tagBDSMDakota is Repossessed Ch. 02

Dakota is Repossessed Ch. 02


The New Boss

When Dakota woke, it took a long time to recognize her normal life. She was sleeping by Daniel, as she had for the past month since she'd moved in with him. Daniel was the man who loved her, respected her, who planned to make her a part of his life. Certainly that was what she wanted. What woman would not?

So why could she not stop thinking about how he'd treat her if she was not a fiancée but a piece of property? No doubt she would not be sleeping next to him as an equal. She would only share his bed when he wanted to use her for sex. Quietly, Dakota arose from the bed, and walked around to his side. She lowered herself to her knees on the ground, and watched his chest rise and fall with his sleeping breath.

She knelt like that for five minutes, until her knees started to hurt. If she was a slave, no one would care if she was uncomfortable. She would wait in position until it was time to awake her master.

Out of the corner of her eye Dakota saw that Daniel's alarm would wake him in a few minutes. She turned the alarm off and pulled the covers off his sleeping nude figure and looked at his cock, which was hard with sleep. Her body urged her to wake him for a good fuck. But if she was a slave, her own pleasure would be irrelevant. Pleasing her master would be her only duty.

She lowered her lips to his hard cock. She did not like to give oral sex, and had avoided doing it once they had become engaged. But now, the fantasy that she would have to do it regardless of how she felt about it turned her on incredibly. She consumed the red tip and pushed it towards the back of her throat.

Almost at once she was suppressing her gag reflex, while her jaw felt stretched to its limit from trying to keep her teeth clear of his glans. But it doesn't matter what I feel, she told herself.

"'Koty, what are you..." she heard him mutter, as he awoke. "Wow, um, this is..."

She kept going, and he was unable to speak. She lifted her mouth away and straddled him, rubbing her cunt against his hard cock. She wanted to put it inside her terribly. But what would he want? she asked herself. What would he want if her pleasure was irrelevant, if she was nothing but a toy to play with? Breathing deep, she scooted herself forward and pushed his cock, wet already with her saliva, against her ass crack.

She had never even considered doing this before, and if a guy had asked her for it she would have told him to get lost. That was exactly what made it exciting right now.

"Dakota," he gasped. "What are you..."

"Forget about me," she told him. "I don't matter right now. You're the only one who matters."

She pressed her tight hole against the tip of his cock, and found it more difficult than she thought. Wincing, she grasped the hard cock in her hand, and sat back as if collapsing on a chair.

The pain was so much she had stars in her eyes for a moment, and she looked down and saw a look of concern in his eyes.

"Don't worry about me," she told him again. "Just enjoy it."

Normally she would be glad that he was worried about her, but now she found it distracting and annoying. There was no way he could know that she wanted to him to act out the fantasy role she had assigned him in her head. But she still wanted it, and was annoyed that he didn't know.

Worse, he wasn't even all the way inside her. How could she go the rest of the way, when it hurt so much to even go this far?

She remembered what a friend had told her. She had said you had to act as if you were making a bowel movement. It took a couple of tries, but with a deep breath she managed to relax her sphincter enough to slide the rest of the way, and the blinding pain eased up. She was left with an incredible urge to get the mass that filled her out, but she resisted.

"Koty," he gasped, "that's incredib..."

She put her finger over his mouth, and began to slide back and forth. She had never felt so filled, so completely given over to a man. Though it went against her fantasy, she could not resist bringing her hand to her cunt and touching it. She almost exploded, but she pulled her hand away. My pleasure doesn't matter, she reminded herself, but that made her want to pleasure herself all the more.

Still she slid up and down, but he did not come. She wondered what was taking him so long.

"Dakota that feels so good," he said. "But I don't think I can, you know..."

She cursed in her mind. Of course he would not be able to come. He had a sleep erection; he'd want to pee more than orgasm. Desperately she brought her hand to her cunt to try to release herself.

Just then, however, he raised his hand tenderly to her cheek.

"Koty, I love you; I'm so sorry I have to get to work now."

"Crap," she cursed, and pulled herself away.

