tagInterracial LoveDamn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 03

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 03


When Sienna walked back into her father's hospital room with the ice bucket, she noticed that she had walked in on a stare down, between her father and Brandon. They both quickly turned to look at her but neither had seen her hesitate at the door briefly before she walked back in.

"Well, I'm going to take off. Did you need me to take you home?" Brandon asked her.

"No, that's okay. I'll call Lori. She was wanting to stop by anyway."


Brandon wasn't sure what to say to Jackson, so he quickly said bye and walked past Sienna and out of the room. He took a deep breath when he walked into the waiting room.

'Fuck' he thought as he silently continued to curse himself.

When he pulled up into his driveway, he sat there for a few minutes thinking back on earlier that day. Sienna had felt so good wrapped around his cock. He had never seen her so timid and shy. He was used to her being a bossy spoiled little bitch, but lying underneath him had changed all of that. He had to admit, that brought a smile to his face.

But it was quickly replaced with the thought that he had taken her virginity, not used a condom and broken Commander Branson's trust. He felt like a dick.

He slowly got out and walked into his house. He collapsed down on the coach. His whole body was tired. Stress was a bitch. He reached for the TV remote but came into contact with something soft. He picked it up. It was Sienna's white cotton panties. They had a thin strap connecting each side of the cloth like a bikini and each string had a tiny little pink bow. Damn they were sexy. And not in that sex kitten type way, but in a simple girlie way.

But then that thought made him feel like a pervert. She was only 18. Actually, had only been 18 for a little over 24 hours. But then again, she was legal he rationalized with himself.

He lifted the panties to his face. At first he just wanted to feel how soft they were against his skin. But then, he brought them closer to his nose and smelled. She had the sweetest scent he'd ever come in contact with. Yep, he was a pervert.

But the thought that she was so young and was the Commander's daughter started fucking with him. He had no right wanting her. She had known him more than half of her life and had grown up with him treating her like an older brother would do. He was supposed to be kicking guys asses that tried to do what he just did.

This was really going to hurt. Her especially because she wouldn't understand. But he had to stay away from her. Completely away from her. He just prayed he would be strong enough to do it.


3 weeks had passed since Sienna had last seen Brandon. It was the longest she had ever gone without seeing him. Actually he had been gone longer while on a mission but she knew he wasn't on any assignment this time. He was deliberately avoiding her. She was used to him visiting their house a few times a week.

Her dad pretended that it was normal for him to be gone this long and kept himself locked in his study for the most part. Sienna also tried to pretend that is was normal but inside it was killing her.

She wanted so badly to eat her pride and drive over to his house. She wanted to kiss him and tell him everything was going to be okay.

Even though their first time together wasn't the most gentle time, it still made her wet thinking about him on top of her pushing and sweating. His perfectly toned body in between her legs. The thought crept into her mind of how many women he had been with. She was sure quite a bit but tried hard not to think about that.

Another thought did creep into her mind that 3 weeks ago being her first time ever, that maybe she wasn't good and that's why he hadn't been in a rush to see her again. She tried to shake that thought also, but he had probably been with many more experienced women who knew how to rock his world. All she did was lie there like a log.

God, the more she thought about it the more pathetic she sounded. She should have done some porn star move or something. But it hurt so much, she was just trying to not concentrate on the pain. It did feel good too, but the pain this time overruled the good. She knew if she had a second chance with him, she would make it better.

Damn she missed him so much. But she refused to sit around and mope any longer.

So here it was Friday night and Sienna was waiting on her date. Marcus had been asking her out for months and she had always declined because she belonged to Brandon. Even if no one but Lori knew. But since Brandon wanted nothing to do with her, she decided to play his little game as well and tried to want nothing to do with him either.

She finally accepted Marcus's invitation. They were going to the movies and to hang out at his friends house afterward.

"Damn you look good," he whispered to her when he picked her up.

She was wearing a short black strapless dress with black flip flops. She had her hair pinned up with a hot pink flower on the side by her ear.

She smiled at his compliment and got into the car.

"So, is this a scary movie or action movie?" she asked as he got in and buckled his seat belt.

