tagSci-Fi & FantasyDalliance of the Earth Goddess Isis

Dalliance of the Earth Goddess Isis



The clouds rolled and knotted themselves, as lighting danced across the sky. Isis' followers rested on their knees, heads bowed and bodies swaying, while smoke enhanced by the various herbs and spices swirled around them. The first daughter of Geb, stood gracefully at the alter where her beloved's remains were grotesquely assembled. The gold miniature throne, that had been constructed to sit perfectly on top of the Goddesses head, caught the light of the setting sun, rising moon, and burning logs. Varying shades of yellow, gold, orange, red, and purple radiated from the headdress and flowed down onto the glistening body of the raven-haired Isis. None of the villagers dared look upon her ethereal beauty. They feared that if they did, their disobedience would be why the Goddesses magic failed, and they knew she would curse their wombs -- if not take their lives.

Isis lifted her arms into the air and swayed gently to a melody that only she could hear. She drew from the earth the necessary ingredients needed to bring Osiris, her husband and brother back to life. Their enemy, Set, had murdered him, and revenge on him would come later. This night was a night when all gathered across the world, to celebrate the world around them, and so it was when Isis was most powerful.

Another snap of lightning flashed across the sky. Its strength and brilliance brought a collective gasp from the worshiping group and then instant silence and stillness consumed the onlookers. At the alter, the mangled and decomposed body parts, that Isis had collected, began to vibrate. Human curiosity could not be contained, and the group lifted their gaze, leaned further in and felt the power of their Goddess sweep over them.

As Osiris' soul returned from the heaven's to find refuge in his mending form, she turned her potent ability onto those that had faith in her and her peers. A wave of unseen energy was pressed against every woman's womb, as well as the testicles and sex of every man. The sound of the wind picked up, and its kiss touched all the turned their faces toward it, including the Goddess and the God who now stood at her side.

Osiris reached down and took Isis hand. He lifted her fingers to his lips, as she turned to greet him with a smile that spoke of her love and devotion. Gone were the marks of the sword that had severed his head, arms, legs. He bore no marks that had brought his demise and once again a whole being stood before her. She reached out and touched his chest, marveling at the beat of his heart as it drummed along with hers. Their gazes held one another as the head Priest hurried to place a sheet of white silk over the alter, before kneeling at Isis' feet. He kept his head bowed. With palms raised he lifted his arms and felt the weight of the headdress as Isis placed it in his hands. He shuffled back, walking on his knees until he was several feet away, only then did he turn, rise to his feet and resume his place with the others.

The group watched as Isis' fingers trailed from her husband's chest, up to his neck, where again she felt for his pulse. Even she seemed amazed by the resurrection and yet, Osiris was there. He breathed just as she. Her nails grazed his lips and his tongue darted out to capture two of her fingers. She whimpered. Her knees buckled and the smile he gave her made her sex fill with honey.

As he suckled her fingers, her other hand began to explore his flesh. She felt, with familiarity, the corded muscles of his arms, back, and ribcage. She saw the hunger in his eyes as he reached out and took her fingers from his mouth, and pressed their wet pads to his crotch. Isis licked her lips. With a firm grip, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and slowly stroked his member. Osiris groaned. His eyes fluttered closed and he growled deep.

Isis continued to stroke her husband, while running her free hand across his nipples. She pinched each hard bead and leaned in to taste first the right and then the left. His hands moved to cup the back of her hand and to guide her down to his aching rod. Isis laughed softly, but did not fight, nor deny him what they both desperately craved.

The sound of the panting crowd added to the erotic nature of the Gods mating. Isis settled on the ground and took her love's cock into both hands. The crowd watched as she paid homage to his shaft, stroking it with a tender caress that all men would later pray their mates could match. Her gaze was focused on the head of his dick and when the first drop of pre cum appeared, they all waited with bated breath for her to capture it. When her tongue darted out, every woman shuddered with lust.

Osiris petted her head, stroked her curly locks, and licked his lips in anticipation. He was not disappointed. Isis opened her mouth and sucked on the tip of his dick. Another groan escaped his throat as she rolled her tongue across the flesh, teasing the dark center.