"Hey, don't think I don't appreciate it. I'm sorry it's so hard to be romantic when we're both busy."

He didn't understand. She didn't want him to appreciate it. She didn't want him to be romantic, not right now. She wasn't angry that she didn't have time for her; she was angry that he was apologizing for it. She closed her eyes and imagined him pushing her off of him and walking away from her like a used tissue.

"Dakota, what's wrong?" asked Daniel. "You are acting really strange."

"It's nothing," she said. "Forget it. I just had a weird dream."

She got up and walked to her dresser. She was a afraid to open the underwear drawer, though she didn't realize why at first.

"Hey, anytime you want to have a dream like that it's okay with me," he said, trying to lighten the mood.

But she was already tearing apart her dresser, and storming through the walk-in closet.

"Shit!" she yelled. "I can't believe it's gone. I can't believe they're all gone."

"What are you looking for?" said Daniel.

"That black skirt. The one you gave me for my birthday. Where is it?"

"I don't know. Did you look in..."

"What about the white button-up short-sleeved shirt I got at the thrift store that time with Sandy? Have you seen that?"

"Not recently, Koty, but you have so many clothes. I'm sure they'll turn-"

"What about the black flats I always wear? What about the purple underwear, remember the ones I keep in the back of the drawer? How can all these things just disappear all at once?"

"We'll look for it tonight. Oh, crap, not tonight, I have to work late. Tomorrow night, before Rafaella and the others come over."

Certainly it was a coincidence, she thought. All the clothes she had worn in her dream were missing.

"Rafaella and the others?" said Dakota, her mind finally processing what he'd just said.

"My friends? From work? They were coming over for dinner tomorrow night? We've been planning it for a week."

"But why do you have to say it like that? 'Rafaella and the others?' Why not 'Will and the others?'"

"I don't believe this. How many times do I have to say it? I'm not with her anymore. I'm with you."

He was right. Dakota needed to get over her jealousy. But he'd been with Rafaella three years, compared to less than a year with Dakota.

"Would you be? If she weren't a lesbian?"

"She's not a lesbian," said Daniel. "I never said she was. I said we were incompatible. She's just...into other things. Things that I'm not."

Dakota looked back at the top of the dresser.

"My watch," she told him. "Have you seen my watch? And those hoop earrings? Daniel, are you listening to me?"

She looked to see him staring at her body. She was about to tell him it was too late, he'd had his chance, but he spoke first.

"What did you do to yourself?"

"What are you talking about?" she said, turning back to her dresser to look for the jewelry.

"Go look in the mirror. You'll see."

"In a minute," she said, and kept looking for the jewelry.

But then she brushed her side against the dresser and it stung, which brought her attention to other pains on her back and legs. She went into the bathroom and stared at her naked body, but then gasped and stepped away. She held her hands against her body as she leaned against the shower. What kind of dream was that?

Taking a deep breath, she stepped back into the view of the mirror to look again at a red stripe on her lower ribcage, and up on her breast, and one inside each thigh. She did not even need to turn around to know there would be one more on her ass, and one on her upper back.

Daniel was staring at her from the door.

"Oh, yeah..." said Dakota. "I forgot, I fell on the way home. I must have scraped myself more than I thought."

"Do you want me to call Rafi and tell her we can't do tomorrow night?"

"No! Don't cancel. I already bought the pheasants. I have the dinner all planned."

"You don't have to work so hard," said Daniel, as he got in the shower. "We can afford to get it catered."

After Daniel finished, Dakota showered longer than she should. She scrubbed her slender torso and shaved her pale legs, wincing as she went over the mysterious welts left by the dream. She'd hated the showers after gym; her body had been girlish and undeveloped around the burgeoning womanhood of her classmates. She'd wanted breasts and hips like she saw developing on the other girls.

Now that she was in her late twenties she often reminded herself that many of those girls she'd envied were beginning to sag and get fat, even as Dakota had developed late to resemble the desirable young figures they'd had then.

But then there were women like Rafaella. She was tan, with full breasts that she must have already been developing when she'd been a teen. Instead of sagging, however, she'd kept her figure firm and tight through yoga or Pilates or whatever she did that Dakota never found time for.

