tagBDSMDallas Ch. 01

Dallas Ch. 01


This is another in a series of stories that took place over a four year period while I was working as a construction manager for a national company and was travelling the Western US. While being on the road for weeks at a time, I was able to indulge in and enjoy many sexual meetings and experiences.

It was mid-August when the plane banked sharply over Grapevine Lake and slid effortless into DFW. Smoke hung over the metro-plex like a heavy fog from the fires that were burning up east Texas that summer. The heat…typical Texas in the summer…hot and hotter…then day breaks and it really gets hot. When we got off the plane the humidity hit you like walking into a wall of solid brick, something that was unusual for Dallas, but that week the Houston like humidity reached across the length and breadth of the state and made everyone miserable. One thirty in the afternoon….115 in the shade, if you could find any, and I had three projects going concurrently…Grapevine, Richardson and Preston Hollow, and one just completing in Carrolton.

Me, I was 48 at the time, 6’1, 215 pounds, dark hair, beard and glasses…and sweating like there was no tomorrow. I picked up my rental car from the lot and headed out for what was to be three weeks on the road with no break. It just didn’t make sense to go home late Fridays to return on Sunday afternoon again…so maybe do a ball game or something, mostly the or something…and head home when the work was done. I drove to my usual digs…the Extended Stay in Richardson, just off the LBJ Freeway near the exit headed to the Richardson site and midway between Preston Hollow and Josey Way, where the Carrolton site was located, adjacent to the Trinity Hospital. I checked in and threw my bags on the bed, headed for the A/C unit to turn it on full blast, then hooked up my computer. I was in the same room that I had stayed in on several other occasions…seems that I was beginning to be a regular here and the crew knew which room I liked…towards the back, on the second floor and in a quiet spot on the floor…the end of the hall. It was nice…no one would bother me unless the place really filled up, which it rarely did during the summers. I fired up the computer, signed on and looked for her…Cindy was her name…(her Yahoo ID will remain my secret since she is still there and I still visit her on line occasionally.)

Cindy lived near the Grapevine construction site- to be exact, about three blocks away. She worked for a public relations/ advertising firm as an account executive…a power position that turned her on…and it showed in how she carried herself. She described herself as being 5’9, about 130, piercing blue eyes, brown hair on top, shaved on the bottom, and built better than average for her 38 years. She was married, had 2 kids, and was upwardly mobile, (meaning that between she and her hubby, they cleared in the 200K range…not bad for a little spending money). She dressed in expensive business suits for ladies, silk blouses and high heels…just what her position and status called for. What attracted us to each other was anybody’s guess, I wasn’t really in her league, but we clicked on line and in person. Last trip I had a chance to take her to lunch and get to know her a little better…but neither of us had any time to do anything about it that trip. But this was another trip now, and we were going to get to know each other really well over the next three weeks.

There she was, on line and in a chatroom for FemDomme’s. I politely broke in and told her that I was in town. She IM’d me back and told me to hang on for a minute…then she left me hanging for about a half hour. Anyone else would have blown her off and gone on to other things, but I had met this temptress and wanted some of what she had to offer. I am usually a Dom when I am in BDSM play situations…a stern but fair master who will punish when there is a need, and reward with pleasure when my subs make me happy. I had talked to Cindy about this clash of Dom/Domme and she just smiled at me…telling me that once I had her, I would never look at a female sub the same again. To me, this was a challenge, so we set things in motion, and there was no turning back.

Monday morning dawned hot and sticky, no relief in sight for the smoke and humidity, according to the weatherman on WBAP. I trudged off to the Richardson site after a shower and light breakfast. Six in the morning comes early in Dallas (hell, it comes early everywhere, but what the heck) and I was on the freeway north to spend the day with the superintendent and the architect going over some problems with the mechanical plans and then signing off on those stacks and stacks of paperwork. (I’ll bet we killed a couple of trees on that project ) The day dragged on as I waited for the meetings to be over and my chance to call Cindy to find out what she had in store for me. Five o’clock finally came and went, and then six o’clock hit. We were still at it, and I was getting itchy. Finally we knocked off and I had a chance to call her cell. It rang several times, then the inevitable voice mail…so I left a message and apologized for my tardiness in calling.

