tagInterracial LoveDamn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 01

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 01


He was driving her crazy! Ten years of wanting that man. Ten years of admiring, loving and lusting after him. It's a wonder Sienna lasted all these years. In two days she would be 18 and she was determined to have him. She knew that his morals and his love for her father would keep him from touching her until then, but only two more days and his ass was hers!

She remembered the first time she laid her young eyes on him. She was only 8 and her father had a party at their house after SQT(SEAL Qualification Training). Sienna didn't know much about the Navy Seals and what they did, but she knew that her father always hated BUD/S training . She knew whatever it was they did, it was hard.

They had all completed training tonight and instead of going out for a night on the town where they surely would get wasted and fight...her father, LT. Jackson Branson decided to keep his boys safe and close. He knew all the hell the Navy put them through over the past few months would cause some to get rowdy as they celebrated. And he cared about his men. She had seen all of these movies with men in the military who were mean to their platoons or trainees. Her father was the opposite. All of his men respected him and only had high praises.

At first she was going to spend all her time in her room, but with the loud music, she couldn't concentrate and the smell of food from the grill started to waft through her window. So she headed downstairs. When she rounded the corner she ran into him and bounced back. He caught her in his arms before she hit the ground.

"Jesus kid, I'm sorry," he said in a deep voice. "You okay?"

She looked up into perfect green eyes. He was much taller than she was at her young age. Since her mother had left years ago, she never really read many fairy tales, but if she could ever imagine a prince charming, it was him.

"You alright, Sienna?"

He knew her name. Good thing, because she had forgotten it. He had dark brown hair, she thought. Or could be blond. She never could tell because of the close shave they gave the new Seals through training.

"Yes, I'm fine," she managed to squeak out.

He finally let her go and smiled down at her. 'Cute kid,' Brandon thought to himself. He knew that the Lieutenant was a nice looking man in that Denzel Washington kinda way that women seemed to like. Even being a straight guy like Brandon, he had to admit the LT was handsome. But he figured this kid took after her mom. He had seen a picture of the LT's wife once before in his office. She was a beautiful woman. Gorgeous in fact. She looked like one of the older black supermodels that he'd seen in magazines before.

"Well, the LT's been telling me a lot about you. Nice to finally meet you," he said.

Sienna felt so strange staring up at him. She was actually embarrassed. She wondered what her father had been telling him about her.

After a few seconds, Brandon grabbed her hand and led her outside.

"Hey LT, look who I found!" He yelled across the crowded lawn.

She saw her father stop his conversation and lower his beer to look at her. He smiled widely and motioned for her to come over. She didn't want to but this strong prince charming started pulling her hand as he walked swiftly over to her father.

"Ah, LT she's a beauty. You'll have to watch her in a few years. Keep the boys at bay," one of the other graduates said. He was a skinny tall kid with red hair.

"Oh God, don't I know it. Maybe the fact that my body is a trained deadly weapon can help," he said through a smile.

They all laughed. Sienna didn't really see what was so funny. She just stood there. She had been around her father's friends and Seals before, but for some reason this particular one who still held onto her hand made her nervous.

Her dad took her hand and pulled her onto his lap. "Alright gentlemen, this lovely young lady is Sienna Rose Branson." Her father then proceeded to point out the names of the men around her. "This is Terry, Jacob, Darren, and Brandon. And you know LT Jr. Grade Nick."

She looked around at the 5 men her father pointed out. Terry was the tall, skinny redhead who had spoken about her earlier. Jacob was a shorter, intense looking guy. Sorta stocky and full of muscles. Darren was a good looking black guy with a shaved head. But Brandon was HIS name. HE was her prince charming. He looked down at her and smiled again.

"My name is Brandon Temple, but you can call me BT if you want," he told her.

Later that night Sienna wrote on a pink piece of paper over and over Brandon and Sienna Temple. Sienna Rose Temple. She liked the sound and sight of that. From that day forth, she knew that she belonged to him. And would never belong to another. Her 8 year old mind went to sleep peacefully dreaming of Prince Charming.


"What about this one?" Sienna asked her friend Lori while they searched through the newest hip clothing store in the mall.

