tagBDSMDaisy's Retraining Pt. 01

Daisy's Retraining Pt. 01


Daisy could not believe she was standing here; it was bad enough that she had spent the last ten weeks confined in the Punishment and Retraining Institution for professional women as a result of poor performance at work and her desire to keep her job in the longer term. Somehow though she had managed to maintain her discipline despite the deprivations and humiliations of it all. Confined to institution uniform, attending classes, sleeping in a dormitory, constantly supervised and directed, drilled and inspected -- it was meant to be a punishment and it was.

She pushed her head forward making sure that the thin sheet of paper remained trapped between the wall and her nose, if it dropped there would be further punishment. Daisy cast her eyes downward she could see the feet of one her fellow inmates standing next to her waiting her turn in Miss. Davis's (Head of Punishment) office. She could see the girl's brown strapped sandals and brown ankle socks with the yellow stripe and the bottom of her yellow gingham dress. No doubt she was looking at Daisy and could see the same.

Daisy carefully adjusted her hands but without lifting them from the top of her head where she had been told to put them before being made to face the wall. Her brown sweatshirt lifting above her waistline as she ensured her arms remained in line with her body as was required for inmates made to take this humiliating position.

Her mind drifted to the conversation with her manager and the HR officer following failure of her last project. There had been a serious miscalculation on some of the supply requirements and what could have been a profitable project had turned into a loss of tens of thousands of dollars -- it hadn't been her specific error but she was the manager and it was her accountability. It was true over the previous four years she had gained experience and more recently a good profile by running successful projects and utilizing the skills of others. She had made a mistake and it was clear there would be consequences and she knew what they might be.

The choice was hers, she could have resigned but she had chosen, like many before her, to be seen to be sanctioned for her failure in the hope that she would meet the required strictures and then resume her career.

She had seen a couple of other people sent to the "Retraining institution" with differing outcomes.

The first Jodie Miles was now a highly recognized and admired Marketing Project Leader having spent 4 months in retraining again following a less than successful piece of project leadership.

However, the second, Samantha Jones, was now an HR assistant having previously held a senior role in Logistics. She had been sent to the retraining institution initially for 3 months but had actually spent 6 months there. On her return she had been very publically demoted in part because she had failed to demonstrate lack of arrogance during her punishment. In addition she had been made to explain how she had been punished to the whole office of over 200 people dressed in a uniform like the one that Daisy now found herself wearing. Daisy had not forgotten how Samantha had looked in her yellow Gingham dress, brown sweatshirt bearing the institution badge, brown ankle socks and brown strapped sandals -- no doubt she had also been wearing the brown thick gusseted and elastic banded knickers which Daisy was now wearing.

Samantha Jones had not left the company because her contract obliged her to stay for at least 30 months following such an offence and anyway the reference she would be receiving if she left early would be so bad as to make her unemployable. In addition it was known that she spent her life out of work as a submissive slave to one of the ladies she had previously supervised in Logistics. She wore a collar even at work and she spent her time at her Misttress's house doing housework and dressed in a cleaner's uniform at all times.

Daisy had chosen to take her chance in the "Retraining institution" after all she had thought it can't be that bad -- how wrong she had been. From her initial arrival she soon realized how wrong she was but it had been too late. The stripping of all her clothes and belongings, the cold shower under supervision, the body search, her confinement to a chastity belt, her hair styled into a ponytail and any unfitting hair cut or shaved off, the institution uniform, the order to speak only when spoken to, sleeping on a hard bed between rough blankets, going to the toilet when told, the daily routine of lessons in the cold institution rooms, sitting on a hard wooden stool from 5:30AM until 1:30 PM writing lines and essays, copying out sections of the Bible and in her case hours of arithmetic to correct her failure on her project (how many times had she written out her times tables 1x1...1x50 up to 100x50 and so on), the anxious waits each day to see if your work had met the required standards, the menial labour that followed lessons - cleaning toilets or floors on her hands and knees, hand washing and ironing laundry, the foul food -- gruel, boiled vegetables, bread and water, attending assembly sat on the floor with legs crossed and hands-on-head, being sent to bed at 8:30 PM, of course no TV or reading and the constant supervision, inspection and ordering.