When I got back to my room, the phone was ringing…I picked it up…and there she was-pissed off at me for being late- but understanding. I asked what she had in mind for this trip and she said that we would have to wait till Wednesday night to find out, as that was when her husband and kids were leaving for a couple of weeks vacation “en pays” or in the country (France in this case) and she would be free to teach me some lessons. Time dragged for the next couple of days, routine stuff and travelling all over the city meeting vendors and the like. Finally, Wednesday afternoon was over I was free for the time being. So I called…and got Cindy at work. She told me to be at her place promptly at seven…or else. I got final directions and headed back to the hotel to take a quick shower, grab a bite and head over to Cindy’s.

Quarter of seven…just passing the DFW exit…ten to…just turning off onto William D. Tate Ave exit…five of…pulling into the driveway of a large, almost antebellum mansion in this upscale neighborhood…three before…getting out of the car and walking to the door…one minute to go…and then I rang the bell. No answer…I knocked…no answer…I dialed her cell…no answer….I waited. The door opened and there she was…statuesque would be the best description…5 inch stiletto heels, long legs wrapped in dark stockings topped by a black garter…black bra, black thong underwear, and a cold drink in her hand. She said nothing to me, just motioned for me to come in and close the door. The air conditioning caused goose bumps to stand out on her arms and her nipples to thrust out against the thin cups of her bra. It felt good and she looked good. I was about to pay her a compliment and she cut me off before I could say anything.

“When I tell you that you can talk, then you may…until I give you permission, you will just shut up. Do you understand?”

I nodded my assent and was about to say yes when…smack…I caught the back of her hand across my face…she was reading my mind.

“I said I will tell you when you can talk…not before. Understand?”

This time I just nodded.

“Tonight you are mine to do with what I please, do you understand?”

Again, I nodded.

“And you will do exactly as I tell you, do you understand?”

Head goes up and down again.

“And if you are good, and learn what I am going to teach you, then you will be rewarded…do you understand?”

I didn’t react quick enough….”Do you understand?”…this time I nodded quickly and avoided any repercussions.

“Before we start, I am going to give you a safe word…Rumpelstiltskin…if you can’t take it any more, just say it and I will stop…and you will never see me again.”

Cindy ushered me into the den, a massive room lined with books, two large french doors and an entertainment center with a massive big screen TV.

“Strip…now” was all she said. I did what I was told and folded my clothes in a neat pile over one of the chairs.

“Here…now” as she indicated a place directly in front of her. I moved into position and was rudely pushed down. “When you are in front of me, you will be in the subservient position…and in case you don’t know what that is…on your knees…head and arms down…lean forward and push your face to the floor…now stay there”. I had no choice, she had me under her control and I was willingly performing for her.

I was left in “the position” for about ten minutes, till my back started hurting. I grimaced and Cindy spoke..

“Now, on your knees in front of me…and put your hands behind your back.” I did as I was told, then felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs being slid over my wrists. I looked up and was rewarded with a slap on the cheek…”No one told you to look up” she said.

I bowed my head and tried to figure just exactly what I had gotten myself into. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. I looked down and then saw her feet, spread in front of me…”Now. Look up…look me in the face”

As I looked up, I could not help but notice that Cindy had removed her panties and bra. She was standing there in her heels, stockings and garter…and nothing else. Her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers and she was fingering the left one with her hand. Long red fingernails contrasted the deep flush of her breasts as she pinched the nipple between the tips of the nails. I winced inside with pain, and then expectation of what those nails could do to me. She had what could best be described as a “shit eating grin” on her face as she carefully instructed me to lean forward and close my eyes. I felt like a fool doing this, but then I smelled something familiar…the smell of a woman in heat. My eyelids fluttered, then I felt one of her fingernails drag across my chin. It stopped just below my lower lip and I felt the end pushing into my skin like it was going to pierce my jaw. Then I felt it, a blindfold being wrestled over my eyes so I could not see anything but black.

