tagInterracial LoveDamion's Release

Damion's Release


Special thanks to 11_Carlton for his wonderful editing advice. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Sweat beaded on his muscular black body as he restlessly shifted in his bed. Oh shit, he thought, what have I gotten myself into? Just last week he had a normal if somewhat predictable life. Now, some woman he really didn’t care to have around was sharing his apartment. Well, he considered, I guess that’s what I get for being such a fucking nice guy, a little white woman in my spare bedroom. Lucky me! With a long sigh, Damion got out of bed, his naked body cooling in the night air. Maybe his old friend Jack Daniels would help him relax.

As Damion headed down the hall, he let his mind wonder back to the previous week…

As an undercover cop, for the last six months Damion had been hot on the trail of a major car theft ring. After months of paper trails and long boring stake outs, the part of the job Damion loved came into play: The bust. Damion had a thirst for getting the bad guys, watching them try and flee, knowing their asses were going down.

Only this time, Damion was in for the surprise. While checking the suspect building, he found a trap door. My, my, my, what do we have here? Damion thought. The Door led to a dank basement with a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling. The swaying light gave the room a surreal feeling. Thinking back to it gave Damion a chill down his spine.

Along the far wall, chained by both wrists, was a woman. She was small, barley 5’ 2.” She was thin and pale, most likely the whitest woman Damon had ever seen. Her tattered dress was soiled and ripped low, exposing on small white breast with a pale pink nipple that was almost as large as a dime, making a most interesting contrast. Her head hung down, giving Damion a view of pale gold hair, almost silver. It had been cropped short showing her elfin like ears.

Damn, I need a vacation, I’m starting to hallucinate here, Damion thought, as he approached the woman. With one large black hand he reached out and touched her chin, tilted her head back, and checked her vital signs. He figured that she was physically alright. Large round light grey eyes stared back at him out of a tiny round face with a button nose and soft pink lips. A single tear drop clung to her eyelash.

She couldn’t have been more than 21. She had an angelic look on her dirt streaked face. They stared at each other for what seemed a lifetime. “Don’t hurt me,” she pleaded, her low voice trembling.

Back in his bed recapping events, Damion sighed as the whiskey burned its way down his throat. Mister gotta be a nice guy, fuckin’ great, he whispered to himself. Now the girl, Fay was her name, was in his home, a witness under his personal protection, and he was at a loss as to what to do with her.

Chapter 2

When Damion woke the next morning Fay was already up, making him pancakes. She jumped, almost dropping the plate when Damion entered the room. “Oh, sorry,” she said, “I made you breakfast, I hope you don’t mind.” Fay hung her head and nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot. She still had on the T-shirt he had given her last night after her ruined clothes had been taken away for forensic evidence. The T-shirt reached just above her knees, which gave her a waif like appearance.

“Hmmmm,” Damion grunted his approval at this look, sat down and started digging in to the food. Fay stood and watched him eat, his hearty appetite giving her a feeling of usefulness.

Damion was not a conventionally handsome man by any means. He was tall, bald with silver hoop earrings, and his thick neck and large shoulders gave him a bull like appearance. He wore only a pair of faded jeans and a tight vest that showed off his washboard stomach and large biceps. With his high cheekbones, flared nostrils and eyes that appeared to be as black as the night sky, he had a savage, almost brutal look. Totally masculine, he was man who oozed a primal sexuality that came across in everything from his walk to his stare. He was a man that made women melt.

Suddenly, he felt Fay staring intently at him. Damion froze. Slowly, he raised his eyes to meet hers. She looked awestruck, her face giving out a mass of conflicting messages: fear, admiration and lust among them. Fay herself felt like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as she stood rooted to the spot, with a slow blush crawling up her face. She suddenly bolted into the haven of her temporary bedroom.

Oh God, Fay thought, what on earth had possessed her to stare at this man, practically drooling on him. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. After all, he was a black man; not the kind of man you would want to take your virginity.… would you? She knew she would have to tread lightly; Damion was not a man to play games with.