"Too long. You want something shorter if you plan on seducing him tonight," Lori answered back.

Sienna shot Lori the most evil look. "Sshh," she whispered to her. "I don't want everyone knowing. You know how things get back to my father."

Lori rolled her eyes and continued to look through the racks.

"I found it!!" Sienna squealed.

She had been searching for the right outfit for over a month. You shouldn't take lightly the dress you were going to lose your virginity in. It was a peach colored, soft cotton dress that tied around her neck and had a low plunging neck line showing off her full C's that she was proud of. After all, it took them until she was 17 to reach their full size. She had been flat-chested all through middle school and most of high school.

Since the dress was made of soft cotton it hugged her tiny waist and full hips and stopped about two or three inches above her mid thigh. She knew her father would not approve. She had actually never worn something this sexy before. Every now and then when she knew Brandon would be over at her house, she would put on some booty shorts or her bikini. Nothing ever worked. He'd usually just glance at her and quickly smile then turn his attention back to her father.

Her father was no longer actively engaged as a SEAL, and now had a desk job. She hated it. Before, her father worked late and sometimes would be gone for weeks at a time. This elderly lady who lived across the street would babysit. Which was fine with Sienna. She felt like she had more freedom.

But it was always bittersweet. Her father's absence meant that Brandon was gone too. It scared her when they had to leave for dangerous missions. Half of the time she didn't know if they were just a few miles away or in another country. Brandon used to tell her that whenever there was war, that meant they failed at their mission. She then realized how many more wars could have been going on had it not been for men like Brandon and her dad. But the thought of him being hurt made her shiver. She wouldn't know which end was up if she ever got that morbid news. She realized she was daydreaming again and snapped back to reality.

"Oh, girl...that is so hot! Damn, and it looks so good on you," Lori commented. Sienna stared at herself in the mirror again She really did look good in this dress. The light peach color accented her caramel brown skin. She knew her father would be upset, but she didn't care. She damn sure wasn't wearing it for him.

"Okay, let's go," she said, as they went to the register and paid. Operation Get Fucked was in full progress.


Her father was able to use the ballroom on base to host her 18th Birthday party. She was so excited. She and Lori had invited most of the senior class to her party. Her other friend's older brother from college came back home to DJ and the place looked amazing.

She also invited Brandon, Darren and Terry. She had grown fond of the other two over the past 10 years. They all stayed in the Navy Seal program and had been serving together ever since then. Darren was extremely nice to her all the time. She had a semi crush on him too, but nothing like her crush/obsession with Brandon. He was on her mind every night before she went to bed and every morning when she got up. She couldn't count the times that she had pleasured herself thinking of him. She would massage her wet clit and stroke her fingers in and out of her pussy until her legs shook and she came while screaming his name into a pillow.

She wanted to wait until Brandon was there before she made her grand entrance. She felt like a princess. Like she belonged on the show Sweet Sixteen. Except the only gift she wanted was him. She was sitting in the kitchen waiting for Lori to give her the signal. Lori burst through the kitchen doors.

"He's here. So is your dad. And Sienna..." she said lowly.


She shook her head from side to side. "Damn girl, he looks so fine! He's not in uniform. Just a white polo shirt, jeans and clean white sneaks. Damn!"

Sienna immediately got wet. She didn't want this to happen so soon, but she could feel the dampness between her legs. Everything about that man drove her crazy! His voice, his 6'3 chiseled swimmer's frame, his laugh...everything. But then she snapped back to reality again.

"My dad?!" She screamed. "What the hell is he doing here? He said he would stay away!"

"I don't know, but they're all waiting on you. Come on!" Lori said, practically dragging Sienna down the hall.

When Lori opened the ballroom doors, a flood of blue lights and music hit Sienna at once. The DJ stopped the beat and yelled into the mic, "There she is, looking fine as hell. Happy Birthday, girl."

She was bombarded with her friends from school, all wishing her happy birthday and hugging and kissing her. She mindlessly chattered with some of them while looking over their heads for Brandon. He was over in the corner talking with her father. She was just about to excuse herself from the conversation when she noticed a tiny blond woman in a short black dress saunter over to Brandon. She lifted his arm and put it around her neck. Brandon didn't stop to acknowledge her, but he didn't remove his arm either. Sienna felt like she'd been punched in the stomach. She stood there staring over at them, in a trance. He had the nerve to bring some whore to her birthday party!