Compliance had to be absolute and the consequences of even the most minor failings were severe. Daisy had recognized this immediately and applied herself to avoiding such errors no matter how meek, weak, humiliated and compliant this had required her to be. Otherwise there was uniform punishments, corporal punishment, work punishments, detentions, loss of the most meager privileges that remained, public display, humiliations, extended sentences and of course post release consequences. These were applied generously as was clear to be seen to all inmates.

Suddenly the door next to her opened. "Stewart you first", barked Miss Davis. "Quickly keep your hands on your head."

The girl next to Daisy moved swiftly into the office and the door slammed shut behind her. Daisy moved her fingers and body to relieve the cramp and pain from the strokes of the short leather strap which had been administered to her hands and behind at the time of her offences earlier in the day. The regime was unforgiving -- any offence received immediate penance almost always including corporal punishment. For all but the most minor offences this was followed by having to report to Miss Davis's office for formal assignment of punishment. Daisy gulped as she thought of what was likely to be assigned to her. She had to remain calm, apologetic and meek any failure to do so would only make her predicament even worse.

She had managed to avoid this for ten weeks and only had two weeks of her sentence remaining when she had so carelessly allowed this to happen. That didn't matter now it was too late -- the only thing that mattered was to minimize the punishment and future repercussions after her eventual release which she knew was now almost certain to be more than two weeks away.

The time passed Daisy heard footsteps move to and fro behind her and from the corner of her eye saw the arrival of Mrs. Saqib, her dormitory Supervisor, and then Miss Travis who had detected her offence.

The door opened again and the girl emerged hands still on head - weeping.

"Down to Matron for your new uniform and keep thinking about those strokes of the cane you will be receiving before bedtime", the supervisor stated as they moved off down the corridor.

Daisy gulped it was her turn next and she knew that uniform, corporal punishment and other things would undoubtedly be assigned to her -- why had she been so stupid. "Right Douglas inside, keep your hands on your head, first time for you I think for this purpose, stand in front of my desk, feet, in the middle square, head up", Miss Davis directed Daisy into her very spacious office an sat down behind her desk facing where she had left Daisy to stand. Mrs. Saqib and Miss Travis sat comfortably at each end of the desk.

On the wall behind the desk, as Daisy now remembered from her introductory talk on the rules which she had received on her day of arrival, was an array of canes, slippers, straps, paddles and even a birch each hung from a hook.

Miss Davis began, "You know why you are here girl?"

"Yes Maam", Daisy replied swiftly and precisely as required.

"Anything to say for yourself you stupid little girl?"

"I am very sorry for my misbehavior Maam and ask to be punished as you see fit for these failings", Daisy spoke softly to try and demonstrate remorse.

"It's a bit late isn't it -- if you are thinking that your behavior which has met the required standards for the past 10 weeks will earn you any lenience you would be mistaken -- in fact it merely demonstrates the complete ill-discipline, arrogance and stupidity of your misbehavior today and I therefore intend to impose yet further additional penance beyond the very severe tariffs you will already be receiving. Not one but five offences.

Failure of uniform inspection -- button undone on dress, failure of uniform inspection -- knicker seam not straight, disobedience -- speaking without being spoken to, insolence -- speaking without using Sir or Maam correctly, trying to avoid punishment -- slowness in stripping to allow inspection of your knickers. For any single one of these offences you would be punished for five on a single occasion the penance will be more severe than each one in isolation -- do you understand girl?" Miss Davis finished.

Daisy could feel the tears welling in her eyes, "How could she have been so careless? How had that button come on done? Why had she gone, "Oh no", when it was discovered and why had she not responded quicker to the order to strip as she stood in the corridor waiting for her next lesson."

The way Miss Davis had described it made it sound like some heinous plan not the simple unfortunate train of events it was -- but it was too late and the consequences were about to be delivered. Miss Travis hadn't hesitated to apply her leather strap to Daisy's hands a couple of strokes each side to both hands and to her knickered behind six stokes as she had stood half-naked in the corridor in front of a class of her fellow inmates but she knew now that was just a foretaste of the allocation she was now to receive from Miss Davis.

