enormous breast hanging out of the tight cropped shirt she wore. Even worse, her panties had slipped down around her knees, exposing her disgusting privates.

She had intended to wake her daughter immediately and force her to put on more appropriate clothes, but as she stood at the foot of her bed, Sally found herself instead staring silently at the sleeping form. Her daughter did look like a porn star-or would have, if not for her face, which looked particularly innocent as she slept. Sally took in the mountain of bare flesh, impossibly large for such a small girl, with its stiff nipple designed for milking. She wondered suddenly how far along her daughter was, if that was why her nipples were so large and swollen.

But her belly was perfectly flat, and the rest of her still so slim. Everything except for her ridiculously large tits, and her swollen privates. Sally couldn't believe the size of her pussy. She had seen a few in her day, although she would never admit such a thing to her daughter. She had even watched a fair amount of porn, before she swore off such things. She had never seen something so obscene. There was the glimmer of moisture between the folds of flesh, and Sally found herself wondering if her daughter masturbated.

No, that was disgusting. She seemed too young to explore her body the way Sally had done back in college, spending long evenings in her dorm room while her roommate was out, stretched out on her bed with a hand mirror and a clandestine dildo. One night over a bottle of wine, the other girls in her circle had eventually confessed to doing the same thing. That night they had all gotten very drunk, and Sally remembered all of them somehow ending up naked. Afterwards, a few of them had paired up, exploring not only their own bodies but each other's. The other girls, too shy to join in, sat and masturbated while they watched. Sally had been one of the girls on the sidelines, until her roommate had taken her hand and led her to the sofa. They had made love, and Sally had cum for the first time with her lover's fingers and mouth on her privates.

The memory was unexpectedly thrilling, and Sally found herself wondering how long it had been since she had touched herself. The next thought came unbidden-how long since she had touched another woman? Decades, surely.

And suddenly, Sally was wondering what it would be like to touch her daughter. All that smooth skin, those enormous breasts, those fat nipples ripe for sucking, all that flesh between her thighs to explore...would she just lie there, like so many pretty girls do? Or would she play along, moaning appreciatively and returning the favor by licking and sucking-

Abruptly the door opened, and Sally whirled to see her husband standing in the doorway. He looked first at Sally, then at their daughter lying in bed in front of her. "Jesus," she heard him say. "Cover her up, won't you, Sal?"

Sally was infinitely grateful that her husband didn't stand there and gawk at the younger girl's prone body. She felt a surge of guilt for doing that very thing, and covered her embarrassment by pulling the duvet up to her daughter's chin. "I was just thinking about the pregnancy," she said softly as they left the room together, closing the door behind them.


Daisy padded around the house in the baggy shorts and oversized t-shirt until her parents left for work. She watched out the window as her mother's car pulled out of the drive. The minute she was out of sight, Daisy tugged off the offending garments and bounded upstairs, her breasts bouncing wildly.

Her father had sent her a text: SHOW ME SOMETHING. Giggling with excitement and nervousness, Daisy took her phone into her parents' bedroom. Her mother had dutifully made the bed before leaving the house, as she always did. Daisy pulled back the duvet, revealing lush white sheets. She leapt onto the bed and bounced among the pillows, her tits jiggling and smacking into each other. Smiling up at the phone, Daisy snapped a photo of herself squeezing her own tit with her free hand. She made sure to include enough bedding in the background so that her father would know where she was.

Then, feeling wild, she got to her feet and sat on one of the bedposts. She spread her thighs so that she could take a close-up of her pussy lips spreading around the round wooden knob. She didn't force it into her cunt, but rubbed herself all over the huge object. She took a third picture as she bent over the knob, licking her own juices off the slick surface.


Daisy felt a surge of embarrassment, wondering if her father was displeased with the photos she had sent him. Had she not been wild enough? Disappinted, she threw on the old robe she used to wear and went out to the shed. A strange feeling of nostalgia swept over her as she fetched the pump from its place in one of the boxes on the shelf behind the curtain. The room had been cleaned up and appeared innocuous to the casual observer. Daisy wondered where all the equipment was.