The chatter began to cease as the DJ put on a slow mix and couples joined on the dance floor. Sienna walked to the side of the ballroom. She noticed several young guys staring at her. She knew what they had on their minds. She figured this dress would work. It had to. But now, she'd have to work even harder if he brought someone with him.

Her father and Brandon were still talking when her father turned to her and was about to wave, but he stopped and frowned. Sienna gulped loudly. She knew why he was frowning. This was the kind of dress that was in Victoria's Secret Catalogs and he didn't want to see it on his only baby girl. Brandon turned to see what had taken her dad's attention away. She started walking toward them and she could see the smile slide right off Brandon's face. She could feel his eyes scanning over her body and clothing or lack thereof. She suddenly felt naked.

When she reached the party of three, she noticed out of the corner of her eye the young blond woman staring at her and glancing over her a few times. She looked like she was in her mid twenties and she wore too much makeup. Her blond hair was an obvious bottle job, but her face was pretty. Sienna couldn't look Brandon in the face just yet. She stared at her father for a second. Commander Branson wasn't good at confrontation, so she knew he wouldn't say anything right then, but she would catch hell later.

"Hey baby, happy birthday," her dad quietly said.

"Thanks, daddy."

Sienna knew HIS eyes were burning a hole through her. She knew she had to acknowledge him sometime. She took a deep breath and turned to him. His eyes were a piercing green and narrowed just a bit. If you didn't know him, you wouldn't be able to tell he was angry, but Sienna knew better. She had studied his face for years, and she knew every slight change in it. He was mad. No, he was pissed the fuck off!

"Hey Sienna, happy birthday," he muttered through clenched teeth. He didn't bother to introduce the girl. She decided to chime in anyway.

"Yeah, happy birthday missy. 18 is a fun one. Finally legal!"

She noticed Brandon tense up and squeeze the girl's shoulders. Her mouth formed an 'o' like she was about to say "ouch", but the expression on his face shut her up.

"Thanks, BT and...," Sienna searched for her name.

The woman looked up at Brandon, as if to see if it was okay for her to give her name. When he didn't take his eyes off Sienna, she turned slowly and said, "April".

"..and April, thank you for coming."

The silence was painfully uncomfortable. Her dad stared over to the kids who were no doubt trying to spike the punch, April stared down at her dress and picked some imaginary piece of lint from it, and Brandon continued to stare at Sienna. She stared back, trying not to look away first, but she lost. She felt self-conscious and folded her hands over her chest, which was on display for everyone in the room.

She was not going to let him make her feel bad on her special day. If he only knew that she had worn this dress for him and that later that night he could tear it off of her. She decided to be bold. She held her head up high and looked him straight in the face.

"BT, since it is my birthday, mind giving me the first dance?"

He stood there for a minute, not changing his face. April stared incredulously at her, and her dad smiled awkwardly.

"Sure," he muttered through tight lips, and walked past her to the center of the dance floor.

He stood there with his hands on his hips, neck craned, looking up to the ceiling, waiting on her to follow. She turned on her high heeled sandals and walked toward him.

When she reached him, he stuck out his arms to grab her waist. More roughly than she would have imagined. He wasn't looking at her, but over her. She placed her arms around his neck and tried to get his attention, but he refused to look at her.

"I hope you're having a good time. The DJ is new, but--" was all she got out before he interrupted her.

"What are you doing?" He asked. He still was looking over her head. But he was breathing rapidly through his nose.

She didn't know what to say. She knew he was talking about the dress, but she decided to play dumb.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't fuck with me, Sienna. You know damn well what I'm talking about. You embarrassed the hell out of your dad wearing this outfit."

"It's my party and I can do whatever---" she stopped mid sentence again, as he squeezed her waist with his strong hands. She had only seen him mad once before in her life, and it was scary, but also turned her on in a strange way.