She began, "Punishment is as follows Douglas. Uniform -- this comfortable dress and sweatshirt are obviously too much for you to manage so a bit more discomfort and restrain is required for you. Winter uniform -- two pairs of institution knickers so you get more practice with those seams, wool knee socks, starched shirt and tie, institution tunic -- so you get more practice again, waistcoat and cardigan. I'm sure now in July you will really appreciate the discomfort and humiliation. Uniform to be worn 24/7 but at nights to be accompanied by wearing of a restraint belt. Toilet visits limited to one per day. Stand at all times in all lessons. Two hours extra drill and inspection every morning. Gruel only - twice per day. Mouth to be washed out with soap and water after every meal and at bedtime. One less thing for you to manage -- punishment haircut to be applied in institution assembly -- hair to be cut and shaved around bowl and maintained as such throughout punishment. No washing bathing or clothing change throughout punishment. Public display in town every Sunday ".

Daisy gasped under her breath she was going to be taken outside the institution dressed like that she couldn't believe it but Miss Davis was not yet finished.

"Corporal punishment -- five strokes of the tawse to the palm and back of each hand in front of your dormitory this evening to be followed by 15 strokes of the strap to your bare behind at institution assembly tomorrow morning. At assembly after your strapping you will be fitted with a butt plug which will remain in place except for your toilet visits for the length of your punishment. Six strokes of the slipper to your bare behind on you dormitory twice per week for the duration of you punishment. Your punishment will last six weeks. This obviously extends past your existing release date. Put you know how we deal with that don't you Douglas?"

Daisy knew exactly from that first briefing and from the punishments she had seen applied. "Yes Maam, my sentence will be extended", Daisy spoke slowly so that the fear she now felt did not make her stammer.

Miss Davis continued," That is correct -- punishment is always served and I always like to see a period of good behavior before any inmate is released -- particularly in the case of someone who has committed multiple offences. Your sentence is increased from 3 to 6 months."

Daisy almost collapsed she had had 14 days to go now she had 15 weeks.

"Right now I told you that your previous good behavior would not spare you punishment for your offences and you can see now how true that is but what I did promise you was that as this demonstrated how stupid and willful your offences today have been, you will receive a premium. Your period of serving these additional penances is therefore extended to eight weeks and I will personally apply a liberal dose of the cane to your behind immediately. In addition your offences have all, of course, been noted to your file and will be considered in setting the terms of you release -- I will be recommending that consideration of your clothing at work be made before your release. Is that clear?"

" Yes Maam. Thank-you Maam," Daisy replied compliantly.

Miss Davis stood up and removed a large thick cane from the wall behind her and moved round the desk bending it as she walked. She moved a chair from the side of the room to the middle where Daisy was standing. "Right take off your sweatshirt and dress and bend over the chair girl." Daisy obeyed immediately and she was soon bent over with the chair back digging into her stomach as she was made to stretch downwards and grip the chair legs. She bit her lip as her knickers were stripped and allowed to fall to her ankles. "Right girl after each stroke I want to hear, "One stroke, thank-you Maam I deserve to be thoroughly humiliated and punished like the naughty little institution girl I have behaved as, please continue my beating until I have been taught my lesson", is that clear girl? Any failure and I will apply still further strokes."

With that the caning began, it was more than ten years since Daisy had received any corporal punishment, then it had been from her parents. The strokes made her shudder and she struggled to control her whimpering but knew she had to -- she had seen in assembly girls fail to take their punishment without complaint -- Miss Davis simply restarted the strokes until sentence was completed and then had the recipient report for punishment for failing to received corporal punishment as assigned which always meant they returned at least the next morning for a yet even more severe allocation.

Daisy didn't know how long she could bear it but the count continued, "Eleven...twelve..thirteen.. Finally at twenty it stopped". Daisy blew quietly, tears streamed down her face and her behind was on fire.