Back in her parents' room, Daisy spread her legs and fitted the cup over her pussy. She hadn't done this in awhile, not for several weeks, in fact, and even then, it had only been a short session requested by her father. Now, as she engaged the pump and felt the familiar sensation in her labia, Daisy let out a long, low moan. She continued to pump until she was nearly in pain.

For the next three hours, Daisy lay there, bleeding off pressure when it became too much, then building it back up again. She brought her mother's hand mirror into bed so she could watch her pussy grow and shrink. It shrank a little less each time, until it didn't shrink at all, instead maintaining the shape and size it had been inside the pressurized cylinder. Even then Daisy continued to pump herself, determined to make her cunt bigger than her father had ever seen it.

When she grew bored of staring at her pussy, Daisy amused herself by teasing her nipples. She tugged on them, pulled them away from her tits, rolled them between her fingers. She sucked on them one after the other, trying to duplicate the effect of the pump. The sensation was almost painfully arousing, however, and with the cylinder affixed to her pussy, Daisy couldn't masturbate. She tried to make herself cum by only touching her nipples, tickling them and stroking them like she would her clit.

She was nearly there, gasping and moaning as she rubbed the wide tips both nipples firmly with her thumbs and stroked the long, thick shafts, when she heard the kitchen door slam.


Sally got home early that day, feeling too distracted and anxious to get much accomplished. She set her briefcase on the chair by the door and went to the refrigerator for a soda. Taking a long swig, she decided to have a shower and change into some more comfortable clothes.

As she climbed the stairs, Sally thought she heard a door close, but she couldn't be sure. She wondered if Daisy was awake. The girl was never much use during summer vacation, always sleeping her free days away or shopping with her silly girlfriend Shawna. Sally paused outside of her daughter's closed bedroom door and listened. There was no sound coming from inside. She turned the handle quietly and opened the door.

Her daughter lay in bed, asleep. The duvet was pushed down to her waist, and Sally was pleased to see that she wore the oversized t-shirt, even if her tits still looked enormous beneath it. She noticed the twin stiff peaks of her daughter's nipples thrusting against the soft cotton, and Sally made a mental note to get her daughter some darker colored shirts, and perhaps some sports bras, if she could find any large enough. Eventually she would need nursing bras, Sally reckoned, rolling her eyes.

Still, she felt satisfied, and closed the door, continuing down the hall to her bedroom.


When the door closed, Daisy opened her eyes and allowed herself to breathe. She was sweating beneath the bulky duvet, which covered the large plastic cylinder between her legs and the pump attached to it. She hadn't had time to remove it, and she was afraid she would have spilled her juices all over her mother's sheets if she had. Now, she threw aside the duvet. Even after she bled off the pressure, Daisy still had to use two hands and a firm grip to pull the cylinder off her pussy.

In the full-length mirror at the end of her bed, Daisy stared with a mix of horror and delight at the montrosity between her thighs. The bulk of her pussy had expanded at least three times over, thrusting out nearly halfway to her knees. Her labia were enormous flaps of taut, smooth skin, her clit a fat nub beneath its hugely swollen hood. When she brought her hands down to touch her flesh, her pussy was too numb to transmit the sensation. She examined the bulk with her fingers, both sickened and elated.

Spreading her lips, Daisy revealed a flood of pussy juice. She dipped her fingers in between, and brought the liquid up to her clit. Yet when she tried to play with the swollen nub, now the size of a small cock, she felt nothing. The total lack of sensation startled her, but she knew it would return when her pussy shrank. If it shrank. Now, she took her pussy in her hands like she would a breast or a cock, trying to comprehend the sheer size of it.

Daisy suddenly realized that if her mother came back, she would see her like this. Alarmed, Daisy stood and tried to retrieve the pair of shorts lying on the chair-mercifully her mother had not seen them. To her surprise, her pussy got in the way, nearly tripping her. Daisy had to waddle with her legs far apart to accommodate the huge bulk between her thighs. Feeling humiliated, she fetched the shorts and shuffled back to bed. She lay down and pulled the shorts up her legs, but stopped when the gusset met the unyielding flesh of her cunt. The waistband wouldn't even cover the top of her shaved mound. With a surge of embarrassment, Daisy adjusted her pussy so that it hung down one of the legs, and pulled the shorts up to her waist.

When her mother called her for dinner, Daisy yelled back that she had already eaten.

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