Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 01


After that he squatted at different friends' houses. He had wanted to drop out of school, but it was almost over, and he figured it was better to have some piece of paper to show for all those years he'd spent in this government made jail. After school, he got a job working part-time at Burger King. He knew then his life sucked. But to make some extra money on the side, he and his friend Kevin would steal cars and take them to chop shops. That paid pretty well.

He and Kevin had a one bedroom apartment they shared with Kevin's girlfriend Nina. When Kevin was at work, Brandon and Nina would fuck like rabbits. He wasn't really attracted to her and couldn't figure out what Kevin saw in her either, but pussy was pussy. And when he wasn't having sex with her, some random local girl would do.

He no longer really cared about people. His so called friends were okay, but he knew none of them would care much if he vanished off the face of the earth. His father didn't care or know about him, his mom left him, his uncle abused him and his aunt kicked him out. He would sometimes get on pity parties and go through self-destructive phases. He and Kevin would get so drunk and start shit with guys in bars. He would bust people's windshields on their cars with bricks. He would dare anyone to fuck with him. Maybe if some asshole did get enough balls, someone could finally put him out of his misery.

It was one day while he had just left from fucking Nina, and was waiting at the bus stop for Kevin, when he saw a bus pass by. It wasn't his usual bus, but it was the sign on the side of the bus. It was one of those be all you can be posters for the army. He had never entertained the idea. He knew he could never do something like that. He had seen movies...there was no way in hell some Sarge was going to get in his face and tell him to kiss his ass. Brandon knew his temper. He'd punch the guy in his goddamn face. But then Brandon thought about his life here in Boston. Bean-town was a hard place to live at times. It was all he had ever known. And it was all pain.

Later that night, he was surfing through the channels. Nina and Kevin were in their room going at it. He could hear her panting that he was so used to. She was close to coming now he smirked to himself. He stopped at a program on the Discovery Channel about Navy Seals. Shit, what they were doing looked so hard, but also really bad ass.

He saw that their training facility was in California. Right then and there he decided that's what he wanted to do. He started packing his shit(which wasn't much). It actually all fit in one small duffel bag. He wrote a note to Kevin. 'Hey man, I'm out. If you ever get the urge to leave this shit hole, come look me up in Cali. Peace. BT'

With his duffel bag in hand and 306 dollars in his pocket, he threw his key on the table and walked out. It was funny..the air smelled different to him. He walked quickly to the bus station and bought a one way ticket to Coronado, California.

"Oh fuck, baby!" April's annoyingly shrill voice brought him out of the past. "Damn baby, that feels so good," she cried as she looked back at him. He could feel his balls start to tighten. Truthfully, he just wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up so he could come, but that was the old him. Jackson had told him that if he wanted to make it in this world, he had to reign his temper in. He knew it was good advice. Would probably save his life one day.

Before meeting Jackson, he treated girls like shit, and wanted to fight guys all the time. But when he got to Coronado, he enlisted in the Navy Seals Program. He never thought he could make it through BUD/s. Jesus...even the thought of it made him sweat. That was the hardest shit he had ever done. Much harder than any missions thus far. He remembered them telling the trainees during cold weather training to piss on themselves to keep warm. He never thought in a million years he could do it, but he did. And the running, swimming (or drowning to be more accurate), starving and sleep deprivation. Many times he wanted to tell them all to kiss his ass, but it was his LT who kept him from doing it. When he had first met Jackson, he seemed like a gentle man. Not like the other LT's he had met. He had warm eyes and smiled a lot.

After a fight with another trainee one day, Jackson pulled him aside and told him that his possibilities were unlimited if he learned respect and discipline. He talked to him like a father to a son. Brandon for the first time realized that someone believed in him. He had never had that before. And Jackson never seemed to mind that this hotheaded young man who was causing problems was white. He still treated him like a son.

