Lita arrived at her babysitting job on her usual Friday night. She never had a normal date, of course nothing in her life was ever very normal. She was being raised by her grandparent's, after her parent's were killed in an auto wreck when she was just three. Her grandparent's were strict, and because she was only 18, her dates had been a limited occasion, and usually only with someone they knew.

The three little boys she babysat were already put to bed and her job was to stay at the house, watch TV and just be there in case they should wake up. Mr. Smythe came in to give her telephone numbers of where they would be. He was so handsome with a perfect body. Un-known to anyone except he and herself, he'd been her first lover. It had happened once when he had taken her home, his wife drunk and passed out at home. He had offered her a lift and she'd accepted. He had been stone sober, and on the way, there was a detour because of an accident, and they'd gone the back way thru the country. He'd called Lita's grandparent's to let them know that Lita would be late coming home.

Lita had been slightly confused about why he had made the call, but said nothing. He had pulled over into a parking lot that looked out over the mountains and desert.

He commented how beautiful it was in this spot, and he rarely had the time to enjoy the beauty.

He and she sat quietly overlooking the desert. She felt his hand cup the back of her head and pull her gently towards him. She didn't resist, and he kissed her fully on her lips. It took Lita's breath away for a moment. He smiled wide when he saw what an effect his kiss had on her. Then he lowered his head once more and kissed her again, his tongue touching hers. It was her first French kiss ever and she was excited. She'd never imagined anything like this before in her life.

Then he slowly touched her belly under her t-shirt and continued up to reach her breasts. He found her nipples pretty hard already. He started massaging them gently, then a bit more urgently. He quickly took off her t-shirt, so he could see the soft big tits now. He lowered his mouth to them and licked them, circling with his tongue around her nipples. He gently bit her right nipple and used his right hand to explore her pussy. She'd never been so wet before in her life and when he slid his fingers into her pussy, she thought she'd die with pleasure. He slowly unzipped her jeans and took them off quickly. Her panties were soon following them. He quickly pulled down his pants as well and first time in her life she touched a penis. He was perfect. Big, smooth and so hard already. He gently spread her legs and put two fingers into her wet vagina. She was gasping for air. When he circled around her clit, she thought she would die with the delight she felt. She also felt a very pleasant warmth in her belly. It was like a dream. Then he licked her clit and put his long tongue into her pussy, circling all over the place. It was incredible. He moved over to her seat and lowered the back so he was lying directly on her.

He whispered, "is this your first time?"

Lita nodded and he pulled on a condom and he carefully positioned himself against her opening and then thrust forward, breaking her hymen. It all ended too quickly, and he finished and pulled his pants back up and settled back in his seat.

Smiling, he watched her get dressed, started the car and drove her to her house. Since then Lita dreamed of once again being with him, but as of yet, it hadn't happened. She was hoping to alert him to the fact that her grandparent's would be out of town this weekend and perhaps he could come by and visit, but as she got ready to say something, another man came in the room.

"Lita", Mr. Smythe said, "this is my friend Damien."

Damien reached forward with his hand and shook hers and then Mrs. Smythe came into the room, announced she was ready and they all left together.

Hours later they returned and Mr. Smythe said to her, "Damien will drive you home Lita, whenever you are ready."

Lita turned to Damien and said she was ready, and they walked out to his SUV and got in. As Damien started out, he spoke to her, telling her about that he was from Europe, and had known Stephen Schmidt for most of his life. He said Stephen had told him about she and he and what had happened between them. Damien said that he was quite intrigued and was curious about the fact that Lita being so, so pretty wasn't dating someone.

Lita told him that her grandparent's were very strict, and it was so nice that they had taken the weekend to travel somewhere, giving her a much needed break! When they arrived at her home, Lita invited Damien in for coffee, and he had accepted. She made the coffee and brought it into the living room where he was examining the photos on the walls. He sat on the sofa and pulled her to him when she was aiming to sit in a chair nearby. He kissed her in an urgent manner, apologizing as they came up for air, that she was so pretty and charming and he couldn't resist.

More petting and kissing followed, and he urged her to tell him where her bedroom was, and he picked her up and carried her there. Stripping off her clothes and then his, he lay her on the bed and lay next to her. Her hand went to his cock, which was already erect. It was enormous! At least 9" long and about 2" thick! He forced her head down to take it within her mouth. His breathing ragged and his hand forceful on her head. He made her suck him for what seemed like a very long time, and then pulled her off and laid her on her back, with her hands captured above her head with his hands. She looked into his face and she felt his cock against her entrance. His whole face seemed odd. His eyes seemed to be changing, from the once deep blue to a brownish-black color. His mouth, lips looked full and more savage than she thought to begin with. His chest seemed to enlarge or throb with an almost alien appearance.

"What? What is happening to you?", Lita asked.

Damien looked down at her and also positioned his cock head within her. She could feel an odd sort of vibration or power emancipating from it. Suddenly afraid, she struggled, only to have him jerk forward, thrusting his cock within her, impaling her. His cock was huge before, but now with it inside her, she felt as though she were splitting in two! She opened her mouth to scream, only to have his hand clamp over her mouth.

He said, "Enjoy this Lita, because this will be the most unusual experience you have! And you are right, I am not the same man as you first met. In fact, I am not of this world originally, and soon you will see exactly what I mean!"

His body twitched and shook as he thrust up inside her with a sense of urgency unknown to most. Her body screamed with the pain of the intrusion, having only taken one man before. Suddenly, though nothing had changed, his hands still held her mouth and hands, she felt a movement against her. It was between her pussy opening and her ass and it felt as though it were slithering. Looking into his face, which continually changed with time, his face looked almost leathery, but his eyes had a wild look to them. She again felt something slithering, and then felt something touch her pucker and then start to worm it's way into her pucker.

She struggled and tried to pull away, but his body clamped down and her struggles ceased even though she was still struggling. The thing began to invade her ass, and it felt as though it were sucking as it went. It grew larger and she felt as though it were within her bowels when it finally stopped pushing into her. Her pussy ached with his cock and his thrusts into her, and now whatever was in her ass too! He lowered his head and drew her nipples into his mouth, and began to suck them. And then the movements seemed to be a orchestrated movement, and her body at last began to relax and pleasure was slowly replacing the pain. The foreign object in her ass continually sucked her ass as it moved up and down. The feelings were intense and so, so unusual. Damien's body began to move faster and faster and his cock and the object began to swell and thrust faster and faster, until all at once he came within her, a hot, & gooey cream, even from the object in her ass seemed to spew cum from each of the orifices that had just once been sucking. His body shuddered and quivered and he collapsed on top of her as his mouth whispered of more to cum..............

The End

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