"Dammit," I whispered to myself. My boss had just handed me a folder that was full of report papers that were supposed to be finished by Monday. It was Friday, and it usually took half a day to file a report.

Jonathan from across the hall laughed. "You just get your weekly 'homework'?" He asked. I simply nodded. "Yea, that always sucks," He said. "I got mine on Wednesday, they're due today."

I shook my head. "That's not what I'm stressed about. I have to go watch my sister. Her eighteenth birthday was a few days ago, and our parents are going on vacation. So they asked me to stay with her for the weekend."

"What's so bad about that?" Jon asked.

I sighed. "My sister is great, but she seems to act like a little girl sometimes. It's cute, but there are times where I don't have time to deal with it." I said. "Like this shit." I pointed to the folder of papers.

"Ah, well good luck with that," Jon replied. "I have to check over my reports before the boss kills me."

We both closed our doors and went about our business. With the door giving me privacy and freedom from the tyranny of the hierarchy of a workplace, I turned on my computer and opened up the internet; then I went to the good old Facebook.

As usual, at least a million things were in my notifications box, half of them were definitely from sis. Sure enough, I opened my inbox, and there was a pile of mail from my sister.

One read. Hey, bubby, I can't wait for this weekend. I'm sure that we're going to have a blast.

"I'm not," I said pessimistically.

The alarm clock on my desk rang, telling me that I could finally leave. I grabbed my coat and suitcase, making sure that I hadn't forgotten anything. Walking out, I remembered to clock out and hurried to my car, one of the only things that I truly cherished apart from my family.

A 1978 black Camaro with a fuel injected Roush racing engine. As soon as I touched the door handle, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The padded leather seats increased the hype of the moment.

I buzz from my phone woke me up from my trans. A call from sis was coming in. "Hey, sis." I said. "What's up?"

"Nothing," sis said. "You on your way here?" This surprised me. Usually, she didn't take the time to track someone like a stalker, and then I remembered that it ran in the family. Her father was a man that I had never met. He'd stalked and raped my mother, and she happened to get pregnant. So technically, Sarah was only my half-sister, but I never brought it up in conversation.

"Yep," I replied, "Just left the office. Do you want me to pick something up for dinner?"

"That sounds good," She said in a gitty voice. "Can you get something from Pizza Hut?" She loved pizza, and I already knew what she wanted.

I nodded, not realizing that it meant absolutely nothing on a phone call. "Alright, I'll be there when I get there.

------------ -

About an hour later, I pulled up in my parents' driveway. My sister was nowhere to be seen in the window, so I assumed that she was watching television. I turned off the car and got out. As soon as the thump of the door sounded, Sarah was out the door.

"Bubby!" She yelled with glee. I hugged her to keep myself from falling over when she plowed into me. "Wow," she said, admiring the Camaro. "Your car is sexy."

I coughed a bit; I could say the same thing about her. She was wearing a pair of those super short exercise shorts and a skin tight tank-top that had one of those sports bras that shows off a girl's boobs built in.

"Did you just wake up?" I asked, assuming that she was wearing her pajamas.

She simply giggled. "No, silly, this is what I always wear when Mom and Dad are gone. Sometimes I don't even where this." She pulled on the tank-top to point it out.

"Alright," I said, attempting to keep my cool. I know that it's weird and "against the morals of society" but I was trying to restrain myself from getting a hard-on from the thought of my sister being topless.

I led myself into the house and sat my things by the couch. The massive HD television still hung from the wall. "I love that thing," I said, remembering the days of playing the Xbox 360 on that magical device.

Sarah walked in and poked my arm. "I have something that we can watch tonight. I think you'll like it."

"Oh really," I said, "What is it?" I was actually curious. Usually, she only watched things that didn't even attract my interest.

She shook her head with a smile. "I'm not telling. I just know that you're gonna like it. Now if you'd excuse me, I need a shower." She bounded off, her firm ass slightly bouncing with each step.