“Now you will begin to learn” Cindy said “and you will come away with a new respect for not only females, but for a female submissive”. I sensed some movement and then felt her foot on my crotch, flicking my flaccid penis to one side with her toe. I winced and shuddered, then felt the pressure on the bottom of my ball sac as she moved like a slow motion kick. She held back and then said

“ I have complete control of you now and you will do everything that I tell you, without question, without pause and without making any noise…do you understand?” I was not fast enough in nodding and her foot quickly prodded me into a hasty affirmation of my understanding.

She withdrew from me and I was left in the middle of the room, senses distorted by the lack of sight and my legs beginning to go to sleep. Suddenly I felt the shackles being lifted behind my back and I was forced into a standing position. I felt a soft caress on my face, then felt my nipple being pinched…hard…bringing tears to my eyes under the blindfold. Then I felt a hot breath, the touch of a tongue and felt the nipple being sucked into a warm mouth. I was lost in pleasure when she bit down…hard… then continued her caress with her lips. I was lost in a mental fog, not knowing what to expect next…the pain and pleasure mixing inexorably to drive me to total distraction.

I had no way of getting my bearings but I sensed that Cindy had moved around in front of me again. I heard the clink of ice, then felt it…ice cubes clenched in her hand made contact with my shrunken cock and balls, rubbing over them and numbing them to the point that I had little sensation between my legs. She squeezed and I barely felt it, being so cold, then I heard her mutter that it was time for my first reward for following her directions. I felt, or rather sensed my cock being fondled then a rush of warmth came over me. As my groin reached a more normal temperature, I felt the caress of her lips on my cock, drawing me gradually in with suction like a vacuum cleaner must feel.

I started to stiffen, then she bit down on the head, causing it to go back to a flaccid state. Cindy caressed my balls and continued with her oral caresses, stopping me each time I started to get hard. My balls had retreated into the scrotal sac and were tight against my body, still fighting for warmth as Cindy continued this fallacious torture. I wanted to go erect, but knew if I did, that there was a punishment waiting for me. I had to will myself soft, and did not succeed. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain, a pincer like feeling on my balls and realized that those deadly fingernails were making their point on me. It felt like my guts were being pulled out then I felt my cock being drawn into her mouth once again till I felt her nostrils flare against my pubic hairs.

“You are doing well”, she said” but I will take you places that you’ve never been before this night is out.”

I realized that I hadn’t breathed in a while, and let out a loud sigh, gasping for air as she caressed me. I didn’t know whether or not to relax, as her caress kept me on the edge. Suddenly it was gone…I was standing alone in the center of the room…and I heard it…the turning of a latch and another pair of heels on the floor. I cocked my head, trying to discern who may have entered, my hearing sharpened…then I felt a pair of ear protectors being placed on my head. Eyes blinded, ears shut off from the world…I started to panic. My senses were useless. My head turned rapidly from side to side trying to figure out who or what was happening.

I felt my cock being roughly grabbed by a strange hand and I was pulled across the floor. When we stopped, I felt a warm body pressing up against me from behind and hot breath on my neck. As my cock started to rise I felt another hand grab my crotch and begin to squeeze. So much for that reaction, I was soft in a second. The hot breath moved around my shoulders, tickling the back hairs as the body moved. I could feel the hot bullets of her nipples pressing into me - a tongue starting a slow crawl from the side of my neck to my ear and back down again.

A pair of hands circled my body and began to caress my chest and nipples. The licks turned into a gentle nipping and I could feel the hot breath getting more ragged as hands caressed me. I wanted to get hard, but all of a sudden I could not…nothing would get a rise out of my formerly proud cock. A second pair of hands went to my body and intertwined with the fingers of the person behind me, doubly caressing me and causing the person behind me to shift and rock the pelvis into my ass.

I smelled the unmistakable odor of female arousal and my mind reeled with the thought….then I was brought to my senses by a sharp bite on my chin and lower lip. I realized that Cindy must be in front of me, based on her height, or was it someone else who was as tall in front and Cindy at my back…I tasted blood from the sharp nip and then the trail of kisses continued down my neck and shoulders. A second tongue joined in on the other side and trailed down my chest to my nipples. The caressing hands moved away and I felt the nipple once again being sucked into a warm, wet mouth. I wondered what was to come next and was not long in discovering.