Isis cupped his balls, massaged them and drew her nails gently across the sensitive flesh. She licked her way down to the base of his cock and lapped at his testicles. His hips thrust forward and she giggled, before opening her mouth. Both spheres were soon enveloped in a warm wet cocoon. They were pushed and prodded with her tongue, caressed by the edges of her teeth, and slightly swallowed down her throat.

Again a collective noise erupted from the crowd. This one was louder, giving proof to the mating that was taking place between the men and women who worshiped the two celestial creatures. Their pleasure -- their scent -- their praises -- all of it fueled Isis and drove her to seek out her husband's cum. She released his balls, captured his cock and began to feed from it. Her muscles constricted around him. The ridged veins rubbed the flat of her tongue and stroked the roof of her mouth. She growled around his shaft, sending vibrations along its full length before rising up just enough so that she could lower her mouth and completely consume him.

Osiris shouted his joy at his beloved's actions. His hands gripped her head and he began to rock back and forth, finding the perfect tempo that pleased them both. Energy poured over him as Isis blessed his cock and their people began to fuck behind them. He watched, growing harder, thicker and longer. He heard his woman grunt and groan. Her nails bit at his ass, as she pulled him to her, while pushing herself even further down. Isis wanted all he could offer her and Osiris was more than able to feed her.

When his come shot free, not an ounce was wasted. Isis drank it all. It settled in her belly, warmed her insides, and coated her veins. The fluids flowed like wine along with the red blood that beat through her heart. It made her stronger, much like the screaming climaxes from the men who had showered their mates with their seminal fluids.

Isis was very much aware of what was going on behind her. She smiled, drew his cock from her throat and sucked on the head, urging more cream to the surface. Again she drank it, emptying his tool, until he was pulling at her hair. She rose to her feet. Their mouths finally came together. Osiris cleansed her, washing away his seed from every crevice of her teeth, and bud of her tongue. His seed coursed through him and much like it did her, it empowered his being.

When he was satisfied he abandoned her mouth. His hands gathered her breasts together. The heavy globes were full and the pink nipples arched upward. Isis gasped as his mouth captured both pearls. Osiris sucked hard on the pebbles. He bit them, licked them, and nuzzled his face between her cleavage. Isis' hands fell to his shoulders. She pulled him closer. The scent of her sex wafted up between them. They both sighed and stared into the other one's gaze.

Soft whispered words of "fuck", "yes", "harder", "deeper", and "faster" radiated from the villagers and their orgy. Osiris tasted his way down to Isis pussy and there he buried his face. Instinctively her hips drove forward. He grabbed her ass and began to shove his tongue into her hole, while his nose assaulted her clit. She felt his teeth on her lips. His hands on her cheeks. His nails in her flesh. Isis' head swirled with bright shades of red and her skin burned with a heat that was so intense she wanted only to embrace it for all time.

Osiris moved his tongue to her clit, shoved two fingers into her sex and began to pinch the fleshy walls. Her jaw slackened. Her lips shook. She tried to breathe, yet could not catch her breath. The women who were screeching from their climaxes made Isis' body quiver. She felt their passion, used it for her own, and when her lover pushed a thick finger into her ass, she erupted all over his glorious face.

The sound of splashing cum was muffled by the hungry lips and mouth of Osiris. Isis' knees buckled and pressed into his shoulders. His strength supported her and she was thankful for it. He pushed his fingers deeper, twisted them back and forth, pulled them out, pushed them in. Over and over Osiris penetrated his lady until another heady cup of cream poured from her.

When she was limp against him, he pulled himself from her pussy, rose up and lifted her to the alter, where he joined her. His eyes bore into hers as his cock head pressed against her waiting cunt. They said nothing, as she opened her legs and welcomed his thrust. He plunged his full length into her, claiming what was his. Her breasts bounced. Osiris captured one with his mouth and began to suckle and bite. Isis grabbed his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his hips and matched him thrust for thrust.

As Isis and Osiris came, their juices mingled and their cries of release were accompanied with a chorus of praise from their followers. No man, woman, God, or Goddess left the holy ground unsatisfied. Isis and Osiris returned to their home, just as their people returned to theirs. Nine months later, the villagers celebrated the arrival of many bawling babes, and Isis welcomed the birth of her and Osiris' son, Horus.

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