tagSci-Fi & FantasyDalliance of Earth Goddess Durga

Dalliance of Earth Goddess Durga



It was over, the battle to conquer the buffalo demon, Mahishasura, had left Durga worn and weary, covered in blood, and littered with various bruises and cuts. Her followers followed behind her as she headed toward her tent. The battlefield was covered in blood, its foliage reduced to nothing more than broken trees and crumbled bushes. It would recover as would Durga.

As she began to pull off her armor, exposing the skin that was not harmed by the treacherous demon, her people worked to gather the metal. By the time she reached the opening of her tent, each one of her eight arms were free from the metal, as were her tone legs, full bosom and flat abdomen. Her helmet was tossed to the side, caught by a waiting attendant. Her golden locks cascaded down her back. She shook her head, ran her fingers through her hair and stepped into her tent.

There waiting to tend her were her must trusted of all believers as well as her consort Shiva. Before she went to him, she stepped away from the opening and watched as her weapons were brought to her. She inspected each one. Her hands caressed them much like a lover does the skin of their partner. Each one appeared to be just as strong as they had been during the battle and so she took a moment to draw from them the energy she needed to make herself whole.

When she felt peace settle deep within her she knew the combined energies of all the gods had returned to her. She nodded her head, the weapons were removed, and those who were not welcomed took their leave.

Shiva stepped forward and brought Druga into his embrace. Her arms wrapped around him and they bodies for a moment blended together. When she pulled away, he stepped back and offered her his arm. One of her hands rested on the corded muscles, while the others hung loosely to her side. She walked toward the perfumed bath that waited for her. Three men stood waiting to help her into the massive tub, and their hands remained gentle against her trim form.

When she was settled, a woman joined her, moving to slide behind the goddess, using her body as a cushion for their mistress's back. Another woman slipped into the tub, and lifted Druga's legs onto her lap. She slowly began to massage the muscles of the warrior goddess, while the other woman kneaded Druga's shoulders.

The golden-haired beauty sighed with pleasure. She leaned back, her head lolling to one side. One of her arms rose up and she cupped the back of the first woman's head. Her fingers tangled in her curls, turning the servants head toward Druga's hungry lips. Their tongues turned and twisted, dancing together until Druga pulled away. She released her hold and with another arm, she reached down and began to stroke her pussy.

The servant woman, who cushioned Druga's back, moved her hands from her lady's shoulders to her breasts. There she began to massage and knead the round globes. Druga panted, and pushed her fingers in deeper. The beautiful creature who was tending to the goddesses legs, lifted one and began to suckle on Druga's toes. One by one the digits were caressed and loved with tender strokes and soft licks. Slivers of heat danced up and down Druga's spine. She smiled and sighed happily, then moved her hand from her sex and rested it along the edge of the top, along with her others.

Only a few minutes passed before her fingers were curling, beckoning the others forward. The two women in the tub watched, as did Druga as three men walked forward. Shiva remained behind, watching as his consort opened her hands and reached out for the three cocks. She stroked each one. The four pair of arms moved in sequence with each other. Each rod was pulled and twisted, caressed and fondled, until the heads were purple-hued and swollen. She laughed and opened her mouth, as did the two women.

Druga fed the women the cocks of the men she had aroused, while sucking hungrily on the one closest to her. Their shafts were taken in and each man pleasured, their cum flowed quickly from their balls, and the hot milk soaked their throats. Druga licked her lips, pushed away the flaccid tools, and moved so that she could openly fondle the two women. Her desire to be fucked grew, but her control remained steadfast.

The women moaned and hissed in her mouth and she drank their passion. When the first woman began begging and whimpering, Druga ordered her to stand. The trembling servant obeyed and Druga began to feast on the woman's pussy. Liquid silk flowed hotly from the faithful follower and Druga's desire grew more fretful. The other woman's cunt was in Druga's palm. Her fingers curled against the flesh, seeking the dark tight hole. While Druga's belly welcomed the first woman's cum, she urged the second one closer to a climatic release. When that woman squealed out in pleasure, Shiva came forth, lifted her from his mate's hands, hoisted her to his face and ate at her pussy.

The young woman wrapped her legs around the Supreme god and offered herself to him. Shiva watched Druga finish off the juices of the first woman and move to stand behind the one he held. The goddess spread the woman's ass cheeks and began to sup hungrily on the tight hole. Shiva went back to sucking on the servant's clit. He then groaned when one of Druga's hands began to stroke his cock. He pushed into her hand and feasted more vigorously on the lips and pink flesh that blanketed his face.

When Druga was ready, her tastebuds satisfied, she dropped to her knees and began to suck on Shiva's balls, while continuing to stroke his hard rod. She was given another cock, and she pumped it with another hand. The pussy she had drank from just moments before began to rub against one of her other hands. Soon another palm was full, as were the other two by the other male servants that had come earlier. The goddess was alive with passion, power, and lust. Yet, it was not enough.

Her body craved more, ached for it and inwardly it begged her to bring lust to life. With one hand on her consort, another rubbing against a cunt, and three more stroking three blood-filled shafts, Druga used the remaining three hands to grope her own tits, and fuck her pussy. She drilled deeply into her slick hole. Her nails scrapped the sides and scratched at the fleshy walls. Her body ground against her palm and her cum shot free, slathering her long and graceful arm with fluids.

At the same time the woman, who was being eaten by Shiva exploded. Her come fell like white rain on Druga's face, and she smiled, licked and swallowed it. The three men, came, covering her with cream and again she laughed. When Shiva dropped the woman, a man was there to catch her. The god of destruction grabbed his woman's hair, tilting her head back. He shot his load across her features, coating her golden hair and her grinning, laughing face.

Druga, washed in cum, ran her eight palms up and down her body, covering herself with the cream of her beloved and her people. The warm fluids lubricated her skin, healing the bruises as well as the cuts that the demon had dared to place upon her skin. When the ritual was over, she dismissed her people and Shiva came to her. Once more they mated, but this time their cum was shared only with each other.

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Sita fucked by ravana and whole lanka

Write one story on sita also. Make her getting fucked by whole lanka as a group sex. That would be very erotic.

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