tagErotic HorrorDamien Skylar Ch. 03

Damien Skylar Ch. 03


*Author's notes-Again this is mine. Do not copy, characters and events are mine. This story get gory, if you don't like blood and guts, then I wouldn't read past part 8. I don't like murder, so don't do it ladies and gents. This contains 3 different POV's, it will tell when it changes. I hope you enjoy. There isn't much sex in this part. This is more for your blood & guts thrill. There is a bit of sex, just not a lot. I hope you enjoy. This also gives more details about Daemon's and Hunter's. I'd recommend reading Chapters 1 & 2 if you haven't already.*

'...' =thoughts

**...POV** = Point of View change.

Chapter 3

*Part 7*

"So this is how you deal with break up's Shell? Killing things?" I say mockingly as I pull my dagger out of the last of the Daemons we were tracking, brushing the blood off onto my jeans. The reason we kill Daemon's is because they consume human's souls. Innocent human souls, at least the bad Daemon's do. The good ones can survive by drinking the blood of other Daemon's which is how I get by. Once we kill a Daemon, the souls they've consumed get freed, so it's a win-win, bad guys die and you get to go to Heaven and party with your "God."

"Oh shut up Damien." I look at Shell and see her glaring at me. "You said you haven't seen her at all in over a month right?" She nods sullenly. "What exactly happened Shell? Maybe I can help." I see her eyes glaze over, and she puts a block around her mind so I can't see her thoughts. "I don't want to talk about it Damien." She turns her back on me. "C'mon, there was still clan down by the wharf you said we'd check out." I sigh and follow after her.


"She won't talk to you at all?"

I shake my head at Selene. "She absolutely refuses to, and I haven't been able to get ahold of Val either." I say sullenly as me and Selene lounge on the bed after a night of kinky fuckery. 'The things I've learned about this girl...Damn.'

I've introduced her to my apartment. Something I've never done. I swallowed my pride and let her after she pestered me about it. All I could think of was her place and how crappy mine is. She took it gracefully. In fact, she seems to like it here better than there.

I trace patterns on her bare spine, enjoying the satin like feel of her skin. "Damien?"

I look down at Selene, concerned by the tone of her voice. She smiles at me. "I love you Damien." I look at her shocked, and her smile fades slightly. All I can think of is the dream, I've had it multiple times since that night, its haunting me. 'She...she loves me? How can she...?'

"Damien?" I feel her hand stroke my face. I focus on her face and smile. She gets on top of me, straddling my waist. She leans down and kisses me passionately. My hands go to her waist, while I feel my erection starting to grow again. I roll on top of her. She giggles as I plant kisses down her chest and belly. I look up at her wide violet eyes. "I love you too Selene." I say surprising myself but knowing I mean the words. Her face lights up and she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down for a kiss.


*Part 8*

**Selene's POV**

I walk out of Damien's apartment building with a stupid smile plastered to my face. 'He loves me.' My mind keeps chanting it over and over. I just can't believe it.

'You think he loves you, he barely knows you...and your secrets.' I sigh at my subconscious, of course she's right, doesn't mean I like it. But I don't want to drag Damien into the dark world I inhabit. Being a Daemon hunter is dangerous, and I wouldn't want to see him hurt.

I come from a long line of Hunter's. The name Tuteur is a sign of that. It means "Guardian." There are two different types of Daemon Hunters, those who just join to help the cause, being human's who've learned about the existence of Daemons or Daemon's who hate their natures. Some Daemon's can retain their humanity when they're turned, other than being born one, and only originals can give birth, the other way is to exchange blood with a Daemon. Some who turn resent it and they kill their creators, we normally step in then. The next are Bloodline Hunter's. All Bloodline Hunter's have a name to symbolize such. We're also much more experienced, and have certain powers against Daemon's or to help other Hunter's. Me being a "Guardian" my affinity is for healing.

I smile to myself. 'I won't have to worry about telling him. I'll figure out a way he'll be safe.' I turn down an alley taking the short way home when I hear Damien calling for me. I turn smiling towards him and see his face full of panic for a split second before I get hit from behind.


**Damien's POV**

I had to go after Selene. I noticed as she left my place she forgot her keys. I caught up with her as she went and turned down an alley. I noticed him before she did. A Daemon stalking her from above. It was too late when I finally get her attention, it bashes her skull. I sense, somehow, she's still alive, and she's still semi-conscious. I feel anger boil inside me, and I start to change into my half and half form. I pull the dagger from its sheath hidden on my person. If you wonder why I use a dagger, its lightweight, it's good for hand to hand, and it's made of silver. Daemons are allergic and it kills them if it pierces their heart and they take a while to heal when cut.