"Well, you'll just have to wait and see," he winked at her.

When they pulled up to the theater it was packed. The billboard said Dead Reaper 3. Uh, this is a horror movie she moaned to herself. She never liked them and now Marcus was going to see what a big baby she really was.

As they waited in line, Marcus put his arm around her waist. Sienna felt a little uncomfortable, but she didn't ask him to remove it.

Marcus scanned the long lines. "Damn, I hope we get tickets," he said looking ahead. She craned her neck to see the ticket counter.

"Sienna," a deep voice whispered next to her ear.

Sienna jumped and covered her mouth to muffle a scream. She quickly turned around in Marcus's arm and came face to face with HIM! Marcus followed suit to see what had startled her.

Oh, he looked so good, Sienna thought to herself. He had on a dark blue visor beanie with a dark blue vintage tee and denim jeans. His hands were shoved in his pockets. The small visor from his beanie cast a slight shadow over his face making his emerald green eyes even more menacing. Sienna couldn't read his expression. But remembering his breath on the back of her ear as he whispered her name made her body shiver.

Brandon had seen her walk up to the line with that fucker. At first it seemed as though they were just friends until that asshole put his arm around her tiny waist. He saw red. Blood red. And that irritated him because he shouldn't have gotten so upset over that. This kid was obviously her age and she SHOULD be out having a good time. But still, he wanted to snap the kids neck.

Earlier that day he and Darren had been bored as hell sitting around his house drinking and playing cards. Finally they both got fed up and just decided to see a new movie. At least there was some new horror flick showing.

So they hopped in his Jeep and drove to the nearest theater in town. He was about to tell Darren 'fuck this' as they stood in the long line until he saw her. And damn if she didn't look fine as hell in that strapless dress. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Darren suggested they say hi.

So they switched lines and broke in front of everyone until he reached the position behind her. He stood staring at her neck for awhile. With her hair swooped up he could see how beautiful it was. Even her fucking neck was beautiful. He was crazy.

His mind drifted to a few weeks back when he had been kissing that neck. He quickly shook the thought from his head and stared down at the fucker's arm which was wrapped around Sienna. He wanted to grab his wrist and squeeze to hear the bones crack, but he resisted temptation.

Instead he had leaned down and whispered her name.

Sienna scanned his face. He kept looking from her face to Marcus's arm and back.

"Hi Brandon," she managed to say calmly even though her heart was pounding. Sienna turned to Darren, who must have picked up on a vibe because he looked really uncomfortable. "Hi Darren."

She had always liked Darren. He was a good looking guy. He and Brandon were about the same age. He had a beautiful chocolate color tone and smooth face with chestnut eyes. I'm sure most of the girls around were staring at those two when they walked together. One white, one black and BOTH fine.

"Hey gorgeous, how are you?" he asked trying to force a smile.

"I'm good. Oh, um..this is Marcus," she inserted as Marcus cleared his throat and slid her closer to his side.

It was a small gesture and most wouldn't have even noticed, but Brandon noticed. His jaw tensed.

Marcus reached up to pound Darren's hand. Darren accepted. He turned to do the same to Brandon, but Brandon never took his eyes off Sienna. After a second Marcus put his hand down. He sized Brandon up as if to say, 'It's like that, huh..'

The silence between the four of them was interrupted by the ticket teller. "Can I help you?" she asked in an annoyed voice.

Sienna spun back around, "Oh, yes. I'm sorry. 2 for Dead Reaper 3." Sienna was about to pay when Marcus pushed her hand away and threw a 20 dollar bill at the teller.

"I got it. Don't want my baby to have to pay for anything," he said smiling down at her. He said 'baby' loudly. Darren coughed behind them.

Marcus wrapped his arm around her shoulders and quickly led her in the theater.

Brandon just stood there a few seconds. He felt sick. He wanted to grab her and throw her over his shoulder and carry her away. That prick was SO lucky. Brandon finally relaxed his fists. He had balled them up when that bastard said 'baby' to his baby.

"What's wrong man?" Darren asked.

"Nothing, let's go," Brandon said as he took his ticket and walked inside. This was about to be a long fucking movie.