When Fay finally ventured from her room, Damion had left. All day long thoughts of Damion would intrude on her: Damion leaning over getting a beer from the fridge….Damion holstering his gun…..Damion stretching his long body like a sleek panther.

Damn, she was acting like some bitch in heat. A warm sensation pooled between her legs with every thought of Damion. Fay squeezed her legs together, trying to will her feelings away. The day stretched long as she both dreaded and longed for his return.

Around midnight, and one cold supper later, Fay fell asleep listening for Damion to return.

Chapter 3

Damion stayed away until he was sure that Fay would be asleep. He decided to find a nice white boy cop to take Fay off his hands. They had talked a little, and he knew she had been abused and kept prisoner. He knew her abuse wasn’t sexual, and had a sneaking hunch Fay was still a virgin. But damned if he was gonna ask her. The problem was that in the back of his mind he really wanted to find out the hard way. Fuck man, Damion thought, I do not need this complication in my life.

Dog tired, he stripped naked and crawled into his bed and was asleep within seconds.

Damion was harshly woken by the sound of Fay screaming. What the fuck? He was up and running instantly, reacting to a noise like a wailing banshee ripping through the apartment. Damion could feel the pain in her cries.

When he got to her, Fay was thrashing around wildly in her bed. She was crying and trying to escape the tormentor in her mind. Damion pulled her close, holding her tight. “Hush baby girl, you’re alright Fay, ain’t nobody gonna hurt ya, Damion’s here,” he crooned softly in her ear. As Fay calmed down, Damion became aware of the state of her undress, of the T-shirt riding up her thighs, and her tight little bare ass on his naked lap.

Fay came too with a feeling of incredible security, and warmth. Damion’s big arms encircled her, holding her on his lap. The warm feeling between her thighs was back. Suddenly Fay knew Damion was the one to truly make her a woman.

Damion‘s lips brushed Fay’s forehead as she turned her tear streaked face to his. Her soft lips slightly parted, and she darted her tongue out to wet her lips. Fay squirmed, working her ass deeper into Damion’s lap.

“Girl, if you don’t sit still…” Damion growled.

“Please Damion,” she pleaded. This was all it took for Damion to realize he was losing control. With another low growl he lowered his head, taking Fays lips in his, slowly exploring her mouth with his tongue. His hands caressed her hips and across her thighs. Damion rubbed across her flat belly and up the arch of her back, exploring her body with his hands as his tongue worked in her mouth.

“Wait just a sec, I want to see you,“ Damion said. He walked to the far side of the room and flipped on the light switch. Fay gasped. Damion’s cock was about 9 inches long, and very thick. The large chocolate weapon stood at full attention; the veins seemed to pulse with life before Fay’s very eyes. The head glistened with pre-cum, which seemed to draw added attention to the silver piercing in his cock’s large bulging head. His balls were shaved as clean as the head on his shoulders.

Damion moved to a recliner in the corner of the room, and sat down. “Come to me Fay,” he rumbled low in his throat. Fay stood unsure and nervous, a plethora of emotions playing across her face. Damion waited patiently as she read the naked desire in his eyes.

Slowly, Fay lifted the oversized T-shirt over her head; letting it hit the floor. There stood Fay in all her glory, her tiny breasts with their pointed pink nipples standing erect. A spray of light freckles covered her chest. Her frame was small, yet willowy. There was soft, silver down lightly covering her wet pussy. A large pink clit poked out of her lips, looking like a tiny cock ripe for the plucking.

Fay made her way towards Damion, more of a glide than a walk, with a sensual sway of her hips. She stopped between his legs. Damion reached up, running his hand through her thick hair falling down around down along her jaw. Fay’s lips parted and her eyes closed as her head lolled back. Damion fed her two of his fingers. With a tiny moan Fay licked and sucked wantonly on his large black fingers.