I run at the Daemon about to slash his throat with my dagger, planning to inflict as much pain as I can on him when he's suddenly gone. I'm thrown off balance and fall forward. I roll over on my back and leap up, baring my fangs and keeping my dagger at the ready. A growl escapes from my throat.

"Good to see you again Damien." The mystery man laughs.

"James." I growl. "What the hell are you doing?" James is a Hunter like me, although sometimes unethical but doesn't normally cause too much trouble, which is why I generally leave him alone.

"I thought I'd stop to see an old friend." He says clapping his hands together. "And here you are, running right to me, like a lamb...to slaughter." "What are you talking about James?" I ask at his cryptic message.

"I've been asked to bring you to the Master, so here I am." He says while walking around to my right. "Master?" James smiles at me and shakes his head. "You'll find out who he is soon enough Damien, no hard feelings, but you need to come with me." He extends his hand to me. "Like hell I will."

I lunge for his hand and he's gone, I fall but roll back to my feet, keeping my weight center. I listen for him and get a split second warning before he attacks me, hitting my jaw, he grabs the front of my shirt, hanging me in the air. I see Selene and another Daemon holding her, his claws at her throat. 'How didn't I sense him?'

"That was easier than I thought." He says. He places his other palm flat against my chest. I feel the energy start to leave me. I turn back into my human guise unwillingly "What...the hell?" I ask gasping as I feel a heat radiating from his hand. "Like it? The Powers are being woken back up, and you would know that if you weren't a fucking pussy, trying to live as human, when you know you wanna release it, to feel yourself bathing in the blood of humans, consuming their souls. Being ruler of those little parasites. After all, Demkian. That's how you used to live. Remember your dreams?"

' Demkian? Whose...And does he know about my dreams?' He smiles at me, then seems to recede in himself slightly. "I must not speak of this, the Master must, to unlock..."

He looks up at me smiling. "You'll know, all in good time."

All too soon, my world goes dark.

*Part 9*

**Shelley's POV**

I hurry to Damien's apartment. I've had a weird feeling about him all day and it suddenly spiked around noon. I'm intuitive, you can call it being psychic. I'm not all seeing, but I get general feelings about things and right now I have a bad feeling concerning Damien...and Selene. I shudder even thinking her name. Damien asked me to keep an eye on her with my gift whenever he wasn't with her, but even before he did I was watching for her. I feel guilty as hell, but I'm just so attracted to her.

Its night now. Calm and still. It adds to my unease as I come upon the building Damien lives in. I repeatedly call him getting no answer. Its unearthly quiet as I run up the stairs of his apartment and find his door unlocked. I cautiously enter grabbing my crossbow slung across my back, and load it with a silver arrow. "Damien?" I call but get no answer. I walk through the door and it slams behind me. I spin around, aiming my bow and the intruder's heart and receive a shock.

It's Val.

I drop my guard, the crossbow clatters to the ground. "Va-Val, what are you doing here?" I stammer. "I've been waiting for you here ever since Master took Demkian, I thought you'd try to look for him here." She smiles at me maliciously and I notice fangs. My mind goes blank as I register her aura. 'She's...'

Val walks towards me and I can't move. "Surprised?" I stare at her. "What, what have you done Val?"

"I was so hurt when you called out that's slut's name when I was eating you, I wanted to teach you a lesson. Master heard my pleas and took pity on me. He turned me and explained everything to me. That Damien is a traitorous filthy half breed, and that you hunt our kind with him." I shake my head in denial. 'No, no it can't be possible.' I feel a tingling sensation around my wrists and ankles and I'm suddenly spread eagled in mid-air. "Now, I'm goin to hunt you. He's giving me my revenge, while also getting rid of a nuisance for him. I'm going to show you how well I can eat you out now baby."

She walks over to me and grabs my jaw, her claws digging into my face causing me to bleed. She crushes her mouth against mine, biting my lip, her fangs going through my flesh. I cry out in pain, I feel the blood running into my mouth and down, soaking into my shirt. "Are you going to take my soul?" I slur at her. She smiles at me. "Not until your about to die, and I plan to cause as much pain as possible first."

She drags her left hand down my blouse ripping it off me in tatters. My bra goes with it. "I always did like your boobs. So firm but so soft." She places her mouth against my right nipple grabbing it between her teeth and lightly nipping. I can't suppress my moan of pleasure as she sucks it into her mouth and runs her tongue in slow torturous circles. I arch my back, getting more of my breast into her mouth. She pulls back and smiles. "Thinking about Selene." I stare at her. "N-no."