Sienna was trying hard not to look at the theater entrance, but she wondered if Brandon and Darren were coming into this particular movie. Her question was quickly answered when she saw him walk in, followed by Darren. They walked up the aisle and Sienna lost sight of them. She wanted so badly to turn around to see where he had sat.

But Marcus was watching her closely.

"Who were they?" he asked.

"Oh, they work with my dad. Or used to. They are Navy Seals," she said trying to sound uninterested.

Marcus shook his head and glanced back at them.

"Why is the white one staring at you?" he asked when he turned back around, obviously aggravated.

The hair on the back of her neck stood up. So he was staring at her. Shit, she wished she had eyes in the back of her head. But then she thought about his disappearing act. Fuck him. He had her feeling sick for 3 weeks! She would stand strong.

Brandon tried hard to ignore her when they walked in. He couldn't. He stared down at the back of her head until that prick turned around and cast an evil glance in his direction.

He really wanted to drag him out and whoop his ass in the parking lot. Old fashion ass beating like he would have delivered back at South Boston high school. The thought made him smile.

The lights eventually went down and the previews started. Sienna was trying her best to concentrate but she couldn't. Her throat was dry. She needed something to drink.

"Hey Marcus, I'm gonna grab me a Coke. Want one?" she asked.

Marcus was so engrossed in some comic book action movie trailer he just shook his head yes without taking his eyes from the screen.

Sienna got up and quickly walked out. She chanced a look in Brandon's direction and saw him watching her. She tripped over something but ran down the theater hall and out into the lobby.

It felt much cooler out here. She scanned the room for the women's restroom and saw it located near the arcade. She quickly made her way over.

She walked in and turned to the mirror to check her hair and makeup. Even with the heat and her obvious flustered state, she still looked decent. She walked into a stall and peed really quickly. She heard a few girls giggle as they walked out. She opened her stall and screamed. She immediately covered her mouth.

There was Brandon leaning casually against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest, ankles crossed and staring at her.

"Don't worry, it's locked," he said, reading her thoughts.

Sienna walked to the sink and looked at herself again in the mirror and fixed a strand that had fallen down. She tried to act unaffected even though she had been startled.

Brandon watched her fix her hair. He hadn't meant to follow her out, but he couldn't help himself. She glanced at him in the theater as she was leaving...as if she were silently calling him. He sat there for a minute until he couldn't bear it any longer. He told Darren he was going to buy a drink.

When he saw her run into the women's bathroom, he originally was going to wait on the outside, but again, he couldn't control himself. He walked right in and saw a group of girls coming out. They giggled at him and quickly ran out.

Sienna turned from the mirror. "You know this is the women's bathroom," she said with one hand leaning on the counter. She tried to look bored. She hoped it was working.

"Yeah," was all he answered back to her. He continued to stare at her. It started making her heart pound rapidly again. Shit, she thought. She needed to get out of here.

She tried to walk around him but he uncrossed his ankles and slid further down the counter and grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. She was forced to step in between his legs. She had both her hands resting on his chest. She was about to push him away when he leaned in and kissed her. Hard. He pulled her completely into his body and kissed her lips with an urgency that frightened her.

"Umpf," was all that escaped her lips. Her head started spinning. She was trying hard to think of why she was mad at him. Oh, yes...he fucked her, made her feel like shit and then ignored her for 3 weeks. That was it.

She pushed at his chest as hard as she could and slapped him across the face. He quickly straightened up to his entire length of 6'3 and stared down at her. She had to admit to herself that he intimidated her. His left cheek was turning a light scarlet color. Both of them were breathing hard. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"You had no right to do that! I'm on a date right now, and I need to get back!" she shrieked at him.

"Fuck that if you think I'm letting you walk out that door and go home with that motherfucker!" Brandon yelled right back at her.

Sienna ran to the door, unlocked it and tried to pull it open when Brandon shut it back from above her head. She tried to pull it again, but he held it shut and reached around her and locked it back. Sienna finally gave up her struggling with the door. She slowly turned around and looked him in the face.