"I hope that has started to teach you a lesson and will certainly help you do so when the strap is applied in front of the everyone in the institution tomorrow. Right take her to Matron for reuniforming. Given you won't be wearing that dress and sweatshirt you can be taken to the Matron as you are -- including leaving your knickers around you ankles. Now get your hands on your head and remember if you are brought back before me again the consequences will be even more severe.

"Yes Maam", Daisy replied and she then was marched unceremoniously out of the office. Mrs. Saqib walked behind her as she humiliatingly waddled naked except for her shoes and socks down the corridor to the Matron's office.

Twice Mrs. Saqib stopped to talk to other staff members and she was made to stand on display. She could only imagine what her behind looked like no doubt red and striated from the harsh strokes she had received. Finally they reached the Matron's office where Mrs. Saqib handed over the slip of paper detailing Daisy's uniform for the next eight weeks.

The Matron went to the shelves containing items of clothing and then returned and placed a pile on the table in front of Daisy. She knew from seeing what many other uniform failure punishees or other offenders had to wear what she was likely to face but that made the prospect no more desirable.

The Matron took over, "Remove your knickers and shoes and socks girl." Daisy obeyed swiftly removing them and then folding and laying them neatly as she was now trained to do before resuming her position stood to attention hands on head. "Well if you thought your institution uniform previously was humiliating you were right girl but for next eight weeks you will have something just as humiliating to wear, including in public I see, and much more uncomfortable. If you couldn't keep the ten buttons on your dress done up then the numbers on your tunic, waistcoat and cardigan will give you some much needed practice -- and of course even further punishment if you cannot manage it.

"Right knickers", the Matron began holding out the gusseted item with which Daisy had grown all too familiar but not in brown like the pair she had just removed but navy blue. Daisy put them on the thick elastic biting into her legs and waist and the unfinished seams sticking into her skin, they reached farther down her legs as well -- she made sure the seams were straight from her waist to where they reached a couple of inches above her knees. "And a second slightly smaller pair to help your learning", smiled the Matron as she passed Daisy another pair. Daisy pulled them over the first pair straightening both pairs as she did so. The second pair clamped around Daisy biting into her. "Woollen socks", the Matron continued the list of items whose discomfort and humiliation were to be imposed on Daisy for the next 8 weeks. They were pale yellow and Daisy was careful to ensure that the ribbing was vertical before turning the tops to reveal the light blue trim around the top. "Shirt put it on girl so we can check the size". Daisy put on the pale yellow shirt doing up the buttons. The Matron forced her fingers into the collar at the back pulling the front tight to Daisy's throat. "No too loose I can get a whole finger in the collar; we need the next size down so that this errant girl feels the full discomfort of her punishment. Take it off Douglas."

Daisy undid the shirt and removed so that she was again left standing in the middle of the room dressed only in her shoes, socks and knickers.

"Put this one on girl", the Matron directed handing Daisy a different shirt. She buttoned it up the sleeves bit under her arms and finally she managed to do the top button. The collar bit into her neck. The Matron checked the collar again and this time it met with her satisfaction. Next she was handed the blue and yellow stripped institution tie which she eventually managed to get under her shirt collar the extra material thickness squeezing the shirt collar even more tightly around her neck. Her dressing continued as the Matron passed her a light blue institution tunic. She passed it over her head the long pleated skirt reached down to below her knees and the bib hanging open in front of her. "Button it up then girl. This item is especially designed for offenders like you who fail to wear their uniform correctly with some extra buttoning practice", the Matron scolding Daisy into action.

Daisy quickly did up the four blue buttons which closed the bib and formed the yolk of the tunic just below the knot of her tie before standing promptly to attention so her procedural dressing and humiliation could continue. "You need to button up your dress as well girl unless you want to earn yourself another beating", Mrs. Saqib snapped from behind her. Daisy quickly looked down but couldd see no buttons on the skirt of the tunic. "Behind you girl, this tunic has a dress which buttons at the back so that you learn to do buttons up behind and upside down and so that if necessary your behind can be easily uncovered for a caning or strapping as will be required tomorrow morning in front of the whole institution for your 15 strokes of the strap. Now hurry up."

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