"Liar! You're nothing but a fucking slut!" She screams and slashes at my breasts. I scream and I look down at my chest horrified. My right breast is mangled, my left is still intact but splattered with blood. My bleeding is slow and I look at her and see her smiling. "The things Daemon saliva can do. Did you know it can act like a coagulant? It would take forever for you to bleed out, but you still feel all the pain, and you'll be very weak." She runs her tongue around my mangled breast, lapping up the blood. She pulls away slightly, letting me see her face, its covered in my blood.

A hysterical scream bursts through. She just laughs at me. "Scream all you want baby, no one will hear you." She starts to lick around my left nipple. I struggle to get away but fail. Her hand shoots up and grabs my right boob and rakes her nails down it, ruining it more, making me scream louder. I feel her teeth sink into my left. I feel her jerk her head side to side. Her hand digging into my right even more, I feel her claws touching my ribs. Then with a hard wrench she pulls her head back with half of my breast in her mouth.

My screams become hoarse as she spits it onto the ground licking the blood from her lips. "Oh baby, you've always tasted good, but damn, now you taste fucking fantastic. I think I'm getting addicted. " I groan as she pulls my pants off me. "No panties like always I see." She gets on her knees in front of me and brings her bloody mouth to my pussy. I have no strength to fight anymore, but I try to call for help.

Her tongue draws circles around my clit, then dips into my pussy. Her tongue goes in farther then in ever did before, touching my cervix. I dont know how, but somehow im getting so turned on. even through the torture I was getting wet.

She goes back to suckling my clit. I moan and start to thrust against her face. She digs her claws into my pussy lips, somehow enticing me even more. She starts to get rough with my clit.

All of a sudden she bites down on my clit, one of her fangs piercing it. I scream in pain, as loud as I can muster. "Oh baby, I thought you always liked that. And when I used to do this." She jams her clawed finger into my cunt. I feel it slicing away at everything it comes in contact with, I feel more fingers enter me, cutting me to ribbons as she does. She's so far in, she starts to tug on my womb with her nails.

I feel blood running down my legs, creating a pool onto the floor. She yanks her hand out of me as she rips out my womb. "Never had much use for this did you?" she taunts me. She brings her mouth back to my pussy, drinking in my blood.

"Please...stop, Valerie. Please." I know it won't help, but I can't help it. "I love you." She shoots to her feet and glares at me, her eyes blazing. "Love me? You don't fucking love me? You're nothing but a damn whore. And you're going to die like a dog!" She rips her claws across my belly. I see my intestines and blood spilling out from the large gash, but I have this out of body feeling. I know it's me, but it seems like it's happening to someone else. I feel her dragging her nails and biting at every inch of my body now, I know nothing but pain. I hear a loud snap and a ripping sound and I can no longer feel my right arm. The same thing happens below me to both my legs.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I keep repeating it as she rips me apart. "SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She shouts maniacally. I continue apologizing over and over. Not hearing what she says, it's no longer Valerie, just a demon in her place. I'm mourning for Val. 'This is my fault, I did this to her. '

Her fangs start to tear at my throat, I feel my lungs slowly filling with blood, my "sorry's" getting incoherent and gurgling off but I still mouth them. She looks at me, she's completely lost her mind. She looks wild. I notice a strange ring of red around her flaming blue Daemon eyes. 'What is that?' A disjointed, coherent part if my mind wonders, although I ignore it and I keep mouthing sorry.

She notices my mouthed apologies and takes her nails and runs them on either side of my face splitting my cheeks. My jaw flops down useless as she cuts the tendons. I see her need to finish this growing. I won't be alive much longer. I'm in pieces now. Gutted and my limbs are strewn throughout the living room, my blood splatters the walls and floor. Val is covered in it.

She comes close to me, her eyes blazing blue, the red ring getting thicker, and I feel my consciousness start to leave me. I start to merge with her. 'My soul, she's taking my soul.' I've no strength to fight, and everything turns black.


I wake up after what seems like hours my mind sluggish. I feel my arms moving, and feels like I'm holding something. I feel strong again, stronger then I've ever felt. I try to open my eyes and realize they're already open. I focus on what in looking at and receive a shock. It's me, my face, emaciated and covered in blood. The I remember Val, I'm inside Val. How can I still be aware, I sense no other souls within her that are conscious. I look back through her eyes. She's holding my head, sobbing uncontrollably. I hear her apologies. I feel sadness. 'Val.'

She stops suddenly. "Shell?" I feel my/Val's mouth move. 'Did she hear me?' I feel excitement. "I-I hear you. Shell. I can hear you."

**Feedback is appreciated, I hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 4 will come out soon. And I promise, it will contain more sex than this one did.*

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