"Oooohhh!!!!!" April screamed as she shuddered and fell to the bed, bringing him back from his memory. Brandon went with her and continued to pummel her pussy until he felt that tingling sensation and released his juices into the condom with a grunt. He laid on her sweaty back for a few seconds, then rolled off of her and removed the used condom. She laid there a few minutes not moving. He was about to tell her he had an early day tomorrow when he heard the first snore. 'Fuck,' he thought to himself. The old Brandon would have woken her ass up anyway and sent her packing. He stared down at her with resentment. She wasn't the woman he wanted tonight. It was HER. Always her invading his dreams.

When he had first met the Commander's daughter, she was only a little girl. So cute. She had shiny thick jet black hair and big brown eyes and a cute pouty little mouth. As he began to spend more time with the Commander he started to treat her as if she were his little sister. He had never had one, but figured this was as close to one as he would get. He knew that this cute little black girl had a crush on him, but it didn't faze him. He laughed at her attempts to get his attention.

He would be in the Commander's study going over strategies and he'd see her peek in. He knew it was way past her bed time. When she thought he wasn't looking, he'd suddenly look up and wink at her. She would jump back, startled and take off running up the steps.

Even when she got a little older, she would try to hold his attention by bringing up worldly subjects that he knew she really didn't care about. But he would play along and pretend to be interested and ask her questions.

BUT...as mother nature always does...she changed and grew up. Before she was this skinny flat chested little girl. But around that certain age that girls blossom...and she blossomed in all the right ways...he began to notice. He noticed that her shorts became tighter and shorter and molded her beautiful tight bubble ass. Her tits defied gravity and always teased him through her shirts. Yes, he had many cold showers thinking about that body. But she was the Commander's daughter. He would never ever touch her.

Plus, he knew her type. Because she was the Commander's only child, and a daughter, to boot...so she was spoiled rotten. She got whatever she wanted. She would flirt with him in her designer shoes and handbags. She would stomp her little perfectly pedicured feet and pout her lips when her father wouldn't cave in. On several occasions he had to force himself to leave for fear of saying something he would regret when she threw her temper tantrums in front of him and her father.

He knew what she needed, and that was a paddle to her ass, and he was more than willing to give it to her. When he had been in Boston, he knew girls like her. Spoiled little rich brats. Of course they would fuck him, because he knew how to take them into euphoric worlds that their preppy boyfriends didn't even know existed. But take him home to daddy? Fuck no. And he resented them for that. And secretly he resented Sienna. He knew not only was he too old for her, but that he also wasn't good enough for her. Sure he had made a name for himself in the Seals, but he was still a misfit broke white boy from the poor side of Boston. Nothing more.


"So he called you a slut! Oh, he must really like you," Lori said as she wiped the nail polish off her toes.

"What? Why would you say that?" Sienna asked.

"Because, duh, he was jealous."

Sienna thought about that for a second. Maybe he was. She would catch him every now and then looking at her. He would quickly turn away, but sometimes too late. She had seen the look in his face. She used to love to tease him. She took every opportunity she got when her father wasn't watching. She remembered one time when he was sitting on their couch watching TV.

Her dad had run to the grocery store for some extra hamburger meat for dinner that night. She walked into the living room and laid down on the floor right in front of him pretending to watch the program. She was wearing a bikini top and white terry cloth shorts from Victoria's Secret Pink College collection. She loved that damn store. The shorts were so short and had LOVE written in pink on the back of them. At first she kept her legs together, but as she pretended to be more interested in the show, she began to spread her legs. She thought she heard him moan. Maybe it was her imagination, but she would keep trying harder.

During a commercial, she slowly raised up on her hands and pushed her butt in the air while she lowered her elbows to the carpet pretending to stretch. She heard him moving on the couch. She wanted to turn around so bad to see what he was doing, but honestly she was a little nervous. This was the most obvious thing she had ever done. She had almost built up enough courage to turn around when she heard her dad's car door slam. When she looked back, Brandon was already half way down the hall. He turned and went into the bathroom. She sat up Indian Style as her dad came in the door.

"Hey pumpkin, where's Brandon?" He asked. He always called him Brandon instead of his nickname that everyone else seemed to use.

She shrugged her shoulders and slowly ascended upstairs.