Withdrawing his fingers from Fay’s wet mouth, he trailed them down her chin then her throat, until coming in contact with her erect nipples. Fay’s eyes few open with Damion’s touch to her young breasts. The cool air and his hot damp touch caused a reaction Fay had never felt before. Damion pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“Do you like that Fay?” Damion asked, lust written large in his voice. Fay whimpered in response. “Do you want me to suck your little tits Fay?” “Tell me what you want?”

“Umm, yes, please suck my tits….Damion, please.”

“Such a polite little girl,” replied Damion, as he feasted on her pert nipples. Damion licked and sucked Fay breasts, feeding on her, savoring the texture and taste of her firm young glistening flesh. “Put your foot on the arm of the chair!” ordered Damion. Fay lifted her foot to the arm of the chair and leaned forward. Damion placed one large black hand on the inside of Fay’s creamy white thigh and lifted. When Fay rose into the air, Damion grabbed her other thigh with his other hand. Fay squealed as Damion raised her body and spread her legs.

She fell to the wall for balance. As Damion held her in the air above his head, he brought her pussy within inches of his face. Damion inhaled her musky scent. For one moment he just blew his warm breath onto her drenched pussy. Fay gasped as warmth seemed to run down her stomach to her twitching pussy.

Damion put the tip of his tongue against Fay’s asshole. She sighed at the liquid warm feeling. Slowly, Damion ran his tongue up around her hungry pussy, parting her lips with his tongue; tasting her oh so sweet pussy juices. With one fluid motion he reached her clit. He gently took it between his teeth and nibbled.

“Ohhh yes, feels so good,” Fay panted. Damion sucked and chewed Fay’s clit. She squirmed as much as she could in such a tenuous position. He moved his tongue to part Fay’s swollen pussy lips and fucked her with his mouth. In and out he stabbed. Fay was moaning and panting.

“Argghhh, God, I‘m cumming,” Fay cried. Damion moved back to Fay’s clit and sucked hard through her powerful orgasm. Fay shuddered and twitched, slumping against the wall.

Not waiting for Fay to recover, Damion held her waist and lifted her in his powerful hands, before lowering her, and impaling her on his massive cock in one smooth motion. Fay screamed as his massive cock pushed and tore through her virgin barrier. She had the sensation of being ripped in two.

Damn, Damion thought, she is so tight. The entry, though well lubed with her juices was also painful for Damion. Never before had he been in such a tight pussy. Such sweet pain! Damion stopped, holding Fay is his tight embrace.

“Shhh, it’s ok baby,” he said, “just wait.” After a moment or two the pain abated, and pleasure once again started to fill Fay. She sighed and timidly moved. Her feelings intensified.

This was what Damion had been waiting for. Slowly, he lifted Fay up until only the massive head of his cock remained in her pussy. Then he lowered her back down onto his impressive length. Fay felt as if she had been refilled to overflowing. Gradually, Damion increased his tempo.

“Fuck me.…God yes.… Fuck me with that big black cock,” Fay panted. Damion’s biceps flexed as he lifted Fay; fucking himself with her, again and again. Tidal wave after tidal wave of pleasure washed over Fay until she was screaming with orgasm.

Damion continued to pump Fay on his large cock as she came twice more. Suddenly Damion withdrew from her pussy and lowered Fay to the floor between his knees.

“I’m gonna cum, suck my cock,” he ordered. Fay wrapped her mouth around the large pierced head and sucked. She could only take four inches in her mouth. Swirling her tongue, she paid homage to the wonderful black phallus. Simultaneously, both her tiny hands jacked the rest of his massive cock.

Damion’s cock seemed to grow even bigger at Fay ministering. He fucked Fays face.

“I’m cummin, suck my cock with your little white mouth, aarggghh.” Damion blew a wad into Fay’s mouth. Fay withdrew as Damion’s cum splashed over her face, and dripped down her chin.

Damion slowly pulled Fay to him, and gently kissed her, tasting a combination of pussy juice, blood, and both their cum on Fay s tongue.

Fuck the idea about moving her onto a white boy, Damion thought. Fay ain’t goin’ anywhere!

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