Those firm thighs had once been wrapped around Daniel's body, the full breasts pressed naked against his chest. Knowing she shouldn't, Dakota tortured herself with the vision of Daniel fucking Rafaella. She turned off the water and walked out of the shower without drying herself. Daniel was gone, the house was empty. Dripping, she looked at the rumpled bed.

If she were a slave she'd have no place to be jealous of Rafaella. He'd have no duty or responsibility to be loyal to Dakota. He could fuck Rafaella right here, on the bed that Dakota thought of as theirs.

Dakota sank to her knees by the bed and immersed herself in a torturous fantasy that she was watching Rafaella's strong, nubile figure riding Daniel. Rafaella's golden pubes crowned his cock, her firm lips gripping him and bringing to his face a look of bliss Dakota had never given him.

Even knowing this was all in her mind she was consumed with anger and humiliation. She burned with hatred at both of them for a moment, but couldn't take her eyes off of Rafaella's beautiful figure.

Why was she doing this to herself? Worse, why was it making her so hot?

Dakota began to masturbate again, the vision more real than she could have thought possible.

Then Rafaella looked at her contemptuously.

"You worthless little slave, who said you could play with yourself while I fuck your fiancé? What kind of sicko would get off on something like this, anyway?"

Dakota crossed her hands behind her back, consumed with shame. It took her a moment to convince herself this wasn't real, that Rafaella and Daniel weren't really fucking in front of her. That she wasn't humiliating herself in front of one of their close friends, and Daniel's ex-girlfriend.

A few minutes later she realized she should have left for work already.


Dakota got to work thirty minutes late. As it happened, there could not have been a worse day for it, because she had a new boss.

Lindsey, the easy-going middle-aged director of the ad sales department, had been let go suddenly, and replaced with a ridiculously young ivy-league snot named Ian. As the longest-serving member of the department, Dakota always assumed that she would be next in line. But Carol, the director of the magazine, decided otherwise.

"The fact is, your whole department is below standards. You need someone to turn things around. Ian may only be 24, but he has already tripled the sales at his last magazine. So my advice is to get in line with his system because if it's a choice between you and him, I'd get rid of you first. You had a one-on-one meeting scheduled with him first thing in the morning, but, well, you missed it because you were late. So just be ready, he'll call you in when he has some time available."

Dakota worked all morning with a cold lump in her stomach. She liked to make a good first impression on a new boss. But Ian would be the first person she'd worked for who was younger than herself. And worse, he'd taken the position she was sure she'd earned.

She had needed the pay raise, too. She had thought about the dream on the way to work and decided it was because she needed to get her debts down before she and Daniel made financial arrangements for when they were married. She'd told Daniel she owed money, but not how much. She'd read an article the other day about people who'd broken off engagements over that sort of thing.

But Daniel wouldn't do something like that. And besides, she'd start really paying them down, soon. But how was she going to do that if she never moved above assistant sales executive? What if she did so badly they let her go, if she couldn't get any more work? Would he leave her then? What if she were bankrupt, without any means of support, what would become of her? The memory of being made a slave and stripped of everything she had, even her name and clothes, was so vivid. It didn't feel like a dream at all. The whip marks didn't feel like they cam from a dream, they still burned on her skin.

But that was stupid. This wasn't ancient Rome. No one became a slave because of their debts. She needed to get herself together.

When Ian called her into his office she realized that she'd done almost nothing for more than an hour. She went into the office that had been Lindsey's, that should have been hers, feeling like a chastened little girl.

Just like she had in the dream.

Ian looked even younger than he was. He had curly blond hair and a smooth face that must have been capable of growing a beard but didn't look like it. He had both feet up on his desk, the bottom of the long wingtips pointed right at her as he lay back in the chair and fiddled with a mobile phone.

Dakota looked around the room and found the chair she'd always sat in when she'd met with Lindsey. Lindsey's meetings with Dakota had been open and friendly, and she always had a coffee ready every time she came in. Maybe there was some room for improvement in the department, but Lindsey had been popular with the other workers and loyal to her department. Dakota couldn't believe that this little brat could take her place.