Another time she could remember was when she was 16 and he had been helping her dad build a deck for the backyard. Her father had left again to get more materials, so Brandon went to lie down in the shade underneath a tree. She had been watching him from upstairs. Her father had been wearing a wife beater and jogging pants. Although the military kept him in shape, he was an older man and getting just a little soft around the edges.

But Brandon...he only had on a pair of loose fitting athletic pants. His bare chest was beautiful. Perfectly defined. He wasn't overly muscular like some body builder, but more like a swimmer or model. He definitely had a six pack. And with his pants hung so low on his body, it might even be an eight pack. And she was definitely inspecting closely.

When she walked out into the backyard, she quietly walked over to him. His eyes were closed. She was pretty sure he was still awake since they were used to sleeping light when on missions. She never got to sneak out of the house because her dad was the lightest sleeper she knew. Brandon's hair had grown out over the years. He still kept it short, but was enough for her to bend down and push it away from his face.

She kneeled over him for a while, staring at his face. He had light freckles on his shoulders. You could barely see them. She assumed working in the sun made them easier to spot. His lips were also beautiful. Pink. Not too big, and not too small. Just perfect. He had long, dark brown eyelashes. She couldn't help herself. Before she could stop it, she leaned down and kissed him.

At first it was a timid peck for fear that he would wake up. But when he didn't, she kissed him a little harder and licked his lips. She was about to pull away when his eyes opened. Her eyes opened even wider in shock and fear. He just stared up at her. She felt so embarrassed. She jumped up and ran back into the house. When she got to her room she glanced out the window, but he was gone. She leaned out of the window to see if she could see him, but he was no longer in the back yard. Then she heard it. She heard someone walking up the stairs.

It was him! He stopped outside of her room. She could see his shadow underneath the door. Her heart stopped. Was this it? Was he about to come in here and fuck her senseless and claim what was his? She held her breath.

But then she sighed as she heard his footsteps retreat and practically run down the steps. She heard her father's voice call out for him. He answered him and they went back to work. She laid on her bed breathing hard. She slowly ran her hand down her body and into her pants. She closed her eyes and satisfied herself while listening to him talk to her dad.

Getting back to the present, Sienna sighed. "I don't know if he's jealous. I mean, he brought that woman to my party. He obviously doesn't really care what I think. And honestly, why would he? He's 28, a Navy Seal, hot and can get any girl he wants. Why settle on some 18 year old black girl with a crush on him."

"Come on, your race has nothing to do with it. Hell, it might even turn him on. Plus, don't act like you aren't hot stuff miss thang. You were way cuter than that broke down girl he brought. Did you see the way all the guys were looking at you?! Especially Marcus. His tongue was wagging out of his mouth," Lori laughed. "You need to keep that dress forever!"

Sienna laughed, too. She really did like the dress. And if it could evoke those kind of emotions out of Brandon, then it somewhat did the job. Fuck it, she thought. The night wasn't over yet. She hopped up from the bed and put the dress back on. Damn it if I'm not going to follow through with my plan, she thought.

"Where are you going?" Lori asked her.

"To get fucked by my prince charming," she answered, as she snuck out her window and down the ladder. Lori just shook her head and continued to do her nails.


Sienna knew it was a little bit of a hike to get to his house, but she didn't care. She was a woman on a mission. Several cars slowed down and asked her if she needed a ride. All men, of course. She politely thanked them and said no. One car with two guys, one white and one Mexican, wouldn't leave her alone. They followed her for a while. She started to think this was a bad idea. She hadn't even grabbed a jacket. She folded her arms in front of her again and told them to leave her alone or she would call the cops. They followed her a little bit longer, daring her, so she got out her cell phone and pretended to dial. They eventually drove off.

When she reached his house, she stopped briefly to catch her breath. This is it, she thought. No turning back now. She was just about to knock on the door when he opened it, wearing nothing but his dark jeans, unbuttoned, and a shocked look on his face, an unlit cigarette between his lips. He obviously didn't even know she was there. He had just come out to have a quick smoke, and there she was, as he almost ran into her. She was lucky that his eyes had adjusted quickly, because he was about one second from swinging at the intruding figure on his door step. But when he looked down and saw her standing there shivering in that DAMN dress, he almost lost his shit.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" He asked her, this time his voice raised much higher than it was on the dance floor.