"Dammit, stop it," I silently cursed myself. Before, I could control myself, but now I had to sit down. The quick blood flow to my crotch was making me dizzy.

When the sound of the shower started, I remembered something. When I was younger and curious, I had cut a hole in Mom's bedroom wall that gave a perfect viewpoint into the shower. I stood up and snuck to my parent's room. Sure enough, the little hole was still there. A small amount of steam was slipping out.

I looked through the hole and I almost exploded in my pants. Sarah was facing me, her perky tits were sopping wet and bouncing around as she danced in the shower. Her music was obviously the cause of her dancing, but she was doing something else at the same time. Her hands were exploring her body. One hand began to massage a breast, and the other began its descent to her pussy, which had just a little patch of brunette hair above it.

A finger dove between her lips and she cried out. "FUCK!" She yelled. "Ohhhhhh!!! Fuck me! Fuck me, bubby!"

My mind was instantly blown. My hot, barely legal sister was begging me to fuck her, and oh, how I wanted to oblige. But pulling out my cock and yanking it had to suffice for the time being.

She lied down in the shower, giving me a perfect view into her vagina when she spread her lips. "Ohhhhh," She moaned, "I want your cock so bad! Just to feel it inside and then... and then feel your load spray inside and coat my pussy! That would feel so good! Oh! Oh! I'm gonna... OH!!" Her entire body seized, and I assumed that she was having an orgasm.

At the same time, I felt that telltale tingle in my balls that signaled an incoming load. I stifled my moan as I came harder than I had for ten years, since I used to spy on my mom when I was fifteen.

Cum sprayed the wall and dripped onto the floor. I would make sure to clean it up later. I zipped up my pants and left the room, making sure to close the door. At the same time, Sarah walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Her nipples were still hard; they were poking into the very-tightly wrapped towel and clear for me to see.

"Hey, bubby... what were you doing in mom and dad's room?" She asked, still lightly panting from her little self-fuck fest in the bathroom.

"Oh...I was... I was making sure that the blankets are clean; I don't want to have to sleep on the couch." I laughed, masking my heavy breathing. "I'll go get the pizza ready, and you can go get dressed."

I walked by and went downstairs. The pizza was still warm, so I just put it on the kitchen counter and cut it so we both had four pieces. Then I went and sat on the couch, waiting for Sarah to come downstairs.

When she did, I was tempted to just tear her clothes off. She had on a sports bra and tiny pajama shorts. "Sorry," She said, "Mom forgot to do the laundry before she and dad left." She walked into the kitchen, allowing me to sigh and position my pants to hide my hard-on.

She came back into the room with the box of pizza and a DVD case. "You ready to see an awesome movie?"

"Sure," I said, wondering what it was.

She whispered, but I could just make out what she said. "If you aren't hard now, you will be in a few minutes."

I didn't ask what she was talking about; I just stayed on the couch and waited for the movie to start. The DVD must have been burned; it started as soon as it loaded. It looked like some crappy independent film, but I went along with it.

Sarah curled up against me on the couch like she always did, but now; our proximity was quite a turn-on. Neither of us was even paying attention to our food. I was silent, waiting for the movie to get interesting, and Sarah was calm, but slightly panting.

I put my arm around her, and she cuddled up closer to me. I could feel her nipples press into my side, and I noticed that my knee was pressing into her crotch, and she was slightly grinding against it. Her wetness was actually beginning to soak into the knee of my khakis.

The movie got interesting, but not in the way that I expected. The girl in the story pops open her shirt, exposing her braless tits, and the guy popped out his cock and shoved into her mouth.

"A porno?" I asked. "How'd you get this?"

"My friend Stacy stole it from her boyfriend," She said. "I wanted you to enjoy your stay here."

"Very interesting way to make me enjoy myself," I said.