He was all over her in a second. Brandon grabbed her head with both hands and began kissing her again. She tried to pull her mouth away, but he was stronger. He kissed down her neck and then violently pulled the top of her dress down exposing her strapless black bra. He kissed even lower.

Then when he couldn't resist anymore he pulled her bra down and released those soft heavy caramel globes. They were perfectly round and plump and topped with a chocolate Hershey kiss nipple.

It made Brandon's mouth water. He eagerly took a nipple in his mouth and sucked while his other hand massaged her other breast.

Sienna couldn't think straight. Part of her wanted to kick him in the nuts right now, but the other part knew his mouth and hands felt so damn good, that she would be a fool to stop him. He then lowered his hand and reached underneath her dress.

He growled against her nipple when he realized she wasn't wearing any panties. His long thick digit began invading her wet pussy. Sienna pushed his cap off and ran her fingers through his hair.

He eventually lowered his mouth down her body and pushed up her skirt. He glanced up at her face for a second before he stuck his tongue out and licked her throbbing pussy.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. He continued to slowly work his tongue inside of her. Her legs started to feel weak. His saliva on her breast mixed with cool air in the restroom made her nipples harden to the point where they hurt. She reached up and squeezed them. Brandon glanced up and smiled when he noticed her pleasing herself.

He stuck his tongue in even further and continued to quickly assault her insides.

"Oh God, oh God, BT, please...oh, fuck!!" was all she could manage when she started coming.

Brandon continued to lick her clean. She tasted so good to him. Fuck, he had to have her now. He stood up and quickly unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down. His cock sprang free and hit his his toned stomach.

He looked at Sienna's hooded, satisfied eyes. No protest from her yet. He pushed her up against the door, stepped in between her legs and grabbed the back of her thighs. In one quick movement he pulled her legs up and around his waist.

Sienna instinctively placed her hands around his neck. He leaned down and kissed her again. Softly this time. Savoring her lips and her tongue. God, she really did taste so good. He couldn't stand it any longer.

He reached down between them and placed his cock at her soaking entrance. He pushed all the way inside her without stopping. They both moaned in unison.

Damn, she was still so tight he thought. He began to move in and out of her, still delicately kissing her lips. She tightened her grip on his neck and began to rub the back of it. He pumped harder and faster.

They heard someone try to push the door open, but neither of them could stop. Eventually the pushing stopped and the person or people walked away.

"Fuck Sienna, you feel so good. Damn, baby," he whispered into her mouth.

"Uh, you...uh..do too BT," she said breathlessly.

Brandon lowered his kisses to her neck and began lightly biting on it while fucking her harder. This was really turning him on because she kept pulling his hair.

"Ooh...harder," she groaned. "Fuck me harder BT. Please," she begged him.

That was all it took. He began to pummel the hell out of her tight pussy until she started panting then screaming out her orgasm. He had to put his hand over her mouth as he watched her eyes roll back and her pussy spasm around him. She fell limp in his arms.

Now Brandon was close to coming. He pulled her legs open even wider with his arms and began to fuck her like she was a rag doll. Every time he pumped into her the door would creak. He didn't care. Everyone standing in the lobby could probably tell what was going on behind door number 1.

"Oh, shit baby. I'm about to come," he said. For a split second he thought about pulling out. He figured she still wasn't on the pill, but fuck him, he couldn't stop.

Fuck it, he thought right before he came. Let the chips fall where they may.

He pushed deep inside her and held still as his come burst from the head of his cock and flooded her insides. He stayed within her until he could feel every drop leave his tired body.

He finally released her legs and she almost slid down the door until he caught her. He grabbed her in a tight bear hug and refused to let her go until she had enough strength to walk on her own.

Sienna felt as though she were drunk. She couldn't see straight. Her scalp was tingling, her ears were ringing. Damn, this man drove her crazy. But he couldn't get off that easy. She wanted to kick herself for being that easy for him.

When she could finally get a hold of her senses she pushed him away from her. She pulled up her bra and dress top and pushed the rest down over her ass.

She staggered over to the mirror. She wanted to hurt him for hurting her so badly.

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