"Don't sit down," said Ian, just as Dakota was about to sit. "This won't take long."

But he didn't put his feet down, or even look at her. He typed something quickly on his Blackberry keyboard, then pulled his computer keyboard across his lap and typed something on there, looking at the screen thoughtfully.

Heartburn pressed at the back of Dakota's throat, and she clenched her fists. If he hadn't made her stand in front of her desk like a supplicant, she could have been patient. He couldn't know it, but he was making her relive the posture she'd stood in last night in her dream. She tried to remember what the young man in the reposession office had looked like, but she couldn't pin down his face.

As she remembered the dream, fear began to edge out anger. Why had she had a premonition of this moment? And what would happen next?

She reminded herself of what Daniel always said, that premonitions and omens were irrational and impossible. If you were going to believe in irrational superstitions, he said, then you should at least believe in superstitions that made you feel better.

She wasn't going to be treated like this. At least she could stand up for herself a little. Her time was important, too. Even if she'd been wasting it all morning.

"Excuse me..." she said, but found her voice was so meek she wished she'd said nothing at all.

Why couldn't she be the kind of person who stood up for herself? If someone treated Rafaella this way she would give him hell, regardless of the consequences.

"...it's just, I mean, you said you wanted to see me, and..."

He dropped his feet to the ground, and dropped the keyboard on the desk hard enough to make her jump and quiet her. He put his hands together in front of his face, index fingers pointed up, and looked her up and down.

"Hmm," he said, not speaking to her though he was staring right at her. "Yes, very well. That will do."

He might have been looking at the new copy machine that Lindsey bought a few weeks before she left. Dakota was furious, being inventoried like a piece of office property. Rafaella wouldn't be treated like this.

Rafaella wouldn't be turned on by being treated like this.

"Should I come back later?" said Dakota, pretending she didn't know he was talking about her.

Finally he looked at her eyes.

"You must be unhappy to be reporting to me. You probably thought you deserved to get this job."

Dakota thought out her response.

"I'm sure Carol chose you for a good reason."

That made him laugh.

"Aren't we the diplomat? But I can see you think you deserved to sit here. That you earned it. It's still a common attitude in corporations, even for Americans. As if just being somewhere long enough gives you the right to achievement. It must be painful when you learn that holding a chair down won't get you anywhere if you're not good enough."

That was it. She was not working for this asshole. She was going to go into Carol's office and tell her she was leaving. Certainly her fellow employees wouldn't stay around long either.

She looked over her shoulder, and saw that everyone was working harder than they'd ever worked before.

"I can see you're on the verge of quitting," Ian continued. "It's probably just as well. Because you're not going to fit in well if you aren't ready to do exactly what I say, when I say it. It's the only way we're going to make any progress here."

But if she quit, she'd just be confirming exactly what he thought of her. That she couldn't handle working for a successful department. Was this what it took? Someone who spoke to his employees with the authority of a young prince?

"I imagine my predecessor didn't do things that way, did she? Probably she went out of her way to build consensus - hugs all around, a piece of candy for everyone who came in the office. Easy to take advantage of when you needed it."

"No! I wouldn't have done that. I liked Lindsey."

It was true that she'd liked Lindsey. But she also remembered all the times when Lindsey's laid-back nature made it easy get off early and avoid responsibility for mistakes.

"Oh, you liked her, of course. It's nice to work with people you like, isn't it. But it's deadly to productivity, letting personal attachments get in the way of success. I should tell you about the last place I worked.

"I was hired straight out of college, by a woman who had been a school friend a couple of years above me. Well, I guess you could say a lover, off and on. What I think you Americans call a 'friend with benefits?' She was seen as a real up-and-comer. But as soon as I got in I saw that she just wasn't running things very well. She put on a good show, but didn't get results.

"She expected me to be loyal to her as a friend; everyone expected me to be deferential to her seniority. But I realized very quickly I just couldn't be bothered with that. I'm simply incapable of standing aside and watching money get poured in the garbage. So I acted. In six months she was out of work, and I had her job. In a year the department was pulling in three times the revenue."

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