"Oh, that's not how I want you to enjoy yourself; I just needed a way to speed things up." She said. Her hand rested right on top of my rock-hard cock. "I know that you were spying on me when I was showering," She whispered in my ear using the sexiest voice that I had ever heard a female use. "It made me so hot, and now I want to make you feel the same way."

Her hands went to quick work, unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out. "Oh!" Sarah squealed. "It's bigger than I had imagined. I hope that I can fit this whole thing in my mouth." She dove onto my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"FUCK!" I yelled. My hands instinctively pressed on the back of her head, making my cock go deeper into her mouth. I was surprised that she could fit so much in her mouth, and soon, the head was touching the back of her mouth, and she was making it go down her throat.

"Shit! Sis... I'm gonna... I'm gonna blow!" I said. Despite the warning, she kept going, so I forced her all the way down on my cock and shot my load down her throat. I almost felt bad. After the first wave, which was enough, more and more came out, so much to the point that it was coming out of her nose and dripping from her lips.

After I simmered down, she took her mouth off and cleaned her mouth and cheeks off, making sure not to let a single drop escape. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that to you," She sighed. "And just so you know, I went and lapped up your mess in mom and dad's room. It was delicious. But it's even tastier fresh."

I had just enjoyed myself, but I felt guilty. I felt guilty that I had just coated my sister's throat and mouth with cum. I started to speak, but she shoved her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all too pleasurable, but something about it turned me on to the point that I lost control.

I didn't take her bra off, I tore it off. She moaned as the cloth tore against her skin. I forced her to lie down on the couch and licked and sucked on her nipples like I was a kid with a new, delicious lollipop.

Sarah moaned. "I love it rough! Keep going!" I was all too happy to oblige her. I brought up my waist and newly hardened cock.

"I hope that you're ready to have your tits fucked," I said. My cock rested in between her breasts. She was clueless, so I pushed them together around my meat. There was still salivated lube from the blowjob, so I began to pound away. Her tits were very soft, which was more of a turn-on.

"Fuck them! Fuck them!" Sarah yelled. "Fuck my little virgin titties!" This made me want to pound harder, so I did. I could feel another load building up, so I took my cock away and began to wank it.

I put it in her face and she opened her mouth. I shoved my cock in and exploded down her throat a second time. But I didn't release it all in her mouth. I pulled it out and coated her tits.

I sighed and panted as my second eruption subsided. But Sarah had different plans. She pushed me back to the point that we were waist to waist and began grinding her sopping, panty-clad pussy against my semi-hard meat.

"Fuck me," She commanded her eyes stern and honest. "I want you to fuck me and cum inside, then I want you to turn me over and take my ass and explode inside again. I don't want you to leave here and me be a virgin in any way."

This made me hard again, and I positioned my cock at her entrance. "This will hurt a bit; do you want me to go slow at first?"

"No," she said. "I want you to ram it in to the hilt and pound me as hard as you can. I want you to touch me as deep as you can."

I nodded and tore off her panties, then put the head at her entrance and began to push in, but then my conscience just had to kick in. What the fuck are you doing? I thought, She is your sister you sick fuck!

I shook my head and climbed off of her and ran up to my parents room and closed and locked the door. I sat in my parents' bed and cursed myself. "You're going to Hell," I said to myself, "and I hope you burn for longer than eternity."

Eventually I fell asleep, but my sleep seemed to only last an hour. I woke up to the sound of the doorknob rattling. The lock pinged and the door opened. Sarah was dressed in a T-shirt and long pajama pants. She walked to the bed and lied down next to me, but she didn't touch me.

"You know, you shouldn't sleep alone," She said, "It can make you lonely."

"Why the fuck did I do that?" I asked, trying not to make it sound directed at her.

She sighed. "I'm sorry, bubby. I was really horny, and I wanted to have some fun. But I took advantage of you to do it. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, sis," I said, "It was pretty fun."