He stared down at her and flexed his jaw. His eyes burned with irritation...and lust? No, her eyes must be playing tricks on her. She saw his eyes briefly lower to her breasts and then slowly they traced a line up her neck, to her lips, then her eyes.

"Do you know what all the guys in this room are thinking? When a girl wears a dress like this?" he asked.

Sienna was so lost in his eyes she failed to notice the malice dripping off his words. "No, what?" she managed to get out, while still staring into his eyes.

"They think she's a slut," he whispered into her ear.

That word was like a bucket of cold water being doused on her. Her mouth dropped open. She released her arms around his neck and tried to push his shoulders away, but his grip tightened on her. She couldn't believe he called her that. She felt her eyes glass over. But she refused to cry in front of him. She only wore this dress for him to want her. Didn't he know that?

He leaned down again, and whispered in her ear. "And you're not a slut, are you?" He stated it as a fact more than question. She shook her head no, but felt like she couldn't move any other part of her body.

"That's right, you're not. So I don't ever want to see you in public in some outfit that barely covers your tits and ass. Wouldn't want guys getting the wrong impression." Then he looked her straight in the face and said, "Because then I'd have to kill them." He said it so seriously that she shivered. He released her and turned his back and walked back over to April, who was sitting in a chair looking very bored. He grabbed her hand, said a few words to Sienna's father, shook his hand and then walked out without so much as glancing in her direction.

In Sienna's mind, the party was officially over.


"Oh fuck, BT! Gawd...fuck me harder..oh, oh, oh!!!" April screamed, while on all fours in the middle of his bed, with Brandon fucking her from behind. He had her short blond hair in one hand and his other hand on her small tit, squeezing hard. His body was so tense, he was trying to fuck her pussy into oblivion to get some release. Both of them were covered in sweat. He didn't care if his dick would be sore after this. He was fucking her hard. The bed slammed up against his wall with every thrust. He knew he was using April, but he really didn't give a fuck.

He was trying to calm himself down since that fucking party. He couldn't believe she had worn that damn dress. When she walked, the dress barely swished over her ass cheeks. She had the best ass he'd ever seen. If he were honest with himself, he began staring at it when she was 16. She was about 5'6 and had the best toned caramel thighs. Small waist and beautiful tits that were just a handful for him. Jesus, this girl was driving him crazy.

As soon as he saw her, he wanted to drag her out to his car and fuck her up against the hood. In the past, he had imagined making love to her, but tonight...he wanted to fuck her. Hard. He wanted to own her..claim her body as his. And if he was thinking that, he knew what all those young punk assholes were thinking too. Normally in front of her father, Jackson, he had always maintained a cool distance to Sienna. Never letting on that she affected him. He respected her dad too much. Jackson had singlehandedly changed his life. Brandon felt he owed his life to him. He would do anything for that man. He was definitely the father that he never had.

Brandon never knew his real dad, and when he was 6, his mom decided to leave him with his aunt when she went to work. She never came back. He stayed with his uncle and aunt in Boston until he was 17. They were horrible to him. On several occasions his uncle took to beating his ass every night for some reason.

Until one day when Brandon fought back. He had just taken a beating from his Uncle Harold, and when his uncle went into the kitchen to grab a beer, Brandon smashed his little league bat across the back of his head. His uncle immediately fell to the ground. Brandon just stood there looking over him, unaffected by the blood that was seeping out of his head. He calmly grabbed the phone and dialed the police. He told them what happened. When the ambulance got there they rushed his uncle to the hospital. He was unconscious but still breathing.

His aunt wanted to press charges, but one of the police officers who knew Harold and thought he was a piece of shit, warned his Aunt Sara that Brandon had hit him with the bat in self defense. Which was easy to claim from the busted lip and bruised eye that Brandon had suffered at his uncle's hand from earlier that day. Aunt Sara had no choice but to let it go, but when they returned home she put all of Brandon's clothes out onto the stoop.

His face was on fire from embarrassment as she cursed, to the high heavens, the day he came to live with them. Neighbors came to their windows to stare and people passing by on the street slowed down. He had never been so humiliated. He grabbed some of his things and put on his tough exterior that he knew he had mastered in order to survive, and left.

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