"I, I...um," words seemed to stick in her throat. When she first saw him, there was shock in his face, which was very quickly replaced with anger. Pure anger. His hands were balled into a fists. His breath became shallow and quick.

Before she could stutter any further, April came to the door. She had his white polo shirt on and panties. Her hair was sticking in different directions. He never took his eyes off Sienna. She stared at the woman longer. 'Of course,' she mentally scolded herself. Of course he wouldn't be alone tonight.

"What's she doing here?" she asked. They both ignored her. After a moment, Sienna knew she'd have to forfeit. She felt like a fool. He always seemed to make her feel that way.

"I'm sorry. I'm leaving right now. I'm so stupid," she muttered. As soon as she could turn around she felt herself being lifted off the ground and hauled into his house. Her short dress rose up above her butt cheeks. She screeched and went to pull it down, but not with much luck.

April started protesting immediately.

"What the hell?!" she said. "What are you doing?!"

He dropped Sienna on the couch with a thud. Her whole body shook as she landed not so gracefully. "Owww, BT! What the--," she started, but the look he gave her silenced her immediately. He then turned to April. She had this crazy look in her eyes. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she screeched at him. He stared at her for a few more seconds, then went to his bedroom. April and Sienna both looked down the hallway at him like he had lost his damn mind.

When he emerged from the back, he had all of April's clothes and purse in hand. He shoved them at her. She stood there a minute, dumbfounded. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to calm his temper. "April," he finally said, "I need you to leave. I will call you tomorrow, but I need you to leave for now, okay?"

She didn't say another word. She was silently throwing daggers at him with her eyes. She pulled off his polo shirt and stood there topless in front of both of them. Sienna looked down, but Brandon stared at April's face and tapped his foot for her to hurry up. She pulled on her tight black dress and slammed the door on her way out.

For a brief moment, Sienna was glad she was gone, until he turned around and looked at her. Then fear started prickling her spine again. He turned his back to her and put his hands behind his head. She couldn't be sure, but she swore he was counting backwards from 10.

When he hit 0, he turned back around. His eyes were a little more calm, but still showed he was pissed.

"What are you doing here?" he asked calmly.

"I wanted to see you," Sienna admitted quietly.

"She wanted to see me," he repeated to himself.

"Okay, grab your keys. I'm taking you home. I'll drive behind you since I'm going to have a little talk with the Commander," he said, as he was looking for his keys, also.

"I don't have my keys. I didn't drive," Sienna said.

He looked up at her and then walked over to the window. "Who dropped you off?"

"No one, I...I uh, walked here."

He stood staring at her for a long time. She could swear he didn't move an inch. The only movement she could detect was the throbbing of the veins in his neck.

"You walked from your house to my house in that dress?" he asked incredulously, through clenched teeth. Sienna was scared to say yes, but she slightly nodded her head.

Then he exploded. "You FUCKING walked all the way here in that fucking dress?!!" he screamed at her again. "Goddamnit, Sienna, motherfucker!!'

She jumped back on the couch. She was scared, but she wasn't going to let him talk to her like that. Her own father didn't talk to her that way and he damn sure wasn't her daddy.

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" she said a little more shakily than she wanted. "I don't have to answer to you. You're not my father," she yelled right back, raising her voice to match his level.

That was it. He knew at this moment he had lost his mind. He could see himself doing it, and he couldn't stop. He was about to teach this spoiled little piece of hot ass a lesson. He grabbed her and pulled her down on the couch with him. He pulled her over his lap and lifted her barely there dress to her waist.

Sienna tried to sit up, but he pushed her head back down. The knot tied in the back of her halter dress had come undone and her tits were almost hanging out. He couldn't see them, but she could feel her bare nipple rubbing up against his jeans. But his focus was on her ass. This was part of his torture. She had on a black thong. He gently rubbed his hand over her two smooth brown globes before he smacked the hell out of her ass. It made a loud crack in the quiet house.

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