She raised an eyebrow. "Then why do you feel bad. If you enjoyed it, you should have kept going."

"It's just that... I've thought for so long that things like that are wrong, and I felt guilty for it." I went on to continue speaking, but she put a finger over my lips.

"Shhh. Just relax." She said. "If you don't want to do it, that's fine. If you do, we can go slower."

"I do want to, but I'm just afraid that I'll feel guilty again," I said, beginning to get hard again. Sarah didn't miss her cue, she climbed on top of my lap and sat, the only things separating our parts was a bit of cloth.

"You feel me, don't you?" She asked. I nodded. "And I feel you. We both want this, so we're going to do it, but I'm going to make sure that you don't have to do anything so you can just sit back and enjoy it.

She leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. My tongue invaded first. Her mouth tasted like cherries, which happened to be my favorite fruit. She leaned back and pulled off her pajama pants; she had no panties on underneath.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my meat out. She sat with my cock going up with her bit of pubic hair; the head actually reached up passed her belly-button. "Do you want me to blow you first?"

I nodded, and again, she went quickly to work. But she wasn't as aggressive this time. She slowly bobbed her head up and down and would swirl her tongue around the head. One hand pumped my shaft and the other caressed by balls.

"That feels so good," I sighed. She sped up a bit and would occasionally go all the way down on my cock. The muscles in her throat writhed around to accommodate the size and increased the pleasure.

I moaned. "I'm about you cum!" She sped up even more and went as deep as she could when I moaned when my load began to come out. I filled her throat again, but she managed to get it all down. She slowly let my limp meat fall out of her mouth.

"I wish that they sold this in stores, but I can always just come to you and get some." She teased. "Are you ready to take me?"

"Are you sure that you want to," I asked, "There's no going back afterward."

She nodded as she began to position herself above me. Her pussy lips spread a bit when they came into contact with the head, and she moaned as she pushed herself down. To help, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down.

She moaned in pain and pleasure as my cock completely filled her. With her hymen torn, she was no longer a virgin. "Let's go," she said. Her legs pushed her up, and then I pulled her back down. She moaned again.

"Oh my god," She moaned. "This feels so good!" She leaned back, letting me go in all the way. I began to buck my hips, fucking her harder. Her pussy was almost too tight, but it slowly opened up more to accommodate my size.

Sarah shoved herself down on top of me and I felt her inner walls clamp down on my member. She moaned loudly in orgasm. "OH MY GOD!" She went silent with a sigh and lie down on my chest.

"I'll let you finish in a few minutes," She said, panting heavily. "I just need a bit to calm down. That felt so good."

I laughed. "Take your time, sis. I don't think my buddy is gonna calm down while I'm still inside you." Sis giggled and sighed contently.

After a few minutes, she sat back up, moving my cock around inside of her. She moaned as she moved back up slowly and then slammed her pelvis back down. I groaned as her vaginal walls rubbed against my cock.

After our previous fuck, I was already close, but I wanted to hold for as long as I could. I put my hands on her hips and held them in place so I could thrust into her. She held her hips in place and I began to ram into her.

She moaned as I increased speed and began to buck her hips with my movements. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and wondered if I could cum inside of her. "Sis... I'm gonna cum. Are you..?"

Sis put her hands on my chest and continued bucking her hips. "Yes... I'm on the pill... Cum... Cum inside. I told you I wanted it in my pussy!" I thrusted faster and harder as I felt my climax approaching.

With one last push, I penetrated into her womb and groaned, spraying my thick cum deep inside of her. Sis was bucking erratically; she must have had her second orgasm when I began to cum.

With one last spurt, I finished filling my sister's pussy with my cum. She slowly rolled off and opened her legs, letting my cum seep out. She dipped her finger in the mixture of our juices and brought it to her mouth. With a lick, she smiled and sucked the sample off of her finger.

We fell asleep in bed, and I dreamt of what the rest of the week would bring.

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