The hand on my one nipple continued a soft assault, bringing it to a point and the mouth on the other was working the same way. I felt a shift and then the sharp jolt as fingernails were dug in to the nipple…then back to a caress. The mouth pulled back and then a sharp nip from the teeth and back to a wet sucking caress…on and on it went, alternating from fingernail to mouth and back again. I was being driven absolutely crazy…if I was being questioned, I would have told my captors everything. This slow torture continued for God knows how long…minutes, seconds, I could not tell nor did I care at this point.

My knees were turning to a jelly like state, legs feeling like two rubber bands that were stretched taut…my head flailing from side to side in expectation and ecstasy. Then as suddenly as it started…it stopped. I was alone in the room as far as I could discern…I felt no one, I sensed no one…just me, naked, and standing in the cool of the air conditioned den.

I tried to gather my bearings…I searched with my foot and felt a piece of furniture with my toes. I stepped to the side and felt it…I remember now…the leather couch…I rejoiced…I knew…or so I thought. Relief came over me as I leaned against the massive arm.

As suddenly as my relief descended on me, I felt my bound arms being grabbed and tugged at, being thrown face down over the cold leather and a painful swat descended on my now upturned ass. I felt a body lean over me and one of the earpieces puled briefly from my ear….

“Did I tell you to move, you insolent bastard”…venom in the voice as the question was repeated “DID I TELL YOU TO MOVE?”

Quickly I shook my head from side to side in acknowledgment of my wrongdoing.

“Then what the fuck are you doing?”

I opened my mouth to answer and received a resounding slap across my ass again. A different, more sinister voice spoke…

“I hope you remember what will happen if you speak?”

My head was spinning in confusion…being asked a question that demanded an answer, yet facing punishment if I answered and facing punishment if I didn’t answer. God, I was screwed….

“Well, what the fuck did you think you were doing?” Cindy’s voice came again, this time from behind me. “Answer me!”

Again, I started to comply and again, I felt the stinging across my bare ass…

“You know what you will get if you talk, remember?”…that sinister voice again and another loud crack of pain across my ass.

“All right, since you aren’t going to answer, you will get your punishment” I heard Cindy’s voice loud and clear…then silence as the earpiece was placed back over my ear. Then I felt it…cold and wet dripping over my upturned ass, dribbling into my puckered asshole. A finger started to rotate around my anus, then press inward until I felt it slip past the sphincter inside me. As suddenly as it went in, it slid out again…then more cold and wet…and this time two fingers made their anal assault on me. I felt my hole being opened and the liquid being forced deep inside me, followed by fingers pushing in and out, rotating inside my body. I felt warmth against the back of my legs and over my bent over body and gentle caresses on my back…then I felt a large, bulbous object pressing against my ass. I tried to straighten up, but my arms and shoulders were pinned over the couch so I could not move. It pressed against me…I tightened reflexively and then it went in…tearing into me as it passed the sphincter and inside me in one massive thrust. The pain was searing in my ass and gut…then the object began slowly moving backwards. I tried to force it out and as I did, I felt it repeating its intrusion into my rear passage, but this time it did not hurt so much. I felt it go in and then I felt the heat of a body pressing against my upturned ass. As soon as I felt the heat of the flesh, it pulled back and the intruder started its journey outward again. The thrusting was repeated, over and over again.

The pain dissipated and was replaced by a pressure on my prostate gland, deep behind my balls. I felt myself getting hard and then remembered my orders not to…and I willed myself soft again. In and out, the pleasure built inside me until I thought I was going to explode then a final thrust deep inside me and the intruder froze in position…and I felt it…a warm liquid bathing the inside of my guts. I cocked my head to the side…what the hell was that…who was cumming in me? As suddenly as it started, it stopped. I felt the intruder being withdrawn and felt hot breath on my back and shoulders as it was expelled from my ass. I felt hands drift across my body to my cheeks…then the earmuffs were removed, restoring my sense of hearing. I heard raspy breathing from behind me then a muffled moan as I recognized the sounds of someone having an orgasm.

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